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Medicine Hat Daily News Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1949, Page 1

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Medicine Hat Daily News (Newspaper) - April 21, 1949, Medicine Hat, Alberta A Coth r Force ask h i ecu iii Vari Nolc t i indy. Wirmer tomorrow i of i nigh Al mail icing hat. 35. To Mottow 70. The Medicine hat news a a i is no. 2 �7. 451 Medicine hat Alberta thursday april 21, 1949. Temp Rafure Range Calgary .56 34 Lethbridge ____________________55 38 Medicine hat------------------59 32 Swift current ----------------58 39 10 pages. Price 5 cents. 42 tars dead 100 wounded in China River Duel Tuo Fujii the Stuikis which Timmol Lizel Tiik ships in London Harbor is Over this a conc hangs As a the Rte a Over All Urbain i he stevedores and dockers Union which originated the strike gave the . Ministry of lil or notice of their disagreement on the dismissal of i3 a a ineffective workers. This would make a strike a a legals 21 Days and would Render London port As inactive As shown in the photo it Ken on april 15 the Day before the Quot illegal a strike ended. Firemen too Busy to put out Blaze Eschenlohr Germany Reuters a fifty acres of Woodland burned out the other Day near this Small bavarian town All because of a set of circumstances involving the fire authorities. The fire chief refused to leave the rehearsal of a play in which he had the leading part his Deputy whose Luck had just turned leave a card game in the fire House and a filling station refused to give any gasoline to the leaderless brigade. Three lire Ilin Svic Cess of recruiting in Reserve units of the Canadian army is Leighly dependent on the extent to which employers give per Ini Sion incl to their employees to join local units m . M. H. S. Penhale . Western command told the news in an interview Here wednesday night. Gen. Penhale arrived in the City by . Plane in the into afternoon for a Brief inspection visit to the South Alberta rail mint Reserve. Main purpose of the visit was to introduce Brig. R. C. Coleman of Calgary newly appointed commander of the 18th infantry brigade res to the local unit which is part of the brigade. Gen. Penhale said he wished to i�?Tni5hasize the necessity of business firms allowing time off for employees to attend Camps and training projects without counting it As Holiday time. �?o1 know it May mean a sacrifice but it is a Small Price to pay for the Best insurance the country can have a he said. He pointed out that Canada unlike some other countries had to depend on voluntary service. Perhaps this was the Best plan Lor a country the size of Canada but it would stand or Lall on the extent to which ail classes in the Community shouldered their obligations. It was obvious that Canada through membership in the Atlantic pact now had increased commitments and it the same time defence requirements bad not diminished any. So if Canada to exert any influence towards maintaining the peace it would have to help a pay the shot in the form of support for the armed services. Neglect of the services in the past had not Prevc Nied the two great wars. There was a new a Leroach to maintenance of peace today Gen. Penhale said parents need not fear for sons tiny permitted to join the Reserve army. Good citizenship self discipline and teamwork were taught along with the skills of modern armament. Training Camps of continued on Page ten Mother children play together Brighton , England. Up a mrs. Dorothy Ludwiek 34, likes her banisters to have a High polish so she can slide Down them. She likes the 2.5 stairs to be softly carpeted so she can travel Down them on a wooden tray. She engages in these exploits from 6 to 7 . When she and her nine healthy children indulge in their nightly a crazy hours. Says mis. Ludwiek the Good of having children if you can to be one of them a her husband John 43, approves the session but generally finds himself too tired to take part after a Days work. To begin Survey irrigation project Regina up a an intensive engineering Survey of the South Saskatchewan irrigation and Power project will begin shortly. L. D. Thomson director of the Prairie farm re habilitation administration announced plans for the Survey wednesday night following a two Day meeting of . Engineers agriculture department economists and University associates in joint irrigation study. The $2,000,000 Survey Calls for to Complete program m of economic study involving land classification based on last years soil Survey or. Thomson a said. Farm business will be studied closely to determine changes that May be necessary in the shift from dry land to irrigation farming. _ Cost of the dam to irrigate 600,000 acres has been estimated at $66,000,-000 and May take another 10 years to Complete. The Reservoir created by the dam will cover 95,000 acres. Wakaw sask up a Royal can Arlian mounted police sought today to piece of Gelhar the Story of farmhouse battled apparently axes that resulted in death to Throe persons and critical injuries to a Fourtly. Dead Are mrs. Kalherina Balatsky 29 her six year old Bohdan and thu Odore Adamovic 48. Vii cd. Said Andrew Balatsky about 3.s, Imi band of the dead woman suffered a deep Throat wound and a blow on the head. He was taken first to Hospital hero and then removed to Prince albeit 40 Miles North where it would be i possible tor him to receive better medical attention. The Adamovic of n in Homo was to Poi ted to have been left in a a Al Errich me.ss�?