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Read an issue on 21 Aug 1896 in Smethport, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Mckean County Miner.

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McKean County Miner (Newspaper) - August 21, 1896, Smethport, PennsylvaniaPress . 4.1 us Lif Ift v i tax a oel suck Eljit k u Arbun of will both the inner Tho Londs from every and their wives Holat ions Camo to Soo tto Good speakers and Fine music. . a into a . a 1 Satu Tuv 1111 m in. To trl f the flu ii. Him i. Ill 1 r in . .1 twin Rev. R 1 i 1 in .1 1 to 1 1" 1. I in r to in i try. I. I 1 i 1 1 1 v a. 1 f the four i. A or. R ii. Nut or. M Tow in. Run a. I h a m v. Kite or. And i s4inda Uel i. New 1 Home tit k of. I. Of n ii f in pro Cut to _ 1im Mirt m m Art n w m 51 i m n Floii i i until by by Itu nalu i k 1 Kiti la o i re 111 i v to. To e re j a 1, 4 tit. Of to a 1" f halt 1 n Usfo b a Hilly 1 i. Tier 1 r .14 the id turd la Leiofi o la xxv Oak us of h .1.4 a. Ai Ituna Elv 1uj ill w a of Vrr Yrne on a. By Hole the nut u in the crowd. With i Lent font erupt by i Oxier 11. N who Jajor. Wall of in the Breeze a to Uryan in by Arokod t1 be state to Abow him where he u to. Fly ten clock Oor in Reed by Oai urdu a crowd m Ould be found any where Lap a. Listed time Hber Idan 4 of the liar he . Joust i r. Cba4lwlcl. Lbrown c f a r ii 1 r a Fly Fly .1 i i a. U 0 v ii Terr f tar i i Hin f input Fly i. R hut us i Ifil or. F theft my v Uller Hare h in in soft xxx i Etta j. B h to a e 0 d 0 40101 i i o r 1 ii Hoim co. Eth port. Fat in Siut Wiwi j h a n 11 i o a f 1 i i i i 1 Lokaj Buffalo. 7. S. Braik Salon . Caile Ocean say. Us of Otance Itric in Adam Leal Narrof i Lerton x i aim a and flu tin Mcketo . Jug. Jifa Lundal inst Minny Annc Uto Imp Lien in mini tin in int ctn. 1 uie Tira Ilogon of knee fit tilled Over tin my Rurik. We full and Fri Franj im.1 n Infix Ineata to m Tuo vday Ami John i Lilia if i no llajnlman.1 i by Mitchell Lurar Hinl Irv of Norwich waa a in will known Man Anlie Hole a a viral lady j 1 in Fri Lee of 1 n i la i of Iteen r a of a. I Mia ill on Bull i Hula 1 Almet left monday morning Mii Liem an i Puma in connect who been Vitting 1 her i lure i thu my mrs a h South wok of Trad. Been the or ail i Meta Mitchell . W ii , f the Kou Kite Tody . Were first class pictures if Yon do 1 in North now a Jurahui Etc All Tell of that Golf fun s gallery i Jouce try new or Lam i Ute not hmm i invite cd to Call i acc the exhibit i i n the lint Tutti to e v w v a. Well Lump Rtula to adorably in till a. U Laie a i or 4. Vk1i. V. M i Lar to Sucura. I fill f Tho ii ii w maidu a ,1 to 1 Urtula on la Iron i to i very Iii to hot i v r hta Borton r moved he family into on Ater sat i a Iti a will ail 411 no riven by try elect la a 4i i in w rat my in bit f the a now Iron j i a sturdy Lent and 11 i appointed viewer. Tin re w Moor Arcet. Riu of j ii Iva Ivy we lnaaiferrr.1 1 . 40. Ard John Haley w a. M i late 1 Kew Lfona. Wero a Omar Lihi of that new Ira. .1 Central Vir Ira j Luvia and dance Lara main ii f to x i ill f my 1.14 urn to to. T ,1 we. A. A War he ii 4 i s 1 k ii of Iik-nce.1 order o get them in i _ r line which Alt d. Lay i ice the Ion a Nde ii fall All a 1-Jourice Llo to .How.