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McKean County Miner (Newspaper) - November 20, 1930, Smethport, PennsylvaniaSix Hurt seriously i crash Here last sunday six per ions injured one kt1 i Olu lev when Titi cur in ii Liili Uliey t udi i lid Fin d Mio i c item it in ii u f Hway 0 p u Fiji in nun so sect at 11 o clock sunday the Driver. Or the on unit strut pc Thijn not Stup Antl Idt Iviry Liu i to Mich Hiu in u p i i n Ziadi every Effort to mud Hetia i Iii. Thu six Kiiji Rietl Veru from. Vul i a i Mil Sti in 11 ail i Jan cd severe and lateral to mrs.1. Benjamin Bun u Thi in 1 t l Hurt. A. Cora Pound Fra Tui i of Thiet k Siml i out the n us mud bad Jar he bind Din i to uhf it e i to if Himil. Both were taken to thei la 01 d to i i i ill n t it unlit f i ton t h i i Aid h to v i t Al u i u 111 1 lit d i kit n Utt id it to i 1 is Imu p it i Ion i Fht nor e to to 1v i in s i i i r in n t t it t to c natural Gas Consumers ass Reb or adequate Gas Supply of Nai i4ral in Metli Wrt utre of Camj Yii of an n Elf of ururu.1 r i at ail i and for i have it n t in i lied vat web a Uii Linrud 1 1 of Nuudi i l Mil of. L to to snit the it n n t to o is c ii Troili. Comp Ijes with it la Illi t it d 1 to her Abent. Ulbik in l up of to urn u a 1 1 f i ii Illel to a 1 h tits Matt c Mulju nth ill Fri thur local legion Post organizes Buneafe for names of jurors As in Rill i or 1 to o the annual my Ting of the 171 f1 it a mob Eim go Unity agricultural Extension i 9m a h if in truly a ill Atla Assn will severe and Leone hold annual met Liq head legion card monday evening v at the Alle a 1 u Itu in Cici i in of. N us t bit u i Tiit to it s 11 la inuit i to a Pri. A. _. I lib toil Mynni 5 n hot. Llumi n i i in i i of n irl u Etc la 11 in in to i to in in or to it i i i ukr Recti of b k 1 i 1 eid Mot dem u to i l i club Iwori m Emp t bin 01 m d o nil i 1 tin in i i i in i c to i is v i id i in in uf1 to u ii i o it i. Rii can of i d ii h Leui i i ,11 i n l o 11 i i i u t on Ili in Iii. Lit i i i i i e ill Tii Vili i o i to i of Muu a. A f info Tut i Cru Wung will be to i it that r Hall which is located Crow the Coli of Quarter fill bum at the first top Thlu tit to View a our i the i Ornitz Mil be Eald it i Pix w i Dot n i r i Iti i at 10 o Ocic Bith the Ai i Biad Foid Dorothi Foi Quoon and t ion1, Usu by t 11 in 10 1 be 11 mid Lii Foi no u and to turn Tini Rie Etin i. It to til bind the Cut i i u Nee Popli ice i in in i the e i cd 0 m Elk dlr on 1 i to i i it i i Ipp i in i to u l int nit i tilt 111 in Lull t u in t i in i r to u 1 i tin it it a u to plan it t i 1 will la l a the 11 t built i 11 v n in to itt t k p i i i l the c o oh1 1 my ill t t f 1 t ii 11 i i Lent i i t a d i Iii i t n u i u i i inn ind Inot i it o i 1 11 r Liliu sur in Al a ind James Pic Vitero of Union the Thi in lab it h i in i i us inti or Nanri Vivki a treated by or Joi of cuu c umu1m 11 i i k in it t Inu u i Jovle 1u la n Wai 11 i ten lit to Skui limit to i r i ton on it do r ii i Imil i 1 i 00 i i i t to c i 1 1 01 l ill l o u i i join a of Tiant is t be n cd d la e up i h u Ihu n til is. In a p Elm v i r nil k i it g l clip of report t i h i r c i radio d it i i i e. Ii i d Bradford Fri k a i i Eini n i it John Kin die Alley i i i i i ins s la e ii cry. Sin Thithi i d c1 i 11 a t 4. C o r in 11 la i c at l to i i l _ in i mk1, i 1 in i n . I i r i Inu my 1 c i in i Al t to 11 i pts 111 u m m f a 1 uld on the second flow and Lii str will by n to Oil the 111 t floor poit Ai in Grin the lot noun -f1 1 n