�, ii oin the death struggle Fiat ens ? apparently As preparations were being made to retire in or lie eve Sirju tuesday night. A neigh nor ing Fai birr Loe Stotski discovered the tragedy Early wednesday morning. Motive Lor the slayings has not. Boon . Folice have been n Lable to obtain any statement from Salatsky of i i tical Gondi co Linned x n Page six Canada expects to have record wheat acreage a a a m b m m a h a a a m q n b a n a to w you arc invited to offend the special program in the Public Library tonight 8 00 . Or the control of cancer Winnipeg up years 21,-361,000 Prairie acres seeded to wheat May be exceeded this summer As Western Canadian Farmers take what some believe will be their last shot at big Money in the wheat Market. Confronted with an unpredictable world demand for their commodity the Farmers Are expected to take advantage this year of the Security offered by the Anglo Canadian and International wheat agreements and sow what May be a record wheat acreage in the face of threatened Grasshopper plagues and drought conditions. Under the agreements their initial payments will be $1.75 a Bushel. Exactly what the acreage will be has not been officially est rated yet but while government surveys Are computing figures Farmers have been warned that Grasshoppers will comprise one of the worst threats to their crops this summer. To combat this menace the governments of Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba have organized anti Grasshopper campaigns providing Farmers a to m m m m a la u a a i k Sara o m m n la h a amid. to to. A Succes Sor to a . A a a Uch or or fight press restrictions newspaper editors urged s64 so a Ond to Washington in a the american society of newspaper lid tors today was urged to stand Vigil against press restriction arising from a a growing tendency of some officials to forget they Are the stewards of the Basil l. Walters executive edit or of the Knight newspapers told Trio .,e. Convention in a prepared address at its opening Here that this tendency is world wide. A your duly As newspaper men is of act always As the eyes of the Amei ican Public and to keep the eternal spotlight of publicity on All Sei vants of the people including the military a Walters said. His report As chairman of a.�?Ts committee on Freedom of information was a running account of the group s efforts Liere and abroad to break Down a anything resembling intrusion on Freedom of brushes with the military establishment Wilh local officials in various states and with the veterans administration had occurred in the year. In some cases restrictive measures wore dropped. The a,e., Walters reported is helping in the Case testing a Rule of the Baltimore Bench which restricts the report iii of news on a court Case Between the arrest and the trial of the accused a.e, s president Irwin a Canham has instructed William l. Marbury a Baltimore lawyer to Rcpt escort the society in filing a statement concurring in the test of constitutionally brought about by four radio stations and the Baltimore news Post the Baltimore papers also have intervened. And municipalities with Poison bait. They also have urged that Early seeding be followed As much As possible giving the wheat a Chance to grow sturdy before the main hordes of newly hatched a hoppers descend on the Fields. Early planting with seeding already started in sections of All three Prairie provinces Farmers Are hopeful that the Early planting program can be followed generally across the Prairies. Last year severe floods delayed seeding but this year floods Are not a menace except in isolated areas. Possibility of drought conditions meanwhile is another Factor being considered particularly in Saskatchewan where dust storms already have continued on Page six Mao Tze Tung tells red t rooms to liberate All China banking pm the chinese communists in great Force today surged across the Yangtze River to the South Bank 80 Miles Southwest of banking and seized North Bank positions directly opposite this quaking capital. Flight of the government offices remaining in banking began tonight with All bound for Canton except the National defence ministry and the governments office which were going to Shanghai. Banking to in China a no 1 communist Mao Tze Tung today ordered his legions Forward to a liberate All China after the red troops