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Globe-Gazette (Newspaper) - November 20, 1965, Mason City, Iowa Confident living one can overcome Norman Vincent Peale i have come to the Happy conclusion that positive thinking really works letter begins a recent i am 38 and All my life until just recently suffered from a severe inferiority Complex in my teens i compete successfully in sports or in Dat ing girls in College i withdrew into my books later i drifted from one Job to another always hoping id be happier in the next one eventually i became a schoolteacher and this i really liked but even in teaching i never Felt i was doing a Good never could get close to or Norman v Peale people i lived in constant fear of failing after several years of weekly psychotherapy which didst help i even vaguely considered suicide then a few months ago while talking with some people i found they had found help in the writings of or peal Well i had tried self help books and i was cynical about them and it took two readings of the Power of positive thinking be fore i began to sense the deeper meaning now i have More Faith Confidence and peace of mind than i Ever dreamed of having i am beginning to like myself now and i find that i really like peo ple and that wonderfully they like me and things seem to be going my Way for years i had been trying to overcome my emotional prob lems but the trouble was i was trying to do it by sheer Wil Power which just int enough you must have Faith Why did it take me so Long to realize it now both this unhappiness of this Man and his release ring a Bell with me As a boy i had what was without a doubt the biggest inferiority Complex bar none in the state of Ohio where i was born and grew up and was stuck with it until suddenly i mustered up Faith enough to believe that if i really went Al out to overcome it god would help me do it for years i struggled in the clutch of Inadequacy feelings self consciousness and painful shyness i thought of myself As never doing things Well enough making a poor Impressio Nhav ing nothing on the Ball to make matters worse i Dis covered More than once tha other Peoples Low opinion of me was much the same As my own and incidentally that How i weekend worship in Mason cites churches often is people will take you at our own appraisal of yourself my deliverance from these miseries came in the Spring of my freshman year at College Lue to one of my professors this Man with the kindest of motives As i later realized retained me after class one Day and made some very rough re Marks Norman he said you will never amount to anything As Ong As youre so shy its pathetic whats the matter with you anyway Are you Gong to go through life afraid of your own Shadow use the Faith pm youve been taught Start Mak no a Man of yourself Well i left that room so Hurt and angry that i marched Down he Long Hall telling myself in a rage that i was going to with draw from the College and then o Back and what i would do to hat Guy but a minutes later starting Down the Steps i Sud Denly had a bran new thought o startling that i involuntarily topped and stood Stock still i Haye always remembered the exact spot where this happened the fourth step from the Bot of Why dont i get through Vith this shyness and these in Eribrita feelings right this minute i said to myself standing right there i prayed i really prayed asking gods help and it seemed that god said if you really mean it i will help you now and As i walked across the Campus i Felt a tremendous emulation i knew hat with gods help i was get ing free from the miserable inferiority Complex i realized of course that this would not be accomplished Over night that Victory would be radial that it would take considerable time and it did but hat Day marked the Start of he liberation process one thing is sure nothing Ever happens until you make a Start i found that out and also that what is needed is Faith without Faith a Man can do nothing said sir William Osier renowned physician with it All things Are possible on a solid foundation of Faith in god you can develop Faith in yourself Confidence w h of e some self esteem these in turn enable you to like yourself with a nor Mal liking for yourself you be Gin to like others and they re Spond by liking you in this Way you can get Over being awestruck by other people and then you will discover you have More ability than you thought you had so if you suffer from an inferiority Complex fill your mind with dynamic Faith thoughts like these not afraid for the lord thy god is with thee wheresoever thou guest or if god be for me who can be against me Start develop ing some real Faith