Page 2 of 23 Apr 1908 Issue of Mckean County Miner in Smethport, Pennsylvania

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Read an issue on 23 Apr 1908 in Smethport, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Mckean County Miner.

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McKean County Miner (Newspaper) - April 23, 1908, Smethport, PennsylvaniaIngenuity by a. W Koenig Copert Luht 1907, by a w i t 3 of Usi Umi h might just Woll be in Halifax a in my barns said i Winoa t Han Kins to he Nulf it Aln t Gaud Tor vol Vatu Uio ii i la Surv it will be " f old farm.c-1 i in ins stood Lucking Down la evident disgust at the watch i trough mud faucet think calf Dojer Tho Luigi in in Rev Luni now i nut m Mil to d ii All in Echt Feu i in 1 am cd 11 ii la lilt Ali milk met Bald runner Hanl Ilni Tun if la Bis a Hub by ought to Liumis Blouir i to but i stand by what Agatha sins 1 must Aud 1 Mill com at this remark Nisum Han Kluj fell his heart leap within thai As Agatha Gaie him one of. Her moot App nning Lili Iyoob and their a Arr age drove All that cuing while Tiff tvo merc doing the chores Hiram Laboured with his father in behalf of the trough u Nas a to Liotus of us placed la his Baim Nul to Ovidii of tin. Oak Lulb of the link Tii Mii of mall Del a Ulrop of Maui ii unc Thio Ucli the in Newt when thu Iizumi Las App Lull to to ills a a Lith and Ini a until in Itlen Ali hint Hub pm in on the Tumi Llu in Buoie to tin in toll tilt in unit la Ilia i Iid it the Wontor Mil la i i win i should Init his jul put Ilam aged und nil due up to Boullt i Nihi Shinkl u a in us i inti Truiti Silil Rownin m him loin la sooner of tin i twin Hue Kynli bulks Kiili Iii hut i to tin to this rur Iii in. N nud u Willop him is my b us let his Nimi Alai Ikui Hul Uruu i univ us a Iii Trio a Ruatti Pirt it a do on the in ill la m Ould in the Tell Popli at thu and unit i Mikl in Nkani Coli cd not do am thing utter Iii Elict mall Lull a Inlall la poll Lulli Iii of Utor a ten non and could not Mill Nitoiu to Chi i in in of a nuns for the Lulu of m i Giummi ill or m is i sin i huh i ii in Kins Chi Milt a u is in Iii Niji Williia torn ii Tim Anil la ii us owl Jill los ii r i Iii Iii if lit i 1 l Puli Thili Hud Itil Lili is a l Hll clip l Iii Iii Tlell ii v mid in a Kirik i i in i huh i i Luh in or Iii v i i i i Tlell Illel i Voung Puoplo Maheu Tho most Dav 1 Arm i napkins allowed that he guessed then might go ahead Voth the Henins of their pipe line the Matoi Hough Mas Dull installed Trio Barnum Daud the faucet was attached then when thing Mas in. Tin cer Tali the Hiiter from the to Pili m a lit into the main it leaped into tie a Lex and omit aug Hong Dum 11 u. To thu Napi Tonon 1ml nit a Armei Hank Lii 1mm the a Lith ill Bat on u a Bill stud All a ilium the told ill Uli Mill kill to a a thes ii git ii Cuil if in arc blistered came Back Tho Vuu w cud of thai by Foo go Buck Ahon Warnier Waukina by Rug to kurd spot Aud looked Waltl astonished face into the ditch there stood with pick in hand ant her face flushed led at fire in the name of common sense cell Dreu Whitt 8 Gold on Here he naked sharply there we Little riot of Surprise from Agatha and Hiram made a he ing leap Down Tho Hillside but the re Blu us to be feb Bouteh v 113 of is Capo for Pool Agatha Rio i. A Batik to drop of Muter Iuno the half Inch pipe up from Tolje below to till Stongh in 1 u in i he kilns i in Mil in Nuudi then it Riib cons Plain Agni list him and the urn i Olih Lulb meant to do As h Agi exl i a Klah hunks Alyius m is i lube it mud he might Niue known bet i Ter thin to inst him tint it this sumo time it vow lust of Puzzle to the Matei commons Liili As to i Ermei Lnu Klivis him self the in Lei vent to com full the Matoi trough i entail the1 inc him Helf i ring