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Read an issue on 5 Aug 1892 in Smethport, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Mckean County Miner.

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McKean County Miner (Newspaper) - August 05, 1892, Smethport, PennsylvaniaThe circus Talon of them n or is greater by 500 o any paper in county outside of a Ltd Tsei e. Of Lhotse. Bet they a Tell a Tho it Rossis it i of t u City a at the Loo Roll and a of Ofca a Points were Thill t sir with their of alarm aug Toj by carry a i Ity Tirron for we icon to it Euitae sol p Lotcia or in Smith Pforr a. Friday. Augus1 a i Jou eth to car of a Jook j whal Vrr Casc i of if it Edwld t i Only my the Bel Fixl Mes local discovery in w us with thru i Bull three of the sixteen elect on with to h ws.1 in Toni Rand by formal election or a Prevar Bat us Avo every Man jul ii Luene a in Hla f tse forty two kept in ill the Poa Aduis of hoofs away Hern Tho cavalry was t a i horse to Tho at Jsck Tho Blaek Uli k t Tio raid struck into a Trail Reed the to March in id see Orra lit to Tho Tho pounding of the Brayles of Camo from of a Lynx to Bas to Moun pave no Hoed to Tilmae to bins n w Wei to fort oot of the do blessed to in to piled. You Aro a Yankee no Yoa Notz boat i qua Bawn in comp Bell Modaty. Up la Uji Cumberland you Sido with Tho with tip we n Yoa Cay of Tho i trans or Yir lol Crin Tho loudest kind of Ninson 13 h and in do and out no one Lido and Down t other Nepi of to Union and will to to Good Lor. Till every rebel u Dinv from Tennessee is Yoa the or p f and into the to both Flet _ u their a time Heath and 7r Furco they set Pursuit at that no could Havu cd fur no Many Tho party til of Rry is i Inch nver about the. Us. K ii hiding the y re the r engine and were now in Tho Liard pm a that Tho i re up v to informed tin i. In by by and that by St a Lauu loan would to Wilt to p him out r their Way Way up he i f Arco Wylli raw a 1 on i of Union i did not Irwin in r he drum Nta Al Cay a for Tea Yod you Juk Moro a ctr round jja.k1 by m Ikon Ilu first class Kllc Smithing h Oes shoeing. Lenin my cigars i Jaik to i i m i sin t Lou 1 cant go no b u in 1 thl and so t to in r. Jav to to fun m s in All i 11 i n and an int Ulen t be Sejfo to k 11 i i with Hli brother and 1 to in the ther site a b. Armstrong. Agents. House Bayer Tutor nays at Law Ion Piso to a a Natco an internal to Foll car not Wool him Aoh to slim Mclily Yoa inns won t Ketch a Turtill. Tat of to Boyu vhf role to won Tho Job Quito to Ca in a Ketch in and jail in a Lamb Puro wan Tho Oak to d a of to Hnin t Hans his brother that riled him of to i my con. And them that it Utica Wijma and that Lito no than Broth it. Bra got to fix fo1 a if fat and then Moba Ophi i Pond to to dose00 badly licked now 7uat to Hare Yon Nna to Ai a prisoner Piko took in giants a after thin Eliom a that a to Talent 1 Fang were or Tennesse colonel Yaki up permitted Jack to Tako his brother hta Trothi r t and to for for this a str Woon Dod when it we re oath of Tho forty Miles away dished him an am Bolac Poso Anil a doctor to Ikui t Man wonks a Lent never Geipert to see Jack and Pike together Bat thar they warn Praise the lol fraud when i seed pm i fell do pfc and did t know Nathin till i a Jack arms and the doctor Len a canteen to my Mouth but As Pike when i need him thar with his it hand Gono and plus tags nil Down Tali old father Peters. By Alfred b. Oal Hoot. Got on my Knees to thatty to Mil 1 t pit the Fleming hotel supll1es Johnsons i til. Illus i i f i v a. Reilly Smethport. A w. T. Thompson