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Medicine Hat News Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1928, Page 3

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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - January 25, 1928, Medicine Hat, Alberta Or wednesday Jan 25, 1928. The Medicine hat daily news. Page me red Rose Tea Ood Tea red Rose Orange Pekoe is the Best Tea you can buy a in clean Bright aluminium d. W. Hays Codi Leticia from paso one Yoiiro interest in his subject would be ill matters which concern land Settle Iii Piu and the Prospect for future is Ali Gnu it from which big Luebs is do i i void rallied than from the Engineer in and con us tonal work in which Vii Liao known the a Phipany to have in in ii based for a Long time. Sur Niesp that some of you who Are the Vidor residents Here have wondered a limit fruitful results were to attend clip of Orts of the company Over the Long period during which it has been Iii aked in its development work i univ 1 will give you a Brief outline of tiie conditions of the past several Viiu s Wlinich have affected settlement to the position at the Lii Csont history of land cd Lemon. In Olio irrigation works of tiie company had been sufficiently completed to enable water to be delivered in 1 i20. In anticipation of this some land was sold in 1919 and further sales made in 1920. The fir to Iii gated Cir a it taken Oft the land were in i 20, prior to Wlinich time the Dis trip i produced nothing. farms happened to be Pur chased at a time when land values and the Cost of every commodity entering into the development of a farm were at the Peak of High prices which were prevalent in the period shortly following the War. Notwithstanding the High prices everyone who started farming at the time whether a a vocation or a Hobby fully expected All costs to be met and a substantial surplus to be obtained from the very High prices of All farm products which prevailed up to and including 1920. The farms had barely gotten started at a Large outlay of expense and the lands had not yet been put in shape where Good production could to expected when in 1921, the Price of All farm products began to rapidly decline leaving the investments in land farm improvements and farm equipment in decidedly Adverse relation to the value of the products that could be grown. Wheat that had been Selling at $2.00 per Bushel up to 1920 decreased in value to about $1.15 in 1921, and to about 7uc in 1922 and �?T23. Hay that was Worth $20.00 per ton in 1920 and prices much higher in the preceding years sold tor $5.00 per ton in 1923. These changes were indicative of the decreased values of farm products everywhere although in some localities markets were a Little Bott risk the Etna i Raseni Rittof perspiration odour the one to two pints of perspiration which according to a simians come through the pores daily is natural. And healthful. But perspiration odour is not Only unnecessary but extremely a bad this unpleasant odour is Seldom recognized by the offender but everyone else notices it. Lifebuoy is sure Protection besides being a Superior toilet soap lifebuoy through creamy gentle Antiseptic lather cleanses and purifies the millions of tiny pores and keeps the skin Sweet offering safety Froni perspiration odour from Bath to Bath. Done to try to cover up perspiration odour. Prevent it with lifebuoy soap for face hands and Bath. It costs no More. Better. This rapid and Large decline of time and coming As it did almost in the value of farm Prodi Icib was not followed by a parallel do Cline in the Price of farm Machii Iery. And the various commodities such As lumber fencing etc., required on a farm. The Farmers purchasing capacity was stagnated with a result that seriously affected All kinds of business but most particularly did it at it those whose interests were in farm lands and Farni equipment. Sot equipment had to be bought notwithstanding bad conditions but land sales came to a standstill and from the Point of Yiew of raw land that was the last thing anyone wanted. These conditions prevailed at least locally it Tittl the revival of Good prices in the Fallot 1924.