into the faucet and listen Elope to us Mouth in thu vain Effort to she the Pra Lilun t Aljen to Hinr self tint the Mork of Hill if thu Tilic mud making Tharou. Ninlon9_hii Bun proper la Doug Ori red the it Tui Perth All bed tsp usual and talk o found to to right and i i Fuit m m if nos d incl of tvs hit Lleni ii do Emil Illel tin in Lek in i t Tymn ii ii i tin itch i i to Tennih hit in in Ipi Uliuli Sii h Lui. Imell Llull a i i d Illel Al Flud Iii Thill i i toil ii to 1 Iii i ihu1 film lint we s i is t i it Ellis Man to Jijita. Tin inn Meith l Umi Ilii i Nelm if of Lull Iii Iii i i poll Al wit ill Tali m i ills t i ilm in i 11 i f 11 u he i thin tin i a i in f i i. Inn inti i i f ii in u w i i in u i nil ilm l Pis ii to tin Fin it Luijt Lull it lord lilt Iii i i in my ii r i i i u 11 i. U limn fir her Ali in urn ilm kill in mall Dilt 11 urn if Ilii Toimi Mil ii Niin she Tiv Niu i Hei fill in l it Cullun i with till nit l Ili Uil Ini Sti nil ii t i till mini of i Mil Meliin with Ini Fri her and sni i Riniti i nig Tami in the Aiulu into ill Imp Ifni u sir Lowll i sri a slain in Attr in the Init Ion Uhr Tun Iii Iii Roins Luuri i null tin ii Iii prone so l inn or Lilin Klith 1im i of i71u Eunix in i i unit r is and til lid in i Iii Liv till fur Trad i 1 Llull l my Lull Liiv us Ini. I new 1 Mil ii Titi ilium m 1 to in. In urn p is Jap l lit j fit my ii him Iii it a Enlil Luvi i i i in t it w i unit us Utill 1 Iii ilium if Spighi Lillini Wittl thir t in s to p first v bit to ii u j l m 1 i in Jlove lev l inn lit in r u Nili Hiliu i Llu m Linn in nut a v i Sheffield Ute. Vul Abl. . Plate Ili Lieis find All Othel plated mint in thut hit plating win ilm Lii n., it u a. Butt use then plating v in inns Hiis Beci applied Onla to the Len shed piece a it the plating As done on Coppei while Modem base Metal is usual la cow posed of an amalgam of Copper Nickiel and Zilic it is possible for the collector to Boquio etau plan of Carlo georgian and so called Queen work in she dec id plate while the rarity and High Mono of Silver Buie of thut Purl Oil Jan pc us act Ull Loii Otien Elj Illi Skult Sci Licud a Tate histor Lijich Anil null Tkach tins worthy of a Plait by dts of Uhlna mid old Niah Gunj a is old Ollu Ernaie in 1742 Uduc i Lions Gnu Oxon of Sheffield dam. Riled in the Lii ii nit us i Iutin of Smigill full this in 1713 0 Gethel v Ith Losi Phil fun toil col tin Muimui Iii Dino of Klen snuff boxes mid Kolio imm Lea in Nimock Mizii Enlil o Brict mid Leifeit it Tomt it was pass Lilc o Milt tic Nurst and nest Ruthh Ems Insl we ital in shall wild the Manlut Tiivi of All sure of Simns i tic Plec is Iltgen Nung mud Stuj hour Izower ii Luti r lidded water Power Foi hit rolling Pixi is othe i Mun follow id his slip Nield. Plate Noii begin to Rei Ciuci Evv tur on tin my Law Umin Middle Cliitis Altoga Takir we Uaiwa of int nov thru important cars of this Kuiv Iti Ilin or f Middle of the nil can turn an in Row Plum of Topputi lulled l it l. S. Hogarth and medicines our went cars experience in pm pounding prescriptions insures accuracy 111 this dept. Blue ribbon ice Cream l a Hogarth s. Leading druggist Opp Orange Bank Smethport Acme m p. A. Oreen prop. The carry a Stock of ii out Tell Lliel lint e Hud onh Paiml we will lit nil i 10 Lur Nash in Lui Iuli und Tai Fiucci t will 1 to Hui t Dir to think of be t Jill t the Iii ill. Iii of tin Hijii r ung mls Tulili old la Wilt u Hii. It in the Conn u.1 win a u in nigh it bus War ii it la tin Timu must nil at in Iii he to Dutli i pups it Tor Titi Irlow of 01 Thi lust mostly books i Tim iffy Init in. It Ami Eltjo owl 1 thought i Wimmil 1 m in Ilu Nunu by unlit Milt at Luil a lat got to work it it Man Elf und us the ton ilk Luls and iwo illum Tutlo Cucui Tuou sense. It he rank to and a Satril Nete