it att r a i r Arimo i i ejouse., liniment tee Mullal hot1, phah1ac1st. 0pen Day drugs to Polsi in twas. Fit stationery fancy rdbsists1 Suh files. Wagons Alfred sturdy int i a w Suaviso and t looms o pm Vatu rooms attached Hopkins u c. T in i m p m r w m Soccol Laau Safe Tea to if of funny a t Mountain in mrs. Hurd Tell her try All 3 did War Woodd ten cold and Haid. And to to physical and n Toji t. Sturm Wui abject cd to Tath. For when Kinsmen re in rare l Raich other in the. Imei. he lbs. Bat under too i i was heart of fro Liana demonstrative Thor ten vent u character Atie of in and an outsider would in 1hal to y had Tai n to it Rasht Tho forms and Lovo f. R outdoor life the taciturn Ity so of Raco have sup t to Recap of Union officers Libby or to daring oat break of Nidin from tie at Lanta Bwl fur o Xvi nor Brown had worn of their number it b d rib total if courageous in in thu Lino was for Conn War than to a Capo re Rantain from Knoxville tuber tsp to Wens six thou lanky mounted Cav in and City St Tho hard Sod his two score men Sway without a Najj a shot or Neci with any a Uit Anco after to jail other b return a scr i ant Anil ten had sent up from Knox Vilk event into Camp near Tho Housto. Thor purpose being to Surprise Tho Hurd boys should they return Homo i it believed Thoy would do these two wanted to buy provisions from Limni and falling to that they at to raid to smoke Nazic Bat Sho Droter them away with her Roflo and Couill lied them to a nov Thi in Camp fart or Down the Valley which so. Ii lift. W a few Mouth every Ulm by t ano.1 in that Region had 1vd North to Tho i Mon lines or Hod % olunt.-. R Boen drafted into Tho Toat Bern Well pro v1.1.-u with and Quito Able to care for thou the it was a or. Iry aug Iowa Winter to my Hurd and un.4 uni t Nike Ert of Elurd in Tel Hin her Story won i. Qty of Wood in 1 full and to i at and Ulo n t at Mitch and Char it on fo.1 lir of Rritt. N ind co n r 111 but hit wan to heart Iran i r Jurat them two to s it worried to aim ii and often Whin Tho Erika won tru an 1 thir Wui room de p m Trio mountains Minny r Guiod tramp to and Boek Oil Trio la pm Lerein pectin that j Lek or Pilod but bit poors Uliey Loulyn t. Utill we via did t know Why it Tho time Aud it in no to unt co Ardnt cat in such and i could see Fez How Iii Uny wan a i Tittle thinner and her Yea hit hard to Bur of Atli Whin cart a Sot on them that s tue but hit i smart harder to bar thu on Sart Loty right straight Lonk week m Aud Tonth out Whin Ono Don t know of i boys Fri a Levin or dead Tikten and of tin Whin me and Many id sown Long Sido by Aich Othi r that or1 Montah i to of think ten. And when Tho darkneo.1 Waii on thu Hulln and Tho cold Ali it drug Down Tho Valley and Tiu was bout Tho House like Paek of hungry wolves 1 j think 1 Luard Jimick or a no Lleren of help and 1 d Start up Frei a door with my heart a Juinping till i pick and Giddy and my Lara Iff Unm to catch Tho voices of humans Udo in Tho Sto m then i d reach out my ban Hope ii inny wan and 1 d find up too a o it d been chased up Hill lit Aln t much to toll Trout Tebbo. Tit was mar hey hard u bar Somo i Felt that so be i Coald jct by myself and Hollis Lipoma do a bit that hit d do to a Heap of Good or 1 if i could a thrower myself Flat in to Snow and cried till my Tahami cd Down to to rocks and the morph them that hit a brought to ian.1 Bot i Oidne want to let ii inny know Jort How 1 Jelt and poro Gal. Sho Oil Thormo to Mako Bill to thao Tho was fix Lui port and d Nna it work Whin Sliu thought 1 lev team Anil the. U Whin the 1 Tomi t Nikii. She