�?T the conditions direct and ser a put stoppage to any Sale of raw land at Vauxhall which had barely gotten started prior to the Lump and incidentally was a serious Imp Dicapu to the company. A due to the Lack of new sales poor collections and the Cost of maintaining the property for the period 1921 to 1923 inclusive the company went into receivership in the Spring of 1924, and aside from any other reasons this precluded anything being done that year. In 1925 the company a affairs were in operation through the medium of the Man deter of the Interior acting As agent to the directly following the initial settlement had a unfortunate bearing on the prestige of the District and on the company As Well. In the absence of full Snow Edge of the surrounding circumstances it is probably Only natural that business men have looked with apprehension on anything having to do with irrigated farm a development. The same View had prevailed in other new localities in our neighbourhood where initial developments had been struggling through abnormally bad years. But this View is changing and a new interest is now Man Hesting itself. Something being seen to advantage due partly to better prices and partly to an advanced stage of the farms to produce crops within the past two years a scheme tor re arranging the company a affairs had been recommended and approved. It received the Sanction of the court and the proceedings for winding up the company were stayed. The receivership was terminated on july 31st last and the company resumed administration. Under the new arrangements the company is now in a much better position than Ever before to carry on the work of development. This position together v1th the much better conditions affecting land receiver. The questions of revising settlement and farming enables me to land values and terms of contract were matters then under consideration and adjustment with the existing land purchasers and were not determined until the end of the year. Hence for one reason and another land settlement which started in 1919 and continued through 1920 at once dropped Oft to nothing and remained Ormah. Until the end of 1925. This stoppage of sales for so Long a period sales net year irrigable area area cropped 1919 4.28.0 1920 Small 1921 ______________10,813 7,21g 1922 __________-_____10,890 8,268 1923 10,890 9,g47 1924 ______________10.s90 10,093 1925 10.551 10,280 1926 ______________17.06s 10,389 1927 22,682 16,646 look Forward with optimism for wholesome development of the entire project which now totals about 130,-000 acres of irrigable land. State of settlement and crop returns. The following shows the areas of land that Hae been sold since 1919 to Date the area cropped the average acre returns and the value each year of livestock and improvements value live Stock per total and acre value improve Ems to $23.80 27.18 20.41 21.20 30.66 29.01 29.66 $171,784.00 222.543.00 196.916.00 213.974.00 �315,260.00 301.393.00 493.349.00 $288,423.00 347.677.00 439.355.00 449.515.00 446.518.00 475.571.00 578.160.00 22 28 lever Brothers limited Toronto lb859 lifebuoy health soap purifies and protects Eaton Gro Ceteria operated by get. Eat it a cast Ole hours 9 . To 6 Dally. Wednesday store closes at 12 of clock Fry a Cocoa 24c tin pure breakfast Cocoa put up in half Pound tins. Custard powder 26c tin Harry ii Omen a popular custard Omlor. In one Pound tins. 62c 45c Nabob ten y . eci Iris tardy % 1 full los per tin Holland husks per pkg._____________1 m i Catena per trl Schilts per per .__1j_______ i Rusli to on pork Butts per . Lenin so per dozen _____-11-___ 19c 28c 9c 15c 22c 39c Krattet cheese full Cheddar Cream 0 portions to the 25c Box per Box Al Monte sliced reaches no. 1 tall tins 4 i per tin a i Anition Coffee fresh ground and roasteda.7i per . 1.-----i u minute steaks per 11 Sweet tickled ayrs litre 90m a Oil per . Of Civ oranges Large soc value com. Per dozen own 19c the weekly bulletin issued by the province of Alberta under Date of february 5th, 1927. Gives the. Average yield in 1926 of wheat and Oats in different crop districts. The following table shows a comparison of these districts and also shows the average yields of these crops from irrigated land at Vauxhall Alberta average yields no. Crop District. Wheat. Oats. Bus. Bus. 1. Territory from Taber East to Medicine hat Aid North from International Boundary to a Brooks and Empress 9 2. Territory West of Lethbridge to mountains and North to Okotoks------22 3. Territory North and East of red Deer River As tar North As Wain Wright -----------------1sv� 4. Territory tributary to Calgary East to red it i Deer River and North to Olds and Trochu 20 30 5 territory Olds to Wetaskiwin East to Stet a tier and Daysland and West to mountains 22 32 6. North Eastern part of a province from Wain Wright and t o f i e 1 d North and t beyond Saskatchewan River and a West to within 30 Miles of Edmonton is i 25 7. Edmonton District North of Leduc the Athabaska District and Westlock District As far West As Evansburg 23 32 8. Whitecourt High Pra Irle. Grand Prairie and peace River districts 19v2 40 Vauxhall irrigated Dos i strict 25.9 45.6 from another source of information i have the average yields of wheat Oats and Barley tor the period 1910 to 1922 for different political Ridings in the province. The Best yields average about 23 bushels tor wheat 34 for Oats and 25 for Barley. The highest of All of them a show ii to be at Sturgeon and so. Albert where the average for wheat for the 12 year period is shown at 25.08 at Sturgeon and 25.23 for St. Albert. The Best for Oats is Given at so. Edmonton at 36.46 bushels