there will b local p Oplt Cov Fermi it let i of the Mountj it 111 id it on q Tii e remits Row torn to Ruip t i t p uiliinvi1 Beni served and Bel ort1 Luction of of lift for Tho a Iii Ilia be Tir will gift i ult 1 the tit oui i no Uil diled i o Ott t ind. O h Johnson Lection m c i Iti i in i it b ilk i Sill put t the do legion club will Bizow Moi Ujj even to Stirt to or watch m Iker t it t. In Floit to proviclt1. Or tile to Aix Tianne in Sec Hyort a real Shuw and by the. Of Arri Inu t a it is Billie be d the Pianim to Onu of the fat r held a Readd Lucia Scavero. The nah Toni italian n Moad Villa an Mac lies u oni i oui in Jim Btu b the card a or bout.--, that should provide Plonty of Savl in Leone should of Keil thriller Sci fun Jud Leune in Koukl Jiro vide the put nth of in their sch i i e u Lili 1 i b Thimi to lit in dolt 01 lit la t i i t fat ii cd Fin to it v to i m i Oil t rtt o l by i 1 Oil san the i i Fml u i is 13 i b lib c i if i loin ctr fans i the i i ins jus to Iee the m Littion of the Miv than go Iii id for Hla ability punish ment a it Al two Ity cd Severo i Alki Eitt Nitt reports for Toni bal Falo state1 that Lene by a opponent Foi. Mcado Lluc in tix tuition the Buffalo Ltd ii pity int As if Iteck the Ermei loin to bit Smitro a a no him t la no a be n up Faker War Arr Aid inter nil in Russ rhe in his in the Hoin Uuno ii ice Dopa Leone lu1 fought in Syi acute to c i n to i or t it 11 in u u i r t1 v i in i ii i the i in Ilsi or the a. Union Sei Ion nit Kim Nabti tin tied plice of t n to l Vinatta and Mitny other tips and Rte ports from Phoeb Are k a in Erviti. To Pittl Juit Liotti Tri Pirn d that the mrs Al tort band Wai discharged. C o trim it thu car was nearly Upun Iier. Hie sunday when be Suu dunh a sued Ito lit Cund Lanui o i Ovid Ali dirt Klon the. Doctor Hei Lus Rier Thi car it it the limit was righted without Dairi Riband this Ioe Alsap pure Elln the i darkness. I by or of kicks last evening i the 7 d of a a Ach attended Nim tons wednesday us Cuini ill St. Elt i abuts chinch Bavm nit it not ilk miss. Francis. Mac Stato re to the. and Melsi Arunn opt ret tit pitty it Dre to the Tolkins of iras i display inf a that his in Idiku Elj is Vioti Thi blah Smethport crushes Eldred p i tend a gun Jious. F id. Tin is ill of on t i i thu 1 it in i i a i Iti it the i to i Tuo n ont i the Otic a Nas born i 1 dal Sarfe i. March .3. Woo and., Rami America my in 187 it cd in car Moi path re he la Ihl a blood i Hui in d Mui Diot Mil p -noi.umbi.1 Aid to tint Tikiun i jims torn four children i Vii in this mined to Stu the per in where hi1 it pm the Itomi Linjer or i in in lil Dass 1 1 is test nil ii i d 1 Pun to pc i n i a to i Limi m irs b-tjor4 t a c c i i Hirv s nit i l Jiu to lit. U us did Pirc we i s we Mihi i 11 u of ind n niner to i ii i i in Tun is court o i Laitur it. To n it Thi list r i of of hut i oui t Bradford Man is murdered in Buffalo Burdyk i f r in cd oui i c until pm "111 i v Busti i-1 cl.1 Hurt h i Pott a Luaiki Hrlic Diillio ill Feir i Rudford. Nov. O iib1. Street. Was incur Dorod in. night by an tin known Cis Illint . To in i Moor Rit Elved Bruni club of to t.