in god and in yourself and youll lick that inferiority Complex adventist seventh Day 1416 s Delaware elder Robert bog Gess pastor services each saturday Sabbath school am worship 11 am Alliance 4th be on Dela Ware c d Tieszen pastor sunday school am Wor ship and am youth hour 645 pm gospel service pm he Rev Thomas w Keating and the Rev John a Schmitz assistants Christian first 4th new and Adams Larold r Dowler pastor Phyl is Dickinson pastors assistant Dorothy Allen minister of music and 11 am worship and communion am Church school Sermon scr Assembly of god first 1301 n Carolina the Rev John g Walker Pas Tor sunday school am worship am christs ambassadors s e r v ice pm evangelistic service Baptist conservative 2243 20th so worship am sunday school b a rust pastor first 125 e state or Wayne c Clark pastor Church school am worship am Sermon the Grace of gratitude Nursery provided senior High by 5 pm har Vest festival service 7 pm Grace 804 n Tyler the Rev Kurt Marquardt pastor am Bible school for All Ages 11 am worship 7 pm family hour meeting 8 pm worship it Zion 621 s Adams sunday school am Wor ship service 11 am and 7 pm St John 715 6th so the Rev Robert Giles pastor Sun Day school am preaching 11 am Btu pm eve Ning worship Baptist 13th be and Kentucky sunday school am worship am training Union 7 pm evening worship 8 Catholic holy family 714 n Adams masses at 6 7 8 9 10 11 and the it Rev msgr a j Breen pastor the most Rev Joseph m Yuen Bis hop of Chu Matien China the Rev Richard k Kuhn and the Rev Leo e Roethig assistants St 302 5th be sunday masses at 7 8 9 10 11 and the Rev Paul j Maguire pastor no with gladness Nursery during All services Christian reformed rolling Highway 106 and s Madison 9 Samsun Day school 10 am worship evening service the Rev Wendell Gebben pastor Church of Christ first n Hampshire Glen Bandel minister a m Bible study classes am communion and worship pm youth meetings pm worship North Delaware 1615 n Delaware Donald Kinyon minister 10 am Bible school 11 am worship and communion 7 evening worship Church of Christ scientist first Washington at 3rd new 11 am sunday service lesson Sermon soul Anc body sunday school 11 am congregational United Church of Christ first 1st be at Delaware Robert l Stone and Dorsie e Ivy pastors family worship 10 am Nursery staffed from to am Church schoo for 311 Ages the Rev or Stone preaching Indian giving 1 pm Ever member canvass 5 pm thanksgiving Evensong service senior High youth Fellowship pm youth lounge covenant Maple drive David e Carlson pastor am sunday school 11 am worship 7p m vespers greek orthodox the transfiguration of our lord1311 2nd so father Stephen Avramides Pas or saturday great Vesper service 7 pm sunday Orth Ros 9 am divine Liturgy am what it Means for Mankind speaker j person watch Tow r study pm subject world government on shoulder of the Prince episcopal St Johns 1st be and Pennsylvania the Rev Frank Lin j Klohn Rector 8 holy communion 10 am am morning prayer and Sermon by the Rector Church school classes and Nurs Sery pm Yff evangelical us new and Adams the Rev Marvin Hulse pastor sunday school am Wor ship am Nursery provided Sermon thanksgiving is expensive youth fellow ship pm free methodist rolling Hanford Park and 23rd so the Rev Russell Vanderhoof Pas Tor sunday school am worship am youth scr ice 7 pm evening service Jehovah witnesses kingdom Hall 616 n Delaware Public address pm subject judgment Day pastor worship services 8 and am sunday school the of peace jewish Adas Israel synagogue new and Adams rabbi Leonard m Kaplan rabbi serv ices 8 pm each Friday Sun Day school am lutheran Bethlehem 5th be on Delaware 8 am worship 9 am Bible classes and sunday school 10 am worship Pas tors Sermon How should we View the approach of judgment Day c a Hinz pastor Central Heights 19th so and Coolidge the Rev John Moldstad pastor sunday school 10 am worship 9 am Gethsemane Wisconsin evangelical lutheran g66 12th be the Rev Robert Uttech pastor worship 9 am sunday school 10 am Good Shepherd Geri Atric 2nd be worship at pm in the Chapel our Savior 2502 s Jef Ferson guest pastor or s d Fauske worship services a and am Sunda school am Nursery Dur ing worship St James 4th be and Maple drive the Rev Donald Loots pastor worship scr ices 8 and am sunday school St Paul 329 e state the Rev Duane e Schroeder am Trinity Lavern r Han son David a Anderson her Man a Diers pastors divine a worship 8 9 and am holy communion 10 am Sun Day school and Nursery 8 9 and am Sermon finally Christ by pastor Anderson methodist first ministers George Truman Carl Leroy e Bau Man John r Squire director of Christian education Betty Jean Clark