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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - March 8, 1980, Medicine Hat, Alberta Medicine hat published daily except sunday by the proprietor Southam inc. At the news building 4 sixth ave. . Medicine hot Alberta. Canada second class mail registration number 0281 Ian c. Amacdonald Peter r. Mossey editor publisher John a. Weimer business manager Stuart m. Warne advertising manager j. W. Bud Miller production manager Ron w. Turner circulation manager vol. 67 saturday March 8, 1980 no. 188 City needs More Parks the Parks departments plan to Spruce up Flower Beds and do some landscaping around the City makes the Lack of Public Parks in Northwest Crescent Heights and in the Southeast All the More glaring. Northwest Crescent Heights needs a still fledged Park where citizens can engage in Active recreation. What Little Green space there is does not meet residents needs. Boulevard Parks school grounds and patches of grass Here and there cannot make up for the Lack of a Park. Nie problem is by no Means new. Northwest Crescent Heights residents have done without a Public Park for two decades. While other areas of the City have been provided with Parks residents in that forgotten Little Comer have been forced to make do with empty promises. Nor is the problem a Lack of space. The City already has land available for Park development on Mccutcheon drive. The City though lacks not the Money but the will to develop the land into an Active recreational area where residents can enjoy football Frisbee throwing or any other kind of activity that requires wide open spaces. And the Lack of Parks in Northwest Crescent Heights is contagious. The City a Southeast Comer also lacks recreational land. Aside from school grounds and the Coulee there is no Public Park to speak of. In one of the City a fastest growing areas that will soon have close to half Medicine hats population that is a disgrace. Instead of planting Trees and Flower Beds in areas of the City that do not need them the Parks department should be concentrating on providing recreational areas for those sections of the City that have none. Now is the time to act before the Pace of development overtakes what remains of the City a undeveloped land. Health care prescription the Canadian nurses association Cna is asking again for a revision of Canadas health care system. And the nation wide enquiry conducted by Emmett Hall and Malcolm Taylor should give the nurses ideas careful consideration. According to the Cna Canada has a bottleneck in its health services in the area of initial diagnosis and health counselling. Provincial regulations require doctors not a Para professional nurses and medical assistants to perform these and other tasks. That legislation is an impediment to first class medical care. First Sie scale of operations conducted by Many doctors a particularly in cities a Means initial diagnosis and counselling is a Hasty affair. If doctors had the time to handle each patients initial visit there would be no need to include nurses in the process. But doctors do not have the time. Second Canada in general and Alberta in particular have hundreds of Small communities where a doctor is not available. Nurses could fill the diagnostic and counselling needs of those smaller communities but they Are prevented by Law. The Law in those cases is not upholding the Quality of health care. Quite the contrary where a doctor is not available and no one else is allowed to do the Job would be patients must travel to some other Community or do without. The Cna a proposal would fit in with a solution to another medical bottleneck the Hospital. Many patients especially in Rural Canada Are compelled to go to a Hospital for treatment simply because that is where the doctors Are. Much of the attention those patients receive could have been Given elsewhere As it is most of Canadas hospitals suffer from Busy schedules and bed shortages. Again nurses could handle the initial stage of treatment in the hospitals or in nursing clinics and relieve the doctors and the hospitals of this Burden. In Short nurses could give a Quality of Basic treatment equal to that offered by rushed doctors. The real problem though is not whether these changes should be implemented at least on an experimental basis but whether the doctors could stand to be relieved of part of their Quot Burden. The Cna a proposal after All cuts into doctors livelihood As surely As a plan to reduce the distance of taxicab trips would Hurt cab Drivers. Doctors Are paid by the patient a crowded waiting room is an inefficient embarrassment True but it is also Money in the Bank. Not that doctors Are greedy of course but they Are unlikely to View with favor a scheme that would reduce their incomes. Doctors Disfavour is one reason Why the Cna a idea has Hung in limbo despite repeated urgings by nurses groups. But now the Cna proposes a potential answer pay doctors a salary and remove the stumbling Block. It could work. Certainly it complements the Basic principle of medicare that of Universal health care where patients pay the government for coverage and the government pays the doctors. It would also neatly do away with the perennial practice of a balance Billings. Messes. Emmett Hall and Malcohn Taylor ought to confront the medical profession with the Cna a idea what obstacles can doctors see to trying out the nurses proposals Ben Tierney Ottawa inside out and upside Down Medicine hat news Southam news Christopher Young general manager Charle Lynch chief of news services do Mcgillivray National economics editor William Fox. Ben Tierney and George Oake Lutawa Jame Ferrabee Paris Jim travers to Rollo Brian Butters Halifax Peter Cowan Quebec Civ Jamie Portman a Valiona arts critic John Walker foreign Nicholas Hills u Ndon Duart Farquharson Montreal Donsella Washington Peter Africa Bureau Ottawa a the elections been Over for nearly three weeks most of the Defeated tories have had their acres vote Days in the Sun and now its time to decide who stays and who goes. Its sad to be sure but the fact is that a budget for staff in the office of a Leader of the opposition is about half that allowed for staff in a prime ministers office. Thus about so of the 90-plus Nice people who toiled for Joe Clark Between May of �?