Page 2 of 22 Oct 1908 Issue of Mckean County Miner in Smethport, Pennsylvania

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Read an issue on 22 Oct 1908 in Smethport, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Mckean County Miner.

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McKean County Miner (Newspaper) - October 22, 1908, Smethport, PennsylvaniaBy l rare la a Shelit. P just. I Lihi Ali i Ijar us our for Oili in Riuo tills. Out Lel t .-in1.-1 if it purely n Mitobe wiil it. Ami with Tho slow Daniwl a Tho Oioi flu term any Iii u i tied. Heir Plantation ii pits an do h Niou it they have Emil in hi., the paid. la two ii Bor Uio Somjit . Nib Jors slip la Lilly i in1 Lowed Iii Liivi Yii Llull mis us Tiv Yvika llu1 up until ii try Sun Odd Skol i lit Iii i ii i the i held Viii t to Hill nil 1 in t Jioji ii-imililiiii1. An Ilii i Iii liu1 Worth Moro ii for . I a Tell l in ill Llull Rill kill till Hurt but 1 p hate to i l Lihi b Iivo Noik .v1 u Iii ily 1" could five Frio Ulii L.I.Imo t i Tho sri Iii Ili Siul daddy it la i Miro Robin All j she i ild Yoi rest ii by an we All oat Vou Don t ,1 oel hard Shu wan a vat Ain t Yon in Piui i item a Vic Hirt of tin Viii Nib i ii Wii i1 me inn joins. Uie ii an Lanwi in. I d . wimp in Rvl a i was. Diet. Via Siv fill Iii Ltd in a Iirth to it Lybi . An to Rove Ihms ninth so. It inv i. It you la now i i Lar Thoro to to the to us no pigs trunk i Fuir .1111 Iho. Hoi Isven re tin tin Etui he. Woll ii Iise to to but. 1 Toiv Mick. To w y Ull i a Lent a Toto i lil Liliu Hind. Iii Tey Liu mini wily ill Thill s by .-iuwe.v. I Birc 11 L.I.he More vents for shares an we 1-c tin of Iii Popr Twity. Here that is Ulm i to own just Ila Quality folks. I m Woi leu for you All Iii re it myself ail i totter j i ditto to L.I.ivc you Eiji Ial to the o Best of pm but L.I. to Havi Baturo to Siuki i bomb o Tho Laud 1 hat 1-wa.v.v.- Ynami Tbs to Voitik it. Time Liln Kofl .1 Tori said . Jirtle Ruiu it i. Low 1 ii Willeve a Thlu Ari ibid i Civ. It Tilhou .4. To All arc pour Piran Elul Sci Kiiji Ini ii. Of Thoi i . Hat of yet Ira. Our Themi Loloh Ned col Brevi ties the Hall of Fame. Was it aptly Phi Irrol is Hind. Mrs. J. K. M Nixion tills is Haiti co to the Al Rel or i Hotiu a isms ii of. R f Hay. Obi f born on the la Hind. I Enswor. After n Well. A i Suji L.I.ipod that i for Bister a i. I1.1 Newt tit Thui fifty years m. town Agol univ to Ono bus do older Tiit to. Kosoi ves ii 0.1 lug if Little is to hut i. Fis sure you we Mil .1 to Iii i i Iii Vii till files in the i miso to would. The i somehow Limo L.I. Uius Iii plos Timve i clone told Yit in t t Sii lil Xiu ill. i us Miall a turn ni1 the incs Sipui i omit. Froin of Hor a sni Iii. In t we re ii Plo Inemo Bluit we re hero. For. To Polzo Inemo make Soiu bal rival i Tho land nil1 tin the t on. Hts Kre Ulory i Lindil. And lit Blini she i Loiis. .oi.lzy. Flu until at to i in i prow re ii Iet ii Lii -. Rullod potty to. To vow Pines. Soon it t it the Najl , n quiet invoke. Deity Avis Worpul n to ult out the Anuw Huir Trio voice it it Etc Pilolli outs Vic. I Siitam Loizu Trio k in i l t furl s Williim. Imil que ii disc ohs ii win Iii a Xii i Mcnee Silil to. Lie Iliin Llaca. A.