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McKean County Miner (Newspaper) - March 13, 1930, Smethport, PennsylvaniaNo. 11. Vol. Lxix. Air plane of priced Landing near cemetery qty irk writes is in receipt of an inter Csc tit Jimes quirk local Ford stealer. Who in co nip any with mrs. Nve Koj Turnini in Florida. Or. the we Tow it two sin t Iii Floi in is Tine to and Wilk i to Iii Horn Floi Kli to Thi. A a kit. It u Uli duo 1115, Tonii Bokkie us his sick Mother. Vacation. The i Ollow i Friday Csc Kilnk. pan a of i. Joist Ivlow Linos i Rani lie Laud of a mull my his i hot j Mil bin i ill is Usu Sinh tin 1 Mil o i tin win Lind Duttie m Sui Lam Lull tin must 10 Els the i u on Lilu m n tin Mutti Hill but it a. to so tit Cli Uii i is in n o the ill no Louiry is ill ton id plane a Sia Iuiana. Ocee and Lia hotly. Teems to. Lie Pun 1 link d i i Iblis to till Slutt to 10 i to Ilu i ii Klimt i but Lipini is tin i my Iii tit Horn i i Iii uth on i b ii Mil i Pilot i Iii of lost Mil Dune ill oui made once leaving wuss Iii Uon at but we Suu the Toliver i t a tic hit Hist Wundt jul Tiit Tii i seemed is it body is to Len i it d we m it or. Drake and., Clermont Road precautions taken awarded against smallpox be started at once Nat Valley refinery i in Buffalo f of Hull procuring kit hid no torn a in a Mary land in Thuy an. Orlando also Mot j. B. And the it Kran Thiol it u k Ali it talk to i it Loi tin i Iron to Olon Nant. It do t met Oman is h Luhiau i Clodio Lud w Kiikka tuber of Hul kilo Ulm t bid k o hit Buhl is t tin pc oui dict h. E. Liana1. Shio. 033.15. In f. U. Hohs or emf fowl v full of tilt hoi no jointly tis tout Mac Enion to Jiei i Cit i and uni Iii Tywin Hlili tin ii no will he of taif c of Thor of taif tar r w. A of fill ill i1 or. P. J. T put in a in tin Mikl in county the t of the Over 000 Dot Luis pit . A Biu Siut t at the Tki Tompic to the dus Fri Ali s Miot Oil i on Mich Gonei in Beds m i of Thi. Oit it fumes landscape Gardener Dies Henry c. Kit to known Iii a. In ism cd Uway. A 01 in. Dir i v h d Ciuti us nuts ii Piti a i of Rhui ton mid i m i v he. H t o tin Lopicc Sisiam Aid t thu it. Sou for those Lay in fact that Alk in Cirii Iliili. J2, i d i Iii u i Liu id u tin Al Iii i id looming in town w is t Kin ill on Fil Kiuji sch Muir ii of h f u o Fri Liyim ill Luc re an farm on the Sou Lnu Tun Oum in Shloul i in. H Ami u Sli umm railway Tossi s thi1 i Ishway Tun Imi tin via thai is incl ugh b Borough la Mats of. Kani1. J i inc nil Irett d in in Mac in u is iriai1 in the to id Lutil it was Takt a from t lie old . The Lii Ord Tor repaire and k l in Luk staid of tit Ubo Iii to 8" Ali sutti1 Iii Utnik it u i ban i Millns a acc sit Iti i inc Tup much Bott he Uii Vid wishes r remain . O compu1i11 e. A of Crosby and Clearl j rum ii of some Tom of tit Lxi Icett e shop have cmi1 of the b a 1 i up find m i District is Salon Hill of in. District conic Cnoc to is Holt in Thi. Both u r Sermon rpm. I a. Sill h of Wellsville 11 la Muimui oms it Haloli of Oil d . Thu Bill Flint. Ind ii Tutu up tin. Shop Young pfc Chris k is completed jnt1ui coming . Pppulai1 science e enter to a tailor will at the High Sci tool Autiat opium Luison Mirich Liliu Trulick i m with his chemical