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Medicine Hat Daily News Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1945, Page 1

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Medicine Hat Daily News (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Medicine Hat, Alberta Lile weather the Gina .14a 5.5 40 Swift current .11 46 39 Medicine Hal .13. 4 4 39 Lethbridge .64 42 40 Calgary .0842 40 Edmonton .15 44 40 Medicine hat Alberta. Kcf Licino a iat forecast albertan mostly Cloudy and Cool today and thursday with a. Few Light scattered showers. Wednesday september 19, a a 4o. Vol. 35, no. 03. 451propose Trieste be International port House enjoys Kings break Ottawa sept. 19 up a the commons enjoyed prime minister Macli Enzie Kings break today when he referred to m. J. Coldwell . Leader As a a inc Lender of the or. Coldwell had asked if there could be a special Day devote it to the discussion of wheat topics and or. King Rose to reply. Looking Over at or. Coldwell he started a the Leader of the opposition. A i a a Fht he Sot no further members on nil sides including Lohn Bracken progressive conservative Leader and official opposition loader of the House i winded their desks. Or. Kiili realized his error smiled Bro Itilio and continued his reply. Meat rationing is discussed by govt. -c.r.a. Delegation secret Oil storage Plant at Halifax Ottawa sept. 19 up a not Sci top of the War a 7 0,000-barrel Oil storage Plant at i Lalita i Roni which the Oil Lifeblood of the Allied War machine was fed in a Trais Atlan tic shuttle service was disclosed today by Tho Navy. Navnil Headquarters said in a release that in All 16,486,172 barrels of Petroleum products was received stored and transshipped from the Plant. But it was such a top secret that the project was unknown even to the Navy ships which conveyed the tanks. Engineers performed almost incredible tasks in building huge cent tanks in Winter something Nevoria before attempted in Canada Ottawa sept. 19 up a government. Officials answered questions about meat rationing during a three hour meeting today with a Canadian retailer so association delegation which first demanded immediate sons pension of the rationing and later indicate to to reporters it would be prepared to suggest a com Promise plan. The delegates will meet again privately at 1 30 . . When it is understood they Mil draw up rationing alternatives trouble looms in Argentina Buenos Aires sept. 19 apr police brandishing revolvers rushed into the nationalist youth Alliance Headquarters to disarm its members today As tens of thousands of argentines poured from offices and factories to demonstrate against the military govern nut. The police eni Ergi it a few minutes later with rifles Bijj Cades and powder. The raid Vas ordered by prosecuting Ludge Idilio Leopoldo Silva after complaints had been filed that rifles were being distributed to the youth Alliance in Advance of the scheduled a March for Liberty and the Llenos Aires sept 19 apr two Argentine lawyers tiled com Plain today charging that rifles Lead been a distributed among members of the nationalistic youth Alliance a few hours before people of Buenos Aires were to Start a a a March for Liberty and the Constitution Quot this dispatch was held up for an hour and 15 minutes and Quot a disguised censorship is in effect a the Buenos Aires office of the associated press advised the March was arranged by elements opposing the military government dominated by vice president col Iuan Peron. Federal police Aniu unc de they would a energetically put Down any alteration of order a As the hour for the demonstration approached the City s vast transportation system gradually was coming to a halt. Some quarters accused elements among the workers of planning a general stoppage for the purpose of causing difficulties in the Par de transportation workers however issued a communique last night denouncing Tho transit company As a Facil Tatini a manoeuvre to leave the people thou transportation to attend the non Stop flight Japan to . Washington sept 19 apr two of the three b-29 super fortresses flying non Stop from Japan to Washington reported at the War department at 1 30 pm cd to a today that they expected to land at Detroit because of Gas shortage Edmonton sept 19 up a three giant b-29 bombers on a non Stop flight of 6,. 500 Miles from Japan to Washington passed Over fort st. John b.c., at 10 . Cd to. Today officials of Thi alaskan divison . . Reported Here. The super fortresses took off from the japanese Mainland at 3 01 am cd to yesterday. Commander of the flight . Barney m. Giles radioed earlier from Nome Alaska the Large planes expected to land at Washington at 3 p a c,, today. Which May Inch ulc suggestions of voluntary customer rationing by he butchers themselves requisitioning at inc source he government Anen cies or a modified version of rationing which would apply Only to prime meats. Explain situation it was understood that agriculture minister Gardiner and finance min ister Ilsley who attended the meeting for about an hour agreed with the delegation that there was a seasonal glut of livestock on the Market which might continue for another two months. However it was Learned that government officials told the retailers that Canada still was Short 40,000,000 pounds of beef and a similar if not larger amount of Bacon in her commitments for overseas. These shipments must be made before the end of this year. Emerging from the