-, Ull Liun c Tuu in flu Komi i t John rat v and to pin t i. Ltd in Ali not Lotis Dir i i Lect it Tunit of jul i i of oui o Moll it Eubaldo boy us under the. Luau Gamt it of sort. Finch. Who manages Scozza Well known Luj lit. Head weight of . It that Scozza will be in attendance at the fights and. Ill the1 event he1 does will be introduced from the ringside 1 and Wunt meet sch Dulc d sex round Wui by Leif tos e ther Iva Ivel Kuon Bojt ii kid of dust Cen Ter and Don Morse Hairdo pm. Vun Heiniek Tho arts bitten every ont in he cd a tempt is ing Hiir a i n Flurel h inert it Cirth a 0 prop to n Monitor i Sthool u in to Tut Tunt lit Dilcie m.ii-, Fri oily tin o rat us Foj flu Sci Hotd Lui of Nii 4-c Ihn or Iii Iii in an Effort to i5ci who Hud i a Ltd him a lit u Bour Hen to t in Marr his to. U it h lev n in Semi to Imen nother bout m port u 01.1 id Jhel Yilk we conf 11 n slip Tii i i i p Iti h i in a i Nim Tiv m h ii trill into he a. Kuc Uvlin i i. I i i i u i ii Mil ulu Lwi 0.0 i not in fit m l re h let of i i an i Ivi d nil Aith t t m. O r Etui v i i fir id ii is us t i Billt tie 01 3a Tui d Hon i 10 a c it ii Jen Iii _ it till i in a a e of i .oiijii1 c met Iru to lir r l u i1 1 r p it m it ims Hitt Ivr i i Lublin Elvi Tinl of. Let on it to pot Tii t i t la m to off a Al r b n i t or t t i if Chr nit Tiu t i i v. Is on q o Drui urn it on Heffli a und in m Union fion Harry Coons Dies Fri i i it staid i Toti Lihpen i m it 1 l an h to til or Mot oct. I mis it v m k d it on ult i i 11 b Nini int. U p t i ice 13 i Mot i h it Oil Puiul a w j., 1 p ii t the Ramlu f Winti on mrs k Rietl Brnt Lutu bit i Eald u i t Furuli a Toni k i i t. I mini i Uin Lulu in am Uci my. Lar thu a i to of to n big i w priv Sii it n Oisiu no i Ison who int i i ii it t Folio mrik is a a r a Iii Tord re by. Or in noun hit i foil my the i ind brn droid nov Harry Coons eld Ert us in Jiff. At2-Auoc. Roi s i in or 0 pol Svi Ludo i truck Sinius Leui in in ago Vapat child Mur Wei of Potter county was in rid Ami red a plan e Floetl outed morn me it-7 of refusal to make any statement regard Anttn nut in i Jewett mrs q e Thompson cd Hill come tiry Many at reception in Kane in Honor of p. J. Qua Hue clone Eretta Kcifn-1 Bradfo d six daughter of or and mrs attempt to score Harry Casi of seven Bridges which he i Eldred Here confident committed on september 13 Story but were badly surprised by the Kev feb Iem. Prison Black s. Machine like it spent the hour previous to electro cution with his cell Coons tack locals tooth things from the very beginning. After re i on Downs in the open did not partake of any breakfast but enjoyed his evening meal the night be to minutes of play and started fore his death Well. A rapid March the electrocution was. Witnessed by Wiliam Gold Ai but Tori Coon and Harry of Coudersport pa., c. I bluer and John w. Seltz of rear e the Era. The official Doc prs were a. A. T. Cocle and c. Lawers who pronounce Coon dead one minute after Fie was strapped into the chair., a. Who . Electrocution was not related to the prisoner Thomas Mcdermott very serious it ill Thomas Mcdermott aged. 62, Weli known employee of the Market suffered a arid collapsed Wesr mesday morning at his Home and very. Serious. Or. A s. Minerd was and did Pps Ible for the . Whose condition so serious it was feared he could. Not recover. Or. My unconscious during and last Eyer Irig suffered a stroke of paralysis completely crippling one the Field of score. Successful line Bucks brought the Ball to within six Yards of the goal line where Qreen heaved pass to Ander son downed on the six Yard line. Anderson then crashed through for four Yards and then i indy plunged through for the first . Try for extra failed towards the1 end of the first half the locate scored a gain after Qreen intercepted a pass arid raced 35 Yards to be downed on the.15-Yard line line plunges by studholme who Yards and by Anderson and Mun