-. ,1, 1 a r4t. of i j i i Vic s. I i to in Ith ii f or of l 1 he Llama i i 4-1. Re. I. R o i i a Irr i fan to 1u x i u s the ii j i to Lith i Bald Chi Waltl r la Rector i i 0.1 of 1 with in i the Ului a Lola 1 r the Lodi that v. Diagram ill f tur next la the we my Raj bin i 5 i 51, the i.irr.1 to 1 j maj a a ii Ler an i h i after War i Lin r 1 . By la Zmer u v i in. If to i i to f tlil4 Jiu. I. i i Vav h we Jorr. To. T i. 1 Jujj. ,p1, in lire pc. T of her h i 1 c j i i o3 a i b to 1 s a j. A Ian i b i la Lilia. Our u f w j in in i a flu e ban i b. I rum u Tor Beu m n m. Tell were Aji ii 4 111 i in the. Jamie the tily Belos i whether by not woul 1 aeon b in the Rollow and duly re Tum 1 irom an extended Rait monday 31i j i i lieu of Nulford of pct Bondad with her Norcola. Or and or. Reilly of Tjien Roou my Fllicita of incl Luo new s Ork. Tjie Imlig her vacation tie Home of her Athur. H i Choate tit Ami or. I ii Axhi Refl Ami and or William Ikird of _ oui Craport Jmartin in the i i pc j. V Irwi. Anil i Leilh of or k 1 and wife i wife and of r Ric. F i of Lull were retell _ Ishri. .1.1 Over sunday. I Simanu. Wife Ami child came fro. 1 1 an i were Guc in ,-n.v ii m rru4.ii.iimk. W Mitchell a Ali ill 114. Larmon. Alky Tail a. A Filer Moll or. Lek h.lre.1. Of . or. 1 rank 11 i f Lunil la arc ,-ue. Their Tatri or. Villi i atre week m no Hie Iti Iker Ami Mia. Tini i in Thia i Mcaa if in n Fordiin inv Drexl Lublin Tinct Lukl of hair them num Crom cd Perl. I a a of Tom Cru lot Cal the inflow inc Raol Uhlond Weno n to Italy by the of me Hunn Tarot no commit glom Irvil Liz to ii Marwit in. Paid to on Tonij ii Bix no Lizuart poll Clit to in . Tie Jbv Lovran Edver Tulang of Lii or i Epcot m from lib Lleni i Miliny. I Raj of Lluu Ika. Rom Joel Clort mid Oil except Church urn Lea to eliminated from to id lilt. In Lulu Talon Boex u. Tho Stato editorial to in Ltd their annual convention la film i 1su7 la Reading of Trio death b the o a a. Of our Tild flood lev ittle. I Vril naturally us Preucil thu the w u. C wan not Mont Lonoel loyally Tioy Honor re att glance and other Utin Dror a Roll Icar you Bozuwa with. B. Brown dby goods f work of to to told mime Orth i 15 a Basic _ All other Roodi Tow prom. By the Bubel Stock or pure Lour eve car Aora want Ruck tit everything Matt be Tou a Low Price. Aad Cape go from to each. J Tofu ii mull of r 1 i y wife to Jen Ewe Day whet he w la w 1 an.1 to Waterville on i inc Ciceu a Tew make. Anna r me lie n of were very plesiant Cullen Tiu Tolice yesterday i he Ladies have me i i onus f Kane came Down a exit to to old Comrade. Of to Only known Tot poor Jolk wan bal Nof to Tho county Homo to dip every door would imm Ucci thrown open to Botu no not to Whu Roee Lyod the Neman my he toned to him Booth or been tin re Mill borne n world worn up Rit to la just Row try where the o and Tuk ruler will demand Tho that to net tic Polh of stir Volt Lucr boy i stood turd Ifa cd upon Tho of Luul and a Jolo tiny Toloe to to me. Judko not i turned away to car Blunt cd Tho in of Trio world Niy riot thaw lied bask Over hit pnj.1 Ulfo. I know Iho Jenret of lift b4h.n to country. I Felt honoured to be Ono of Thote who Fol Lowed to Itu cat los Placo to Koto Hill cemetery Lnell the lost Roll Tould and god not Man. Ball to our thin let to baud of Loyal women Luud ready to Aid Llic Frlic Odlum and Homol Cluj Loller boys and have Oer Talolo a lion to to Trao us Towi. They so solemnly took to to into to Ali ill country and Truo to Trio o and oabpit8. 