~79 and february of �?~80 Are being asked to quietly walk out into the blizzards that commonly sweep the streets of the nations capital at this time of year. We shall dwell primarily on the survivors. Bill Neville Clarks Chubby chief of staffs will stay and stay As chief of staff much to the Chagrin of some insiders who think he should at least move sideways and to the dismay of some tory maps who feel he should move Down if not out Donald Doyle will also stay. So will Ian Green Clarks Young executive assistant. And so will Jock Osier the former prime ministers press Secretary. These four will be joined by Robert Rene de Cotret who has arrived Back in town from his futile adventure in ber Thier Maskinong� and who will move in As a senior policy adviser to Clark replacing Jim Gillies who is finally exercising his Long standing option to return to York University. They will also be kept company for a few months a by Paul Curley the National director of the party who will head Back to Calgary in the late fall after organizing the annual meeting so Clark can Tell Nova Scotia a Robert Carman Coates to put up or shut up about the party a leadership. The group will also be joined by senator Lowell Murray whose salary comes from another budget. But that might not happen for a month or two. The senator was last seen heading in the direction of Florida there to contemplate a walking tour of Europe. The latest word is that the senator was leaning toward a route that would take him from Spain to France. But not As someone cruelly suggested along an autoroute against the traffic. Harry and a by or 6iri__jusr As Long As it passes meanwhile the liberals Are poised to Spring into action and none More so than Marc Lalonde Pierre Trudeau a new Energy minister. Alas this Lithe gentleman must be restrained from his first assignment to go Forth beyond the great Manitoba Wall to Alberta there to convince the provinces tory government that the half Price Oil its offering the rest of the country is too expensive. The hold up is due it seems to the fact that the Premier of the province Peter Lougheed will not talk to anyone beneath his station . Common Cabinet ministers and has consequently delegated his Energy minister Merv Leitch to listen or at least give the appearance thereof to what Lalonde has to say. But the aforementioned or. Leitch was recently married and when last seen was heading with Bride southward in the direction of California. The latest word from Alberta is that they should have talked Leitch into coming Back about monday and that hopefully he will be prepared to pay attention within a few Days of that. Misc. Notes on liberals tories and those who Are supposed to be in Between Defeated Cabinet minister David Macdonald prior to losing his Prince Edward Island seat was handling not one not two but three portfolios. In addition to his Job As Secretary of state and his Job As communications minister Macdonald was taking care of health and welfare for heart attack victim David Crombie. He was cheered up though by the super Farewell dinner Laid on for him by his communications Deputy Bernard Ostry a not to mention the Chip dip Bash thrown by under Secretary of state Pierre Juneau. From Halifax comes the word that Brian Fleming who once toiled As an assistant to Trudeau and who came within 15 votes of winning the Halifax seat in the 1979 election is now looking very seriously at a bid to replace Gerald Regan the new Federal minister of labor and sport As the Leader of Nova Scotia a liberals. Southam news editorial opinion from across Canada Ottawa Cuzen Joe Clark was right in rejecting de Broadbent a proposal for partial representation by popular vote in tie upcoming parliament. Representation even partly by popular vote in the House of commons is not necessarily the answer to the current kind of imbalance that exists. In fact there is already an institution that is supposed to offset the inequities that May exist in the House of commons and that is the Senate. This upper House was established by the architects of the British North America act to provide provincial representation in parliament but government after government has used the Senate As a Reward and repository for party loyalists Bagman and Defeated maps. A Small proportion of senators remain Active and productive after their appointment which until recently was for life if the Senate was in fact another chamber of dynamic representation As it was intended there would be no need for a change in our current House of commons electoral system. If the Senate was More functional than ceremonial it would not be the exception that senators would represent regions of the country that Are under represented in the commons probably a form of representation by popular vote would work better in the Senate than in the House of commons. Senate seats might be apportioned according to the proportion of popular vote each party receives in each Federal party in conjunction with its provincial counterparts could select the names of those of its members designated to earn a Senate seat Only for the life of the parliament prior to the election. That Way voters would know who is on the Senate list for each party at the time the ballots Are cast for the maps. The current system of electoral representation is not yet disintegrating. It is however showing signs of Strain. But extreme measures such As those advocated by Broadbent and Pepin Robarts Are not yet needed. Nationalism More Active government participation in the Economy and an Effort to exploit Canadas Energy advantages to strengthen the entire Economy. He said Ottawa would use buying Power and regulatory authority to help Canadian business. It would push for More Canadian ownership More Canadian research and development More Canadian exports a to yield More Canadian jobs wealth and Security on the surface its cheering to think about exploiting this country a enormous Energy potential and kissing open goodbye. It would be Good for the National psyche to see most Canadian Industry particularly resource industries