by. Who each made two Yards brought the Ball the. Goal bucked the line and gained about a Foi then for try for extra Point failed Kane. Nov despite weather conditions a Large turnout of members from St. Lauist us gathered in Dugan court differs clash sunday the Smethport All stars will again ear m action sunday when they Arega Uoo. Kiln Mcku. R a Hearty and Stamere Wel to hired l a mediately after the. Shooting. The had Fueard the shots while in the in try and an ambulance was called and Arlia was rushed a Hospital where he died 15 minutes come to their Rev. P. A who arrived Here to take charge of St Callistus Parish on october 19 a splendid thoroughly enjoyed by this congregation Thomas Paisley of planned the reasons of the meeting and introduced each number appropriately. Vocals los and talks were rendered. Assistant pastor who was resp nimble. For the. Gather ing was fhe main., was by Rev . Donahue who followed by Rev p. A. Whose Short talk was by those Honor Paisley the program stadium at 2 30 p m. This Glne will second this year. Tor the locals having played two weeks ago when they Defeated Wilcox. A Good team this year hav ing played some of in this Section and have own. That All local players be out for and Friday night i order to be in the Best possible condition and to perfect plays in preparation for sunday s from Eldfed state that the oilers. Be. Accompanied by. A Large delegation of fans. President state federation Green wit i the presentation of. A As a ight expression of the. Good wishes of Zipse assembled. Even g was pent in personally meet Uig the Honor. The Hatt ended 12-0 in or shortly after half began the Kendall purchases part of old South Penn site 1 Bradford nov was made yesterday of the Purchase by the Kendall refining company of a property belonging to the South pen 1 formerly owned by the Emery. Manufacturer Rig company and used by the. Original owners As. The site of erriery1 re finery. The Kendall refining company has purchased the property for future use is the refinery expansion requires. Red Cross Campa in making Yery satisfactory Progress the red. Cross drive now in Progress Smethport is on unusual a Well for those thus reported their to mrs. Claude. Bullers chairman1, of the committee in charge of the drive. It is hoped that a full report of the available for publication next week. An and in the a school Cyclone miss Pytcher teacher in the Cyclone was taken ill with Scarlet prevailing epidemic the last of. The week and the school was closed Friday the patients in that Village Are improving rapidly at Crosby there Are two cases disease in the family 6 Peter Petty i. And also two at offs by. V d. Guest. Crosby residents have cae damaged sunday or. Arid mrs m. A. My Keynari Well known residents. Of Crosby figured in Ari Auto Accident last sunday about noon at the intersection of state and eighth Stre St in clean Nan had1 started to turn his. Essex be r Ian into eighth Street when. A Ford a crashed into it broadside. Fortuzi. A Tely. Occupants of the cars did not suffer atty serious in both cars were damaged. Postponed to water Date because of the Scarlet fever epidemic which is now sweeping. Cyclone and other the proposed Road open tog Celebration which had been planned for be Jet week will probably be held at a. Later Date. The committee in charge of Are Eva. Stud. Honor guest or Bradford literary society John of the state we men the distinguished guest o the literary club of Brad Ford Friday afternoon. regular meeting which was held