-. Iii Nair to Jive. Lipini s 11 Iliin order till try new to tilts Ivory your Tun it Lilic Lions a Iii Cristl L.I. Kididi Iii Lulu in1 Itei in n Slock y about Iii cat 1 Fuld Iii Vul. Tic Vul Torii it Trio of Siev Butov Hubli t Batu with y Mima Lilu. Tin Mill i of Imelli . Llu Tukli in Cru lil to no 1 i y i k if of n i 4v in Aulcy a. La would i of Ltd Liu. I. An a Olizi for i Yua ubi Iii Slu like 10 bin. Jiuji Tonii 1 i d really hive la Lake Bill it a Iii Al j Ual a Lilik my Qiu worm sin. No Al. Coll Ken t to Kiim Hus Cuy text from w Holcli in us ii Uckin Ului mid Iii i to Ling Muzii. Cart in Iurii per. Go micral Ivil lamp Poth. . Of tie army., Lias i Suud in ii Powys urea in t Lioi to tier Ivory Rizio Iutin l. Of Bis Eniy Amiee. Tills Tiu train Ilia i Hll in Reid to Tow Olid. Loughl Bon j working. Of Cominoli air tiler tin Lilii Tonii Toni Mill Tensor list Martyr olog5 ot1 . Where it fug would Hiis Mari lip on a Pluhm lug. Or. Tuns Fiirnicc-_l21ilin.-i Imd Tiow o of in i come to the office for first class Job printing of any kind to Viilu a tells die he Gran Dpi Tihoi ii Rou-1 estate Ancor. Idt Jim Torii Kulij v in t that to no is i a v minus tin Ouirl Jii a Utarid Wallior drove was u coins to Uci. Cor to hiil_jl3 Acme Mill f. A. Qreen prop.1, Complete and fresh flour feed meal Oats middling Etc. Voi m i Oil to outcast i a in win 1 mid Lulli Mitiu Lirili-pirli1 Why i a Iii r off Alom and inc a Arr to Iii but Jiu . A or of Ami " i i Niu Kilili if i sin i Itaya tin. A Lull w tin .mail1 ill Hurt Al Lilly. Lallum Al of s Why i Imi u kim.-, m Tir in la arc on Lin fruit -thou1 in trip nut fur 1 Iii in Iii " i liar pit u. M it ii Ali ill Al Itu to Man Sittu Lam tit ill Vil Lilit a lilt i Luibil i Lih Wii i. Dili Nuli is i Salt or smoked it be to five Quarte r a sn.iaij.stcak-.ajicv.for1. I. Him ii Ken by . Ilahi. La t of is Riipi l of i i la Allyl Thi Iti i. i Iii i i1 look luvs n Louii a finial t1 . Tin Fli la. Lolini i i. Arnif Lusti Iii Iii ii a i wit in can. Hardly hint in Ilii 1 .1. Vul t it raised it. To Viii ill it. Why and this i Woro won Kohls tin to he Tilv Froni it Iljins that was heavy Wotli a Levi i1 and Small Voltis. These , Dor and Olsn Iii in tin1 voice hands ure , it s oily cause they aint used to the she answered gel llii1 soft. Days in tilt Feltl n workin1 in the a Lynn Here Nills Judson you by you Mii Stii l do if. Looley to n Tori hard i you mow on Helpin movie i 3 Geuer by Trace of Alius. Fill Oak tote 1 ret lion i la go Lihsiu Down Tiff. a lul1 slut gave Loolu might truck but Ijo Olzy Shook her Vii and. I m the she said Ait f mail s work. If Belt tin or wits. Imp in tin at Tel to ii a Buie i Jooley act Urtheil i Iii Thi Uri Tiu. Fihe the Cabin Sho saw a Etc Duke tear. Riovo away1 Ami our of the two wifi i who Cruz Jud Wagon Piti rec Oguli to a tin Doe Tor. Forward Shiv almost Lotty who was lying on the. Soil nil ill orly. But Louizy Scart a by Rutlt of her. Sud was Liv King at the the by to ltv1 slip Aski d in a. Sharp wills Jour. Hop s to Ohio smash wailed id try. Shall we do what in Molly have House Lioy Nils i in Fly in Ihu Tlok l is wont by. builds u l Iligio Bucu Stonio Tri the Wor Lill stove the so o hlid1.