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McAllen Daily Press (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, McAllen, Texas Markets at a Ola ice stink narrowly irregular in Oil trading. Rond irregular in h Arrn run higher. I or ii Stork firm. I foreign nah afr Strong l option slightly firmer wheal up around to a rent in Mien flatly a Cees tue weather East Texas portly Cloudy tonight and sunday. West Texas High and infer pinhole Clouds in tonic it and sunday in the North and Southwest portion not much change in temperature. Rem up about s to sir aliens Home own a and the vaults Independent newspaper Oidest daily in Hidalgo count full leased wire service of the United press association vol in vill i if 185mr a Llen Xun a. M in Vav i m 25 Lohi twelve Pace France bows to nazi terms pm Allied navies Mav Fale to gotaut asians Ottom drops out of politics As four quit Edinburg. June 22 a spa the Bottom dropped out if the Hill in it county political Jot saturday w Hen four candidates for major minty offices withdrew leaving All but two incumbents without of option in the july 27 primaries interest it a county politics which id already dwindled to the lowest county slashes million and Hall from Bond debt a a in the cum decade dropped men lower when the four men who id announced in it a position to in unbent holding Imp Mirant county i failed to pay their filing my were automatically pro listed from entering the primaries Frank fret land who had minced i ally in the race Tor a her my Eddie Morburger who filed j a a w a k ago fur county clerk Ltd a c a a Iii publicly saturday mom i Keh rement Waves county by. Sum of $288,475.63 Cir candidacies. At Midnight sat it Dath a1, candidate for t sinner of precinct e Horn. Who filed w la at it unto com four and i week a it it int treasurer had failed to their filing fee saturday Dight was the Ming fee dead Only with Edinburg. June 22 a a spa a Hidalgo county aided by the state has slashed More than a million and a half dollars from its bonded indebtedness during the past four years it atm disclosed in a report compiled by the county auditors office the report completed saturday shows that indebtedness totalling la hot sir was retired from Jan. I hj6 to Juno 15. 1940. At a saving to the county of $288.475 63 theoc figures Only include the retirement of principal amounts of the county s bonded indebtedness Nard for re glee and do not include the thousands the four withdrawals leave important county races fat Osi if it a. These Are county commissioner precinct two and stat re pre Illa Tive j h Dicki Harris Mellen. Is opposing Stanley Melton Arr incumbent for the a Simmio nor. Post. And Dave Noser. Melon is opposing state repressive Homer i ousted for considers . Expansion Navy program first line of defense to be tremendously out weighed Navy experts inform president a n custody a american ambassador to France we Siam c. Bullitt reported from Berlin to have been taken into Quot protective custody Quot in Paris. With approval of Washington he remained in Paris during German occupation informing germans French would not defend City. Aith Wals u a i Shini l t Daniel county clerk Oscar Roland. Commits Toner Carl eke pm Edinburg and treasurer Vav Bonham without opposition Oum Lornt county wide office hold who had not drawn opposition a District judges Bryce Vergun and Vav h Blalock District at i in Tom Hartley District clerk c Ijo Ysen. Assessor collector inv Everhard. County commis Aiea s Tom Hester Mercedes and All Douglas Imi Ion. C Loon a. Set in candidate for county judge i ailed to draw my opposition i succeeds Oliver Caldrich All six candidates in the Mcallen i met races had paid their filing a Fly saturday my were d of Bitely in the race which prom to he the most exciting in the minty for the Justice of the peace its r f Cook opposes t id a twill. Incumbent for place one. Re Kent Manning opposes t Vav lev h r place two. In the Conable race. Incumbent Tom Bryan opposed by John laity a former instable pubs face Deal deadlock of dollars that have been paid annually on int rest requirement i the $1,607,588 total includes both maturity s and Purchase for cancellation made by the county and the state. The county auditor s rejoin shows that of the $1,607,588 retired. A total of $792.253 65 was paid by the county and $526.r58 72 by the state under provisions of the state Aid act. The $1,319.112 37 expended by the a Tate and county retired $1,607,588 in county Bonds and warrants representing a saving of $288,475.63 according to the report a total of $968,088 in county wide Bonds and warrants were retired during the period at a saving of $138,745 -90 Tim county s portion on the retirement we $362 063.38. While the state