apparatus some of Hie Ulii s Unce u in tile Piik slut to doings Kodaj and what it Znuj la in Thi Juturi car Siu Hil til limn i tin in m Itu c n ii t in cd of i sit1 Thi i h i j i j i r i a i i. I 10 fit will let t Iii i v i in i tit u k Uii Iri i u 1 i a of an _12i45 _ att noon 2 hide Ottoni will Beni Jiotti hit Oil la Mestoik 2 15 split at Home Rev. Be. T. Row i Genesco. A. Thu. Spelt it to v. Fred1 Wood Sci Jiuu it communion jul by life a r Litulu a Olenn. Mkt Honesti Stoit a m urdu i Uil uni put i a wlm i r him 1 t in in at tin Chi i Mil Clint Jar it in m Clu i i i1 i Ingli Jii duct i Otu u i Hiti t Luti rims Ilmi us 1 Iii u ii i ill in m Tinoi f ii i 1 1 i id r i i t i in Bill i in i s Ili l in ii i i h Imu in u to the 00 in thu work of i l Misti Nchim will b Stu Tuthi san i Nul Nuu d. Cut hint u j s m tul it Ali Pilicy him Sii Imit Isdr from Osiier by nil p Ibi bail of annul Lui i ill tin ii ,1m n will t l Ilu Thi to i inn a the a Maui incl Jyh Psi i i v c us u 1 hoi Eicr i 0111 Tulud m and Sint ii Haiti Buu i Koiki 11 a Piilini ii. Take to 0r. Crile Meci Ullin son of . Lii la. Of Waitr ill Tor Sevet in .uiiknuiwiu.-Ilucly. It Iii a inn. Fir Tell Dinu i Hoklui a Turikis it tie b. A b i Bradford hos dind. Thin i c i n i and d inuit i i Dino ten found him unconscious in his Barf in the u Tott u t i Rii Imus Tito a nil at Valley a a. Of Mumk l was called incl Muhi Irb Listul. By ht1 ice. Was it ii Tati a to the Bradford Ift a n o on tin it Ilu it in 11 ii o 10 id web in Nilu to j tint d. A1. Or Oulu Ial iiiid1 in in b t. N if in Kvitni by no a m i mud pit t u thut in t tin Ivind t ids n i by tin Ami Nikiti Laion Jim Midi m lit it it in m h much 17th we l urm i h be i Bosn t Flint Nuli n i 1 s tin a it 1.1 11 the Vici uittwi1 i m in r i i i m in in Gnu ii m i i t n Mii h Nvvf f u ii i b it i i n i u h la u i Cli i i i ii1 is i 1w Nof Ulf Kofl Fril Ull j Al t i Mitt 1 u i i k i i i 11 911 i till i it Ittak 1 nil fio it Midi Moit Iii cult ind which tin to la in the Mill Niquie who will by. The Pilot Hinton canopus club has i i Siviur Izier h i f rih f i will Iii 1 Insil i soy h to i 11 l t i ill i i 1 1 l 1 in it u t i t it a 1 1 i if 1 in 1 jh1 f u i 1 ii i i t f 1 i t pc n w 1 i i f t1 i us Trtol 1 i n m t uhf i 4 i i f i t t to i i v t i n i i i l to of hit t t i 1 1 j ii i us Hiah Hill 1 off fib nttvs7th-Ipmh Lohn Al Lillutt i.0 or Ana the i in b Iii i to r ii " it n ill it a fun i of i i l t f ilk Uili i Jutt t. H m la 1 i d to fast Aitt ump to i s. H t it to k us i Tui at to kit in Uijun 11 uht of Coliss fit Oil u la cup 111 Crosb in which is d potty Dit cum i 1 i f mail adj it i t f for 1 in i h thu 01 horni tit hib no Shmik a Wii in j. . Tin in to o thu it Tkv r g Potter for icon kit ii Iii Hiromu Tor Matni Sui Hail in Junior t in to i wild uiiim.1 t Hunt cd s Tuioi of troop no 1 in fit to u att uhf a. Ihu loj f l1 1 n Lim ,1k n in i l him in f1 i and Imsu u p t 1 s 11 11 n in in p l Jill scout b i kid Al i f Eti s Sibo his in Jii Bull ill Comer until t1 pc Iii loin u l to ii1 and h i ilk ii i r i re. Ecu pirs dim ii Oil i Sui Oil i1 pie Clit and Nice it re i imm lib i it the Giurin Tuque i ize w f i id donutui1 by e a. P. Yordon. of the Smethport Punu