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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - March 8, 1980, Medicine Hat, Alberta Al a if re Iii Rhal or nil saturday. March a. Iti behind the headlines Page five letters to the news Council salary raise a timely idea Are we paying them enough a news photo Frank Webber tie citizens of Medicine hat have been very fortunate to have individuals willing to dedicate their time and Effort to serving others. Council members demonstrate tremendous will and courage in carrying out their duties with Little or no suitable recognition of their efforts. There have been and will continue to be occasions when members of the Community disagree with some aspect of this City s administration. However one must not be too Hasty to condemn the efforts of our civic government. The loss of the services of any member of this Council would be unfortunate. Perhaps we Are too Quick to throw stones and too slow to offer bouquets. Hie members of City Council should not be made to feel uncomfortable in discussing the merits of taking an appropriate remuneration for ser pillar of nip work leaving we have All been witness to a concerned Well programmed Young lady of unquestioned ability and intelligence in action when Barbara Varty accepted the Challenge of introducing Medicine hat to the neigh boyhood improvement program for this City a sole Benefit. Her unswerving energies and dedication to her tasks Are without question As so Many will testify. We Are Many who will be saddened that will soon be leaving us As was confirmed at Council meeting last night. I decry the Possi bitty that our City is not making a concerted Effort to persuade Barbara Varty to remain in our midst. Surely her talents have been tested to the fullest in her dealings with our local authorities also those concerned Public figures on other Levels of government. Mrs. Barbara Varty a dedication has been demo Istrate beyond the confines of her designated tasks and who More that would be a most eligible recreation Programmer with Headquarters at the Strathcona Community Centre in Lions Park. All of our City would be Well served in this capacity. It is also Worth considering that David Varty Barbaraus equally handsome spouse be persuaded to lend his talents to the local scene too. In a growing City capable Young people have a very special place too. If further proof of the above is required you will find mrs. Varty at 439 a Maple Avenue . Where a fully marked area map of the Flats serves As proof of one portion Only of her diversified talents. Be forewarned that will be Overly inclined to give much credit to others for her successes. Eileen 0. Reiner vices rendered. None should argue that the proposed increases Are even close to what the private sector is willing to offer its executive personnel. The principles of fairness and Equality of Opportunity must prevail. Specifically the ability to serve one s Community and fellow citizens should not be determined by financial Well being. Alderman Sauer is to be congratulated for raising this controversial Issue at a time when Council members Are not bettering their own situation. The electorate will decide who will be mayor and who will serve on the Council in 1980-1981. This decision must be made at this time in order that potential candidates will not have to concern themselves with financial uncertainties when deciding whether to run. Civic government is a demanding career. Let us ensure that future councils Are composed of individuals who continue to demonstrate Devotion to the business of civic government. Let there be no doubt in the minds of the citizens of this Community of the importance of having a Quality City Council. L. Omotani readers rights letters to the news should be Brief preferably no More than 300 words in length. We Reserve the right to edit any letter for space or other reasons. A pen name May not be used unless the writer submits a compelling reason for wishing to remain Anonymous. Complete name address and Telephone number Are required and every letter must be signed by the writer. Meltdown in nuclear health Confidence Ernest Sternglass editors note the recent report of increased hypothyroidism in Pennsylvania in the Wake of the three mile Island nuclear Power Plant Accident adds another bit of evidence to the theory that even Low Levels of radiation can cause mental and physical growth retardation. Or. Ernest Sternglass a controversial scientist who has studied the health effects of radiation for Many years surveys the mounting evidence for pcs. Or. Sternglass professor of radiological physics at the University of Pittsburgh school of Medicine is the author of the Book Low level radiation Ballantine. Pennsylvania state health authorities confirmed last week that a Sharp Rise of hypothyroidism is Newborn infants occurred in late 1979, in three counties near the three mile Island nuclear Power Plant site of a critical Accident Early in 1979. The High incidence of this condition which leads to mental retardation and stunted growth has been dismissed by the nuclear regulatory commission As unrelated to the Low level radiation released in the Accident. Neither has the commission commented on a near doubling of the infant mortality rate in Pennsylvania several months after three mile Island. The denial of a causal relationship Between the radiation and the disease is to be expected Given the a Rcd a and the earlier atomic Energy commissions record of reassuring the Public on the relative safety of Low level radiation. Yet the recent Pennsylvania report adds one More document to evidence which has been mounting for nearly 20 years that even officially a a Safe Levels of radiation pose serious threats to the mental and physical health of not Only the living but the unborn. The controversy lies in How much radiation