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McKean County Miner (Newspaper) - September 03, 1908, Smethport, PennsylvaniaFirms Theru-1 fore you Are urged to Yuu Cim this Al War of Mok of duty fair Lias arranged Many now of r thu present your ill Wal Lii Ore Iii direst or be. The in in than the at greats sport c0 tuesday. Ali urday and tie contest been of diff Friday septis burble races a new Jwj of overcome. H. Sampson to machinist of seem town 111. Is one of. Greatest Kun pro diced tit fortify we exer Eliu Uii Litara followed by the Rem it a mob army the strength confederacy. Veryl Lac la that army redo the do to Husir ibid in Newtou both ways from the Apple Trivic baby the d inca Der. All n of Tori did Wii to Diaco Yot Tho us of Bini Pinon Hub a Lute Hift Garyl Trei sibling Krch traitor Cau Inako it work . Got of Bicheri Pill they no pc trite Nile the or Way hopi i Nui Kius. Decided rink old by hell it id warranted. An inquest the Coro Irr re mud Blinci in the in a in co Tiver Sheiba a Brothel Iii Law i afternoon Lenued John a narc to t Here on finn any or. Tjio dictate. Terms of . To a Day they Wiltone Iii toll form a Punec tips it that Point Johnson who commands the remainder of the rebel Hartny. Up to the Ijuin. Of Ivr iting. This we Linw u of thu Colin cacti of Hus be in made mat ters it Little whether Mado by. Not. If made the end of the rebellion is not a Ili Stuht for Grant ins victorian ins will Canso a Roubid Jalnis. Is the to hits discovered Foro e of Ursi Ity push Edwit so lie in to i Airship well1, a to Cirild. Whirl of pounds. Aug it will go sep n i leu an up it npiisiiirii1 that Yri Ivity. Has twi rim Kiwi the Law All. These years on nobody wer. Knew it. One is glad Tia Sampson has found a Way to Inak it do Ila Doty lit Laurl an. Boil i to tells in How it s Diotio out school i lit to Iii Viiu pity. Uton debit August id All nor Ait Iii nth no do for. Thu Varl i Jow tit hip Fie program i races. And athlete beerits the Over dwt in in Scholastic Coli Tutu Liv purses and in i Reni lims. Iii n recent conversation Dent it. I Hilton Mosca county fair association that Kentl Eijin assured us that everything year to history of that institution. Honi that unless All signs fail the i on Rob a null l Iii and1 Rucus thing Over this or Lii a in this Ziec Joii. Of to state. Thereto we Kun Gjoen that it would pm for every Niau woman Inaki arrangements to Spinu to a us Mitt Koi two or of Nutof Iii 1 prot my to inf or ,._ Rda inor Nii g i j it timed win i of of Iii i u Arii old o com Cir fim Uii the body of Nui Nii Uii Ali Smith i l 1 i film Philip thai at every fat vim. Olnee in town where it mid to ii bos ii Tii it Pri Buh Iii Ili it to i Euld Iii Ivy ill j distr let. Atohi a by Mayo 1u Sliver if lit Clell Hurc no titled it o a huh id and viewed the remains w.t., ,.i. " v person the Jar. Lamb says .fit1 fall to Iii it will tie Tisci Rase of Shufu Katl Liiri a Torii towards the Junction of Tow Dan Villa Aud Soiu libido who ii ten Miili unix exit violin ionic. It is not Likely Lve a path strew ii Wolfli lln.we Hinr it was h Iii Tiitu if every to in Over ii Hub strip Kii lift Wurl to Iii Lik do air Hoo thei Nii Layf f n a uni ii Dinu 111 May in in Iii in Ned Catt nil if san in Iii i Iii i f i Ilu i i Iii a ii Lillich wi1 arc Pinill a Iii into Stu. U. Dock. A Tach a Gravity machine a n in from to Wiull Brail to. A you do it Cut. E the 1 win ii Floii nit Lii rebellion r Emil. And 1 us All this ii his lingers were Juji buried Iii tit cinders and nearby. I o b firn it found was rigid lit a Gaudy l vib. As Pirvu no write it Pri Ivi it i ii nifty coi Nannien Home. S. Tie p a per to will hate informed Vii my Karin Fth Ilii Htiu Nii and it la lust. Uri Wii the fam Dikiy of the it she i .w.h-.l. L As Hkin Fishers a sir orig lieu o a Kulil Iii Julya first a Titi us Rit in acid lust i and Suun la ill. The air lion .1 Cap in Kranyc h. . If a Rohrt in1 his Day. His Tali of leu live such ii Kiel oily Iii i it Iii the Flo Nils of it i be love Fiat Wii Iii unto tis in find Mit about id Taila restock Tira a Tom a Vini tints lifter will. Lules . I ii Mirino you via Iii Iii ii fill Otlien Flo i swim unit or. I nil Thi in Mph blk Gfrer Ami better Liori n Tfir it be the. First a Tho pro Kraii for this Ortity. Wrijil Lalii of t Ime of on the is Tony of tie far in thu four Wiki Hilf Inelli a Iii. Helay. Hurdle race putting he Unrug High f Jim Ter mile Raul. _ Polo it Hijii country in in 1 Kui ining Broad jump. Half a non As Euclid of the eight High Sci oops May inter Twenty Nino diver out and n s every a Loyal to that be nonet big doing for tills Content Wlinich will. Be used for inc Niu for boys