123 Union. Street n Charte ii ban club Thyl waa Organ i.4ki Valley scr j Ashur thamm or will be Hume r in heir trip to night they h. I time the of Sac id. A Jiskra Ian ii j to. Is. Rel that to ild in , tint i Youlif . I 1. In of Wolf an i ha., a lunch but a i Hui . To Tell i. Wife ii a a him a he hou., with my wife arv.1 .1 or. An i or j 40 re ice Moll i j 2 a a Joann r male they f. both , nil r in n 1 he i Cate mayor ii and k in a car i ii w juju bin Alvo to a grind of the a rail to Date of the stale to and Muter of . Ivan to.rau.1 master v. Traad conductor Kawaii i wat Lea ii Noel Licker or Ifo. blown a late i 1 v i i vix 1. J tire Iii o eth Ami i rank o re left 1 j or where they will if i r ii to t7 11 of Frank i r in co Noui. Mineral water or Kich Monral retnrne.1 monday i a 1 Ami or 1 Lieen of fitly time and he to corp Lent by drinking of Wooder Lul Watera lie took or Alaji Llalon a pal turn. Exp clinic to v a when hear in cent . ,.t j a furl a up a Uii i lie. My ii he m.v.1 us m Towli i in Roo to Lalu Jowa a lain to Uptou u o.i to Crove filth. I u la Clear Root in which in cure of. To j . So Jour Howll in who Ilett rrr.1 ten of we on a licit j 1 ii. Or ote the i la Tiv w r n w of " n Alln or a. Ji.rrl4. N i he l Ion m h nor i the us rr.-. Iii. I v in a Vert fact. By Lar Portl. 14 f Rains v. Tie Fri. an 1 he i in favor of tar train of. R the i vie fro ii the inon Nul i ii Arn brought Loti Lili horns i Opu j Itoro i i ill. I ii i. 1 1 f the to talk 4.x i 1 if w r i i Nimb r. I i i Man h a ref la. A til. T i a 1 f i or 4 la ii i i Lui r a i 1 ukr. I i i v ru i -.7 to i i the in imply l r ult Ali Nuth inn lib each him in to la i us or a i. I f .111 Iru v. U Midi m Idun Dri Iiams come homr Maskill a m s eared who i. With o Rheum Nalini Able to or i Leo r Curneil Home Fri i thur Nlay Ili ule Earey Home again Kate Iii Milhan sunday in a r Ruml h w to auth tin Annan Crock h by the itch John p ant who in. I real Duisit of wet Almond v in Ali your to Vanl tank Benjamin a Demark who la Lnu on Bella Bun in. i went with air to Liok cattle that w. Re in thu will. They were wan d. Rink the Mililli 111" they Over the oui Italy Oiron Annan which waa thai. Lnu a and Ulmot impenetrable . looking around Voll. or to a Riant h. Ali in will h tit. Cut Down the Cap i Murlik a let Ali Mon than Flo feet in do a reduction in air. Departments. A summer goods must be closed out immediately therefore we will make a big out in dress goods and Wash goods. La toe capes Anc shirt waists Price. Not Windy but just As we state. From lint w. I. La bib Huff. I la in. Of hrs in in Ali by the Kuem f Kathenne Manuer Lereen Mill with bet a Parenta or in i Waicy his or of 1 ital org visit f j to Csaji r next i in. Tie Tive. Uil till i Lite ,.l m. Objet ii of the Public Pmj huh Cru r off Rory ,1 Best Ittai Waul. L. Ijo. J a. My h the a Ioctl cled. From uary. Ao the Larue ant n 1 Delej Italoa from met Bort. Buth in talk of 1 the .Jrttox Btij wa4 1 adj a the 14 a. Published la whih verb Ulm u to till let Ali i " la of Cohl Tujan alld i pics filial with All tin Tundel i he ill til Trana Errel in i from jul re i uie of ten will rec. 11 . I j of Hare i our Fanille p0 " Colic Foont Rulo Viii. Namer 1 i m a Jan w o Hillur dirt. Re f. Rupa. 1 Tamotu Ary m po.