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Medicine Hat News Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 5

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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Medicine Hat, Alberta Toutle ready to celebrate 10th anniversary of Volcano Daze mount St. Helens eruption seems Remote today Ken Macqueen Southam news mount St. Helens Wash. A the Mountain is elusive this time of year As it was 10 years ago when it exploded with murderous fury. It is late Spring and the Mountain is wearing its Winter snows like a magnificent White Cape. On Bleak and Cloudy Days this causes it to vanish from the Skyline. But when the Sun shines St. Helens flaunts an awesome Beauty dominating the lesser Green Brown ridges with a Luminous purity. White hides a multitude of sins. Beneath the dwindling Snow cover Are the ravages of May 18, 1980, a Clear sunny sunday when the Volcano erupted with such Force that it ripped 400 metres off its Summit. It killed 57 people. Some were asphyxiated. Some like 84-year-old Harry Truman who refused to flee his Lodge on spirit Lake were entombed in Ash or mud. Some were swept away in floods or struck with flying debris. Some May have vaporized. Birds fell from the sky. Thousands of Deer Elk Bear and other wildlife died As did millions of fish. It is estimated that the blast was the equivalent of 500 atom bombs or More. Millions of tonnes of Ash shot into the sky turning Day into night in Eastern Washington and damaging crops creating Brilliant sunsets across the . And Canada circling the Globe in 15 Days. Superheated gases Ash and rocks blew laterally from the North face at More than 1,000 Kilometres per hour scorching or Clear cutting 600 Square Kilometres of Forest enough Timber to build 300,000 houses. A landslide displaced spirit Lake and buried 62 Square Kilometres of the Toutle River Valley. Mudflows raced along the Toutle and other River Beds carrying battering rams of logs and debris that damaged or destroyed 27 Bridges 300 Kilometres of roads and 200 houses. Silt stranded 31 oceangoing ships in the Columbia River 75 Kilometres to the South. In the Spring of the 10th year with Snow blocking Mountain roads and blanketing much of the devastation such violence seems almost As Remote As the geological forces of past Ages. A decade has eased the sense of betrayal Felt by humans at the foot of a Mountain that had turned on them after 123 years of dormancy. But 10 years is a heartbeat in the life of the Earth. Where at any rate Volcano represent growth not destruction. Few communities were closer than the Hamlet of Toutle about 45 Kilometres Northwest of the Crater. Residents Are alive to prepare for their 10th annual Volcano Daze because the lateral blast was North rather than West. Buried a a buried a Frame House outside of Toutle illustrates the deadly Wall of mud and Ash that washed Down the Toutle River after the eruption. The Quot lawns of the empty building is five feet higher than before the blast. A Southam news photo a Wall of mud bore Down on the Community along both Forks of the Toutle River. Dozens of Homes and Bridges on either Side of Toutle were buried. Toutle was spared because it is built at a Broad floodplain that even today is carpeted in mud and shattered logs. In the cluttered Yard of deeds second hand Nikki Benjamin and Ken big foot Mcfarland Are putting the finishing touches on the biggest Ever Volcano Daze seven floats in the Parade 40 Craft Booths and All manner of amusements. A originally it was started to pull the Community together a the rebuilding and the rebirth of the Community and All this Mushy stuff a says Benjamin a lifelong resident who had the sense to be out of town 10 years ago. The festival a held this year on May 19 a has evolved some since in recognition of the one million tourists now drawn annually to mount St. Helens. A a you be got a lot of tourist Money out there. You might As Well get a share of for this reason it is not difficult in Toutle and other communities under the Volcano to Purchase mount St. Helens Ash formed into figurines Ash trays and the Ever popular before and after Salt and Pepper shakers. Mcfarland a who is six feet four inches both in height and probably circumference a will Don his famous big foot costume to serve As Parade grand Marshall. This is Sasquatch country too. Mcfarland lost a Friend the Day of the blast he fell Over a Cliff at a lumber Camp. Mcfarland recalls a horrible nit at the Camp spent trying to signal Rescue aircraft with flashlights. A there Are some people who have moved out of the Community and will never come Back a he says. A it was too much on such Lack of Faith is understandable. A few Kilometres past Toutle before the Road ends at a massive new sediment retention dam is this Road sign a potential Hazard area. High Low sirens used As evacuation warning. When High Low Siren sounds evacuate the area indeed the people of Toutle look on the Mountain much the Way that the greeks looked on the sirens of their mythology. St. Helens is a woman both dangerous and attractive. Irene and Bob Lee know this better than most. In the year after the blast they lived in a trailer on the blasted moonscape just 10 Kilometres from the new Crater hired to Monitor flows feeding the Toutle River. A a doing her things is How Irene describes the residual rumbles and quakes As though St. Helens was a Toutle town Flozzie building up a head of steam. A i believe she a going to do it again a says Irene who now lives in Toutle. A a in be got the feeling that on the 10th anniversary she a going to do her thing again. I just feel it in my Sasquatch a Nikki Benjamin and Ken big foot Mcfarland of Toutle Washington get in the spirit of the loth annual Toutle Volcano Daze festivities. A Southam news photo spokesmen for the . Forest service which administers and