in the club House a luncheon was Given at the Imery in Honor o mrs. Frick the1 luncheon held unde he the woman s literary club was 93 eluding current event club members and several club Smith port. The luncheon was served at Sev eral tables in tiie Rtia in dining room o the hotel and was .altogether1 a mos enjoyable. Tab Les were it prettily and Orheim ma6. Choate a mrs. H , mrs. A mrs of Hamiin, mrs e. A Potter an airs Giuliari Backus were present at the luncheon meeting. The1 committee in charge of. The a t Ernson. Consisted of Emma b Bond mrs. Mill Gan mrs Lone Miller miss Byrom mrs. A Testoni child killed by Auto a wednesday afternoon Anita May. Stuart six year old Aughter of or. And mrs a. A. Stuart Church Street. Was. Al at instantly kilted yesterday a after Oon at. 3 by Cloctt when she was struck a car driven by mrs. Leo Gratz .61 Ani. Street Bradford As. She was Rossing the Stater Highway near Hurch Street intersection. Mrs. Witnesses every., of Ort to Stop but the child was direct a in the path of her machine which going to. Junction. Holm h. J. Hamilton. Rice and or. Robert i and mrs Curtis of Bradford i a33vertise in the Miner Only gone to new. York City three the num. Had been Iid for violation of. The prohibition to body Frond by priest Arlia was. Found by the Rev. Pail Sab starts soon the Christ Etas Seal Sale bugs in no Vembre r1 28 the design of the Little health Tolfsen this year is continued on Page eight for the artist. He has pictured Jovial Santa Claus with a Christ Mas tree on his tree Are bound to bring happiness to the Young and old and employed in the sense of health the the ugh is most appropriate.9anta announces that health to one of the1 greatest and most lasting gifts. The Mck Ean county tuberculosis. Association Hea d office. 18, City Bra Fordis preparing to intensified War against tuberculosis in this a duty during 1931. A full time main taxed and persons to. Be tuber Cular As Well be more11 closely supervised than Ever mrs. Jackson wrenches knee a. Jackson of Wrights. Co r Neri slipped sunday eve run Gat her club meets club held its regular-., saturday afternoon novem Ber loth travellers club. House Rome and fell badly a attendance present. Mrs. Eft knee. . S. Minerd was e club president gave a d Het injury which very. Painful was not serious and is a proving aviation. Club meets the aviation club held its regular i splendid report of the state federa Tion held at-Scran-.-, was a Delegate. Mrs. Laura a Fine paper1 on1 i through cd the Christ of Andes. Mrs a. A. meeting at the an. Excellent paper in Santiago and evening withfifteen1 miss Renabelle Bloomster. in charge of the played a Beautiful piano Solo. Miss presented work Jennie interest tog paper new. Instruction Bobks. Perspective i of wealth of the drawing1 was taken and plans were discussed Foy raising _ the necessary to build a glider. Water co. In1 new quarters the Smethport water company wishes to notify All its patrons that they have moved their office equip ment from the Smith firt natural Gas building to the office basement of the Hamlin Bank and Trust com Pany building and continued on st3ffees crushed Finger a Cra Ridall who. Is in the barrel House at the Mckean county refinery had the Index Finger on his left crushed monday1 Ai tempting to open a car door which Sii a verily opened catching his Finger with disastrous results. Or. Robert Hamilton dressed his injury. Fine line Greet no cuts u open for prices reasonable

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