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Mason City Globe Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1965, Page 11

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Globe-Gazette (Newspaper) - November 20, 1965, Mason City, Iowa Religion students sister Mary Jositas 15b re Ligion class toured the jewish synagogue tuesday r after rabbi Leonard Kaplan welcomed them at the door he explained that a synagogue was a place where the jews Wouk assemble to study and discuss the torah Christ preached in a synagogue As they entered the synagogue rabbi Kaplan explained the significance of some of its Fea Tures he explained thai the Ark the Mam feature of the Syna Gogue covers about two thirds of the Back Wall arid extends from the ceiling to the floor Hmark a Mantu covers two sliding doors behind these doors Are the scrolls of torah and a seven Branch candlestick which is the jewish Symbol on top of the Ark Are placed two tables of Law containing the first two words of each commandment in hebrew each torah contains the first five books of the Bible written by hand on Parchment with a Quill rabbi explained that the torah dates Back to the scribe Ezra of the fourth on fifth Century by rabbi showed the students copies of the Sabbath and festival Prayerbook written and read backwards the rabbi chanted from genesis the first Day of creation in hebrew from one of these books the prayer books Are used at the Friday evening services which begin the Sabbath Observance and Are comprised mostly of psalms the rabbi compared the Knox edition of the Bible to the Prayerbook rabbi Kaplan also explained that phyla teries which were worn on the head and hands during services contain smaller scrolls these phyla teries symbolize the binding of the word of god with the love of god atthe service on the morning of the Sabbath men Wear a tas Sel and Fine garment this Gar group guidance classes Given group guidance was held for All classes thursday mrs Marilyn Rentz from la James Beauty College talked to the Junior and senior girls on hair and skin care she demonstrated hair styling on wigs father Geary talked to the Junior and senior boys on the self concept the sophomores entitled who am i applying what they had Learned in discus Sions on personality develop ment ment is worn in obedience to a command Given in the Book of numbers rabbi Kaplan also explained the holidays of the jewish year the passover is the eating of the unleavened bread the bread is eaten at Home rather than Job the synagogue tiwj4wili yer an other Holiday this year is 5726 for the jews the count of the jewish new year began with the biblical creation of Adam a rams Horn which is blown on the new year is said to symbolize the rams Horn blown y Abraham the rabbi smiled it will probably not be the Type o be blown by Gabriel at the second coming after the demonstration the rabbi said a smile Gabriel would the beatles out of Carolyn Herzog senior won sixth place in the make it yourself with Wool contest sponsored by the american Wool Assai at the Amson City Public Library those p a r t i c i paling were divided into three ors seniors and adults Carolyn a Happy for Little sums Sivad each week for your christinas club will add up to a lot of cheer to have a prepaid holi Day with a big christmastime Check join our Christmas club now bring or Send your Host saving payment today Twa i w Siatt m Ixa n with never put business another Holiday is the Day of atonement which is 10 Days after the jewish new year it is a Day of strict fast for 24 hours this Means that anyone above 13 years can not eat food or drink water for one Day and must spend the whole Day in the synagogue rabbi Kapun Alm explained the Symbol of the Star of David this is on the pulpit and on a Flag the hebrew translation for the Star of David is Mogen David which today is used As the Label for wine having completed the study of the Pentateuch the first five books of the Bible the Sophomore religion class 25a is anticipating a tour of the Syna Gogue sister Barbara Ann bpm teacher of the scriptures will accompany her students to the synagogue tuesday jewish knowledge rabbi Leonard explains the jewish scrolls of torah to sister Mary Josita student places in City Wool contest 12 attend conference at Iowa City Friday 12 Newman students accompanied by father Norman White and sister Mary Angela 3bvm speech instructors Al ended the annual High school drama conference held at uni Hersity theater in Iowa cily the conference was designed o develop and sustain an inter is in the Field of drama the morning program in a lecture by or Leslie Rene Coger who explained the Deas and techniques used at Southwest Mission state College Springfield to where she is an instructor a demonstration was presented by the drama Slu Lents of the College in the afternoon students at ended an orientation session conducted by or Larry Clark if the University of Iowa on the production of t h e devils disciple workshop sessions were also held the program ended with the evening performance of the devils disciple by the