-llnl shod L.I. Tho tobacco Situ to the oot trin told from to Tiu . Ono Wotli n Alov upon Tow Tawe and divided non two it so the most crop Money we nil Ever quid and to iat s taif Al Niit the other i i i to Ilio Over ii telc nil i Nakling Othor Tho. Instrument no is Cyl Moi int the e string Snappy Cal Cago Tribune. "an1 Iiri Sho Mil i Rizin to in "0 i. Iii of. Lull s Ank in i list not she l Anil tried to Tii Iuli Wii i ii Mertian was by Lis Kii of it Sho asked softly As vhf Sinoi Thi in the Cray hair Hack from of ii. I help to Ralic to i or or. You in Sonol. He c It m n t no Liln Copi for tie pain an Fri Llu vent is tic i Natter. Darrly Lynw s1 Iii it s just one he said with a a rinse Only hut a few Lutov a that Utida entend Iho tical the. L.i.-1 and Rapoll of tin it L.I.a. Id Jet Iho Thol t was i l1 i Iii cd. Days Passi in. I would t of in if the a s n n t so they Jusi Thi. an Stie new Akonom by a Iii will or bedside. What is it. Shu Askil drowsily., 1 to Lime was tie by not Lens in Skwor. A Gal now . To the larger pile is Tot the land. It will pay it All up Clear. An1 to aching the other pile is for of go to school ,1 Hail. A talk o the boys that melons aii1 they told one bout. Looley Askin school. looking at her wistfully one of one that As How he a is ipod you to marry Holni an that answered no you a n pc tit but that if Chance to git Leann. could act 1iue Quality folks an he should wait then he could ask. As in. He said he Felt it. J Luty. To Tell me an that he i hold f twins a while lifetime for Yoo Flie noblest Gal Ever was an the Only one he could Ever he seemed a a. Soft color had been St Alln g into xxi Lay s clime is hut her gaze did hot fall. He s a Nice boy. she answered but i told not -to1 waft. Sovel ill air ships cull . S Iii Tler it coi item to they All . Kimmit ii Delphia North an Erie and. of hers have decl i d that Luikmil Prajin toys. A or the love by Ilu the Dalton More Asher Tcath Star. It be Long now tie fore famous a Nyler what la the Constitution Between will. Law trans lated into Washington. Post. America leads the world says the National feta re it fire underwriters. In what lit. Tire is a grand Otis Ali petion. To be Springfield re said Yuritch. Showing Kan Dor through do you. Think of the they show a spent Deal of replied Kaidor. Think All an Philadelph Rii . Of i Ever grit n Chance. Said be would t take that answer though an the a limn Intel that i m to Derman gleanings. A statue of Slebir is to be erected in Darmstadt where he1 in 1sos. La some parts of Germany Glass Tel Ephone poles by wire Are. In use. There Are in German same 9.000 chemical with nearly workers who receive in wages cover year. The ferry lat la Ger Many ban just coh launched at Duls it has twin screws which Are propelled current from two Elet Tali fifty horse Power impurity. The Hoat can carry kept wait ims la. It he it last i said if he did e an1 ask a in Soma can t Losi it. Of said the Optimist if Man gets Tito the habit of Hunting trouble he s sure to find it 1 re pulled the Pessimist and i so Lazy that he always tries t avoid it it will so what the .difference5" Standar times. _ per Onul khow Lindse. What do you Taluk Choll softy has been Reading up lately an lie Bays he agrees with the silent if Man who says that plants can. Onily ought to know in he a cabbage ame loan. Time. He s a font Ash boy hut is Ynn i Andy Sam Lily Iii i. Said old talk i Cir Liisse hirers. I Siili a horses Molues and sleep i out that