Talco on till j it Rod. And Knowin How Cost Torton techs 13 the win Iuen Folk when a Ute tall Alono by thansis 1 Ovir Pur toe that 1 Uoti eed Lur eyes or that 1 Dot la t think she was t Ulsh bout s Yew t the Day was Long and so hit All during that Long com and Nushi a Berahin foul Iho boys to Unn to cheat Aich other inter Bol Iovin that was t both Powah us mis Solo Tjo summer ported and now and then an did Man who had been Over to we in Raj store or Toto human Whoso men Folk had Refu Jcck would drop in to see mrs. Hurd and Micky and to talk of Dera Urato Battlon in Virginia and Ken Tucky and in Plocica they had never heard of before and the old men would a comin and lists pow Ahful Slof to to but to olo a i Infin to to mountains Affine and Shelli show no Down thar Cha Liton Way. Whir them Dos Kun r. Beta Fust Pum cd face i Ood fo1 now me no me Rood a sob i we Occeno could no. Bolero the so Many and or tort Frost in Orvllle so Nelt cd Ormaul Joanl i by ban Nirry of the City about found mrs. Hard Salep m Bow d we by Tho there 1 1 cd the . Kra Enrille she had is sort of to later f son cd u bar fico had to fact Ilir to Tio . Al so 1 i habited from her efforts Sio Arr Atod Ted Goa food by to cell occupied the Day before by Jaci _ cd ten and read of la fails and at tic ii pro that if i to to Tea to tick o up. Ii on y tsp a Day. D sri oat. Bat i Sot thar la to to sri sad to cart of cry the of Pat free to the Costa taiga i War to god 1 Felt a Tifft tsp fir 1 d Bora staight a to and left hit did pm s of Cood on a to thai thai idyll later my acis Pitico. And Hia to Bob that Day Antol Slorf that been Sohappy Faial cd Pocnia on wha yrs in jail of Thia Whir them Dor gun Ivorn Flat Tho news of the Trout Ltd Fri. Hard sorely Tho Nnandi i f men iil4 Sho would say to Many and All Brovo men like our Jaek and Pike of Thor can t to any braver n they is some Thui tolls to them two Roi int Como Cla 1 of Tho Amjah y nil Timny would try to Ihor in r ill j with a Barro while relate a h off Rahil a Nail or of office to Decd Ber cell sad Ca tit 3-j with a Hope did not la Nulf Story of Kunfi Ederati disaster Cali to the Mountakis. As it did after Hill prints. Doughton and Shiloh then th3 in other and daughter began worry a lint Pike for they know him too win to Lioto that to had goo North with to Josie Tho Union army and Ellra Tho Story of Bragg s invasion of Kra Techy and Kirby Smith March North from Cumberland map came and the Hills filled with Ramom of Union Elsas Teai then lira. Hard and Many to stir Tho Oshta to Jack end All their pro Yoni were for Tho overwhelming defeat of the confederates. The two Torraca harvested their Little a Corn Aroet Potot oeland Corg Huin Atu wiled two Riffo that bad become fat on Mast co that they Vero Safo again it Fanino for Tho Winter Ono night in wove a bar 18c3, when to Young Winter ads a practice Drill in Tho in Tate. Lira. Bard a july were by hearing a heavy step on the Chaco Between Tho two Cabins Tho o Thorr demanded Al Lay and macs trom Tho bed and actual Tho leaning us Felt Fri orc of Mcclun Jack up after leaving Jack near Tho Kentucky Lino Piko Madu bin Way to Bowling Oren where under Tho Naino of Piko was his Mother maid on Only Teil in Tho forty second to had at Shiloh Ami Corinth and wan with brag his raid into Konton Ckuj to said in effect stuck by Briick and fit w u s Tho nes Man till to no Tod oaten Kaintuck and Uii ulu of Aist tinn oboe i he no Tho boys Sayin or hot our army was Gwine Plain Down to Al Holtville whar i Desart cd from to git Jack away and whar 1 know they d shoot to of so to