paid $467 278 72 a total of $585,000 in Road District Bonds were retired during the period at a saving of $128,891.33. Tai retire the Bonds the county paid out $409.028 67 and the state $49,080 miscellaneous warrants totalling $54,500 we a retired during the period the report shows at a saving of $22 838 40. In retiring the warrants the to unto expended pm i m -60. While the state paid out $10,500. Congress Rush approves for defense Bills prepare to recess week for cop convention bulletin Washington. June 22 a up a Congress tonight approved the final phases of president Roosevelt s $5. He too. Coo defense program. Levied $1,050,000,000 in new taxes and then recessed until july i so that Republican members could attend Tahr National convention in Philadelphia. Hyde i Akk. Y y., june 22. La i president Ronse veil it a Learned saturday night. In giving Nio to serums consideration to the to Chili to that both the Itri Tish and French fleets May fall info the hands of Germany and Tim Force the i United states to double its fighting fleets to match the sea Power of the totalitarian nations. Naval experts it was Learned have handed or. Roosevelt memoranda showing that americas first line of defense would be tremendously outweighed in the Atlantic by totalitarian Battle fleets should Germany and Italy defeat Britain As Well As France and gain Possession of British sea units. Or. Roosevelt studied the memoranda while Germany and Italy indicating terms of an armistice to War crushed France sought to insure Transfer to them of the highly effective French Navy whereabouts of which is not known Here. Load of trouble frenchmen urged to ignore capitulation Load of trouble Uncle same a air army hops into Quick training. Ground Crew at March Field Riverside cal., Wear Gas masks As they loss bomber against theoretical enemy. Practice Quot bombs Are filled with Sand. By i med press i Ranee hued to Germany armistice demand saturday night Lull prime minister win Mon Churchill of great Britain urged frenchmen a wherever they Mas he to ignore the capitulation. Vav bile France sent peace emissaries hurrying in Italy to learn the term by which Premier Benito Mussolini will agree in Annist tee. Churchill fainted that the new Bordeaux govern men of aging Manilla Henri Petain a without a von Titu tonal authority to accept the German dictated pc Are term. Chun Hill made a dramatic eleventh hour Hill for support from the French Empire posse Ion the French a nov and air Forte Ami the French army of the Middle eat. In Thi lie a aided by general Barie de Gaulle. Under Secretary of War in the Cabinet of former French Premier Paul Reynaud. Or. Gaulle appointed him Elf Leader of All frenchmen outside i in Are and appealed to them to fight Adolf Hitler and Mussolini Arni in to the end. Behind the Appeal of Churchill Ami de Gaulle were implication that a new French government in a exile Quot might he it up in Britain or elsewhere in the French Empire. The German French armistice a signed in comping be Forest at 6 50 p. M. 12 .�?�>0 p. M. Edt. Gen. Charles Hunt anger signed for France col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel for Germany. I he occur w a the same old dining ear of the xxx agon lit company where Germany bowed to France in 1h8. Term of the armistice were not made Public nor will to cd until France a reached an agreement with italy4, Hen word is flashed to the Herman High command that a French italian armistice a been signed the order will be Given to a cease bring Quot six hours later. Tonight the French plenipotentiaries were speeding to Italy by air plane to learn Mussolini terms. They travelled in o a German air plane with a German Pilot Philadelphia. June 22 up forty eight hours before the con cation meets. Republican leaders Ere confronted sunday with a Hoke Between a Deal or a deadly k among a handful of candidates eking the party s presidential on 11 my Ion it seemed Cleat that now a i the Nee leading contenders Thomas do wry. New York District at orm a sen. Robert a Taft and endell l. Willkie. President oof he Commonwealth and Southern it proration would be Able to command a majority of the convention 1es on any of the Early ballot. Talk of a Deal was without sub Tance. If persistent and there was o indication that any of hic Lead no candidates would take second Ainee on the ticket to assure a Uick nomination. Give plans for medical meet Philadelphia june 22 it up it he Republican National commit be voted today to recommend a Chance of party rules to Denv Contention representation to districts which fail to cast 1,000 votes or note for a Republican presidential a Lector or nominee for Congress an fined $100 for failing to go to court Earl f Lee Mcallen