conference room continued on Page seven rehabilitate themselves give report to diplomats by c. R. Blackburn Canadian press staff writer Washington sen 19 up a diplomatic representatives of British Commonweal i countries today were in a position to advise their Home governments on the course of negotiations Here for american economic Aid to the United kingdom. No statement the Earl of Halifax head of the British financial Mission and lord Keynes financial adviser to the British government met with the Commonwealth diplomatic corps yesterday to report on the Progress of discussions which opened last week. No statement was issued and it is understood Tho diplomats were told that the United states negotiators were holding out for information on the extent member Courtines and dependencies of the Commonwealth would financially Aid the Mother country. It is not known whether there was any discussion of a reported american demand that the syst6m of Empire preference tariffs be abandoned As a condition to United states Aid Canada was represented at the conference by ambassador a b. Pearson the Anglo american discussions continued today on the specific subject of financial arrangements that May it be adopted. Early election in Greece urged London sept 19 up a the governments of Britain the United states and France issued a joint statement today expressing the Quot firm opinion that elections for a pro visionary in Greece should be held As soon As possible. The three Allied Powers said they had held consultations Quot on All subjects concerning Greece with the greek Regent archbishop damask-1 Inos during the big five foreign min a is terse conference Here and they held out the Hope that elections could be held Quot before the end of the year. The three governments have agree it was disclosed to Send observers to Greece to watch the elections. Revision of italian Yugo slav Border is recommended two c,,c, s Are rehabilitating themselves on a farm at beams Vilie ont. Gladys Costen consults her partner Margaret Haskin before driving to Market w in product. Mac Arthur estimate draws Down rebuke baby born in car Hospital door Toronto sept 19 up a John Baxter of Toronto lost a race with the Stork today when a girl was Horn to a neighbor in his automobile As he raced at a Nille a minute clip through City streets to an East end Hospital. The child was delivered As Baxter braked to a halt at the Hospital s emergency Entrance a a both Mother and child Are doing Fine but i m a Little weak a Baxter said. The Mother of Tho Normal six pounds six ounces baby is mrs Michael Pflanzer. Her husband is in the forces. Washington sept. 19 Reuters a Dean Acheson acting Secretary of state today publicly rebuked Gen. Macarthur for the statement of the Allied supreme commander in Japan that 200,000 troops will be sufficient to control Japan in six months by declaring Quot i am surprised that anybody has gone so far at this time As to say what occupation forces will he needed in a the import Ajit thing is hat the policy in regard to Japan is the same policy which has always been held by the government. In carrying out that Poliey the occupation forces Are ils instruments and not its Detri meals. That policy is that Japan will be put in a it position where it cannot renew aggressive warfare. Whatever is needed to carry this out will be expected to bulge with names of japanese wanted for interrogation concerning the tortures of Allied prisoners in nip ponese War Camps where mistreatment was ii aped alike on generals and privates in the ranks. Well informed japanese i sources of today s reports that new re i Sig nations from Higashi Kuni s Cabinet Are pending. They said there was an internal Battle Between the reactionaries and Quot those supporting the Premier s desire to make democratic re Toms a it was reported the resignations would include vice Premier Prince fun Simaro Konove. London sept. 19 apr the big five Council of foreign ministers attn ounces tonight it had recommended that the italian yugoslav Border be revised and that Trieste be made an International port. The Council of the United states great Brilain , France and new lotteries now banned Edmonton sept. 19 cd Premier e. C. Manning said today no new lotteries will be Penni ted to Oigt Erate in Alberta. Those now established and Selling tickets Are Given until the end of this year to wind up operations and after today those conducting lotteries or Raffles would be subject to prosecution. The premieres announcement followed the recent warning by attorney general i. Maynard that the operating of lotteries was illegal and would have to he stopped. Not enforced the Premier said that during the War the Section of the criminal code prohibiting lotteries has not been enforced throughout the Dominion. This course had been followed in order to enable organizations to raise Money Cor War this situation placed the provinces in a most Diffin Chilt position a he said Quot while the code prohibiting lot series is a Dominion statute the at Torney general s department in the provinces is responsible for its enforcement a the provinces arc charged with failure to enforce the Law on one hand while if they attempt to do so they Are criticized for interfering with the raising of funds for War Weic inc charities Quot the government has taken the position that if the Section of it he criminal code relating to lotteries is wrong it should be changed by the Federal government a China