drama department of the University of Owa representing Newman were unions Mary Ellen Porter Inda Pruin and Jill welter Pho orcs Donna Beller Deb in Dombrowski Anita etching r Jill Fangman Kathy Jones Heresa Nixa Kay Verbeckmoes and Connie Weiss 2otoriial 3rd n e dial 4232372 was in the senior division each group was judged on How Wel the garment was put together and How Well the garment and accessories match they also were judged on How Well the person chose the Wool to match her colouring and on poise and grooming for placing in the top six in her division Carolyn won a sew ing kit the contest began with the registration of All the contest ants each modelled her Gar ment without accessories for the judge in her division and then with accessories the Gar ment was then put on the construction rack so the judges could see the workmanship after the judging and modelling instructions and hints were Given by mrs Sharon Kephart the afternoon began with preparation for the style show which began at 2 pm mrs Milton Raizes narrator de scribed each garment while the contestant modelled it mrs Howard Pearson state director talked about the state contest which is to be held Al the hotel fort Des Moines in Des Moines on dec 10 mrs Jack Alexander mrs Iowa o 1965 spoke on her experience at the mrs America Pagean in san Diego California Las summer mrs Don Madsen director o District 5 which includes Mason City announced the winners in each category Wool prizes and sewing accessories were Given to each Winner when asked to comment on the contest Carolyn said i thought this contest was a very goo experience in assembling the garment choosing accessories and then modelling what i have made i also received Many helpful hints in my criticisms that will help me further in my sewing study isms freshmen Art appreciation classes have just completed a study of All the isms1 in paint ing from realism to surrealism they Are now working on col Lages in the manner of Pau Klec who can be classified As an artist of fantasy or surrealistic abstraction ism vow in the Spring Carnation company Quality Dairy products a bpm and members of the fresh Man religion class touring the Syna Jujj Lef us give f Hanks Central Heights Cardinal food store your food Center 21iis Ink so funeral chapels James Chapel Murphy Chapel ctr la Rockwell la a 100 amp service is a Good investment Determan i electric so pm 423942s Davey and mock inc general contractors dial 423334 818 South electric motor repairing by Mun new and used motors bought and sold Zack Bros electric co so 4344311 Oma Burgener will unload Youh Carload dial 4234063 Surveyor by Jerry Stangl what docs thanksgiving mean to you thank heavens school is finally going to be let out for a Long weekend of fun and relaxation heaven forbid the sooner we get out the sooner to will have to Koback alleluia we pm have a big Turkey dinner with dressing cranberries potatoes Gravy Rolls Corn and pumpkin pie with whipped Cream Yum never never this cry will come from the girls As they see All the de Licious goods remember their diets hut still give in to the temptation killing the pet Turkey Leph Arimis which you got downtown for buying s50 Worllie of crackers Al your Friendly neighbor Hood store in the end youll probably go and buy a Turkey and stealthily let Lopha trinus out on a country Road s a c c Haromy cetacean everybody k n o w s what this moans so 1 wont even explain it ill give you a hint though i you dont have this you prob ably wont have any Rolls on the dinner table Good food and no More Homework for at least four Days this Means we can catch up on the Home work we arc three weeks behind in indigestion which every person will get sometime during the thanksgiving weekend unless he has never heard of thanksgiving or is a vegetarian you know it is very hard to find a word starting with a v that pertains to thanksgiving other than that there is one in it in Ura Toful no Oiler land but Amer Ica gives you so Many reasons to be thankful Good grief did you know that thanksgiving is Only five Days away and that there Are Only 35 Days till Christmas what does thanksgiving moan to you think about it a while your answers will not Only he interesting they will you Happy thanksgiving published by the students of Newman High school kill or Kev Schmoll vol 1 no ii nov in news Al Tiliti in guile history class reflects events of the old West american history students last week were taken into the past As they watched a closed circuit television program presented to hem by members of their class a and a Norris played by Janice Schmitt and Roseann Schultz started off the program by telling about a trip they took out West they reported mainly on the roads they followed to their destination and As added Fla elects officers for coming year the thirty nine charter Mem Bers of the future business leaders of America Fla elected officers for the club last week those elected were president Jim Lannon vice president Cathy Chodur Secretary Ronda Barnish treasurer Tom Rafferty reporter Carol Swider ski and project chairman