thanksgiving Sun Day services and 11 am Church school and 11 am Sermon where Are the nine by or Carl 5 pm senior High my Wesley 1405 s Pennsyl Vania Lowell Degarmo minis Ter Leon Wallace assistant Mur ister worship and 11 am or Degarmo preaches count ing the Cost Quarter Cen Lury special anniversary Observance at both services Church school am after noon anniversary Observance 2 pm followed by Fellowship Lea my groups pm mormon Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints Myron Dixon Branch president sunday school am Owca clubroom Sara Man meeting am Nazarene first 331 w stale the Rev Warren e Burd pastor sunday school am Wor ship am naps meet no 7 pm evangelistic scr be pm prayer meeting pm open Bible first 1702 s Carolina he Rev Dan Miller pastor am sunday school to am worship Sermon by the pastor pm youth Surv Ces pm worship presbyterian Willowbrook or or Walter j Kalvesmaki Pas Tor worship am thanks giving sunday Sermon let everything Praise the lord t or Kalvesmaki Church schoo at am Nursery through adults at am an extended session for Nursery and kindergarten senior Tifis 5 pm a denominational Miracle revival Cen Ter 1v4 Miles North of Bee sugar Plant and v4 mile East the Rev j Datzma pastor sunday school 10 am worship 11 am Young Peoples meeting pm evangelistic service pm salvation is so capt Eugene Dancy offi cer in charge sunday school 10 a m holiness meeting Anc Junior Church 11 a m y p l p m open air service p m salvation meeting 7 p m unitarian Fellowship of nort1 Central Iowa Leta har Mon chairman meeting hotel Hanford am topic ethical ideals for the bes possible human world Leader Selma of Vostad m ims Mem seek to boost hymn singing As Home activity Minneapolis an attempt o make hymn singing a habit n Homes throughout the 5207 congregations of the american lutheran Church Alc is be ing planned As a Church wide emphasis throughout the next year a three record album of sing along hymns for family use is being offered throughout the Alc in a concentrated Effort to introduce vocal music As an integral part of family worship the departments of Parish education evangelism worship and Church music and the women men and youth auxiliaries Are cooperating in the Effort Harvest festival planned at Church a Harvest festival service will he held at 7 p m sunday in the first Baptist Church the Church three choirs will take part there will be thanksgiving music and a thanksgiving Mes Sage to observe festival in orthodox service a special Vesper service for the festival of the presentation of the Virgin Mary will be held at 7 p m saturday in trans figuration Eastern orthodox Church icons scrap Book by r j Scott 7 v Beth s d15coyertd Frt of ase 20oooo fuzz1k4 up Fearer spend How Orfe of pm a Jeffi of a it m mfr d or two Church talks Given final Okay London Theo logical discussions Between the anglican communion and the orthodox Church which were dropped in 1922 will now be resumed with approval of the Lead ers of both churches three special envoys from the ecumenical metropolitan Meliton of Heliopolis Chrysostomou of m y r a and Athena Gorsof been in London to convey to the archbishop of Canterbury or Michael Ramsey the decision of the third pan orthodox con Ference held in Rhodes last no vember to resume the join doctrinal discussions the archbishop in reply said that All the metropolitan of the anglican communion through out the world were agreed on the resumption of theological discussions plans Are being made he told the orthodox churchmen for the construction of a pan anglican theological commission of Learned theologians drawn from Many parts of the world who will be ready in due Cours to meet and engage in discus Sion with the commission appointed in the name of every part of the holy orthodox Church when talks were last held in 1922 the ecumenical patriarch patriarch of constantinople that anglican order had the same Validity As Thos of the roman old Catholic and armenian churches this rec nation was later affirmed by the patriarchs of Jerusalem Alex Andria and Romania and by the Church of Cyprus prepare now with materials for Advent r devotional Reading Book gift 203 so Federal 4235445 first methodist Church 119 Georgia worship services Church school am Sermon where Are the nine or Carl service broadcast Over kilo or Carl broadcast kilo every sunday am How to get More out of life St Paul lutheran Church 329 e state sunday am worship services am Ouane e Schroeder pastor Bethlehem lutheran Church Missouri Synod Between 4th at no North Delaware Bible sunday worship classes sunday school am worship pastors Sermon How should we View the of judgment c a Hinz pastor our Savior