decided also to give Italy and Yugoslavia sovereignty Over the Peoples speaking their languages. The communique said that deputies have been handed the task of drawing the actual new Boundary which will be an ethnic line leaving the minimum number of people under alien Rule. Before that announcement it seemed Likely the meeting would get no further at this sitting than completing the italian peace treaty. Other business would be discussed at a meeting in about two months. Russians expressed interest in the italian african colonies of Tripoti continued on Page seven no accommodation after saturday night Edmonton sept 19 up a Sleeper accommodation on night trains Between Edmonton and Calgary will not be available after saturday night Canadian Pacific railway officials said today exceptionally heavy requirements for Westward movement of troops arriving at Eastern Canadian ports makes temporary suspension of this Send ice necessary \ admits killing Dianne Blunt Quick trip new list Calgary sept. 19 up a from Scotland to Calgary in 4 let Days was j Tho Quick trip for set. Is Taylor j Calgary who reached Tho City tuesday. He left Scotland Friday in a apply for Aid under . Edmonton sept. 19 up a premiere a Manning said today the Alberta government has taken Steps to obtain bonuses for Farmers under Liberator bomber and made the trans the Prairie farm assistance act the Tokyo sept 19 apr new and Atlantic flight in 10 hours. He travel i Premier said it appears that about 2fi Long list of suspected japanese War led by train from Montreal to his. Per cent of albertan a cultivated acre criminals is to be issued shortly it was Home. He was flown Home because age May come under the of a a for should have Power to change Constitution by d arc of Donnell Canadian press staff writer. Ottawa sept. 19 up a suggestions that Canada should be in a position to make any desired constitutional changes without application to the i British parliament were advanced by government supporters in Chhe commons yesterday when Pho Ilion members devoted most of their attention to reconversion problems. Ralph Maybank South Centre said that applications to the British parliament for changes in the Constitution were inconsistent with Canadas dignity As a nation and nut an improper onus on Westminster. His views were supported . Dan Milvor la fort Wil Vianit re version some of Tho statements on reconversion came from w. I. Kuhl Sci Jas it Kcf a Winnipeg North Centre other speakers during the Day s debate included Al Gibson ind co mox Albernise Mckay Kcf a Weyburn. Quelch Sci Acadia. 0. White pc middles exand Lewis men airy pc a Wellington North the Houe also heard defence minister Abbott announce that a program of recruiting volunteers for two year interim service in the army and air Force had been extended to the Navy. He said the size of the interim Force had not been set and the size and nature of the permanent establishments which would succeed it also had not yet been decided. My Kuhl said it was not private Industry a responsibility to provide employment. The sole responsibility of private Industry was to produce goods. The Liberal and progressive conservative parties were wrong in their As announced today As reports were circulated several new resignations from Premier Higashi Kuni s Cabinet Are imminent. As the Allied grip on Corique red Japan closed Down Gen. Macarthur today closed Tokyo newspaper the English language Nippon times his second such action in 24 . The Nippon times was ordered to omit ils thursday morning edition for publishing an editorial not approved by american censors. . Elliot Thorpe chief of american counter Intelli Gynce said the new list of japanese wanted for questioning will be much larger than the original one of 47 which began with Hideki Tojo and ranged Down through his Cabinet. The next list is j per Edson or Macnicol pc�?tor-1 sumption that it was or to private onto Davenport and Stanley Knowles 1 Enterprise to provide full employment new world \. Constitution for India urged London sepi. I Reuters a prime minister Attlee in a broadcast tonight appealed to the people of India to a Jojn together in a United Effort to work out a constitutions and declared that the 1942 Cripps offer of Dominion status rejected by Indian political parties Quot stands in All its and he said the a relish government is giving immediate attention to preparing a treaty to be concluded with an Indian Constitution making by. Appeals for Unity a in that treaty we shall not seek to provide for anything incompatible with the interests of India a i a. Attlee added. Refer ring to indians part in the Allied Victory the prime minister stressed that Unity had brought that Victory. He asked indians to follow that example and a join together in a United Effort to work out a Constitution which the majority and minority communities will accept As just and or. Attlee said electoral lists for indians forthcoming elections will be revised As completely As possible in an Endeavor to ensure a free and fair election. A the government has further authorized the Viceroy As an interim measure to Lake Steps after the elections to bring into being an executive Council having the support of the a by providing a Long term floor main Indian parties in order that in Price of not less than $1 the a Vern Dia May Deal herself with her own ment will protect producers against social and economic problems and May the consequences of any Sharp rever take her full part in working out the Sal in the world wheat Jiosi Tion during his father is seriously ill. New Factor in Windsor strike floor Price of wheat $1 Bushel Ottawa sept. 19 up a Trade minister Mackinnon officially announcing that Canada would offer wheat for Export at ,$l.