in. Trouble Agulan Nio that there mint Lon it Reum i would to we of Thor Horii Why the water Wal in t run up and of the future if my your water trough and i made up my ters went on like this time it a Leto a Mil 1 know Thoro must Portal nov be Miro Porcu sire. Bock of the other sprint unzip in git water loto Tami that wont to Allah Marti v Nib with in i i unit l Iii of t i in Sthila Ali ind Tiiu Mil him Fitria 11 Illi he nil Usu Huin Nii inn un0 to build u Titt Milt Bon and Idilo idiom can statute Jmst of but it a a not destined to be in Tho full of it Lonke d us if Thore would in. A great in pouring 01 Knuusi Tanto 1tfe territory and or mum Nind he turned Jahl Tenn took fhe alarm then Ihram acid 4 Boon digging the half the know Sligo Bouic folks think ditch we Home the pipe Laid Down us they sub Irso Ema to me i could fix it fur we gone nth a new to Are Agitha sudden la developed a Dould Annicet to Tho Spring it you Only Ekl Tusto for study lug water in its rela had t Peonio so soon and is Thiol High the medium m the Gravit Diop pod the pick when All others would be coins father won t Vuu go Buck d a fun his the Hiram she borrowed from the Cut us mrs thou she made numerous visits to tin1 Hui Mocq Jared Tea be the water into the trough in icee the Balf an hour to do is to Lanka the to Weir the of Talog and it farther in the Villate on the Bill i or Spring Side is accurately is she could Wotli Tou go to bed her Eye still further to complicate matter runner Hankins forbade his son Iii rum from Eier visiting again will Bic Nothen to do with not think of letting Aen thu dig Hen. In this dark ditch ii us longer1" and Farmer Hankla sprang Down into the ditch lifting her gently out of the Nar Row quarters in which she had own jul i jul he Wouita you not be satisfied to Allon them to Lay the pipe line through your Farmer Hank us thought that Agatha never look Elf prettier infill her but at in the me Etline Dei Lares tint Illium Nevei must Darken i Good enough fellow Hud in the bom will Sun h but m hut s i thus for Bem ii Louill it was Iuit in my for tin Edge and skill of the water commie sooner and All the of the Wise men who had made the unsuccessful at tempts to run the water up through Farmer water pipe All three ing on his Pillow shortly after Tho clock had struck u he heard a Ven Peculiar that seemed to be near the House upon to Hillside the of Tener he Beard it the More mystified and curious he became he looked out of his window and Tow of Alt Moon shining brightly and by the Aid of us beams he could clearly distinguish a Man s form standing near the Spring on the Side of tile Hejl while from the ditch he heard tin sounds which a Tab Turbesi his slumbers he dressed As quickly As he could and went dirt creeping along the Fence until he was within hearing distance now Agatha its about time v m get opt of Trot he Beard a say that s too hard work for Jou All right Hiram but i think your hands Are too sore to dig and More insurance. Life fire and Accident written by f. Spech1 a. Ii Gondi reliable a gurgle of Joy greeted Theli and a moment later the water came Trie Klong through the pipe and then fairly guided out in a Stream so thai Agatha s ingenuity had solved Tho Agatha by the hand and said now go Home Little girl and get a Good nights rest you be won two suits fair and Square and that was the end of the trouble but the town officials rewarded Hiram and Agatha apr of Nib Yttre act which avoided so much trouble and unpleasantness when few months later the set up the family Hearthstone u the Nert meeting of that Auguat body one of the officials made a motion that a pipe Lino to Laid from Tho Village main to the farmyard of this worthy Young couple and Supply in Sci for their Stock free for All time with a faucet at the