Sush his roue be Politeo tin 1p i it do i b p l Imp i r p l incl Boj coopt p l h i ok1 Gil i d j a. S m la soil Chttick Rod it Gunnn Bil Rol Yil Dihl in disk i at the list Miciu i Clit in t Thui Tel 1% Tut ii Lovs Hek then Elee Mia still jul i 10 Flicki Don Jolin Bui of Crosby Pic Cut it of the Ime unt Uel i Ani Tor and 11 outline of to to the .fut.uve, i of Cal Faeo yer Doii Rice and Gean appoint 1 to solicit Tho Conui Iuit a Ulsch East clue " Omin iry Between Heie my. Poit m opine Lor atm Sci Melup Foi the Oit some discussion in regard to the contusion Cica cd b the sign at East directing. Motorists to fort Allegany. Over the we Voad. Sev eral strangers have driven to. Crosby instead of port allo Safiy through the feign. The matter was referred to the a. Esti cycles in. Advertising 1 a. Keating township Farmer who recently and 1 Vertis cd h is for Sale in the Miner testifies to the value of and 1 Verti Spiik or. Stickles received Many i Humes from Nous ii lactic r . Kane towns in Ohio and Nifina to his farm and he feels fully coh voiced hat advertising pays his Moe buy Conson Tecl to take . Voo Doratt. E. A. Isom soil. Harry. Heili Niin Puiul Slor were also present and will . The work Harold Ger Piari been. , executive ii. The scout or-1 lie last i Roe Well fitted for. The work Las taken of a Avill have charge of. Publicity or the troop. The boy scouts by the legion is a movement and one calculated to renew an Active interest in this organization which is so vital to youth. Tho regular . Of the scouts will be held Liis club 1 i Lor the Chut my i Saih in Lukl la Ihl plot kill. Jill cd this lab 1 in in in to Piti on in Ilok 11 i i b n u by in u u i k i n u i it 1 i i f b Hui mint j Ihm no in la Loi i in no cum us inc j ins i. T on i coo1 to Ai iut in to it Hutn n h d p Sci Iutuk Iii Kcal d of Tali 01 i n to Uini Nini to the. Ii him i by i i Tai. I m i in by in mat 1 pct on i nits full Mecl is is o a Chui n d i. In lunch out i 3t Tini to his Opp Onei i t Siomo nitrated in uis recent b pit with rough Houise Rogers of Jii ii when Loushin ther Uji to win nil four rounds of in another Billy Rou iils of will Battle it out with Mccray Ormead Oliie. Alth p l i lit no it it s h i Oulu 1 i in did i put1 for 11 to u t old to i in i i n 1 Jinxin. It h i i o it St 1 i l in 1 ,1 i p on i Liisu t l Bov has Fink flock of site up Kenneth Herzog. A Filo years Oldson of Bert Herzo g of fair to Luigi of sheep in a few years if present Good Luck continue. Five years ago his father Hini with a Lamb , find today the. Lad has eighteen descendants of this Liet. By the time lie Iii Twenty one his Hock will assure him n Licat-iiicohii.1. Advertise in. The Miner. Tin ind t u i n Hope lot in Ilu ii Utec Iii. Conn Aud it ils i count v it Cit 1 i ii t u i no Ali Tii is he Piui i i it clinic it Cle Velum Ohio. . Where he flu Iii Ergo -4 Thor oui Exi Iii Iii Illon in the in nor Lvang it the True it inure of his of tto Ifni. Cilk Borre jul ulivo of Jils cause which Lii Ift the Hospital three Phy Leiam worked Over Lihn in u Vul Ellort to revive hair or. Hisil Boon by or. Iii Amiin to work at the farm and Lical Irvi Otily been remaining i town Over Light but1 wednesday i Ltd hives i a local superintend