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Mcallen Monitor Newspaper Archives May 25 2015, Page 2

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McAllen Monitor (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, McAllen, Texas2a lotto Meta Milons my 314 15 25-48 my 8 Mega plier 5 Lono Texas dirty Riv 9-21238-37-42 Power Ball Sirita i 9-15-17-31-43 pm 16 Powe play 4 Texas two step thursday 2-26-29-33 88 32 a cases is tune a 818162937 picks 4-83 homing 2-4-7 Day 2-08 evil in 88-7 plight hike daily 4 88-89 homing 2-74 9 Day 64 74 Evo fling 684-0 night am Emmam Reservoir Lake Amistad Cofod ration Caf Mifty 1.117.00 Curr fit 1.088.25 Drc diet of cd Dolty full add 54 Falcon Lake Cefi Dolty 301.20 current 281.07 per cent of cd Palty find 48 surface Elevation above sea level measured m feet he ult Al orgy Alert pollen forecast for Mcallen area today Edvol medium today tomorrow High High Low mod. Low Predom Mant pollen grasses Hickory a Otuel a s catch unto on a Scute of 010 12 room Emu face Friday s closing Market watch closing numbers versus previous trading Day Dow Jones 18.232.02 �-53.72 Nash a 5,089.36 -1.43 sap 2,126.06 -4.76 a a a Contact us main office 1400 e. Nolan Loop Mcallen. To 78502 956 6834000 delivery 9561683-4300 iservice8daimmediatx.com classified advertising 956 6834200 newsroom Voli Gaza 956 6834.4.w publisher Stephan Wingert 956 683-4067 editor Carlos Sanchez 956 683-4460 retail advertising Becky Solis 956 68341,41 of Altai services Chris von Wald 956 6834160 Media network Benita Mendell 956 6834040 commercial printing Walt Bartlick 956 6834522 Coia iia up Friday festival rocks Check out the latest in entertainment news and events from around the Valley. Festival How to submit Community news Send your item of Community interest and nonprofit Cupples Hernandez event information to Community big the Monitor. Com. Photos in Peg form Are preferred As Well As text in word documents or included in the body of the email. Deadline for sunday publication consideration is noon wednesday for More information Contact Community editor Tami Cupples Hernandez at 956 683-4449 or by email at Cupples . Scan to / get Sheapp Exchange Arou Iid town 2c Classi Fisfis so comics 6b obituaries 6a-7a of Nion Ioa nation amp world 3a Zuzzio 4c sport say in Vallay amp stats 5a Vida 1c peso watch sunday s average from a Survey of Casas de Cambio. Peso 15.56 pesos i buy $1. Dollar $1 buys 14.96 pesos. S3 news Multi Moxa news Are fighter t slow ship of t for ii Anta. A Zatlo ii immigrants arrive with ice tracking Dovekas Cor Becton the Monitor Story headlined a postal worker Case under review in the May 24. 2015, edition on Page la needs correction. Esteban Olvera is the Cousin of Noe Olvera and is not a postal Monitor monday May 25, 2015 five Day forecast for Mcallen w a a a a heavy afternoon r. Mir j humid a heavy 1 partly sumy a 1 Ever wig to storm 1 to storm humid ism i a a ii Ursuy sunny Sod a fwd www. a Haik mostly Sunoy. Breezy and Hun of a 7t partly sunny Breezy and Ixion to a 77 North Texas a kor . Home severs ins after own mostly and Huned Sun no of in Norf Iwest Texas Valley today m san roman West Texas partly sunny today an afternoon thunderstorm m spots o the Panhandle plenty of Sunshine in the trans Pecos Amarillo �?�75 52 9 "7 Sari manual Hargitt Reymond vials 4,93 78 a 4.� r. Lubbock 80/55 re Grande c4y ty77 Harlingen 91 78 Wichita Falla 77�0 Elpaso 84 59 Abilene 81 64 brow re via Dellas 77 85 Domsa 86 50 Alpine ��?�82 50 s san Angelo 86 64 fort Worth 78 67 we o 7w�o us View 80h8 my Austin Lajitas 91 60.south Texas variable Stouck Ems we showed and a Hawf thunderstorm today Breezy oel Aoa in bw9u san Antonio 79 71 78 18 Houston �?�4 71 East. Texas considerable Doud mess with a few thunderstorms. Some severe Ichisi Lemoon Laredo. 92/75. Tiff one 71 57 puerto 79/85 Mcallen c Ciudad Kairez 9m� a Nasco �3/180 Henn Osilio a is Chihuahua 89 53 la Paz 90 57 ilm Pico Cabo sen Ludett san Lula Potosi 89 78 91 62 64/54 a Guadalajara 88 55 of Corpus Christi 86 76 Brownsville w 8w79 Mazatlan 88 66 Sabinas 95 66 it to Monterrey 102 77 shown today weeder. Temperature a Are today n Fie and Iowa almanac Mcalier throw in 5pm yesterday temperature High Low s i. I a a. Foft tire Futi Normal Kew Precipe Talon 24 hrs ending 5 pm. Yesterday month toddle to Dale 91 72 92 73 0.58 376 Texas cities through pm 8w77 Mexico City 77/55 Wco 7 / Acapulco 89 76 a menu. Oaxaca 82/60 92 77 my a few cd a iwo h4mt a Estor Shomion 7mm my it Bulc 4rgm� �770 site ��4ec lat to Ibia Mon avg he 77t? amut Artw Utt Kos to Mem f am Nisi ii pc Muto Tetso a Luisetto Assn Okimi s4wi chime no soc Swap we my to Tom Swarom my 1k47.vc in wow bpm 7mn my 7b�a we Man my Mumm my Wka we in Tiger Mataic Trei i 7i<s3� in / a today in Mcallen Sun and Moon 3 7 9. 