can be tolerated without inflicting thyroid disease in fetuses which Are exposed to radioactive elements while in the sufficient doses iodine 131 and other radioactive particles can impair the development and functioning of the hormone producing thyroid and pituitary glands which regulate growth and mental development. Direct evidence of radiations effect on growth was dramatically documented by a United nations scientific committee in 1969, which measured physical and mental development among persons bom within months of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was also confirmed in studies of the marshallese islanders who were exposed to fallout from a Large 1954 nuclear bomb test in the Pacific Ocean. Although dec officials initially claimed there would be no Adverse health effects to the people on Rong Lap Island later dec studies revealed that virtually All the children developed thyroid nodules or cancer Many years later. Also Long before their cancer was detected Many children experienced hypothyroidism and severe growth retardation. As Early As 1962, More evidence was accumulated by a White House panel of radiation officials pointing to a potential link Between the fallout from nuclear weapons tests in Nevada and local increases in leukaemia and Thyrma cancer. That link was confirmed in a 1965 study directed by or. Edward Weiss of the . Public health service. However the data was officially hushed up by the Public health service the defense department and the dec and came to Light Only last year by virtue of a Freedom emf information request by the Washington Post. A later analysis of the bomb testing effects in Utah conducted by this writer found a general Rise in the rate of infant to moralities and infant immaturity during the 1950s, which reversed a previous Long term trend of dealing infant deaths and increasing birth weights. This reversal was greater in areas nearest nuclear testing and during the years of the greater fallout 1956-57. Added evidence came to Light even More recently when it was found that children bom in Utah during the years of the most intense bombing in Neil Boring Nevada showed a precipitous drop in their College Entrance Scholastic aptitude tests sat taken upon graduation in 1975 �?19 years after they had been exposed to fallout while in their mothers wombs. Indeed the Sharp decline on sat scores in the mid -70s tended to to be nationwide but most acute in Utah were it dropped 26 Points. Ohio which lies outside the Drift or radiations Clouds from the Utah tests registered Only a two Point drop. At the time of the worst National sat decane it has since levelled off to modest annual fluctuations educators tended to blame a Host of variables Urban unrest to collapsing school standards broken Homes and an Urban influx of foreigners who were poor and ill equipped to compete in . Schools. Such variables no doubt accounted for some of the decline in the Urban school of the East and Midwest. But they do not account for the state showing the sharpest drop a Utah a which was heavily urbanized and which thanks to mormon tradition maintained an excellent education system which had produced among the Peter Calamai Sun finally sets Salisbury a tide of Brave words and a groundswell of genuine reconciliation swept Rhodesia toward Independence today carrying most obstacles before it. Prime minister designate Robert Mugabe Able to govern with his own majority of 57 seats in the 100-seat parliament nevertheless was fashioning a National Unity coalition to include White parliamentarians As Well As the 20-seat party led by fellow guerrilla Leader Joshua Nkomo. Meanwhile . Officials Are devising a new overseer role so some vestige of British authority remains even after formal Independence expected later this month. These developments followed closely on tuesdays formal confirmation that Mugabe a 55-year-old marxist intellectual had trounced Bishop Abel Muzorewa and outdistanced Nkomo in last weeks three Day balloting. Official results gave Mugabe a Anu Zimbabwe african National Union Wing nearly 63 per cent of the popular vote compared to 24 per cent for the Zap Zimbabwe african Peoples Union Wing of Nkomo and a Mere eight per cent for the Bishop prime minister for Only six months and nine Days in an administration that excluded the other two. Parliamentary standings Are Mugabe 57 seats Nkomo 20 Muzorewa 3, plus 20 reserved White seats All won in an earlier election by the rhodesian front party of former rebel Premier Ian Smith. In a Placa tory address broadcast nation wide tuesday night Mugabe sought to Calm wite fears about the future and head off a crisis of rising expectations among his own Black supporters. Mugabe promised to respect fundamental civil liberties guaranteed the pensions of civil servants and revealed pledges of support from the White led military and senior White administrators. A surely this is now time to beat our swords into Plo shares so we can attend to the problems of developing our Economy and our society a he pleaded. Involved in the swords into Plo shares process is the integration of three undefeated armies a two entirely Black me commanded by Whites. There were stumbles in the transition from wayward Colony of Rhodesia to africans newest state of Zimbabwe. British governor lord Soames refused to be photographed with Mugabe before or after a 90-minute meeting. Yet lord and lady Soames had been prominently photographed with Bishop Muzorewa in the Early stages of the elections. British constitutional experts were also having trouble inventing a ploy which allowed Independence while keeping some . Representative on the scene with emergency Powers. Although Mugabe has twice asked lord Soames to remain the Choice is More Likely to fall on the Deputy governor career Diplomat sir Anthony Duff. Lord Soames praised a the