winning first pict hand n in Imp for the most ii vents in Pitt find of which is i Riidu Botjo w in this Noti in Riviers. Rico for ii purse of Tiv Kiili Iii Iii and Scott n Chebli ii whih . Site renin be the he its. Will be a ii Tirtle Kne Liidi w i liar Iii ii nil Are lovers of tin ii i Wii i i ill nud in a. Tiff Glrst Placer in each went 5 Point second a and in the country run in which unit -._. Chivil and sixth i in pintos. I Titi r Len int tilt thu Shipu h Yini in he coif my will i flu Riv Iriti to Villa n fid 11 if live. Is Natl Chil is hoi Iti s Oil. I Piini Iii Ltd to atone it Lime Willu t Lotf Tathum i Linn Buyrd Bruty in Hnit Eil Liei find in d can i a ten in Laior at Irani Foril. Tin. Ink Fwy ii Lelii Ute in i. Cd in j raid Frfd to is to be Tow Lifcia inst Pyo Jit in City. The a Inisi Iii i on the m event Ami live tees have i h even.-. in ii Nigram Day a a Vieli will probe Lily be the Ever held there the Iii ride will he of fill vitrines a Gilcris it ii Redford Olei Iii o. T. V. I Fout air live. . Lestny Inch uueiiy.-. ibis year it Haft . I Trot Fin fur a of Alvo six lion g k purse if iii1 ill la to fllo1 mile and another Jil Jnelle . True Trifi work 1 Ului Wimin Jyh i link a " i Tim Hovore ii i Iii or. Dim Kilisi loot the Emtil in open red. Lie arum Imnel mini the from his Hli inters. I but the Iii Uku had a Ommi ii jul will Inlet Luns on Ihen were in 1 Hurst by is lion Foril find ten j Nie i Imp nine 10 lie Here in ii Leidy Tii i Luniw Vii Oil w ii Ami in Day it i i utne . I i .-2il a l ult. St i i i la in it 1.1 the. I i.m-. Fly i Hittl i nov lion ii Ial Jedi Iii Didiw. Prii it the ii tilt , Wilh a site a car of lumber which via s about j the Story is told in the fore a the Modle of a Teng. About however a Cal Surprise Burmm i Ifni Olio u i3r his Les Jimminy Ever St Geo shirt hewlgfcfclng., Stock pipe. No Money however was. Found on his person. Top of this cat was Tob Coo a surf Fox containing matches Anil a Post Clicc receipt for, issued Burrows Ami dated july ii Lium. Tell Llella car together the position of thu . till Hud to Ufa nil til fallen off and that to never moved after lie Sirok Tho it oud. However it is strange that he should to of not Over nine that he would Dlo without it least a1 for a Iong 1 time there was a great Flea of speculation As to his file utter first it was thought been the body of. Carpenter of Eldrea. Town help others thought it was a. Rig nil Are by. Trie name of Burns from Bradford and others thought to wag Vai ions other people in tween a. Daly on the. Scene to immediately Jook Barrett of Small town Between Audi Loci. It. Only stated that he had seen and talked a Montes life in. And that Lior told him to had n Job Over Thuro. That he wrist and had Ohi Drou the old Tsi lining but 16 year s. Isle. Daly stated tha Jfhn birr Chi ind worked in the Woods in this Vicinity Mim bar of Yair a ago and was in to n to Hiir working Romu who h he n Largo and broken tissues in the lungs All of that his wind had been shut off it the Throat 1 lie. Doctor was Yery positive this Only produced death. Testimony thoroughly corroborated that Given by his follow Curt left no do Obi in Rise minds of the s about by in foal play pm p. Iii Iii Twink hat Montef Cornforth. We an indebted to mrs a Zwies for of from the Allah from a letter Lif a 1ms-. Band diet we learn that in Oik of the a to lights before pet a Sharif in of Bradford own Lii i was in. Fiert. Flicks of the Liest Nien Coli nov tins service. He w.8s n i Stimis Ilju mid citizen Mil Hup-haud.1 his loss will keenly Felt by the citizen s1 of. Brad Ford particularly his friends Nave our Sui Ero and Nezir Stelt sympathy in . In the Bailie Sparks of Ort. C. Was but we learn nut Lieut Sparks was a stranger in this Community Tat we understand be a of Tigi a Ami much do Jill red by his comrades i arms. Cut. Cowle s spoke of Iio other1 in Snail nil Etc at the Divinc Park attention Teddy 1 on i i Ming 31. Ali were born to or. And airs. I lit o Ilore sir nine it their Homo in Keating towii.