i got Baek thur so i to Desart cd agin and Arter a rest i think 111 go Plum up to v uru ii und Tojiko another Namo and Jino i Al. To had heard of Jack up in Kentucky Jack Hail a company of Coata followo.1 to uns Plain in worn crab Orch ird Way whar to rated in. R by old with d. Vil and Tho deep a with a third open that led at night to Tho roup of thu tru Emllia in Tho m int Anu nud thither to went i now Hilo ill to. Pinon to from Tho with an 1 ninth i Flint k. Utu k h ourth Jhio and second Hast t. In. Uko to Valry Ngu Nants Weru sent int i Ali Nambi plan 1 Range to kill or Hinn Allf Beatty a my could f Lun i but under no Cir cnut Tail to Tako a in Nourr for Tho Gui Fri Hui w. To not Ennis two in r Elwir Lenoir n a whirly con Milchl ined and Lulitu facts cd to their Barba Rous i oviduct. Luil them u Bort Gardol u j on i Trio Palo of civilized Warfor. Ail w Ith this . In the of Gul b and Calif of scouts went til ii Jock Hunt at Linit Thi i ii Vul wire greatly inferior to that of Tho confederates but two Yean of Active Cuiji signing had n versed this our mounted men had beco Uio , and had d tymm selves in the use of Tho Ensor. Tho Oriu Man s must formidable weapon but our to Ohleh Tho sont Liurni tax jeers Noier tools kindly Tho Union cavalry Hal Iki Ohio Abizi Pitons and Dar incl a freely for Tho ene my i to nod resisted them in Tho Ozien Thoy hid a Soldi r s respect for Gnim Liui who shot Tho Woan Dexl and stragglers from an am Bocado Thoy had Tho rent Liat. And when caught titty showed them no Moro mercy than if they Woro Rath Snake. Thirty of tinker Davo Beatty a gang Wero corralled to Tho mountains and knowing what to expect they fought to Trio death. Among Tho men living when Tho barricade charged and Token was Piko hard. Thuro wan a Saber Cut on he face from Tho Temple to Tho Chin and from shattered right hand Tho blood Poparod in a torrent. Fetch a Ropo and string him Upp a hosted Tuomo Ono and a Man appeared with Halten to threw a noose Over Piko Nock and was about to drag him to Tho nearest too when a Man in Brno appeared on Tho Occeno and Sho Utteg on that a my brother to felled to Tho Earth Tho Man who held Tho 1 snowed Moah after a week spent in Hood a Bine Clad co Orbr foam backed to Newt Jack to was ordered ten Osseo to scout in to army of to cum Lwi ing through Tho Motril Northwestern Georgia. Whin Jack to said mrs. Hunt. Could t a Bear to let a my hands about a Frendin Down i tall 1 Crin to keep up Tho Cox to d Boback soon Camo Oah my eyes and cd if Madu with an Ico my heart and 1 Knowld him no , and mini Tho same Way Senco they was 1 boo them Brothers and Joek he said k olo Feller with three Lia 1 reckon we inns Kin smart Whin thu Wall a to Coald n t ape it Coz i he to croat and his and Jack Rode off and Road winds Tho tall Critt. R and w Ayed he 1 was gone sly o cd v Bawn to w u gon and Tho Ioor Mother Nett Totive her voice Sci and Sho new used Hir to. K her torturing mini Caj Tail Hunt was Ait luring Trio Corii pals til frightful disaster that at Cheek Ikauka Dur in Tho Sie goof to helped hot sad Defi and Tho Wagon trims that i ought through no plot. From Meu inner to and which Tho army Murt Iuro to Sce-me.1 to t Hoeter vigilant and unc Omi till in that up Lenilla butt. That rodent Ltd Chick Tim Aud Wien Eft Lookout and miskolc More to Ige 1 fell with a Ballet in till that to inc i mind i Between us along right but Piko was a Lump a Lakin i liar whar the he pulled in Bis to us then to fort no u Down in her to a Bis Jet form As 1c to n to rest. Ilu Blu Man Enli a in the took our arty to ust Nan of few