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Medicine Hat News Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 4

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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Medicine Hat, Alberta Medicine hat news published daily except sunday by the proprietor Southam inc. At the news building. 3257 Dunmore re. . Medicine Hal Alberta. Canada t1a 7e6 second class mail registration a Virber 0281 John a. Weimer general manager Pete Mossey editor Stuart m. Warne advertising manager Perry d. Gagley circulation manager Ron w. Turner business manager Bill Hartley production manager Clarence c. Heringer marketing director Alan Poirier associate editor Voi. 77 monday May 14, 1990 no. 263 qua 19tt senators Bonus bogus a Senate committees recommendation to pay senators a tax free Bonus for showing up to work is yet another example of greediness on High. The increase a a tax free Bonus of $153 a Day for showing up to work a would top the annual $9,600 tax free allowance and $60,000 salary senators already receive. The proposal will be debated in the upper House tuesday. Liberal senator Romeo Leblanc has said the Bonus is necessary to lure senators from Distant areas to Ottawa when they May be reluctant to travel particularly when the Senate is sitting for Only a Day or two. Senators travel expenses Are not adequately covered which accounts for their reluctance says or. Leblanc. Now before the tears Roll consider the fact that a senator attending the 72 Days in which the Senate sat from april 3,1989 until last week would have another tax free $11,016 added to his regular allowance. Each Day served on a committee or subcommittee would give the senator another $153 tax free. The real Root of senators discontent is the color of Money a its a Green monster rearing its ugly head. The allowance increase is an attempt to achieve parity with members of parliament who now receive a tax free allowance of $20,600. And senators Arentt the Only ones crying the blues Over their allowances. Maps have also been lamenting their travel expenses. Although each my is allowed $20,600 in tax free Money to cover housing costs a House of commons committee wants a $40 per diem housing allowance for out of town maps. As for the additional travelling expenses an out of town my must incur it should be noted maps recently voted to improve their travel benefits and now enjoy 64 free trips a year. They use one trip Point each time they travel Back to their Ridings and can designate 20 of those Points to family members. Despite the whining maps and senators Are clearly not suffering. Gun controls on track although details of amendments to Canadas gun control Laws Are not yet released it appears the changes Are on the right track. Would be gun buyers will have to find a guarantor and provide More information to get a firearms acquisition certificate Justice minister Kim Campbell announced thursday. When Campbell was asked if guarantor would be required to have known the applicant for some time she indicated that is exactly the kind of Issue which will be addressed with the amendment expected at the end of this month. Requiring Long standing acquaintances As guarantors is similar to the requirements for gaining passports. Surely License for a firearm should be at least As stringent As License to travel. Winnipeg police chief Herb Stephen has suggested a Jih Oto be required on gun acquisition certificates because often people use friends certificates to obtain guns. His suggestion is a Good one which should be considered in the gun control amendments. The legislation will also close a Long standing loophole in Canadas existing gun Laws with a ban on the import of automatic military carbines that have been turned into Semi automatics and can be reconverted into automatics. The amendments done to infringe on Hunters rights because they would not ban Semi automatic rifles but they would offer desperately needed gun controls. I mitqlw69xl<s to Hul. Tory fortunes depend on revival of apathy Ottawa a democracy is a Tough game for the politicians these Days. The people Are getting in on the act. In theory the voters Are supposed to be the act. Democracy after All was defined by Abraham Lincoln As a government of the people by the people for the but it often turns out to be government of the people by the party Bosses and Media manipulators for the politicians. Joe Mcginnis the american writer who described the a a packaging of Richard Nixon stated the Basic aim in these terms a keep the people on the other Side of the this kind of managed democracy often keeps politicians in Power for quite a while. The tories ruled Ontario for 42 years before they fell victim in 1985 to Canadas new style voter Power. On saturday the rag tag remnants of the big Blue machine chose Mike Harris As their new provincial Leader. They had so much trouble getting anyone to run for the Job they almost had to advertise it in the help wanted sections of the newspapers. The provincial party ranks last in opinion polls. Its deeply in debt and has Only 17 of the 130 seats in the Ontario legislature. The fall of the once mighty provincial party was not so much a Don Mcgillivray the nation result of what it did As of How it did it. In the final stages the Bill Davis Era the Premier took to announcing policies such As funding