per. Acre and at the same Point 28.6 for Barneys the average yield of wheat in the Vauxhall District for the period 1922 to 1926 inclusive is 24,85 bushels for Oats 51.17 bushels and tor Barley 35.83 bushels. In addition to the foregoing the company has been supplying water to 4,500 acres of land in the new West irrigation District. This District had its first crop under irrigation in 1925, the returns from which have run troll about $75,000.00 in 1925 to Over $100,000.00 in 1927. Taken together the value of crops in 1927 from the irrigable area tributary to Vauxhall approximates $600,-000.00. The foregoing gives you an outline of to lib changes in the last seven years. The value of the farm products Are determined from a crop census based on unit crop values that Ace agreed upon Between the several irrigation projects in the Southern part of the province arid which in my opinion Are. Placed at conservative figures it i with reference to the returns j for x926, you will observe that the cropped area does not materially exceed the area Given for 1925, Al though the irrigable land old in 1926 increased from 10,551 acres to 17,065 acres. This is accounted for in the time required to break the land and prepare it tor crops. The yield therefrom is obtained in the next year following. A the same principle applies in the Gross area so in 1927 totalling 22,682 acres of which a we expect about 21,000 acres to be crop Ped in 1928 the year 1927 Hes generally been considered a very Good one from the Point of View of crop production. Every business Man among you have anticipated something Good in the Way of increased business from the crops of this year. If another Good year from a dry farming standpoint should occur in 1928 i am sure that you would be doubly pleased with such Good Fortune. In 1927 the average value for allot the land in crop at Vauxhall was $29.66 per acre. This is a Good average when considering All the farms of the District. But please observe that the average for 1926 was $29.01 per acre and for 1925 $30.66 per acre. I think that these average values show very clearly the stability of irrigation farming As compared with the hazards in this Vicinity for dry farming. In other words with Normal prices each of these years has been a Good year. If you had 130,000 acres adjoining Medicine hat producing crops every year equal in yield to the crops of this year would you not think it a very valuable asset to your business this is what i first referred to when i asked you to visualize the future development. The company have set for itself the problem of Selling 5,000 acres a year with the Hope of increasing this area a the District becomes better known and better developed. During the past two Yeai a Over 15,000 acres have been sold. Time required for results. In considering business enterprises generally we Are Apt to be a Little impatient for Quick results. A factory May be built one year and be running at full capacity the year following and continue at a steady gait thereafter. As a unit it is looked upon As a Good concern and by its regular payroll it is an important acquisition to business. Unfortunately farm development is not characterized by a sudden entry into business circles. Farm development by necessity is a gradual development. Each farm must be built up from a state of absolutely raw material As seen in the Bald headed Prairie any hot july to a finished farm. Time is required to prepare the soil for Good Plant growth and to gradually make improvements and assemble equipment. This May take three or four years and the costs for these outlays come w Hen the Farmer is Likely to have Little ready Cash. Other farms As they Are started from year to Yeter must pass through the same slow stages of development but taken together in any growing Community Are in a continual process of transition for the better. Development expenses gradually red uce and by Correct farming methods crop returns gradually increase. This slow transition Fop the better is not As a Rule at All spectacular and we become i the attending results boy Jewat to our Surprise this May be the turning Point for the locality in which we Are interested not Only from the viewpoint of new business prospects but also new farm prospects. In Many respects one begets the other with the result that from All angles the District becomes better known new enterprises Are created better roads better schools and better markets Are obtained and the general business and social activity is enhanced. Twood markets p seen tall to successful Fannin. Whatever the Cost of developing a Tarm May be or the Cost of operating a farm the whole of the Cost must be paid for by the Sale of products. As in the Case of every other business there Are two sides to the Farmers accounts a one of Cost and the other of Revenue and to be successful farming must . It is within the ability of the