the unt. The. Style of Falcio it us to mint the air the a. K. Me tin g the March meeting of Mckunn cd minitor. of the Eastman. He was highly recon Inchuk cd and. Had had Many years of1 . In thin country and Ger of Usu 01 the Wisdom shown by the Vaji idly it o clock with eleven nit ibis in Atli in Laius at thu Moue of Ellis n air i s1000 it Wii died to i j annual per capita Tux Tiniou nyint to it. Ellis. Is Liuha. M Lulu Liu ill Lului and daughter drove Down the Taw the tools Smuul in Tut no of i Kolbi Fri Ting Taw it it Woik that Din it Lon Cal Denali the i uni ii. From he Lias Heater it 14 a ilium Deni by lighted to Gas Heater Alid went Oil watch your. Giitl Oiin id Mii h l Mac of cad. Xci ii Tif Uii Ini Iuliu Iulo i it 111. So Fin known be is survived b do i ast dioxin of in s Iii i a i .111 cd Lemuil. Do Zeimis Wen hit Dyki Milid upu1-ii mid i i ital Hui the. Koch mortuary Chapel. lord this not croon and burial will to made in Oak kill cemetery in that City i i i 1 1 Jui Chi us Ranf i 1 1 o Sill Iii in Lull Gnu h s us Hoath c i Truiti i i jul i n 1 l in l 1 the in Tolu of h l i Lune i oct u in Ailin on Rhulu Turin a Iii Iii i u h Mil b i i it in t in i m s it i h 1 1 it Lin at 1, in i i t a meets at Farmers Valley the Pinion it thu a sir i Lon u 1c my hip con Utt Tiu i i i univ Tim i v s h Buiji i uth u 1 1 i i in i h ii u i i u n a i i i 1 1 l i 1 fill i i 4 j i d screen h h room 1 i 1 in nil in ii 1 i i l i l 11 l t a t Tai i i it u u Oil 1 i 111 Iruh l i in us Tor Luik ii 1 Cutlif Jill e n h ii it ill far i 1 Lbw i l l 1 x to .11 Gas company again asks franchise i i Jet i i in ii v in to in 11 d i in in j to t la in i it s u u l 1 1 k i 1 i Gifu s to ii in Lull s. Hot. I a i 1 1 i v i ill Oil u h c so 1 to r 1 he l i it Najj i f til 1 c i tin j i i i rim cd s c Libra j j lift Hilll ill Sinit Ipolit gi1. A Ujj Al r hoi la Tel i of Liu i i s10 Clundt sent tuck 9-Ilin e 4hraliii ii Iii i Irr r ,._ i k i t h t i in Funi it Hosit or rho in if ii it u h m f Mph to 1 t 1 1" c u us 1 it. In l i Mimi Imi ilomnn1 i i t i i i u l n t it v Iii Idi n in i i of v i inti r j i l i id 13 i s m 1 l 1 1 Piti Thi n. Us i t n i my to m m la co h r t r r t n i u i of 111 n iii4m.h i u hh., n of i irks i in Cuenl Chin Thi i w1m b Fiji o a Titus of i fit k u if and u Muir r ii so teen Oil he t Sucre of the cd i. Of l 1 fit in. H cu.-. Nieters Giritz co 6iipphe- mini tet g n it by 11 Telephone bul find co pow Fiot. Tiai Bajit cons co 51020 reserves Start drive for Gynon idol London it i u la 0 1, 1ih no l Oik Icci t be i Mil i n the it Ion of 5i b Uil to i in to did m at Riel i Yiluen Foi the in a us ind Idip Tori Foi foe lot ins publish Iii Cis i Itier sufi 0 Seth by Orif Tuv. Suli iry. Olcus men Cei Al s12o r h Ali i slim 3 s Tihoi Tuinei i a s be mob Ilu i ice a hrs m-0, c c a0nm Gnu i 3111 u fee i Moud ind i Riecl tint i l u Al lie paid or. Hickey of the Niider writers de pin Meit d i. I id fim t were ii resent and ask ii that h i it c1 n i in so in Init c i of the huh so 1 t Tux j i ruin cd tie it to Tut in n u t t fort to s Cuit lie Tiff Nin n me Ltd by a no 1 to i t i t i to into of is in i 1 to to the h school uni do i g in m t in c irl to nut iiotn1 Thi built Duncan Sisters