for separate schools As though he were an absolute Monarch. The sudden substitution of Frank Miller for Davis just before the 1985 election also suggested to the voters that the tories thought they were automatic winners whatever they did. The voters turfed them out. And Harris Isnit Given much of a Chance of reviving the tory dynasty. But in today a politics his chances depend less on such policies As user charges for health care than on the possibility that the electoral lightning that knocked out the Davis Miller tories might strike the liberals under Premier David Peterson. Peterson has proved to be one of the weakest Ontario premiers in the past half Century. His performance in the Meech Lake affair has been especially listless. Ontario is usually a key player in constitutional negotiations. Peterson Hasni to even been in the game. And his pro Meech position such As it is is not in tune with Ontario opinion. But the effects of the new voter activism Range far beyond the rather uninspired politics of Ontario. Former new Brunswick Premier Richard Hatfield is a living example every time he shows up on television As an emotional supporter of the Meech Lake Accord. Its impossible to see the Man without being reminded that he went into the 1987 provincial election with a comfortable tory majority and came out without a single seat. The voters simply wiped him out. But voter Power Isnit just a matter of Thunderclap election results. There a a new insistence that the Public be consulted on policy questions Between elections. The bad odor in which the Meech Lake Deal is held across Canada is Only partly based on its Content Public resentment has also been Farmed by the picture of 11 men going into a room and cutting a Deal among themselves that was not subject to any revision by the Public. And this resentment has been revived by the Charest charade the pretence of holding a a hearings with a a mimicked guest list and a hurry up schedule which did no to include a single appearance of the commons committee in Quebec the province most Central to the Accord. Many voters Are also powerfully resentful of the Lack of consultation or Public influence on such policies As the new goods and services tax and the Bank of Canadas High interest rates. Voter activism May be followed by voter apathy. Canadians May sink Back into lethargy and allow themselves to be manipulated. The Federal tories had better Hope for a return to torpor. Otherwise prime minister Brian Mulroney May find it hard to make Good on those cheery promises to his 15-per-cent party that he can talk the voters into anything. Southam news have capital will travel idea crosses Borders Peter Hadekel Montreal Gazette Montreal a Borders done to mean much any More in this Era of Mobile financial capital. Canadian financial institutions and investment dealers who wish to become major players have to offer their clients Access to capital markets around the world. Take the Case of brokerage firm Deacon Morgan Mcewen Easson ltd., which recently sold 50 per cent of itself to a subsidiary of Barclays Bank pc one of the largest commercial Banks in the world. The new venture a Deacon Bow a combines the Strong research strengths of the Canadian firm with the global presence of a British securities dealer operating in London Paris Tokyo new York and Sydney Australia. The transaction is one of the latest indications that Canadas parochial and inward looking financial Community is starting to look for new opportunities beyond its Borders. During a recent visit to Montreal chairman David band of Bow the investment dealer subsidiary of Barclays Bank said he Isnit the least bit concerned about investing in a Canadian broker at a time when the Domestic Stock Market is slumping. A on the contrary. That a the time to he saw what happened in Britain during the celebrated big bang of 1986 which Al Lowed Banks and foreign institutions to buy British investment dealers. The result was a flurry of expensive acquisitions by big International Banks and brokers. About 28 firms began to vie for business when there was really Only room for a dozen. Four years later some significant players have limped out of the game and Cut their losses. They include giant . Banks such As Chase Manhattan and Citicorp. The a Little bang that happened in Canada a couple of years ago was much less dramatic. Most of our securities firms were bought by Domestic Banks but foreign investment in the Canadian securities business has been scarce. People always have been and they always will be stupid victims of deceit and self deception in politics Nikolai Lenin truth or consequences a we be got a Little game going Here which summed up Means f our Council Wasny to telling the truth prior to the last election then we re going to Start paying the consequences. Preamble a Aid. Ken Sauer chairman of the City a restructuring committee says members concluded a target of $24,000 should be set for aldermen a salaries. That a double the present salary. He also says the report contains a suggested salary for the mayor but refused to say what it was. Mayor Ted Grimm says he supports the recommendation which would double aldermen a salaries. However considering the fact his salary May also go up what the Haitch would you expect him to say the restructuring committee is comprised of Sauer Aid. Colleen Wilson and Aid. Julie