individual Farmer to control various costs which appear on one Side of the books but individually he is somewhat helpless in governing Revenue which is the sole and very important item on the other Side of the books. Revenue naturally is the direct result of marketing and the most important Factor for a newly developing District is to establish Good markets Quot he establishing of Good Marlieta Lor a District requires knowledge on the part of the buying Public that the Quality of the goods can always be depended upon. This requires co operative Effort As once an inferior article is received by a purchaser from any one individual the purchaser becomes sceptical of other goods the District might Supply. Thereafter the purchaser feels he must take his chances at Large until regularly favored from somewhere with the kind of goods to wants. Hence the need for cooperation in establishing a Market tor a District. To this end plans Are now being mad i to establish through the Vauxhall producers association a guarantee of Quality for any goods sold in its name. The association will need to become known. It will seek the acquaintance of business men and you As business men will i am sure be pleased to Deal with an association having these precepts. In conclusion i wish to say that the Vauxhall District is now away to a Good Start with 180 Farmers settled on the land. New settlers who came in during the last two years Are rapidly getting their land in shape for production. About 25,000 acres of irrigated land around Vauxhall will be producing crops in 1928. The company is in a better position than Ever before to continue with the enlargement and development of uie project. Through the medium of the producers association referred to 1 have Hopes tor better markets for this District and that through its activities new agricultural enterprises May be created and various economic and social advantages gained. The District produced crops to the value of about $600,000.00 in 1927, and wit i the increased Sale of land that the company expects the returns from the District should increase by at least $100,000.00 per year from now on. Taken altogether the prospects Are Good for a continued wholesome development that directly and indirectly should mean a great Deal to the business interests of Medicine hat. Are you often tired Energy All gone a depressed a work a Burden ? nearly always three Are signs of inner sluggishness. Eno will Corea that condition. Eno will provide you with internal cleanliness which assures Good health. Enos Mur salp olympic aspirants sail from Halifax Halifax n.s., Jan. 25.�?amid cheers from a Large number of friends assembled at Ilie pier Canadas aspirants tor 1928 olympic honors in ice sports sailed from Here for Europe at seven of clock last night on the ,.iner arabic. The party under charge of w. A Hewitt of Toronto and p. J. Mul Queen president of the Canadian olympic committee included the Toronto grads hockey team holders of t be Canadian Amateur title Charles Gorman Saint John Willie Logan Saint John Ross Roh Neon Toronto Speed skaters Leonard Lehan Montreal w. B. Thompson Montreal Merritt p. Putman Toronto Gerald Dupus of Awa skiers miss Cec Eustace Smith. Is Maude Eustace Smith miss Constance Wilson Montgomery Wilson Jack Eastwood ii lot Toronto fancy skaters and a number of relatives and friends of tie competitors. Provincial police re organization goes into effect Edmonton Jan. 24.�?reorganization changes in the Alberta provincial police announced a Short time ago went into effect on monday inspector Piper in command of Quot a Edmonton division handed Over his command to inspector Hal cock formerly commanding the peace River division. Inspector Hancock Soffiee will be at Headquarters and he will act As Deputy for commissioner Bryan in the latter s absence at any time. A newly created criminal investigation department which is being organized by inspector Piper also swung into line with the Transfer into the old a a a division Quarter of the Finger print service in charge of Corporal Kerby. On the criminal investigation staff As at present constituted Are now inspector Piper Sergt. Leslie formerly of Headquarters and detectives Skelton and Harvey formerly of a a a division with corp. Kerby retaining charge of the Finger prints office. Inspector Piper will have charge of the five other Plain clothes inv stiga Tori in the province three of whom Are at Calgary one at red Deer and one at Lethbridge. It is commissioner Bryan to a intention to have one or two of the criminal investigation men go to Seattle in the future to undergo special courses in the higher branches of criminal investigation work including the use of the Microscope study of bullets persons handwriting and All other modern aids to crime detection. The reorganization was made with smoothness both at Headquarters and at the old a a a division offices and by