the to Naoy had Al Pluck Adaa Porto democratic tick a the wet never crea4eil a _ to Fem Buta Sescel it that the stages that War had Motte. Tace Yak for the first Raae la Belr i and atty to learn. Tow work. Smith shop a which the War was disease of pro coated to i would Ocue to Tfaye Bill Sov i it must Cone Only diet Dent. I have tried to Point Cut la he i Lill at sat a i to Hern were i there i certainly the an he abode among the Hills of thu cum i to kept Bis View would b. Dif tical in Riihl a place and a Oil on in Moro Ioli it contrast with Bis i Bat spoken. Tho rett Conro to Hunt self and by eans in his Power tried to poor Agi Jack hard w breast in the t Ery moment of Victary from where to Lay i of the crowning Tho Center o con i co the Blue swe Ping up from the i of when he it 11 Tho r shut out he View but to could h Sherman s and Howard Rusus against Tho Mew of Mlod part of the Coe Lix King Awty to tic lit mountains h w so bravely fought for Tho declining Sun of Lite try s Torii from t Lix Kont Mountain i Dii tint other May in tit r title or Pic Juji n than that in i Ich Jack Hurd lift tin mountains to the White tents of the in Sotl brought Homo and close to where her to Fust Pik his han.1 at All but could Sie Tow in Teeth Cor Jet Tho Crest to steel cups Tel it to the left the of men they stubbornly is line and to his beloved Tho Banner to humiliated by flashing like Topmost crag of i men nut mail Havo in a met sin was ind not Wabun to let to or Miliny Jibo Chi plur news Kern up from kit Well forever in ent. Lead the body a in Tho Hil Bride ind Lay Niue the loss of corked right on clips ainu that Jaci Pike Ziluni a Julid by in to Fol Igot our cheer Pik Ouji but to Muth and did t child Itie he heart i k to vhf ill thin a Wurst ii Ami a rat mini i Ojnik it Lew k n an Tho i that Hui Nathin and he Erful us Tho Villo jest agora in in n to a butt and toted Art. R Piko in we uns Kiim h. Tall unil h. .1 i in Lui. By. 1.1 my in the it that i liar flit Shore o nue i Kilt. That Ilos dmm r in trying to Hdldn t nay shed auth i dead Brukho till to Kep on nil a to could bring i seen this Ovah the id through bit pid and i i we Mil " Etho was us no at Jarl t swim ind be t him in the Urt in i 1 the pm 1 it inter his own f hit had t i my Tiu Jack no Tho of w York t taken charge of so Hind ramp Aiice evening Post to general order is ban Tho Del and t it to state co ont of to party them political Flower it does nol Dert akm to read tempt Wasly it Flower Doem Ropo it is doubtful if after a Long Martins Over Mot under just Tho same Bat in Tho Border it woo not unusual for Soldin to Hocog Ulzo old friends relatives and even itt Othra Amon j Tho dead and dying of the enemy Captain escape from Knoxville through Tho assistance of his brother Vna pretty Well known to cavalry and when it became known that Tola Tho brother and Pytko bad told Ufa own Story Tho that Clat cud to were we have not Hea to what Tea Tho Charleston Newa t of Tho Cleve York As the o it its first Wuu am f site us tenant Gor from the National ill Man Murphy shall to Farrd inces both of to him. By in b pronoun know any better rho go for Doe ant it demand 1 ont of Tho party Bat Why higher same we in that will shall Why Decap Tato Oil Chicago Tabuno. Is wu1 somebody in orm whether or not Honry Ion will Voto for Cleveland for Lent in november from him should do since adjourned i courier .4.1 associates. Wealth or at com fort and intelligence to Rule in Northern Ohio Liiro was hard an exception to Jim not and Ign Oneco in Tho new but father without giving a thought to the