Friesen. The mayor of course is an sex offi Cio member of All committees. High finance a according to the aforementioned Sauer a salary of $24,000 $461.53 per week is in line with what other people in Medicine hat make. However that a for full time work not part time Aldermani work. Nevertheless lets take Sauers figure and assume our aldermen Gross $24,000 today and in a sure that san awful Low figure for them and Are taxed As a single person without exemptions not even charitable donations. At present they receive an additional $12, x 0 As an Alderman. Tax on $36, k 0, after Normal deductions is $8,659.58. However of the $12,0 x aider manic pay $4,000 is tax free so they would wind up paying Only $7048.66 in taxes a a Nice Bonus. If their Aldermani salary was doubled As Well As their tax allowance then instead of paying $13,460.76 in taxes they would pay Only $10,244.70 a that san extra three grand to spend on a Caribbean cruise. Tax free Money is a great gimmick to get extra Bucks in your pocket. What they said then a being of a suspicious nature i had Aldermani candidates polled before the civic election last october. I wanted to know How they Felt about increasing their own salaries. If we can believe what was said at the time then there a no Chance of an Aldermani salary increase going through. However if we were being misled you re less Likely to be sued for saying a misled instead of a lied while candidates wer Lection Eer Peter Mossey Only on mondays the paddle Ken because the taxpayer is up the Creek without one. Here a what your Council members had to say about salary increases on october 7, 1989 mayor Ted Grimm a believes in periodic pay reviews but would prefer a review by a citizens committee a was in the Aid. Julie Friesen a said that after a year or thereabouts another five months to go before the year is up she might consider an increase that would tie in with the consumer Price Index Aid Ken Sauer a said the Alderman a pay was adequate but agreed the mayors salary should be reviewed. He also said he would prefer any increase would be passed by a previous Council which it Wasny to and would favor use of a citizens committee to recommend salary increases Aid. Colleen Wilson a Felt the amount of time spent in committees should make a difference in salaries Aid. Jim Hirsch a promised he would never approve a 30 per cent hike As the provincial politicians did also favored along with Sauer use of a citizens committee and would also prefer any increase to be passed by a previous Council. But Here a a question from out of left Field a Jim says he would never approve a 30 per cent. Would this allow him to Okay a one Hundred per cent increase with a Clear conscience Aid. Graham Kelly a no ands ifs or buts Here. Kelly came right out and said he did no to support a salary increase for aldermen but possibly one for the mayor Aid. Wayne Craven a showed he was a Quick learner in the political game by hedging his answer saying Council members Are not overpaid and if you want Good people you should be pre Jared reimburse ser like this allows you to vote for a salary increase yet not be put in the position of lying since you managed to avoid giving a Clear answer in the first place a and it did no to Cost you votes Aid. Kathy Mandeville a Felt salaries should be reviewed on a More regular basis so Large increases would not become necessary another politically smart answer which does no to offend anyone Aid. Ron Stein a was concerned about tying salaries to inflationary inc revises but Felt it would make More sense to tie it to the amount of time each Alderman spends on the Job then said he have enough time to do any heavy committee work himself a an honest if somewhat naive answer. Summary a it looks As if we be been had folks. Sauer who said last october the Alderman a salary was a a adequate is chairman of the committee recommending a Hundred per cent increase. Other than Craven All other Council members a including our mayor whose salary including benefits hits $1,204.61 a week and $18,000 is tax free which pushes the actual earnings even higher a either said they would not vote for an increase would prefer to have salaries based on the amount of work they do wanted periodic pay reviews a so Large increases Are not necessary or preferred to have a citizens committee recommend any salary increase. Speculation a we have to wonder if Sauer Isnit playing a game of copycat. Remember when get was first mentioned originally it was going to Cost us nine per cent. Even while the Hue and cry was still going on the baloney boy lowered it to seven per cent. Will Sauer and his committee come Back to the May 28 meeting with a much lower figure than a one Hundred per cent increase and if they pass an increase of any amount will you Ever be Able to Trust any of them again on anything and if they try to skirt the Issue by appointing a citizens committee to do the dirty work i would like to suggest a few names for consideration. George Renner who ran against Grimm last october could be one. A couple others could come from the ranks of people who earn less than $24,000 annually and maybe one or two Defeated Aldermani candidates Kris Heaton and Brian Pearce immediately come to mind. Come to think of it i mind sitting on that committee myself. Al hos a Fevo a a

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