-. Ii a Llu Blo Couch. to to a Ruoh Rennedy i ule by a b. Aro Stronz to or Vii. Weir act h aug thu 1 of w ii a m. ja.1 Tater Dri two a h. Ile Thura. Oil the a be Eure 1 Levao of Aioo w ail Lett to a the Laoo or Smej later jul Jefe Cral. the z grat Tsea wort elected executive Cost Allee u a tuner . A Balitaan ii j Ault of l0d ii pall Bearen 31 floor a. Michura. K ten ocerlajr1 Yasaei beaut tul. A Towo Taj of Eliboro us end to Cioll 07 to enl 0.w of Cloctt Patrick of . Fis Latendre cot la toc Lal Rhyl act per tin incr court Tjui a Ami Day Lor scat port dec sized to be Content oos plenty w eat. Tic Odd few of oat Piea Jast town and their Hylton Zany Well feel proud Oiler Thia Mercat. pissed on a Jar Darlow tic t of i. H aah b Day ao.1 the.rao race or Leo 010 Tho Flajs will be a foot Mcc to cold the Ball came will be Coote ated of try Ivar and the Oleo dab. Prue will be i one ticket the Bol rear Bond i oui c tee Ada Shioo will a Chou and i eau Ermund stand Knurr Blant. Will be furn cd or w j Ilir a. Roll str j who All Correiro Oreece should Bood Dre Fulcd or rat of Spencer ism a Lorado Good t1w oar Ltd Deco Rascal in tact uttry a the fax e3 set Capoj pc co of a bc7 bicycle a Cir -nlat7. 12. Ai Toto both Rwjr i Tubero will be foor b Jereta foot adj fac sn5 erect Olu a do a Lerr , Ite afro Whin Atif Berluc with an Uoromtni. attack of dlr Rhea or w i gun nip of Atco a re c4-ive4l throw Atli the mail n Lample Liotto of i i critic. Ohn Lora and do Arr Nwa let Nady he my i found to no of the Moat Kern Odlen i Ever Macd sue to irn med ate Relief. and i think in. Roulo. No Bill effect to follow to use if thin remedy 13 Poco Paul to take when need Wlllie nn Fawcet Oertl. Tell Drin Llyn . never Fallo. to dint us rect remedy evict prot Leod Bowel 25 Centa per bottle by a b. Arro to bal Finaro. Hitrec sons kidney and bladder Vanile Maru that in non Wou lil in Ulx. the raid Dlo of Hla fibrin Nurt th4 num. That now on Tho owuo4l 1 th4 in Chung on the Little that Flowa Down from thu North or of Vii. Lost no Tlewin Naceur Luff he Luud Driy i Foteff t4 Tho land an. and pure Bavlnk 10q Acrea which to p ild jew and Tho follow Tiu fall he. Wotli Hla to. A. John i or and from w. Almond und Hullt a log House i a Vanir Wal tar tin 12 Tara old. To do the Irli in to farm formerly occupied by will. Hull Dolnic tin or and Hill d in a. Chi Unity built out of hem i. L. the. Hide of the. Lanto Hemlock Roll Thor f Vurich rut Down an Hla former Rti. to. Ali. T Tiluy Ali. .Hin r Tho in Pitt out of and Hosoa with an unit. rov4 cd with a Anglea c. limit not Nha cd Tho h in twin the. W. Re chunked with Tom Lar out of Loaa. And 4 died in Llumi ind this no Datovo Irtle. Pin. Only a poo left without floor n on. End of the. Sioum in which a Dro ou.. Tint the Liona. Or Ermna and Nilly Reivi Ovid Etc Hunt that the lil Ciri n i uld attend school which to cd i Rubury n lie attain i in the wider take a from any to. A Unity Atn Rawl from Utch burb in in in Lii with Hort Uijun and Recac cd Tho h in . Durk th4. John mud thu Wiur la Tell