was fined $100 and costs in Justice of the peace t w. Kelly s court Friday night on charges of failing to appear the netted by county traffic officer George Murray. Murray cited Lee to appear in Kelly a court around the first of the month on a Drivers License Barge but he failed to put in an appearance. He was arrested late Friday afternoon by Murray. Mayor Horace Etchison and or g Van Amber Brown president of the Hidalgo Starr county medical society will deliver addresses of Welcome at the South Texas medical society convention which will meet in Mcallen next Friday and saturday. Sessions will be held in the air conditioned dining room of Tho Casa de Palmas hotel. Some of the most prominent physicians and surgeons in South Texas will read papers at the business j sessions which will be presided Over by or. Cary a. Poindexter of Crystal City. The territory of the society includes san Antonio and South to the Border West to Laredo and East to Gonzalez. Membership in the society is about 540. Or. W. E. Whigham. Mcallen vice president assisted by drs j. B. Casey and Alfred Osborn Are in charge of local arrangements. They have planned two luncheons. A wild game dinner in Reynosa at v hich Paul t. Vickers will be toastmaster a sightseeing trip Over the upper Valley conducted by the Mcallen chamber of Commerce a Post convention motorcade to Mon i ter Rev. And a Tea for visiting Doc i tors wives in charge of mrs g i Van Amber Brown president of the Hidalgo Starr county medical society auxiliary. The famous Chris-1 Tina Guerre family orchestra will play at the Friday luncheon at the Casa de Palmas. R Washington. June 22 a Tup a with a burst of Speed reminiscent of a formal sine die adjournment Day. Congress today rushed approval of president Roosevelt s program of billions for defense and a billion in new taxes and prepared to recess one week for the Republican National convention. Both Chambers met an hour earlier than usual in a rare saturday session to Complete the work on a Quot must list of appropriation Bills and a $1,050,000,000 tax measure before the recess. Such matters have to be cleared before the Start of the new fiscal year. July i and the week s recess would preclude action in time for that deadline after the republicans nominate their ticket Congress intends to return and remain on the Job perhaps with frequent recesses for Many weeks or until the International crisis is alleviated. Because of the crisis most congressmen have discarded thought of any Earv adjournment. First major item to receive final congressional action at this pre recess session was the $1.<06.91i. 908 defense Bill which was sent to the White hous for president Roosevelt s signature. Next came final congressional approval on the $1,157,711,357 Relief Bill. With scant debate the House no a Cove a the conference report on the Bill by rep. Howard w. Smith d a requiring the registration and fingerprinting of All aliens and making it unlawful to advocate overthrow of the government or to influence the loyalty morale or considering All possible future phases of the defense of the United states and the Western hemisphere or. Roosevelt it was Learned is studying the possibility that events in the relatively near future May create a situation where National safety would Force this country to order naval expansion even above the $4,000.000 000 plan to increase the Fleet s tonnage by 70 per cent. That authorization Bill approved last week by the House naval affairs committee is pending in the House. The memoranda handed or. Roosevelt it was Learned weighed the relative Power of America s Fleet on the basis of a Standard figure of �?~100 a a the Survey considered the Fleet As a Mobile unit capable of Quick concentration either in the Atlantic or the Pacific by transiting the Panama canal the memoranda surveyed the Atlantic situation on basis of relative strength at the Start of the european War. That rating for the Atlantic gave naval strength As follows local red Cross War Relief fund raises $748 for expect Only $300 to be needed for double quota final july 4 planning meet set wednesday father Kilday named Rector in new Orleans beloved priest goes outstanding Church to preparations virtually at end Chapapas says United states too great Britain too France 50 Italy 50 Germany 33 it pointed out however that should the French Fleet fall into German hands the rating would quickly shift As follows United states too great Britain too italian French German fleets 133. Should the British Fleet also fall to Germany the ratio would show United states too Powers 233. In a new move calculated to need up the $5,000,000,000 drive to tighten defences. Or Roosevelt to after exceeding its initial quota by nearly