lutheran Church 2502 South Jofferion worship service ind am sunday school am Nurry during worship or s d wednesday service nov pm Orer kit in Corm tin i Trinity lutheran Church Lavern r Hanson David a Anderton Herman a Diers patters divine worship services and am holy communion am sunday school and am Nursery and am Sermon pastor Anderson service broadcast Over kilo at am lift up your lift your eyes on High and see who hath created these he that bring eth ont their Host by number he Galleth them All by Isaiah name rabbi Leonard m Kaplan Adas Israel synagogue 7th new Adams from the Day that Man first appeared on this planet he has looked on High at the stars and the world around him and he has stood in Awe before the great mystery of creation he would try to reach up to the stars and he would climb the highest Mountain peaks but still they would appear far away blinking steadily in their continued silence mocking the puny Man who would presume to fathom their origin their nature and their destiny but Man was not easily discouraged he continued to climb and probe the mystery of the stars the Riddle of the atom and even the secret of life itself today Mankind finds himself on the threshold of creating life by duplicating conditions of a primeval Earth scientists have already succeeded in bringing Forth the most primitive form of Krelife this has Lead Many sued scientists of narrow mental gauge to proclaim that Man no longer needs to believe in god and that science has done away with All mystery and Miracle but the True thinking scientist knows that the exact opposite is True that science has enormously increased mans sense of mystery and that All of nature is nothing but a huge Miracle when astronomers explore galaxies billions of Light years away they find that they Are made of the same matter As the stuff beneath our feet Only one kind of matter is found to exist throughout the entire universe yet this unique material has one exceptional property it can support life and under proper conditions it can even give Rise to life the fact that inert matter carries the potential of life cannot be considered a Mere random Accident it can be nothing less than the work of a purposeful creator How then can we imagine something As simple As the Electron carrying within itself the potential of the human brain had not humanity been anticipated by the designer of All creation even the Bible does not Tell us that god created life but rather that he said let the Earth bring Forth living creatures genesis god created mat Ter the dust of the Earth with the potential of Al life if scientists Are successful in Cre Turing True life our belief in god should be All the stronger for who else but an omniscient god could have created the elementary particles of matter with All the inherent potentialities of the human spirit the handwriting of god is Clear not on the Wall but in the very heart of nature rabbi Leonard m Kaplan ministers of All faiths and these Mason City firms encourage you to regularly attend the Church of your Choice american state Bank Ray Seney and staff Sedars Pontia Cadillac Orvis r so cars employees Wolff typewriter co Walter Wolff and staff Thomas machine co Ralph Thomas Zack Brothers electric co Mike Al first National Bank of Mason City curries contract manufacturing division 251 9th be Piggy wiggly supermarkets of Mason City Johnstons Flowers the Carmens Floyd Leonard Auto electric inc Leonard o j Mannens c j Smith Dewey electric Farmers Grain dealers association of Iowa cooperative soybean processing division Kellum interiors or and mrs Alfred Kellum grumps food centers Bud and Don Central Auto body George Szymeczek employees Odd lot shoe co Maurice n Kitsis the Green Mill restaurant Paul Richard and Anthony Papantonis Ray e Pauley co inc 425 South Federal Mcaule Bremer funeral Home serving As we would be served purity bakery Armand d Losh and employees one hour cleaners Harold Brown and employees memorial Park cemetery Highway 18 West 4242151 Wilson lumber builders Charles m Wilson employees United Home Bank Trust co r h is Nice and staff Wicks pharmacy on shoppers Lane Leonard Wicks and staff Patterson James funeral Chapel Floyd m James Roger a Wilson William Bergman Richard c James Dales service inc 115 4th so 4242323 Mutual Federal savings loan Assoc Robert c Palmer and staff Lundbergh Marcus Lundburg and staff for Merritt sporting goods Cerro Gordo Mutual ins Assoc 322 Brick pc tile bldg 4238631 Mojo Erickson funeral Home Harvey major Richard d Erickson Robert c Wass Dennis h Blome Mossey Ferguson inc 2601 South Federal Mason City la

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