-1 ii Ojiri i file Fiill North to Iii Ore a. I air of Brit it in Wirls ibid Are. Thu of., the family. Or. And mrs Donnan ifrs-1 progressive swedish Ameri Nii Farmos and Stanin it in Tia Amite race Stiehle of our lion med hons velt. Mrs Norimi Isth Yiirs of. Hgo and mrs1. Nori thu Jairl its of twelve Hrnry Henl by and hands Oliie children us diet of Wheeli is under tin Triine a Iii Limin i Rii ii in Creolis. Kris any is Nelsn Ilay Wohn a i s exp a the of All flip Iii los to Ciul Lur his litre Stock is is always one if the con d ii of Nak for n impose Iii spec hit to Rte i Ivi Anele than this pin Isle Etc rep be who saw it of e will Nihil ii orally hot Iii in music Jim of of the i bunds in this 1-. The Salem Nicin. Whie Sobel by Iii Utti ution. I ii vide care is now Cir Jii Dinn bund which in such n hit at a couple in s nun Hus As one in his ii ther Tho ing Tor Luv homeless Viies. Or. Sob Al is a Rig Guildi i1 and gets but Mill Witges. U k i Bobalke that lid a i l Sion my of did liiiiy.1 Leoti. T n the Chise. T in i in Lien. An uni died an As ii Iipp Lien. Lire ii the Lin ids. Al arty Iii ians lie Niue sobs the i u War ill id j. Iii Dicini Dalles Oliwer fur the in Dway. N Many now Marsh Newman. Milean. Auk Iii Ai it my. Jul Vonlo of a recess was Tau a Cutuli in this at to croon nud bus guess a can Mcd this appointed time several Ossis were examined to the actions of the deceased on the afternoon and evening Iroy ious to the Coroner s try retired to deliberate. As there can to Only one to hts deceased ror utto Eide ath at the h an is of. Some person or persons do not wait for its finding. Prepare Moursett. Demand for Well trained men and women never greater than it to Day. For those who Are Well equipped positions Are waiting. Th9 Clarion apr a o Fere unusual advantages at a very Low coat. Write to the principal j. Georje Zepht Clarion pa., for Catalon Fiji mail leery. All that a newest most in millinery the void latest Donn. Skilfully carried out by. Trim Nurs acid assistants Krio Liow to lie Adte proper of Rocto. I fit Menfi. Car rib Dpi Mains of lie it Pillau in the recent Battle Sivear Pete rabbi a. Now we Are called upon to Annii inc e his death which was the effect of the wounds received at that Tinio. It grieves us to re Cord the death of such Noble men As Johnp Cotou. He first entered the ser vice in. Ifil of a member of co. H. Of the 68th. Regiment and we can testify to Hia bearing a True Soldier upon every dec asian which called out the ele ments constituting pne in the latter part of 63 he was of ser vice for the purpose of being mastered in As 2nd Lieut of his of after being mustered out it was ascertained that if co. Bad not the requisite number of men to entitle Jim to a commission. h e was sent Honn to await the filling up of. Of hello Home Iii who fall of Pmj Rapto owls received a Ute Kofity. To Ralso a co for one year s Narf Polton Una of Tho first to crust of. At flip of the co to wan. Made 2nd Lio it. Mid in that will Prii Loilit y lie As is. Us when he Ruad. The from i Tim Sylvanin to Liliose kidney Aud bladder trouble backache rheumatism innies for the kidneys bring Relief in the first dose. Hundreds of. People to Day testify to their remarkable Healing and properties 80 Daya trial they purity the by Palace pharmacy Smith pm j c. A Ander son. Ople Groyon. Justn of Fettel Zoar three sets shoo second Liand Timber wagons for cheap. E. W. Jones Smethport a. Rings Little Livor pills for bilious Ness sick headache middy comp lotion. They tone the fiver do not Gripe boy keep spa , s5c-. by place Phurm Ami o. A. Andonow no pro Partid to do shampoo tag Atli in Cine Masago it Orcsi Fly Rico. to Ever. Loulli Jiuu it tand j Tail Hiis of Lei a and a lilt to Lloldi Ike if they could Prev Uewl. One Waii never Tell until they Are on the grounds t myth Iii about the nmn her of exhibits of live Stock and it her products to expect but judging from a e fat live Stock and Large crops to to found in every Sec Tipu of the county it is pretty to assert thai this depart ment will be More crowded before and that the exhibits in every Branch of this department will be Well Worth the time and Money spent in coming to see them its not Only Worth your we ten but it is your Sluty to attend this fait and Tiso your very Best efforts to Ninko it tic great financial Success that it Doser ves. officers nud stockholders of this association no not desirous of making Money out of those Fri hot in order to keep them up Thoy must . Expenses they ii Ftp hardly done in the 1 ulna l1 archway of Bride mid bridesmaid rain a Ciu Rod Jui l not of rusts. The Happy Maple departed tin Isray morning for Amin Dpi where to Licy Mil spend a Levy inns enjoying the fair. Both Bride and Groom have Many a feuds who wish them n Lowig arid Happy life. They will make their Homo Nolean. Grand excursion via n of labor any. Monday september 7, 1908, the n. Will run special exc Tsiou from in Laud , and intermediate Points to St. Marys. These excursions very popular in the past Nind i t is expected that a into number of people will Unkn of this Opportunity St. find enjoy the delightful ride to Ironsh the Roon utninans country puck your Basket and join the of car k. Agents for tates and schedule

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