tuesday All branches were working at top Speed at their res Potiye duties. Ments Are usually the 1928 speech front Quot the throne was packed with information. It referred to the inter provincial conference Between provincial and Federal governments at Ottawa recently and briefly alluded to the continued improvement in economic conditions within the province. The imposition of a gasoline tax to make provision for a a More extensive program of Road construction and maintenance the coming shortly of the proposed agreement under the Royal Canadian mounted police who take Over the work of the sask Toho wan provincial police which will result in substantial economies greater supervision in schools involvln.? changes in the school Laws creation of a department of railways labor and industries involving Extension of the activities of the department of railways Extension of the activity Iii of the department of air culture in production and marketing matters provision for Oid age pensions Industrial of the development of Power and the problems created by the activities of private Companie purchasing franchises in various parts of the province All these ars a matters mentioned in the speech from the. Throne. Ontario Farmers have formed hog Pool in prox once legislature of Saskatchewan Hascon Ned opening ceremonies yesterday were very elaborate comprehensive speech from the throne. Pavis Jarvis Toronto Jan. 25.�?in a sparkling ten round bout w Lyle Davis Charleroi pa., gained the decision Over Ernie Davis British flyweight at the coliseum Here. The result of the tussle i Advance Davis a step further in his climb toward the somewhat tangled flyweight championship now held by frenchy Belanger of this City. In the six round Semi final Geo v e Fifield. Toronto Defeated a Chubby Brown of Rochester new York in a Fust furious tus�?�6le. Tennis / Montreal Jan. 25�?the first Days play in the Canadian covered court championships Here prov ded no upsets in form and All the favourites advanced to the second round. Willard Crocker Montreal eliminated j. W. A Wooda of Ottawa 6-2, 6-2, while another of can Odaus Davis cup player Jack Wrights Defeated j. G. Way and Montreal 6-1, 6.1. A one million Dollar addition will be made to the Casa Loma hotel former residence of sir Henry Pter Latt at Toronto. Iti jul also be directed by a general manager of a u. S. Hotel system. Regina Jan. 25.�?coloful pageantry of a dignified character associated with British parliamentary institutions featured the official opening of the third session of the sixth Saskatchewan legislature tuesday afternoon by lieutenant governor new lands in the presence of a crowded peace and Harmony prevailed in the legislative Arena. Not even the Thunder of the guns firing a Salute in the parliament building grounds in Lionor a it of the Kings representative disturbed the Placid atmosphere of the crowded chamber. Silence ruled when lieutenant governor Newlands read the speech from the throne foreshadowing a wide Range of legislation to to brought Down daring the session. Although it was Short As such Docu Toronto Jan. 25.�? a Ilaa Pool under the direction of the United fair mers co operative company Wai approved at the meeting held Here yet ter Day attended by delegates from practically every county in older Ontario and a number from Northern Ontario. The details have not been worked out but it is expected that these will be completed today. An american Lef the bulk of his Fortune to h s lawyer. It everybody did this a lot of time Wou d be Savaii. Her kidney trouble quickly disappeared Ontario lady tells of benefits derived from Dodds kidney pills miss e. Hannah a Vilys keeps kidney pills in Ilie House. Belleville ont., Jan. 26.�? special a a i Hud a terrible backache a Writon miss e. Hannah. 100 South John l., Belleville. A i went to my drug store and got a Box of i Odd s kidney pills. Before i had taken the whole Boxly Back was better. From now on i keep a Box of Dodds kidney pills in House. 1 find they help me the reason Dodds kidney pm log Havo come to occupy such a prominent place in the Home is that so Many Oral Hay. Everyday ills come from sick kidney a. Rheumatism urinary troubles backaches and heart disease can be traced directly or indirectly to sick kidneys. To be assured of Good health the kid.-, Neys must be kept in Good working order All the time. Dodds kidney pills can be obtained from druggists everywhere or i the Dodds Medicine co., Ltd. Toronto 2, a 4 Eves examined glasses prescribed consult our eyesight specialist about your eyes today phone 2006 for appointment. We Are equipped to handle the most difficult cases. J when you get your eyes examined by us you get a real v scientific examination and Correct a ses. Our charges Are very reason .i Pingle optical parlor in tonne option with the Pingle drug of. Book a. U in i
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