Aai i Floc he As making Felt that in was coining As n missionary to Tho Hnat Ben Julto ski much a if he had gone out to Uio heart of darkest Africa. To built a Large double Lof Cabin that Quito in Luteal and a k Modi 1 of Homo Mumfort in contrast wit i to to Cabins a and is he knew slut Tho to to he to broke up a Little i firm Urtonisln-1 bin to by intr Iurii urn my s and i thu in Inch Lull m Lic fore Star 1 Tif or in of soon after fun no and with no from Tho a Hirni b 11 Como to uni lit Tat hit Milt a log meet inf. House in Tosh Tho Ronch Monn Tain Rood from his Homo int word through the. Hills that Heri Istir them would u. T Newbins Ever sunday Inoru ing at in vote s crossing is the pm Ico was called at first the people did not Uko kindly to the missionary these mountaineers Whilo hospitable to passing strangers do not favor Tho coming in of outsiders. Tho Man who a not own an Aero of Rock Hillside is Strong in Tho that the mountains round about Aro Tho exclusive property of la Milf and Kin than. Again Whilo Thuro were no slaves in this tart of Kentucky the people Hud a water hatred of hatred that grew More intense As Day of strife approached they believed that every Northern Man was an abolition 1st and at first they were inclined to think that father had come into Tho Mountain to up cad Bis pernicious political principles rather than to circa cd although our enough to to band Lan Htit mrs Piters threw her self heart and into his work ibo was a woman of much culture and for. O of a Ractor and u fore Sho had been a year in Tho mountains Sho established school in to meeting House excepting Bradle Tho is ninth s children and those of family named Burns that Liick near by the no Hwy wan attended Keith or the Mountain its n a their Futh ers had bad an Book Larura. And so they reasoned that their be Lidron could get along without it and then they had a dim notion that so Boot Ami abolition were closely relate d gradually the a eating Arend Mous for the for ten Miles it was particularly Poji ular in the Nunier season then group of Bink my and women often b to of Hided can Lurt n w. No 1 Conn 1 in Tho Mountain trails henday Tho worn n for c. Inf Jet than w. Uld Cirr their in their Bandu Leteir t and put on the. R Friot tin steam that brnwle.1 behind the Iustini. Bouse Tho men often Smid their rifles with Tonii to Church Dud it Tho i Xci ton on 1 Ono who had not a 1 about Hli Walm it was not a Norual find Thi to unto in ii join Dulgov in target prs Tiru Bili this Runion in tuning to path r i its Sermon and More than Onci the Weru inde a if a pc get i tween two men we had met b for that but fat hit a stirs farm finite a much As his ii Rachmi a Elliod to break no to stupid Uio ii it oily of Tho Tain oers i methods hire of re the never dreamed that anything but Puto Oats and Corn a Tild in the Hills birth Radnai the. I Orchard of a Jimilea plots poaches to and his Vig Etab Rard ii Wax at once a revelation and a show of which Tho Cong if Ilion never wearied an Sui Durinick the ism that Fethi a Piters and mrs pet tank Thi y never Ri-c.4% i d one Dollar from the Nelile Tho subject of was never even hint.