Back Kitchen door within easy reach of the charming my Trees and the motion was passed ind agreed to it thou a dissenting Dob Tco Iirth your head off when Yon can rot a guaranteed remedy in Befts Laxa tue Tough syrup k la especially recommended for children As it it Ponsant to take is Bentte laxative hns expelling phlegm from Tho syncom Tor coughs cough and All bronchial Tronilo guaranteed sold by Palco pharmacy Smethport d a ande Ifon in this time thru he Viiu old in he i to and fro 10 tin mini Iii Ijo mix the Mist Bill Tell Tiki u us and i lint us i win ii Nudy up it a mul Iii ill. Lar liar i Nodi r the it in m i und it thu la it thut Ali Lilmer Iii Jon Puiul dig thi1 hp1 Dill Tinl Tun Linzil it of l. land mid tin i Nulph Lur Trudi a Hai ii if suite ii in in Theli Plant the Greit to ten eni it Cru Iii and tin i Llanet and 1 line Cha ble Isiura Gruit Minn it Tho bulk Ilin thut Fin id u grand up Pylon and . Etc Clec d the guests in in w Holcli Amdo her so Tomt men re acc by Szurek and la Lovo with his weft stood end Guz cd upon her Alth not slow to Hor Beirut a Aipou Iluf Aid the. Effect 01 she called him to Ber Side and Bismarck came Waltl Hla wife upon Hist Nam now the Princess Bismarck was t and gaunt and her feet were Gener Ous a sire walked she she wed of Bull a cite along the line of ladles Bylsma who was Quick As u flush allowed the glance of this or Cyc a and saw them rest sae f Wolff a Ca history of prance was altered from that moment a year later when Paris was besieged Bismarck himself of Rcd u can non Over the ramparts and those who wore near him head him shout take that for the of the a ass the slight was avenged the Mayflower ild a ship sail with such momentous results As the Little w eat com try Clipper Schooner the Mayflower but few people have bothered to ask what was her Fate after she had mud de the heroic band of englishmen on Plymouth Rocic of fact drifted into the Cotton Trade and Sank after Many years of sen ice for Tarn on the Standard. A third bleed Tot said the Export to Tho buffered. Two pairs of for Reading and one for distance cant Yoa make it three asked the Man w to bad made a study of his Awn Case i d like some Short sighted ones to use on Oill american a9reed with him. Father calling from head of stairs at 11.30 p. Don t Yon think it s about time to go to bed Jennie yes papa dear what on Earth keeps you up to meal Maxs Blatchford s calf weal water Smethport to buy a met Sweet Pivaco of fresh Salt or smoked u be a full in Ait Small and for Purnil a i Ini Al w a is Headquarters a i Floney Santl Titi a undertaking and t embalming in All Dias offs pro aptly at to Steed to by it note is. Fum Tkal director speght Sass i Smethport a agent for Empire Drill co. Agent for Osborne harvesting machinery Gram binders Cru binders reapers mowers fed Ders Hay valves harrows cultivators Etc. Blankets ant flute. The Behan fair blankets Robes is Here and at the store you Cun always pod just what you want. 11 line at trunks telescopes suit task Eling bags Etc at popular Price Jolln Maul la my latest styles in single or the coast of India London heavy Hurless has. Item lev _ Smethport a. Patents not unusual. Said undo Eben i itches Rayse f lambast in a mull Foh Doln party much de name As i would do if i was in de mules Washington Star nature creates Merit Fortune brings it into play Roche Foucault. Emil thamm i Fine cigars. Gasnow c. A. Burdick dealer m the following High Grade pianos. Thea b phase the inn Gerts Story Claro fend and Malcolm love of theolor wll Soji do mostly and other sowing Nohl Nufa also representing Tho Lenl Taliloa Asp Ranoo society Standard life and Accident Iii Rauco of and porn teen of Tho fins Ines Franco in Tho United states

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