monitors the protective Federal Park created around the Mountain insists this is unlikely. Quakes and volcanic activity continue at the Mountain but at a background St. Helens has become the most studied Volcano in . History. Scientists monitored the Mountain in the months leading up to the blast a few died tragically underestimating the eruption. Hundreds have watched it since. With admirable foresight Congress created a 44,500-hectare Reserve or National volcanic Monument around the Mountain. Nature has been allowed to take its course. The a horizontal Forest of fallen Timber remains were it was blown. A rotting mat of logs and debris still drifts aimlessly on the once Pristine Waters of spirit Lake. A the single greatest Surprise a says Monument scientist Peter Frenzen a was the realization that a organisms survived in what initially appeared to be a lifeless some plants and Small Trees lived because they had been Frozen in Snow. While big game was wiped out about 14 species of Small mammals such As the pocket Gopher and the Pacific jumping mouse emerged from underground Burrows into an Ash coated monochromatic world. Birds returned. Ants never left. The evolutionary process has started Mew. Fireweed Huckleberry and other weedy plants have replaced old growth Forest. Other seeds Are carried into the area on the fur or in the fees of larger game As they try to make a Home in this curious Dusty world. A mature Forest could be climbing the Mountain slopes within 100 years a unless St Helens does her thing. Mountain explodes a mount St. Helen roars to life sending a plume of smoke and Ash skyward. Thirteen billion Gallons of water mixed with molten Rock in a 24 megaton explosion which was heard hundreds of Miles Distant. A up by Garry Trudeau , that s a a for 10ni6ht i Afa out a a i ujh5rb to you a5k? bi6 com 5,f0lxe>i 9bh�o0r has5eieabpa lo/5�o/ Young 9t3pmcm5r for youre Tiv Tomy 5 me die pay. Nom Muky a it Tab last Minuta. Pihrt Bsmith tran9-Gdnbranonal mph Elk to 9tir. Thbh5art, i always 5ay y0umu9tbe 60 5it the father Mth the 0fth3brjpl ca7bfbr, l0v5thb Mulyad Anil Merb patronizing comments should be avoided Esquire profile of Toronto irks residents Mike Trickey Southam news Toronto a of the shame. An american Magazine does no to think Toronto a perfect. The utterly legitimate observation in Esquire magazines May edition that Toronto has an inferiority Complex has sent City leaders and newspapers into a frenzy of angst and hand ring ing. A few americans understand the awesome responsibility they shoulder when visiting Toronto a says Esquire in this months edition. A the locals Are a skittish schizophrenic Bunch at once lusting after . Approval yet resenting that lust in a generally complimentary and accurate three pages by Toronto native John Colapinto Esquire favourably reviews the City a Fine hotels and restaurants fawns Over the a world class sky dome and reminds american tourists that Toronto is a polite neater City than those find at Home. It also mentions the weather is not Lovely the bars close too Early and that most stores Are still closed on sundays. But what has enraged the locals is the caution to travellers the fact is Toronto does have an inferiority Complex.,_ to avoid making comments that torontonian would find patronizing. Americans Are told not to say a what a clean City so organized a because that will be interpreted by the locals As a you Are anal retentive repressive similarly a i feel so Safe walking the streets at night a will no doubt be construed to mean a Toronto is a sleepy parochial Backwater without even the distinction of violent and finally done to say a everyone is so that will most certainly be taken As a a torontonian Are the Toronto Sun a the Little paper that grew outraged a was Well outraged. Most of tuesdays Page three was a diatribe against Esquire. A and we All say politely shove off a was the headline Over a Story full of indignant comments from important metro people. A Esquire read my lips shut up. Just shut up a wrote columnist Gary Dunford. Readers were encouraged to Call the Sun with messages for Esquire. In Only three hours More than 100 had. Few seem pleased that merely by including Toronto in its eight times a year series on attractive vacation spots that Esquire is acknowledging the City As a place worthy of visiting. In March Esquire profiled Milan. Part of the text talked of the milanese propensity to strut like peacocks in mating season. A the milanese accent on externals derives from an indigenous mix of material Possession and almost obscene did Milan complain not a whisper. The fact is Toronto does have an inferiority Complex a one that needs a sky dome sized Couch for proper analysis. As a spokesman for mayor Art Eggleton put it a a we re a City of like an insecure Debutante who needs continual reassurance that she a Beautiful the City constantly seeks stroking. When the world press was Here in 1988 for the economic Summit television reporters descended on their International colleagues demanding their impressions of the City. During last years Dubin inquiry into steroids the Toronto Star a Canadas largest and arguably Best newspaper a dispatched a reporter to interview reporters from the new York and los Angeles times about their views even though the stars own people were world leaders in the whole sordid Story from beginning to end. Paul Henderson the driving Force behind Toronto a bid for the 1996 olympics travelled to Belgrade last month and not Content to let the City a bid rest on its own considerable merits told delegates of wondrous new Arenas and National basketball association teams and modernistic Tennis palaces. Unfortunately none of them exist nor Are they even planned. And now a major american Magazine suspects Toronto has an inferiority Complex where do they get these ideas

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