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Mcallen Monitor Newspaper Archives Mar 21 2015, Page 2

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McAllen Monitor (Newspaper) - March 21, 2015, McAllen, Texas 2AThe Monitor^ www.themonitor.com | SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2015 CHECK OUT THE NEW ^MONtTOR' APR It’s free, it’s ea^ and it's your new favorite source of tnfbrmation. Give it a look for yourself, scan the QR code or visit themonitor. corrVGetTheApp. FIVE-DAY FORECAST FOR MCALLEN www.themonitor.com 4SS- ^ m/mm    -    , > • •mm* Community Editor Tami Cuppies* Hernandez HOW TO SUBMIT COMMUNITY NEWS Send yoer Item of comnujnity interest arxi nonprofit event information to communrty<a>therTX)nitor. com. Photos in JPEG form are preferred, as well as text in word documents or irx:luded m the txxiy of the email. Deadline for Sunday publication corrsideration is noon Wednesday. To submit an event to our online calendar at www. therTxxiitor.com, create an account and clx:k on Events Calendar, located under the Entertainment feadir^ Fill in the approfxiate fieWs and submit. The item will be revieNved aid posted. Rx rrxxe mfrxmation, contact Community Editor Tami Cupples-Hemandez at (956) 683-4449 or by email at tcuppiestgnhemonitor.com. SCAN TO DOWNLOAD OHBCKd WWW tt>0fTKxidor.c«nVgetth©app COMING UP LOTTO MEGA MILUONS (nkkiy) 7 50-54^1*75 MS; 7 Megaplier. 4 LOTTO TEXAS 12-28-^.»-3S-3»4.» POWERBALL tWmtmmlm) 14 25-3^334? PB: 8 Powerplav; 2 TEXAS TWO-STEP {Tkwitfay} 3-2125-34 Bi; 30 CASH 5 ífWwí 5-12-132133 SUNDAY XOOKING’ FOflWAfm HBO show a game-changer for local actor. ValleyUfe HEALTH All#rgy Al«rt Pollen forecast for McAllen area: Todays Laval; Medium Te<wy Tomorrow High - Mad. High FINANCE PfliOAY*S CLOSING MARKET WATCH Closing numbers versus previous trading day DOW IONES; 18,127.65 (+168.62) PICKS 4 7-7 (Momlnc) 435i0m) 9^3 1 (EvwWne) 58-7 (MgM) DAILY 4 7448 6*7 34 (Dayi 032 5(EvMin8) 7 4-88(84^1 ENVIRONMENT Low Mad. 8.4 Predomtnani polten; Oak, hack berry, mulberry I*OUjD« a OH.CÁAAU 0 CW * SCAlf Of 0 TO ti r»»o<w WWW poticf* COM NASDAQ; 5.026.42 (+34.04) S&P: 2,108.10 (+18.83) A A RESERVOIR LAKE AMISTAD Normal: INDEX 1.117,00* ArtMind Town 30Currtefit: Clamalffladt IE1,087.73* C'Omics 60FALCON EAKE OMtuwiaa 2B Nation A World 3ANormal; 301.20* Puzxto 8DCiMToart; 276.77* SportsDay 1C* Surface eievatron above sea Valloy A Stata IBlevel measured m feet Vaitay Ufa 10EXCHANGE PESO WATCH Friday’s average from a survey of casas de cambiO. Paso: 15.35 pesos buy $1. Dollar: $1 buys 14,75 pesos. S3 CONTACT US Main Offica 1400 £. Noiana Lcop McAIIwt. TX 78502 (956) 683 4000 DaOvary 956)6834300 tsefvicesaaimmediatx.com CtaMiflad Advartiaing (956)6834200 acta#themoniior.4xxn Nawsroom YotiGarii 195616834400 newsathemon^OT.com Publifthar Stephan Wmgert (956)6834067 ewingeftathemonrtor.com Editor Cartoe Sanchez (956)6834460 csanchezathemonrtorxom