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Medicine Hat News Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 3

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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Medicine Hat, Alberta The Medicine hat news monday May 14,1990 a3 City editor Gordon Wright City changing to centralized finance style Mark Rogers of the news a new Central finance department is not a step toward centralized City government says mayor Ted Grimm. A anybody draws a conclusion that centralized finance is a signal for any other change they done to know what they re talking about a that has not Liing to do with it City Council has voted to go along with a recommendation from its restructuring committee to set up a financial and budget planning department. The new department is designed to overcome divided loyalties and Lack of consensus that now arise from various City Hall divisions being responsible for their own Money management. The restructuring committee is also responsible for looking into alternative styles of government such As hiring a City manager to either replace or Lead the Board of commissioners. But Grimm says the priority for now is to make Central finance work. The new department goes into place starting july 1. The present system of having a Board of commissioners represent City Hall divisions ensures a balance he adds. Under a City manager system one area of operations May receive More emphasis than others a depending on the managers background Grimm says. A everybody gets a kick at the cat a he says of the commissioner so Stem. The Central finance department should make City Hall operations More efficient and possibly save Money but it will not result in major changes he says. A a it a a change in direction More than Barnard says he wants to make sure financial management methods Are consistent throughout City Hall. The new department reports directly to Barnardo a finance division but this does no to mean a Clamp Down on other divisions he says. A am i Empire building no. A fall we re trying to do is provide co ordination. Its not my desire to be More As it stands City Hall divisions a Public works Community services utilities a look out for their own interests when it comes to managing Money he says. The Central finance department will make sure finances Are controlled in a Way that anybody draws a conclusion that centralized finance is a signal for any other change they done know what they re talking about. A Grimm takes into account the interests of the City corporation Barnard says. A nobody is doing anything wrong. But tie finance division is incapable of leading because we done to have the finances have tended to become decentralized in recent years Grimm says. A it just happens that the brain Power is decentralized and tended to look at everything from the divisional Point of View. A More and More of the financial decision making was in fact taking place at the divisional divisions sometimes needlessly do the same task Grimm adds. A what was concerning me in addition was that there was a duplication a he says. A not every department has to reinvent the Bob Nicolay utilities finance manager will become manager of the new department. Working with him will be Linda Chapman financial services manager for Community services Wanda Nutter budget officer in the accounting and budgeting department and Luciano Dalla Longa utilities financial analyst in the utilities finance department. Gaps left by the moves will Likely be filled by spreading duties among staff remaining in the utilities and Community services divisions Grimm says. One Job for the new department will be to look at reserves set up by the divisions to make sure they Are not larger than they need to be Barnard says. A a in a hoping we will find we wont have to put so much Money aside in Grimm says the rationale behind the size of a Reserve May not be valid if looked at Only from the Point of View of the division. A you the divisions Are going to be looking after your interests not the total Reserve Light horse lord a the ceremonial Riding troop of lord Strath Conan a horse rides by the Medicine hat remand Centre where picketing workers Stop to watch. The ride was part of the South Alberta Light horse regimental Parade saturday which marked the 85th anniversary of the regiment. The Parade provided a diversion for picketing guards. A news photo Chuck Nisbett jails now country clubs guards correctional workers from local 3 of the Alberta Union of provincial employees say they have lost respect for solicitor general Dick Fowler. A especially for his off the cuff remarks like a this could go on for six months without causing problems a a Derek Martin labor relations coordinator for the Medicine hat remand Centre said today. Workers at the Centre walked off the Job May 10, and management plus ramp officers have been staffing it. A a it a difficult to notate with the person who legislates a Martin said. A a it a like trying to play poker with someone when you get five cards and they get the rest of the deck. A they the government Tell you who the arbitrators Are going to be and How much they can pay the Public service employee relations act states an arbitrator must take into account any current fiscal policies of the government. The act also states pensions Are a matter which cannot be referred to an arbitration Board. Better pensions Are an Issue Over which the correctional workers walked off the Job Martin said. Fowler has said weekend terms for prisoners have been suspended until guards Are Back at their jobs. A the Fowler said there Are no dangerous people out there. But reme tiber that woman in Edmonton who dumped her baby in a dumpster got weekends a Martin said. A and you be heard inmates around the province say they get to do what they want now its like a country a my question to the Public is a is that How they want their inmates treated a a he added. A local 3 does no to go around breaking the Law. We re acting information that a drug Deal was going on inside an Edmonton institution was received on a correction workers picket line outside the Union said. A we promptly referred that to the management management at the Medicine hat remand Centre have been unavailable for comment since the Job action began. John Szumlas executive assistant to the solicitor general said today the provinces positions is firm. A we would Hope that our professional correctional workers will return sooner than