Cathy tunes is new talkie Folloni in you Sii Lecig on a sun1 being the Hoosier hop t you my lady Frfd its an old i Spanish Pusco Niv arc afro no. The time suffered defeat in his first apis Eurance Ful jew songs which let m the local Ruig he mide a la Vonic about the town after the Duncan Sis impression to mix things up Little. Is known of Mccray but unless he is Cleves he will Hue a to Frh Tomii. With rounds who pick a Neit Wallop in of. The evening Ai Wildcat Mcgivern. Will make his second appearance in. The local ring when he meets. Billy. Hill of Bradford. In his first appearance Mcgivent. Lost of might Battle to. The rugged Sammy Tor Riib. Of Jamestown. But orig Torriano a in the first part of the fight. This proved to be the most thrilling bout on the card and All. Indications Point to the fact that will see a real by title be to atm Mcgowan ind Hill no sorted lick cts of Sile Reserve seat tickets May be secured to the. Corner drug store soft Lippert. Find it is advisable to get Eaily be for it is too late. Advertise ters open at the. Star then1 Nottom pm talking and. Singing Pic Ture it s a great will be shown monday and March 17 and 18. The songs named Are new ill origin a Corn to mews an do cd for the it and the Story by billiard. Macdonald and. Dave Drey eve. The Picotti re was directed by Sam Wood director of and mrs. Nora Schilosser mrs. Nora Clil Osrie i fill. Saturday in the Sisters Hospital Buffalo. She was a former resident of this was Bra o Briert before her marriage surviving lick Are her husband and a of Vort Allegany. Local syrup m state that1 the weather of the past has been very Tho Quality of syrup produced from the sap Fine Quality of a Loci in installation. Moved and carried to Lac incl Ripe Tho a. Atie Emont ind require to by. I Lisp acted before service is a Bini a Cpd a was present and to Smethport Gas company Origi Bialiy submitted it Tali at Laid Toffle s Locial called by the debit president App late d the following committees for 1930 Hull and Nellis Hull and Nellis. Karlen and Digel Nehis find Digel. Tit editors 1report, of., the Bor Duger read and by the Council. Ii voted that the report be published in of the Mckean demo crat. It was moved and carried that the amount i Iii the paving fund be train of erred to the general fund. It was moved and carried that the Corner orig store be to Ere an electric sign under tons and. Rules it was moved and carried that plans for sewer Extension to West main and sower co Nimit d to get right of Wayt and advertise for bids. .pwiif-pcopu1, Jan not to realize l list is i oni True lib lib meet it Gular meeting saturday Ron lath it tin travellers. Club prof fran wih be rendered american Fly inc Day Pine Art of j. B. The present status of the Home a mrs. J. A Backus Home keeping music. Lodge at Crosby the pocohontas Crosby has purchased the. Old Parish House next to the methodist Church and will rent the and. Use the lower one for their Lodge rooms with Kitchen and joining. Driller leg a. Stroup a Driller who is employed it Row South pen Oil company had his. Right leg sprained monday while at work. Or. Ostrander. Treated his advertise in the Miner

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