Retail Advertieing Becky Soto (956)6834141 bsolisamemonrtor.com Digital Service* Chris Von Wald (956) 6834160 cvorwmk^hemonrtof.own RGV Media Network Benita MerKtell (956) 6834040 bmendo«atnemonrtof.com Commerciai looting Walt Bartiick (956) 6834522 wbartlickathemonrtor.com News MULTIMEDIA News MuttcNi Busting at tiw Uvastock Show Galax Z Fair Periods of ram andat-storm High; 80 A ^nderetorm *n the area low; 66 Low clouds, Ihen sunshine 83    62 o 59 : ' Mostly surmy and pleasant 83    64 Partiy sunny and breezy 86    67 North Texas; Mosfly doudy today: occasronal ram ard drizzle; howevw, dry in northwest Texas. VALLEY TODAY S^ Roman 77/62 West Texas: Periods of r®n and a thunderstorm today, partly surmy in the p®ihandle Amarillo ♦69/43    ^ Lubbock 63/42 a Ei Paso 8 Odessa $y4« Alpine 4SS/41 Abilene 61/53 ♦ BrownsvlW Raymondville 80/67    *    - 79/64 4 Wichita Falls 66/53 4 ♦ Fort Worth 63/55 80/W Port Isabel 78/66 Dallas 62/53 4 San Angelo 60«0 4 Waco 64/56 4 Pel Rio 70/54 Ciudad Juárez 63/48 4 Sen Antonio 68/58 Lajitae 72/46.,, South Texas; Oxasional rain today: not as warm toward S»i Antonio Laradod 75«0 ^Tíjuana 74«3 ' ♦    _ Puerto Peñasco    ^ ^2    Hermosilk) 4 Chihuahua. ^ •5/41,.’.,    j’Hoi^n-ay 4 ‘ Lorvgview 60/56 W Houston 71/63 BrownsviiliJI 79/66 ‘■S ^ Austin    Houstor 68/56    71/63 Corpus Christi 72/64 McAlto^ 80/66 Sabinas 68/54 La Paz 81/56 4 m Lu4 Potosí 8- ' BfOwnsvHIe «' 79/66 Shown is today's weather. Temperaiures are today's lughs arxi toff's lows East Texas: Rain and a toundersiorm today, not as warm in southeastern parts A couple of drenchirvg showers tooighi ALMANAC McASen rtvough 5pm yesterday TEMPERATURE High    83 low    71 Normal high    82 Norma! low    69 PRECIPITATION (mncriM) 24 hfs andmg 5 pm yestodhy 0.00 Monthtodate    083 Year to date    1.74 TEXAS CÍT1ES Thraugh 5pm yatterday cto Mazatian ton»    ;T«npk:<. Cabo San Lu^ •/San LuS_Potosi ^80i»8 81/57    75/49-,t, Guadálaiara ^ 77/48    Mexico    City    -    tofto ---------I    jjkVsracruz M» Cancún ^ ,87/68) #Accii V^atliar .mm ^76/4 :apuic6 86/74 c4«aca 8340 90/73 ikMrwii CoteoiSHur CorpuiChal OriM Oato StoB foiWb(t> GMW»» Hiripin NMaiW cay mm Mauite mhclQnpiAi smmijmm 7im^ longMw S1«4(r U£bOd ryeuc osmh 7W7QC SpAf* «1.6» BmMtrm Tiim'Immm mmpc tor S5U mm iStoiMk» Mcriwlto ft.sert ««to S»A«« mm mu mm mjK mm SMfrc UV INDEX Today m McAMan 1) 3 r 4¿ f am. t1 ».4n 1 pjn 3 p.ai. 5 p.m Nghw to AecuWtolhWjtMwi UV fetata** nutrto. to pMlir to riMd tor aye ard«topteteciori 02low 3*5Mxterate 8-7f*gl«8-lOWryHKP M-EWtote THE NATION TODAY QEI3F10KrWTW TIDES South Padra Wand bay    Ikna    Ikgh Timt    Low Sat    4 42 am.    13t    iiQIam    0.5t 356 pm    0.91    «732 pm    001. Son    501am    131.    12:00 pm    0.71 400 pm    0-9 4    11:20 pm-0.2 4. Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWaather. Inc. 02015 SUN AND MOON Surmae today    7:36 am. Sito«kxtey    744 pm Moonnsa today    8.31 am Moonsettoday    9 28pm. Ferst Fui LaU New 44 Mar 27 Apr4 April Apr 18 50s ? ÜÉ Hte' ’"'"acte Loft Ann 7V%7^ Stoto IN ftocn. pQMnni. d «eatof tyattms and ptaqpaahGn TamfwraiuN terdi am laglte tor to áy 4 « a V •‘fl    ' • Atlanta 73/54 C«    3-».,    ^    ‘USÜ'    ^    ■WU' Hfe/ A suga of mud air wd bcng maltind srtow to much of toe Nortoeaat today wfwte new snow puahes acrott nortoem )toa England CkW as wgsttpandoito toe Upper Mxtosst WhM to Southasu states wi be d^. ram wtf expand (rom Teitas to to tower M«a«stoPi Wiey. Ram «in to oMng tor to Nortowesi. wdh some tun tor to Soutowest NATIONAL CITIES TODAY WORLD CITffiS TODAYc»r Hüeto Cay HM.(VW Cfey Hile/W City HM.O/W oy HMtoW CXy HkLate«teoaaie •Ate Chwaro mm mmm Mi»i iteteKi.Oh «IMtol. Ahm StolC'Mtto Btmmm mm CttMeK Jvm laiRxs M«i4r hteteCay mm?$«4aiteM»Cto mmcmm n/m c^teNSteOH mm .iteteptei mm rnmmm TSSAec 8$r mmmm 3b*wmmOKf Otoww nm ymm «'«toe kUKH8aOimm mm OMiitetoi mm MNpna vm tMUNCay 7W4Aec «gmamm«¡te* ToaaiK Dim S3f?7.iK t«Hr« mmc Stehweatt t7.«ee kMWAaw nsat Pm 52t»tawwpMw mm mm 3um rnmm 4713m mmf* ISMbc Ow» 7t4IW ftoOawR aamBamnpi. mm mrnm asttto utewipda mm $«tote S7*r« Cagiry 44imm» «r’ViIMM mam ftm wfm rnmm awoyx «teMNn «di» DtoNan mmt skm BUtte mom GmtoWXteiNC a»te>t>c temOtent 7S«7.r so«rai iAsm mqMwq IMMcSlr^pM «ri»pcCMillw.9C TMtpc HoeiAt •r'TStec NitoteteCw Mdupc hnra mm WNtf mm stmm '3mmCWliaton.WV MnmikAi mm arnnmoif rnnoi tetote 75H1S JauMlw «attei aiwwy mmOwyam WiMi te*am.M mm owtea «ata Uam TMSto tewMHeuB 7am m flWteCteoeo snsa jKtetoMii SMZve fmmm Si»yc waeiaitet oc Maiix Xteto «41* mm «tttei-Qnawtoi «37«c teMMdy wm rnmm W|1« NMi rtMM imtm 4amm rnmm «MMhWatehar (wk a aurwy pc parfy doudy c-doudy. ah- ahoaets t- toundacMorma. r- ran. aiNteow lurnae ate evte. k ca ....... ! 5iBi5sasss*eir '; .......... PHOTO or THE DAY •Trst sign of spring Blossoms peek through the snow Fnday on the first day of spnng in Winchester, Va. Scott Mason j The Wifwhester Star via The Associated Press The N^itor NuteWaNOe. toAfNteMfynviMMW h« Mon«« Ommw oI AiM Mhw W a WOO f NaWu IJNi WAto W 76504. TW MnAw a COnMMttd to jgrorttol au(    to «    StoTf    oBuArv    tte    tatu «aim WM ate «ItowNia» ito IN'i« ctofwwtoir n    atto MÍ4fi. IV<aaulin»«U;,. hadatMcAto^ W ?eSO* ÍTO5TMASTIR: SCNO APOIteSS (3UUCC TO: THEMONnonrtaaoxus?. AfcaUIteTIXASTlStttHi? WANTTOSUeSOHBn ■HOMflXlMiV k ^monitor ws-com The first signs of spnng tn 50 states. mwte    $)73S    1' ;«»««»    S3AS7    i Aw mtS «467 IXHPO SZ06P0 ezpw(>wew)ii7ii t ¿mantel 3monte» éntonte» ISUO ^80 t95S0 7.75 >1J&0 |tS7J0    iVAM $5.60    $15X7 USMWDHwíy'ÍÍvSí Su» Him (Wwtry MtauÉin Mto te dmnfHl« MV* atete tetetettemm. CUSTtNCRSfRVKf %iwtom tmwiw*wite9!«M54J0D «HOd 566^45*1 HAVf A NtWS SItMV Oa ajCUSTION? iWonf Humtei E»8.\ -«mOO • iaoo; '>(*> . i - ! ant*ly^orm ritwVMS». imaotte ’•IVQdtjint (MteuJS prfniMor .’4 írtyaiiíiB,

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