-. It nor did idea of a donation pm r inter Tai in dul minds. Indeed to. Flit that tin had a claim on thu proceeds Tho Clit go Man Zubor for they helped themis Leo from his onuar.1 and Garden within permission in Ali Anco or to auks after Ward. To matters went on Ull the fall of eighteen Hundred and else soot at of tuber told against him and the to Rosof his be ing an Aboliso Niort w Holcli a Toto Rife of he first coming Scro revived and Timo with Noru met claw for people in Leved the charge was try. On night As father read inc in to Little log Annex to had tilt for the. Door opened Wjt Hont any re limits re Knock and Dick 11 Eaton softly in and with an air of err closed Tho Atakor inn 1 him. I so to Seo brother said the cd Croyman bit Down and Tell bid to for you Aro in m to. Irom what is going on tin Bueki Ouitha Pnlle-4 . And with his big . To Oil he nil nth to Pihiel 1 1 vol who i m Mirry to Tell to. Father hat then h trouble a i Jacwin a lots of trouble to Swboni. Brother can t Kcf inc set i Waal hits to to and he Blacksmith with an Ero Shatki of the head. But sorely no one could leu Moy to i did not think i had in the said Jho Ege though is bad not been n t no one i Knob Oak Aad so lbt father not meddled in and breaking oat of Tho War to months before he had guarded hat to might not give Ofle swe. That s it that Why Kow father to know i n been a go4d of Yors Fez i should to o be Solen that you took Meta a and us me no w Light the. Lair but thar s Dat Ojah All we iwo Ahful a Alyjah end Tho wife allowed this night. We so Boyo cooed go no la to1 till tic trouble Kinder by Moab Tia hit d to Bettalico Yon and Taf a scr i ends Moro than once father Peters and wife and daughter bad Dos Casno thas notion. But Thi old Strong of duty and his innate Oon Raro him to draw Back from the Cortous a Giixh tation of a Cours that meant to in input of his missionary work. For to to it if to left under the Clr he could never the of Tiitu us Fol to Potestad jut arguments t. Bradley Ana it i Tho democratic democratic much toward Campaign Worl with fall City journal Matot Stoa and the i together have done no the be publican Jesu Light sad easy not anarchistic speech win add at re publican majority f Globe Democrat. Louis old been Ruairi of minors who have not been Ecoff to the Oral will Alt of indeed he rear and Tho nominal pm j rence a Tonyua. Had Bem Kalmn and if i wit to Fly with my family at this time i have no Juu Remco that tin m. Deport in peace it r it Finci s Sluti who tryst v Nikol is Way from w Pori Sonoi Ohio k tin inti Axil m Tbone Bills and his Mir flit poo of i maintain if you Juil 1 and not carried it Down Aud Gim a it Christian burial be Hon 1 Len Khotim Tiia Tsafas f r be turf hit wan Coz we nut. That thar pure Christ Len re us that made some of the f Alki k. Doggone Haasl set Plutis. Course they i m a Union Aiau Clar throng Ana the Tomt. Whin i w omit a Christian of shocks and Ould Lay ont a Wjt de Cit of pm. Two at at in. They Kinder they re not far of our Uio huh Harnit nut smart of old a jut me Yit now of to Trio Good Lor Minim Rucier of right liar and do corp Len Juar Joof i Roll find Momi his Sido Ana Jorr let Iho blow High or the wind blow Low and toe Ood of 1 father p. Tern that s my hand no the two Rico Dio a hands and then this Knelt Down sad to Bradley s Powal finlly with to Lor in Pratali was bad on Rilday. And the following Sunda in ring a Sut Andton Cui inner Day tie pc Plo be Gan by Arm Down fro i Bohula earner than snal and the old with Pahi Liat nearly uni ried their rifles a habit that he had induced them o Nyji for before Tho War her Teoforo these people for whom is had tolled so Long and so hard and always sainted in with a boisterous in Artinease Bat Morula it tic met father pure Sale with Catt nod. And. Brows. Kryn the Union met. Hew aloof for they were in the minority and knew that the slightest indiscreet act might Nrec pitau the trouble which was prophesied every

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