Canadian owned. Can Canada afford much More government activity in the Economy Canada is in terrible debt. If we need new investment to stimulate and expand the Economy most of it will have to come from private investment. Will an economic nationalism policy scare off foreign investment will it attract Canadian capital that Canadian development Hasni to been Able to attract in the past or will government meddling in the marketplace make Canada an unfriendly place for private capital or. Trudeau is in a Strong and unique position to Lay aside the old Liberal policies that dug Canada into its present mess. He is again the absolute master of the Liberal party and he has no More elections to face. He can afford pragmatism to put Canadas economic House in order to put More emphasis on producing wealth than on redistributing it. Vancouver Sun Premier Lougheed of Alberta can hardly be blamed for trying to take Quick tactical advantage of the Liberal party a dismal showing in the West in the election but in attempting to seize the upper hand in Oil Price negotiations with the new government or. Lougheed has gone too far. The premieres Bellicose attitude immediately reduces the Chance of reaching an agreement that is vital to Canada. And while he claims not to be seeking a confrontation with or. Trudeau on the Issue he has offered Little reason for anyone to think otherwise. By declaring that Alberta will not accept a Penny less from the Liberal government than it negotiated with the conservatives and that the Liberal Promise of a blended Oil Price formula is unworkable and unacceptable to him. Or. Lougheed has unnecessarily added those difficulties. Does or. Lougheed know something about the Liberal proposition that the rest of us done to during the election Campaign when the Premier kept a vow of Golden silence about Oil prices., no one else was about to find out what or. Trudeau a Quot made in Canada Price really meant the Premier should at least listen to what the new gov Emmet has to say before anticipating a stalemate or issuing veiled warnings about what he will do if no settlement is reached. Douglas Fisher parliament at work Hamilton Spectator for the first time in More than two years Canada can afford certainty in economic Pouch. Hie liberals fresh mandate gives them time and their commons majority gives them Power to apply constructive leadership instead of playing political games with Peoples jobs earnings investments and living standards. Whiat can canadians expect next the strongest hints came from Pierre Trudeau a february 12 speech to the Toronto and and sales club. That a when he promised a new surge of economic Ottawa a parliamentai7 government is a new quarterly publication put out by the parliamentary Centre for foreign affairs and foreign Trade is an attempt to develop a continuing interest amongst maps and members of provincial Legislatures in their work. Generally politicians have left the analysis of the Workings of parliament to academics. You May find this surprising since they spend so much of their time in committees and the Chambers but the practice has been to let governments dictate operations of Legislatures while a few opposition members concentrate on parliamentary procedure. If the Aims of the publication should be successful it would represent a professionalization of the work of Canadian politicians. Inquiries by a special parliamentary committees is the subject of the second Issue of a parliamentary government. The consensus of the Ottawa politicians interviewed is that special committees can be useful forums for Public inquiry and sources of Public policy so Long As certain pre conditions Are met. These include a mandate for a subject which the government has not already an established policy a competent nonpartisan chairman and adequate and capable research staff. As maps see it committee reports carry More political weight than Royal commissions governments Are less Likely to Shelve a report agreed upon by members of All parties especially when the maps Are there constantly pushing it. Sadly the Clark governments proposals for parliamentary Reform which included a provision for the establishment of special committee inquiries with the support of 50 maps will probably not see the Light of Day with the return of the liberals. One subject which could certainly do with a parliamentary inquiry is proportional representation. De Broadbent a proposal makes sense to me but the timing is wrong a changing the rules after the game. The subject is Complex and there is an array of foreign examples. Should the popular representation be based on the constituency votes single ballot or a second a party of choices ballot As in Germany should the representation be based on a Nasonal regional or provincial vote should the or candidates list be faced or changeable although the nip has More to gain from or it is a subject which the two older parties could investigate in a nonpartisan atmosphere. Statistics Canada came out with some a building permit figures last week which will have Beland Honderich and the Toronto Star editorial Page wailing. Apparently those upstart albertan had More commercial building construction in 1979 than Ontario had with four times the population. And Calgary where you cannot see the people for the cranes had approximately 70 per cent of the total. Construction residential commercial Industrial and institutional in value that Toronto had. To invoke the Frontier imperative 3o West Young men and women the new democrats of tiny be boasting about their unprecedented numbers but the a freshness of their caucus is causing a few tensions. Only seven of the 32 members Benjamin Blackburn Broadbent Knowles Nystrom Orlikov and Rose were in the House prior to 1978 and this old guard is in no hurry to get Down to parliamentary business. Broadbent has called the first caucus for March 24th, not soon enough for the youngsters mostly Western who have decided to Call an a a informal caucus for March 11th. Unless the Ottawa based Federal office is prepared to relinquish some of its Power Western alienation could take on a new meaning. Southam news

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