Siso. Mcallen saturday night was within $450 of the special War Relief quota set by the National heed quarters of the american red Cross. H Arris said that a Eirv wide drive during the past two Dave had boosted the total Ideal red Cross funds to $748. Which exceeds the City a original $600 quota by $148. National red Cross Headquarters. Harris said has requested that each City double it quota which would bring Mcallen a portion in the nation wide drive to si.200 an additional $175 is expected to be pledged monday. Which will bring Mcallen to within less than $300 of its quota. Harris praised the Mcallen a sub debt club which headed the War Relief drive in Mcallen Friday and saturday. After Mcallen s final continued on Page 6 column i burglary charge filed against 19-year-old mrs. Davidson recovering mrs Charles Davidson. San Juan was dismissed from the Mcallen Hospital saturday after undergoing treatment. Edinburg june 22 it spa burglary charges were filed Here saturday afternoon against g. C Brooks. 19-year-old parolee from the state reformatory after he allegedly entered a cafe at la Blanca on june 18 and 21. Brooks waived examining trial and was bound Over to the grand jury. The burglary charges were lodged against Brooks after he was arrested by Deputy sheriffs Walter Lysinger and Dick Gilliam on speeding charge. Junta i totalitarian j completed. Harris explained there will be in More red Cross drives continued on Page 6 column 4 during the year. The quota set for cites throughout the United Stales is expected to take red Cross needs for 1940 said. Care of Harris Queen sings Swan song to tune of Louis Godoy fight the Queen theatres Swan song will sound sunday night with the showing of one of the latest releases of the motion picture Industry Tho Joe Louis Arturo Godoy heavyweight championship boxing match which was fought in new York thursday night. The film was flown Hen for the first showing in South Texas to end the Queens Long career and give the old movie Emporium one last night spree. The old building a Mcallen movie House since about the time the world War i ended will be completely wrecked. Construction on the new building will be started immediately. The new theatre with the same name. Will seat about two Hundred and fifty More persons or around seven Hundred and fifty it will be built completely Back to the Alley. New equipment and furnishings will be installed and will include modern lounges rest rooms and a modern air conditioning system. Tile new Queen will reopen on August i with new cushioned seats for the Comfort of the Patron. A new Marque and Alen will Grace the front of the building. The Neon sign will be a vertical one somewhat similar to the present Palace sign. W e Crawford has been awarded the contract for the construction of the new building. The old Queen will noon at 2 to in. With the fight pictures for the last time Sedav and when the licht go off tonight Mother of Mcallen s landmarks will give Way to Clear the City a path for Progress. A final meeting of committee member of the Mcallen fourth of july Celebration will be held wednesday night at legion Hall general chairman George Chapapas announced saturday. Meanwhile Chapapas said preparations for the Celebration were virtually Complete. Fifteen Valley firms and promised to contestants in the bathing Beauty revue the night of july 3 Tycobb Valley news commentator we ill announce the various phases of the revue. Principal speaker during the Celebration will be Harry Hines member of the Texas Highway and candidate for governor. Of a will speak at Archer Park at 2 p. In the Day of the fourth. Parade chairman P. Germane said a mechanized unit from fort Brown consisting of a platoon of armoured scout cars will participate in the main Parade. The twelfth cavalry band from fort Brown also will participate in the Parade. F r Story. San Benito decorator retained by the Parade committee. Has begun work in the Gulf building c n the Highway on ten floats for the Parade the Texas shows will set up a carnival on the old circus grounds Back of the Mcallen bonded warehouse according to carnival chairman Hans Rothe he said this carnival provides excellent rides and feature attractions. Or f g. Sigrist. Fireworks chair Man. A Aid supplies for the Large fireworks display have arrived. The display will be the night of the fourth immediately following the game at the softball Park or is grist said a if you want a War i seat to the fireworks exhibit its a Good idea to attend the soft Ball the Rev. Father Frank Kilday. Pastor of the sacred heart Catholic Church Here for the past three and one half years received word saturday of his appointment As Rector of the St. Louis Cathedral in new