later to the Job an the bargaining social workers ignoring order social services workers off work since May 1 have not returned to their jobs in Medicine hat despite a court injunction ordering them to do so. A i am expecting people who have not been working will continue their Vigil a said Bruce Clarke vice chairman of local 6 of the Alberta Union of provincial employees. Local 6, representing social workers child care workers and psychologists was told by labor minister Elaine Mccoy the government is compiling evidence to file contempt of court charges against workers who remain off the Job. A of course people Are worried about that but its just another attempt to distract people and the Public from the real issues a Clarke said. A and people Are saying the issues have to be dealt with and they wont be distracted from workers in Medicine hat have not picketed since the injunction was handed Down last week but they have held rallies and have not returned to the Job. A today we Are just waiting a Clarke said. A we Are too a said Terry Willock Public affairs manager for the governments personnel department. Willock said the government has not changed its stance on refusing to bargain with social workers while they Are on an illegal strike. A no we re pretty Strong about a private meeting took place on the weekend Between social services minister John Oldrin Gand local 6 chairman Linda Karpowich but neither has released details on the talks. College holds identity adds degree courses Cam Mcculloch of the news Medicine hat College will retain its autonomy from the University of Lethbridge even after it begins offering the University a third year courses says Ralph weeks College director of instruction. The College and the University have agreed on a proposal to begin offering third year University courses Here a starting in fall 1991 a in arts and science management education and Fine arts. Third year nursing courses also remain a possibility. The proposal goes to advanced education minister John Gogo this month for approval. While the courses will be designed by the University instructors will be hired by the College and remain College employees weeks said recently. University personnel might be hat a weekend wonder top Stop a mule Deer bask on the Banks of the South Saskatchewan River across from the Echo Dale farm a a popular Stop for tourists. Approximately 35,000 tourists enjoy City attractions every year. A nows photo Paul Vanpeenen Petra Kossman of the news Medicine hat is becoming known As a great escape. Glenda Leitch executive director of the Southeast Alberta tourism and convention association says the get away weekend to Medicine hat is one of the most popular items the association promotes. Get away weekends Are sold As a package including hotel accommodation and Golf Green fees or uie atre tickets. A we tend to attract a lot of people from great Falls and Havre mont., or cities like Lethbridge. People who just want to go somewhere for a break away from the association in conjunction with private business has poured almost $400, xxx into promoting the Gateway area As a tourism destination in the last year Leitch said. This should in turn bring an increasing number of tourists to the area to put dollars Back into the Community. Last year about 35,000 visitors stopped at the tourist information Centre. Each visitor spends $75 a Day on average while in the City said a a we re expecting an increase this year due to a Large sign being installed next to the Leitch said finding and identifying the information Centre has been a bit of a problem for tourists in the past the sign will also display help at hand a Pete Findlay receives information about the Medicine hat area at the tourist Centre on Gehring Road . From manager Glenda Leitch and information officer Sheldon Rieger. A news photo Chuck Nisbett events and attractions in the area so tourists May be More Likely to stay and spend time. A lot of dollars Are going into promoting events like the Stampede Canada Day and the new spectrum festival said. A i think our spectrum festival will become a major event in the province and in tourism like the fringe festival or Klondike a festivals bring in a Large number of but it is the people in the Community who make the tourism Industry grow said. A Community members should be ambassadors for the when somebody comes to town to visit residents should make themselves aware of All events and attractions in the area or Send guests to the information Centre where professionals can help out said. When tourists know what is available they May stay longer and spend More Money said. Tourism Means a lot of Money coming into the Community More jobs and economic development Leitch said. A some of our businesses Haven to been aware of the economic advantages of tourism in the the convention business has grown considerably in the last few years and sporting events bring a lot of people to Medicine hat said. May 14-20 is National tourism awareness week and the information Centre will be open seven Days a week from 9 . To 5 . Invited to sit on the selection committee he added. A a that a not a they will be University of Lethbridge courses and their numbering system taught by Medicine hat College staff in our some of the third year courses May be taught by existing qualified staff and the resulting Job vacancies in first and second year programs filled by new staff he said. About two dozen faculty Are expected to serve some 230 students once the third year programs Are in full swing he said. Weeks said enrolment will dictate whether All the proposed programs Are offered in the fall 1991. The College Hopes to receive approval for the program before fall so it can begin advertising the program to prospective Cave openings in the hillsides South of Redcliff will be blown shut Alberta environment confirmed today. A we plan to close All openings whether due to mine activity or not for safety a Sake a said Lawrence i Oviak head of the land reclamation Branch. In the Early to mid-1900s, Coal and shale were mined from the Banks. Retired Coal Miner Reinhold Schneider says he is worried children playing in the Hills will fall into new openings caused by erosion in areas of the mines. At tonight a re Lar meeting Redcliff Council will consider an economic development and recreation committee suggestion to cancel plans for the propos River Heights subdivision that sits Over the old mine shafts

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