7i set. 11 1 . 9 pm. Spur South padre Wand Day tone High Moa 10 57 am 138 8 52 0.81 tue 1108 am. 131 the tot us Index Buntjer tot Gur toe need of Eye end Ihn pro Ceceor. 0-2 Low. 3-5 Modeste e nigh stole High Rowe Low 228 . 0 41 646 pm 0,71 323 am 0.81 628 pm 0 71 us rinse today amp Coset today Monona today Moons today Fust a 642 am 8 17p,m 1 30 pm 1 40 last new forecasts and graphics provided by accuse Ether inc. C8015 May .25 june 2 june 9 a Tow 16 the Lori it 3 40� i j eos a 70s -10s .65/52 to v. A to a -67 4? a a if r. I it a a a of t a a. A a a a a a 4 j a \ s. San Fri Nelo 66/56 shown Are noon pow tons of Weamer cys Lemi and prec Wigeon Tempe Matiie Tenda Eie by the Day of Only 1 i to it i x a i. A it Ai a a jus a a a 1 of v v a i to it a .6>/45. Of a til % h Ltd a cow Vetr in Conefy shorten to dior my Rem of a Snow ice warmth and Hui noddy my buld m the East today Clouds and ram i mow toe Warmup in Northern new England heavy Gusty showers and thunderstorms i affect the Cordral states Wito the greatest Nak of Ito Oding Tom Tacas to the Southern plans afternoon forms wih Dot toe Rockies while Mucito of the wry to dry end sunny National cities today world Cutles today Cay Hevlow Cuy malty a sky it Low Cay Attio Wacky a Vuew Cay Hajj a 7�mk of mind my a tips l7�ux met Nhym Tom Ulm Eli Sec in Curag ab44v nest Uetro i s367x Rao Ocey Mem High do vex ctr 776m Arnm comm of my Wang my Nam Swanne mme Steng s6.76 to few 71s41r Law sooty �4�z� a wow 62 4sv Louis a 7m�r 9i Loum 83�a� 8ar�r 7m7 Whon 6751. A Piwoni f7�4� of Muoth a mor us pow him saudi Cay a is bog ii Misc net Roan ii4�qmc 89 6774&fc Oil nor my car Gay a�7m swing to a six Boothm a Wpc pm a Thipe Torawo hot Kory Jaxn 57474 ill wow 77sm St mkt a sort can Idtse Home my rat Qiu new Nick a amp Fly a Haw we 7mm� Osan saw Mac cd met Jmc Rex 73s61x Sauan Mic Fiege of Host a most Jef a a Man took my own is Banc s�3u a late bulb i1�6it my nor Tom m7m Skukr we Hong Kong Hanoi song ipod my hmm Tusic we Homey silk to Makoti m�7sc in spa my Lal Hui 7785 so twin Stem. Chinek new �?64 Tottan Taii Okwu Widly 7mc top Losh Jeu Miot 9244 9tor>to �75t of Yinru a Fri Kim omm 7&s�c my mme Jone Moura 72nisc Ibl of 7? Craigo 81�6i ski Ishmit Impi Mai Mph Srmst week Toft of Mimbu 7�43t t torm to Mart to cow Moisuc a Wimcie 7tw� to new 9 a my Mac us into a i Fiona wino Sta pc Peatow w e sunny pc pm Budy. A of tidy. He who Wei i Thunder Stefama r in. A now fume. An Snow. I be photo or the Day Little prayers a Young Catholic penitent of Doce Apostoles twelve apostles brotherhood prays sunday inside the Santa Maria Church in a pilgrimage from Pujue to Olite in Northern Spain. According to tradition the Doce apostles pilgrimage originated in 1607, in Honor of the Virgin Mary during which the devotees would March around 25 Miles from Midnight to midday and Pray for the Virgin. Alvaro Barrentos the Assoc Atad press Cusps 5�-im 5sn 8750524x3 four am m 1909, few Jwj or Mommy w hit Momti 0 a Hon of m m4m w i Nitim mix a Caak w 78504. Hwu Antty is to out Ittem and m a new and Sun Roumm with tot tank Qugh said Whf a new and Kito nution lot tot fee Cut not on it arty nto n to a Tran and Hornsb Man Latuf Phi Edkah a Star pad m Mcann. It 78501 postmaster Send to orcs Chance to the Monitor xxx Box 3267, Macach. Texas 7ss02 x�7 waktt05ubscrwe7 Calt 683-4jooor boo 566 4543 so scr Mons prices Home de Verv a is a a Ltd la 1 Pronto 2montos of Toi it motto 12 Montos $5467 $5. $31.20 $46.80 $93.6 �52.00 so 4.0o Izo Eoo e2fvlmontwy $1733 is usmad0ttotfy�2150 ,.93.60 $187.20 $15,60 2773 141.60 $83 20 $16640 $13.87 Ík3�o Home dts mtg Subin bin May by Char to a a Ghat Ratt toot tit tons. Customer serve for customer Stritt Piest to 956683-4300 or 1-800-366-4343 have a news Story or suggestion phone no mtg 663-4400. 800 366-4543 pro in my in itch cont to of this new Siun May not by Mara Duitz without dttim44jr at they Sior

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