the Yangtze in two places. Crossings of the River that separates communist territory from nationalist China were reported officially at Taikang 80 Miles to the Southwest and at Wuhu 60 Miles Inland from the capital chinese government spokesmen Here said their troops were counter attacking a few planes and gunboats were pressed into the Battle by the tottering government. Top level ministry of National defence sources said the communists were believed to have landed three armies at the Taikang Bridgehead. This would be a total of about 60,000 troops. Communist reinforcements were said to be pouring across the River under the cover of darkness banking Garrison Headquarters said Contact with Kiang up seven Miles Southwest of banking on the North Bank of the River had been lost. A spokesman said the reds hurled attacks against Kiang up wednesday night and again this morning. Nationalist reinforcements were being rushed Iov Ard Kiang up. Mao a order of the Day told the communists to sweep Forward in an offensive that will protect China so sovereignty and territorial integrity. It instructed troopers to seize All a War criminals a particularly retired president Chiang Kai Shek. The communist communique said that the order to fire was issued because the banking government had rejected the peace proposal formulated in piping crippled Sloop surrender Flag ignored by chinese Shanghai apr the known dead from chinese communist attacks on four British warships reached 42 tonight. Wounded were estimated at 100. British naval authorities said the Cruiser London had 15 dead and 20 wounded and the Sloop Black Swan had five wounded and one dead. These two latest vessels to be hit by communist artillery on the Yangtze River near banking arrived Back in Shanghai late tonight. Behind them they left the crippled Sloop amethyst which they had sought to Aid. The amethyst had some 20 dead and 30 to 40 wounded aboard survivors who reached Here said late today. Among the amethyst wounded was her Captain. In port Here undergoing repairs the aim Long reds claim credit for sound movies Moscow a now it s talkies russian inventors today c de credit Lor another in a series of scientific a a firsts. The newspaper evening Moscow said russian inventors Are largely responsible for sound movies a soviet scientist the paper said set up a sound movie system in Moscow in 1926, before any others operated in the world. The first talking picture in the United states was issued in 1927, stricken boy wants Watermelon Woodland Wash apr Albert Wyman the Christmas tree boy is feeling better. But head sure like some Watermelon. Albert five years old became ill last Christmas with acute Lymphatic leukaemia. His parents or and mrs de Wyman told that he had Only three months to live decided that every Day would be Christmas for Albert the Christmas tree remained lighted in the i Quot ing room and for weeks his father brought Home a present every night. But about Whei i his allotted time was gone he became too weak to car. All he wanted was Watermelon. An Appeal brought seven pints of Frozen Melon balls and he thought they were Fine. Then he began to perk up Llis , drs ii Gorton said a temporary remission of the disease i.>5 not unknown. But he said there is Jio medical experience on which to base Hope that Albert will feel Well for More than a few weeks or at least at most a few months. Meanwhile he is Alrtle to get out of doors and play a Little on the Small farm with his brother and sister. And he still gets hungry for Watermelon a hunger noted in similar cases a when is my Watermelon coming from Cuba a is a frequent question his Mother said today. Someone told him there was Watermelon in Cuba at this time of year. She said friends were trying to locate some but Hadnot reported Success As yet. Will discuss Gas Export in Ottawa Edmonton up a the question of exporting albertan a natural Gas will be discussed with a House of commons committee in Ottawa next week by two Alberta Cabinet ministers. Premier Manning announced today. The ministers Are attorney general Lucien Maynard and mines minister n a Tanner they will present albertan Scase to the Federal committee considering pipeline legislation. The Premier said no statement on the provinces stand on the Gas-Xport question would be made until the ministers returned to Alberta destroyer 0fficer gives eyewitness Battle account Shanghai pm communist Shore batteries which fired on the British destroyer Consort could not have mistaken her identity one of the ships officers said today Lieut .1, of Birke of Torquay Devon England said the Consort shelled for two hours in the Yangtze Northeast of banking displayed seven Large flags fore and aft. The destroyer flew so Many flags a there was no More space to raise Birk said. The Consort had been on stand by duty in banking and was dispatched Down the River to Aid the British Sloop amethyst a we were first fired upon at 12 .