�?~i, j basis no. 1 Northern at the head of the lakes said today in the commons the government would undertake a that in the five year period ending july 31, 19150, producers will receive not less than $1 per Bushel basis no. 1 Northern in store fort William port Arthur or Vancouver on the authorized deliveries for each crop the initial payment said or. Mackinnon would continue at $1.2,5 at least for Tho present crop year. The next five years a he said. Windsor ont. Sept. 1.9 up a new de a crop Mienl today in the Ford motor company of Canada strike arising out of a disagreement Between the company and local 200 of the United automobile workers of America . Was word that the \ next few Days will determine whether pickets will be Able to enforce their eight Day ban against office workers going to their jobs. Two summoned two of the pickets at least were expected to receive summonses today demanding their appearance to answer charges for violating the criminal code. Such an action should it happen would be taken under subsection a of a of the criminal code entitled the sub Section holds that it is a punishable offence to do anything to a wrongfully and without proper authority Wilh a View to compelling any other person to abstain from do ing anything which he has a lawful right to do or to do anything from which he has a lawful right to abstain a yesterday company officials reportedly took of pickets denying office workers Entrance to the company Plant. The strike involves. 10,000 employees. The Union is seeking a new collective bargaining agreement including a Union shop and dues Check off. Grants this year. This would be crop i failure areas. The province has asked the Dominion department of agriculture to Send inspectors into 828 of Alberta s 3,200 townships to investigate requests for , bonuses. Under the . Farmers apply to the municipality or improvement District for crop bonuses when the wheat yield is less than five or eight bushels an acre. Vancouver. Sept. 19 up a court officials were scheduled to Confer today regarding procedure in the Case of a 12-year-old Junior High school Bov who confessed he killed four year old. Dianne Brunt. Monday the Bov directed police to the stabbed battered and strangled body of the Little child buried in a shallow grave in a garage 150 feel from the Blunt Home in Vancouver a East end. Police who questioned the boy said he told them he remembers few details of the girls death. A a strange feeling came Over me a he told detectives. A i started to choke her. She screamed and i i choked her some does no to remember the boy told officers he does not remember anything from the tim Dianne a screamed and i choked her some More until he found himself burying the body. The Little girl was last seen alive late in the afternoon of sept. 11, six Days later the body was recovered from the garage after some of the most intensive and wide spread searching in the history of Vancouver. An autopsy showed Dianne s death was due to Skull fracture. Police Are holding a blood stained Rock As Well As part of a Sharp Insl raiment sonic thing like an ice pick found imbedded in the girl s Chest. Crown prosecutor Gordon Scott will talk this afternoon with the boy being held in a juvenile detention Home. Or Scott said he will then decide on whal action he will take. The boy passed into Grade eight last june without writing examinations. Joyce convicted of t reason sentenced London sept. 19 apr William Joyce lord Haw Haw of the German radio was convicted of treason in old Bailey today and sentenced to be hanged. It look than a half hour for the jury of 10 men and iwo women to convict inc nasal voiced american born Joyce who never denied he had broadcast for the germans one of his broadcast specialities especially in the Early Days was his sarcastic references to the late prime minister Chamberlain whom he said was attempting to Bluff his Way out of War a Wilh Only an umbrella All during the Early Blitz of Britain Haw Haw who earned his sobriquet of his affected English accent taunted the Briti Sli people warning them their country was decadent and that they had lost the War owed allegiance the scar faced Haw Haw who had succeeded in establishing his Amer ican Birthright and41uis had raised a cheer. To escape British Justice was a Neh by or. Justice Tucker to have left Britain in 1039 a wrapped in the Union Jack in order to carry on German propaganda. The judges reference was made in respect to Joyce a travelling under a British passport. On this basis ruled the judge Joyce owed allegiance to the British Crown when he left the country because of the Protection afforded him by a British passport. This was despite his american birth and the fact that Joyce later took out German citizenship. Joyce will make an immediate Appeal his lawyers announced. Joyce stood quietly while the trial Vas thus ending with dramatic suddenness in his sentence to death. When he walked away toward his cell he gave what appeared to be a nazi Salute to friends in the courtroom. When the result of the trial was heard outside bomb scarred old Lailey a waiting crowd of londoners i
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