Lynda Huber the reporter is in charge of publicizing the purpose achieve ments plans and activities of the club Lynda Huber As project chairman will be planning arid setting up projects to be completed by the members officers will be installed in an official installation ceremony after thanksgiving Jim Lannon and Cathy Chodur attended a youth leadership con Ference in fort Dodge last week sponsored by the business and professional women cribs of Mason City and fort Dodge extras legends of Daniel bronc and Darcy Crockett Anne Nixa told about the West Ward expansion of pioneers in her report Janulla Merfeld gave a report on Frontier life including social activities and family life of the pioneers Janulla was also the announcer who introduced All reporters with a cheer Ful Western Howdy folks also on the Agenda was a re port Given by John Skram on the Erie canal in his report John described How the Erie canal was built and showed its importance to vibe people of that time another report Given by Jim Mccoid explained the importance of Clipper ships in the Soos Ron Frank talked about very useful steamships he included in his report some information on the steamships inventor Robert Fulton pictures and maps Cor responding to the various re ports were shown and added to the program another highlight of the show was the music presented by a group from out of the past who were called the wagoneer the members were Judy Benish Mary to Dimarco Donna Meester and Anne Nixa songs they Sang included Davy Crockett Sweet Betsy from Pike the Erie canal and three wheels on my Wagon each accompanied by guitars this special program was put on to give the american his tory students a More realistic picture of the lessons they arc now studying on american life 18001865 Heads Campaign for dystrophy the executive Board of the student Council will undertake he muscular dystrophy drive if Ilin h i p friends Bobbie Smith senior meets vice president Hubert Humphrey want ads make ii easy picture the Many study Breaks which will urn into song feels when you take your own Banjo to school with you this Happy Young College Stu Dent is already enjoying his new Banjo which he was Able to Purchase for a song the easy Way through a Globe Gazette want and Happy too is the previous owner who no longer played the Banjo he was Able to sell it for Cash the easy Way through a Low Cost Globe a Zette want and our 4 line want and 3 Days for the Low i Price of and 6 Days for Gazette 4234270 ask for an a taker meets vice president at party dinner Roberta Smith senior her Mother and father attended the Iowa democratic party dinner honouring Hubert h Humphrey in Des Al incs Robertas Mother pc Sidon of the democratic women club of Worth county received an invitation to open House at the governors mansion while at tending the governors Home they viewed articles which governor Hughes had brought Home from Japan and Viet Nam that evening they attended the Tsih nor where Hubert h Humphrey was the main speaker the High Point of the whole event for Roberta was the meet ing of both governor Hughes and vice president Humphrey attend debate the debate team participated in the Mohawk debate at Mason City High school Lerro Gordo county and eight surrounding counties is chair Man wed orc Toltl members it the executive Board that the Success of the drive depends upon the efforts of the Slu Lents All Money collected will be ii Rcd in at the United Home Banks driven window the iric will begin on nov 28 and vill continue through nov 30 instruction sheets must be picked up before november 23 student Council basketball Pep rally Heads car Maian he am this year Don wed orc president of e muscular dystrophy drive in f plan Bonfire m m m spirit spirit and so begins the cheers to be led by cheerleaders Cathy Chodur Marcia Lang Jan Mclaughlin Judy banish Donna Cester and Mary Sutor at the Bonfire wednesday school spirit itself will cheer the basketball team on to Vic tory at their first out town game with Gilbertville Don bos co Friday emcee John Skram will Intro Duce varsity coach Jim grim 4mings and Sophomore coach Jim Phillips who will Tell their expectations for the coming basketball year but More imminently at Don Bosco after the Bonfire two basketball games will be played the seniors will play the sophomores and the juniors will play the freshmen the sportsmanship committee headed by John Skram and Mike Woodhouse and the service com Mittee headed by Pete Skram Are in charge of the Bonfire and activities afterwards pile pm Skram Junior and Marcia Lang senior members of the student Council Are having fun piling cardboard boxes for the Bon fire to be held wednesday shopping Center store Only sunday store hours 1 pm to 6 pm one Day Only specials for nov 21 ladies cuddle knit Cardigan sweater Reg Green Oak 4 of skein knitting worsted 77 c Reg 97c 10 of Box Choc covered cherries 400 count leading lady facial tissues 13 Reg 18c c 1965 textured nylons 2 designs 28 c or Reg 79c Wmma Misam solid silk print Scarf 36 c Reg

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