�?~j0 pm yesterday a Birk said a after a couple of shots hit us we returned the fire a i done to think there a any Rule you can to fire Back when you Are fired upon a Birk said the Consort fired 230 rounds of 4 a Inch shells plus some smaller guns at the red positions. He said the communists were hurling heavy anti tank projectiles from 10.5-millimetre artillery a we definitely knocked out eight gun emplacements a Birk said. He estimated that the consorts fire inflicted More than 60 casualties. The officer said the Consort was unable to Trot within 1,000 Yards of the amethyst because the a fire was too heavy Lieut Jack Consadine of Lowestoft Suffolk England said that when the Consort neared the amethyst the Sloop was aground and a obviously out of action a there appeared to be Only a Skeleton Crew aboard with a few Crew men on the a a by gun deck a he said. The Bridge appeared to be out of action and the after gun Crews appeared dead or wounded. The Consort was damaged mostly on the port Side where the superstructure was riddled. One of the first shots Consadine said hit just Forward of the wheel House killing the coxswain and putting the main steering wheel nut of commission. The continued on Page six from wednesdays Battle is the destroyer Consort which discharged 16 wounded and 10 dead. The Cruiser London was said to have suffered 12 holes in the port Side and it was said she was Well spattered by machine gun fire. Her chinese Pilot was among the dead. The admiralty announced later that an a a of doctor with some medical supplies reached the amethyst in a Sunder land flying boat which landed close to the ship. It was fired on while transferring the doctor but returned safely to base the statement said. The Crew of the amethyst was evacuating its wounded to the Cheng Kang Hospital. Still shooting a British spokesman said the amethyst still was being fired on occasionally a British embassy spokesman in banking said a United states Navy doctor it cmdr James w. Packard the British assistant naval attache , is Kerans and the British assistant military attache k. V. De War Durie were attempting to reach the amethyst wounded. The spokesman said the three officers were leaving with a jeep Load of medical supplies for wounded believed to have been put ashore near Rose Island where the ship was grounded. He said the amethyst might try. To reach banking because comic Tunis Shore guns were blocking the route downstream to Shanghai the London a capt air ordered with draw Al of the Cruiser and the Black Swan from the Vicinity of the damaged amethyst he said. A fall signs of peaceful intent have been i amp regarded and heavy fire opened from batteries near Bate a Point and on the Southern end of Beaver Island both in the Vicinity of the amethyst. This fire was effectively replied to but under such conditions it is clearly impossible to bring the amethyst late today funeral services for the 10 men who died on the Consort were held still aboard Early in the evening 59 survivors of the amethyst arrived Here by train from the North. Among them were five wounded. Survivors said 89 officers and Crew members were still aboard the Sloop continued on Page ten Canadian Navy planning summer training program Ottawa up a everything from a 112-foot motor launch to an 18,000-ton aircraft Carrier will sail the Atlantic Pacific and great lakes his summer in the largest sea training program Ever undertaken by the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve naval Headquarters announced today that 16 ships will take part in the naval Reserve training program which began april 19 when the frigate Swansea sailed from Halifax for a 10-Day cruise to Bay of Fundy ports. Altogether More than 80 distinct cruises have been Scinie Dulce and it is anticipated that some 3,000 reservists will have trained with the Navy before the program winds up in october the West coast vessels will have a wide Range for their concentrated training activities Wilh trips stretching from Alaska As far South As Southern California supplementing the big sea training program will to specially planned courses at re a schools and training centres on both coasts. These will cover such subjects As radar gunnery torpedo anti submarine seamanship communications electricity engineering sup ply and secretariat navigation direction and Medicine. Regular convocation Assiniboia chapter this evening the grand second principal will pay on official visit. Holy Royal Arch degree refreshments court of revision the City Council will sit As a court of revision on wednesday april 27th, 1949 in the Council Chambers starting at 7 30 . On All property assessment appeals made in writing on or before april 23rd, 1949. Dumpster motors old time dance tonight at 9 eagles ballroom ply a no Ghat. Broadcast Over Chat 10 30 to 11 00 a Hillcrest Christian College tonight 8 00
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