Orleans. Father Kilday. One of the most beloved of Mcallen pastors and an outstanding civic worker said Cha he would leave about the first of july to assume his new Post. The new appointment was considered a distinct Honor to father Kilday. The St Louis Cathedral was originally constructed in 1718, and was rebuilt in 1765. It is the oldest Cathedral in the South still in existence and one of the most historic of the nations churches. Quot the people of Mcallen Are res a onsite for my promotion Quot father Kilday said saturday. Quot if it had not been for them. I would never have received it father Kilday came to Mcallen three and one half years ago from it san Antonio. He had previously served As chemistry instructor at St Anthony Seminary. Upon his arrival in Mcallen father Kilday immediately became one of the City a outstanding civic and social workers. He was a member of the City a Federal housing authority and played a prominent role in chamber of Commerce work. Thompson talks to City fathers Mccormick to take Over Law school Post at it Austin. June 22 a up a Char Les Tilford Mccormick. Northwest pm University professor of Law and former Dean of North Carolina University today accented appoint ment a Dean of the University of Texas Law school. He will succeed Ira p. Hilde Brand who resigned last year after i being with the University since i i a 190, col. Ernest o. Thompson member of the Railroad Commissio and candidate for governor told a group of Valier City officials at a Loca hotel saturday night that he would Confer further with officials of the Rio Grande Valley Gas company before acting upon their request for a postponement of the rate hearing set at Harlingen for july 9. Col. Thompson who brought i Campaign to the Valley Friday Call the meeting suddenly after he a informed by his Austin office that the Gas to moan had requested a postponement of the hearing which was called Quot for the purpose of setting a fair rate for Alt Valley the gubernatorial candidate told the City officials that he would attempt to learn from the Gas com pan officials whether Thev would consider or were contemplating a reduction of Valley rates before he acted upon their request for a postponement of the hearing. German sources believed that France would require about the same length of time to come to terms with Italy As she took to agree to the German demands. The German agreement was reached just 27 hours and 20 minutes after the French emissaries received Adolf hitlers terms. The armistice signature came just nine months and 19 Days lifter France and Britain had declared War on Germany sept. 3. 1939. Though official word of the term of armistice was lacking London reported that Germany h id demanded that France permit joint italian German occupation of France until termination of hostilities with Britain surrender of French War stores Gold and currency reserves and Delver to Germany of fixed amounts of Coal and other rav materials Over a specified period of time. America strangely enough was informed of the signing of the armistice Long before either the German or French Public was told that agreement had been reached. News of the signing was flashed to the United states by a joint Short wave broadcast of the National broadcasting company and the Columbia broadcasting system frn Raj comping be one hour and a half after agreement was reached. Not until two hours later a the news officially announced in Berlin and broadcast Over the German radio to the German people. Pear Admiral la Luc had tear in his Eves a Huntziger and Keitel signed the armistice the radio said. Keitel offend a Brief tribute to the solders of France and Germany. Quot All those who have bled for their he said a and All those who have died for their country a these we Honor by rising from our the news of Germany a hour of Triumph was brought to the German people with fanfare. The news was then read. Immediately thereafter All German radio stations and stations of German occupied territory in Europe went off the air for a three minute period of silence to Honor the signing of the armistice while Germany and France made their peace the War went on Between Britain and Germany. The German announcement of the armistice terms concluded with the declaration a the War against Britain goes and so it did on land and in the air. Vindication Washington june 22 a up a rep. John w. Mccormick d., mass., offered a Resolution in Tho House today to vindicate Frig late Brig. Gen. William a Billy Mitchell of a court martial conviction which grew out of his efforts Ai generation ago to convince military leaders that a powerful air Force was essential for the nations defense

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