mom 1 with y pro of n and a Load of in xxx. On old of Uleda. Arr Ronit the. N of mil.y a Man named Tair 1 and i think now by a Man named univ. K dark Olmre to until too Nuki ii pm. And thu .1 i Onmin Clrk the Jour y a. R tin Mountain to the Huito a re Liik tin r. iut mind Heht. The fun Illy Ron Idaul of futher Mother in in m Van he Kerrn four Boyn and Throe Day Tho who wore Able to Willow stir Hugh Tho now. Went out and off the Trawa to Cork tie in .i Olulo Tho men were Bui Uhlir a a blur Ali scuttle Tho Burn or rather 1. An to come acted. We to. Work of to land and outline ily a list of hard labor to Anco Odood in Inu 12 from which to not Hullo Turna. Amo waa plenty Dir pro Quentlyn coming Ithan aunt of House and la kowtow of 1k3t-k. A Lagro Wolf Paa aed the Ooin Tho Yard while to wore eat nit dinner in tie fall of hot do aeon Bamu. with Hla wife an4 two Nona. Thereon and by Laa. Moved in and Mollod 4m Tho where Thorma now Olvra. Tho two Tho farm while Tho father 4om that a Leo Winter Joseph Bodfean moro.1 in and later Tel Elliot and Acebol now Bocane a Nee Tahy Ana 103 school Houyao woo built on Tho Roand. And very near on the of Trio Oak pets bugs curtains and chinese mattino3. Being overstocked m department we will offer some Low in order to reduce the Stock. Come while the assortment to Good. T. Bbrown Moore Block Here we Are again. A genuine 50c summer Corset for39c, i invite inspection act comparison of any 50c line. Call and examine them also a full line of the celebrated p. M. Brand corsets try my mixed spices pickling Only 22c in. Also Heinz s White wine Vine Gar. will Peep of time. If any spoil we pay the j. Cole Oboth 86 carpet go. Carries a full line of goods and their prices Are away Down. When in need of anything in this line give them a Call. There s a big difference Between cheap hoes former Fate forget there Refl in payday Ai paying much. The stores a not How cheap tace motto of some other not How but How our motto i a quod we tre a Loving out tour a big reduction Tad if wet a Low Price come along pretty Ford v red front 16ountenstreet. K clean if i v71i1 von Scot port. In. Tour Viteau oat before act Lull info Natalon in a to to Taco w. N. to p. H y Oscar a can to to o to p. H y Oscar lion to Tho thousand Ulonda August 20. To rates Oro Bolow that Tho most Ablo can njord Tho trip. Matjo id Turco or Moro Dayo. Cao to the aettl4-Ra Boznu nearly All Baptist Church waa Oran Tutol in wok com Lien la runs on lain in. Creek Ana and took Tho name of the Flat Battat Church of Annan or met and Bor. Pre awed Thoro until thu fall of 1mo which Elmo to took Tho Norwich Alakl Southport farm on Mote or ctr in Tho fall of Ihm. He. Inborn a a Putor he children Ono in Tho of Sncano re ror Aad boo m Annan Uriel. A Tomboro Bratt Kara Aad Buckeye Agency. Pure Tut your Albert Anderson. Wro Botalo n. Y., toll Law Katha Osit Hoit Ostop. A Otto Susta of editor be pastor sueb., Esa ions Yean Ciao. By Tewal is rapid iss Faz Fels e or Turbo of 15 Flose. F my tto polio Fulca As o Cru jail w we offer per jew an i Tiratira to the Buckeye Binder to on woe my place and can Tuke Ltd Csc the Hwy Manilla and Buder twice. He Manulow Turee _ the Best footwear Harvester of l if

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