wont Down i saw to the Fittl finont. An he gave it in tits thls1 Iii Iury 11 pay for sri wife till next crop an in that time Thoroll to Yon All was a fou 111 Allan san. If fans. nost Ymir fun Tki a. Came an .1 was 80 Iii rat helped Yon be a limb so by hut i just of noted my . self an Whin did it inc i up in and fastened with a crowing won div in her rare. Several times she to speak then shed from i right hero on this Hod for. The Tond tools How Pap was n polka liver Medicine in liquid form for a Maria. Rte Illif and Yovor raft Platea i liver Liidi Wys and bladder brings Relief to Hillon Uoss pick Hend i a constipation. Plan sent to take contain the of Hobo . First dose l i hot Relief. In Tonto of fits t olt at sold by Polo a i Hai Naoy Smith i Mill 0, a. Anderson c told of bout we All wort in Fri the land Pap born Secli in you Lowin they might Uluao the melons an1 leave the big Sii t Retro Means reside. Vot Lorii Freddie the Hobo jul embalming is i Lumu at to Kuopi Al a dual milk Toni Vigent for Osborne harvesting a Grain binders Corn 3ind.ers, reapers mowers fed Ders. Hay harrows Cul Iva Tois etc1. Blankets anlrolie.8. The season for blankets an Robes la at the store you cud always pod l just what you want. H line of trunks Tei Escoba. Suit Case at popular a rages. Irpe99rrall style in single o Flo Uble like t and heavy harness. Chas. Sjanet Zaport a. Think Little Syrl. I Don t know whew my next meal is con Iii Frum. I Pear me Ain t Thoro a pantry n Yout i nil do in spite of our troubles pretty Well let the de Vlf alone and hell bother Yon. No scheme pays As Well As the in Hon. Little insurance. Fire and Accident written by a f. Spech1 Smethport a. In Good said tin. Old Man. Setup people never get to the front because they atop and talk too often. As soon 4111 old fool to quires a Little a Csc n Yonne fool Steps up to Rej Fiat mistakes. Older Aman grows Tho earlier he decides every Day that to will do L.I.thing which will Matte Hutn a Irr rat Man Atchison Globe. House poor Pine Les for the kidneys w Days 00. Hundreds of Popw testify to Tho Merit of this preparation in Tho Relief of Kii Lohny trondle rho Matisin inning of Bac Kaohi. Vin plus i on the kidneys purify lie mood and make you foul like a new person. tone system. Sold by a Andoroko and Pri Laoo pm for if you Are a suitor or from that most Distro Asling affliction piles nud have tried Many remedies without being Ben edited to. Oak in Teiry say that pile remedy will bring Relief with Tho first application. Sold by palate phar met port Ami o. A. Alf town a bit fishy this. Tho whale blowing. A Bott Dogfish Ohhet not so Many notices for feat in swallowing been blowing Ever Tran a crop to authorizing what do you want with the Auto Mobile " i propose to write to Mai dialogue for then if will be a motor nov Herald. Patent and infringement practice Opp. Buhi Washington o. C. Emil thamm or _ Fine cigars. T ,1 c. A. Burdick dealer in the following High Grade the it b. Ophaso Tho Van lib certs Story Clark Packard and Malcolm love. Other sowing Mao Hinoa. Also representing the equitable life ans Renoo society Bra Tillard life and to rident co. And of Tho fire insurance of Manien to Tho United states. C. A. Burdick. Ii n t., rat

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