Healing touch that the 1,300-member Commonwealth monitoring Force brought to Rhodesia. A the new state of Zimbabwe is being bom under your sign he said. But the birth of Zimbabwe remains at least two weeks away with a lengthy constitutional procedure of appointing a Senate and electing a president still ahead. The countdown will begin once Mugabe constitutes a National Unity government and is formally appointed prime minister by the governor. Leading possibility for the White representation in the coalition Cabinet is David Smith a Rich Farmer who won wide respect As finance minister in the previous Short lived administration. Legal experts could not agree tuesday whether Mugabe might also use Senate appointments As a Means of co opting White ministers who were not members of the racist rhodesian front party. Equally crucial in the Cabinet making Are Mugabe a choices from his own loosely knit and often fractious party. Internal divisions Between leftist hardliners and moderates Are considered a main threat to Unity. In his tuesday broadcast address the nationalist Leader stressed that both individual and National Security were necessary for Long term peace. Southam Charles Lynch March on Moscow highest sat scored in the country before the mid-1970s. While still other As yet unknown variables May have contributed to the decline of educational aptitude in Utah the evidence to Date Points to a More than suggestive correlation Between nuclear fallout and mental development. Hie sat evidence while it requires further study should at least prompt great Public and official concern Over the relationship Between hypothyroidism and even Low Levels of radiation. Instead when four times As Many infants As Normal Are Bora with disease in the Vicinity of the three mile Island arc officials can Only reassure the Public once again of the safety of nuclear Power. Pacific news service Ottawa a it was Georges Clemenceau who said that War is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military and it is Jimmy Carter who says games Are too serious a matter to be left to the athletes. Joe Clark agreed with Carter and was prepared to order a Canadian Boycott of the Moscow summer olympics. Pierre Trudeau Isnit so sure though his foreign affairs Secretary Mark Macguigan says the new government is leaning toward a Boycott. It has always been my View that the olympics provide an admirable War substitute infinitely preferable to the real thing so anything that quenches or even dims the olympic flame comes As ominous news for those of us who Are diffident about world War three. As for allowing the perfidious soviets to strut their stuff As hosts it seemed to me we crossed that Bridge when the games were awarded to Moscow in the first place overlooking assorted atrocities they had perpetrated in places like Poland Hungary and Czechoslovakia not to mention their own turf. British athletes Are up in arms Over their governments support of the Boycott and Are threatening to go to the Moscow games if they have to get there on foot. Federal sports minister Gerald Regan having announced that the Liberal government Hopes to get Back into the lottery business As an underpinning for our National sports program tells us that even if our government joins in the Boycott Canadian athletes might be Able to go to Moscow anyway since Pas spots and visas would not be denied them. We Are left to contemplate the picture of our heroes trekking Over the Long Road through Minsk and Smolensk to Moscow packs and Bedroll on their backs tape scoops Lydoll Mfd recorders blasting out the 1812 overture. They could sell lottery tickets along the Way. The journey would toughen them and at its end they would face the not unhappy Prospect of games in which no athletes from the United states would be taking part. There would still be the soviets and the East germans to contend with but the prospects of Bronze medals would be an enticement. The americans tend to be very Good at the games they play a in most sports they Are our teachers but they Are Good learners too As they demonstrated by copping the hockey Gold medal in the recent Winter olympics. By removing their team they Render the summer olympics More attractive to other countries a witness the pressure from latin american countries to ban the . From the pan american games so other people can win some medals. If our athletes follow the pattern suggested by their British counterparts they would compete in the Moscow games As individuals but would refrain from going to the Victory podium in the event that they win anything. The soviet hosts might run up our Flag and play our Anthem but Noi a would come Forward thus punishing the government of the soviet Union for invading Afghanistan. Boycotting the Victory ceremonies poses certain difficulties inasmuch As the athletes first have to win something but its Worth a try. If the Trudeau government decided to Boycott the Moscow games entirely then our athletes face the Prospect of attending a series of sporting events to be held in various parts of the world in which teams from the untied states will be taking part. The mood of the . Athletes denied their olympic chances can be imagined a All be fired up the Way their Hockst team was at Lake Placid. Thus inspired they will soar to unprecedented Heights and run at record speeds and Hurt their missiles with fearful might reducing their opponents to helpless hulks. After what happened to our team at the Winter olympics would it be fair to demand such sacrifice there could be no More Canadian a solution to the problem than to Boycott the olympics and let our athletes go anyway. The heightened risk that our athletes might win some medals is just something that has to be faced a problem we can solve when we come to it. Southam news

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