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Mason City Globe-Gazette (Newspaper) - April 6, 1936, Mason City, Iowa MASON CITY GLOBEGAZETTE APRIL 6 1936 MASON CITY GLOBEGAZETTE AN A W LEE NEWSPAPER Issued Every Week Day by the MASON CITY GLOBEGAZETTE COMPANY lJt123 East State Street Telcphoae Ko 3800 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS which Is exclusively entitled to the use or publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In thli paper and all local news MEMBER IOWA DAJXX PRESS ASSOCIATION with DM Molnea news ana business olflccs at 403 Shops Building SUBSCRIPTION KATES Mason City and Clear Lake llason City and Clear by tho year S100 by the week OUTSIDE MASON crrv AND CLKAK LAKE Per year by carrier By mail 6 morths Per week by carrier 15 By wail 3 months Per year by mail 5400 By mail 1 month Lake J 15 S 50 Per year OUTSIDE 100 MJUE ZONE Sli monthsS32S Three months INVITING DEFEAT ITS A FACT too conspicuous to be missed that Iowa republicans in increasing number are gaining the impression that as matters stand their party has not put its best foot forward in the governorship contest None of the candidates in the field quite measures up none has anappeal calculated to give the party its maximum strength Senator Wilson of Des Moines is conceded to possess a large amount of ability and yet he has his spots ofgreat vulnerability His political mission in life up to this time has been to see that the capital city is taken care of in legislative matters That training is no recommendation so far as the other cities and towns of Iowa are concerned As a matter of fact there is a rather common belief that Des Moines will get all its entitled perhaps little bit a native son in the guberna torial chair Further Mr Wilson isnt and cant be made a strong candidate for the rural vote always essential to success in an Iowa election Editor Grimes is recognized as a man of character and ability by those who know him But those who know him are too few The task of convincing a ma jority of Iowas voters that be is qualified to be the states chief executive is an ambitious one The same can be said for George Call a cleancut young busi nessman from Sioux City known to North lowans a son of the late George C Call once of Algona This is not intended as a reflection on the candi dates We bear no ill will toward any of them We are merely calling attention to a fact which will be clear to anybody who looks about him There i really a fine prospect of returning Iowa to the re publican lists if it is not booted away Our observation of the growing appreciation 01 the six year administration given Iowa by John Ham mill of Britt has made us wonder sometimes if be might not today be the most available republican can didate providing he could be induced to make the race The passing years have cast a most complimen tary light upon this North lowans handling of the state affairs No warrants were stamped Not paid for want of funds State institutions were maintained on a high level without sales tax pyramiding income tax or liquor revenues Economy and efficiency were practiced in a very real way and its our belief from talking to those who have just come from the court house that thess attributes In government have re gained their old attractiveness so far as John Q Public is concerned There is no certainty at all that the former gov ernor could be induced to seekan office which already he has filled at a material sacrificeThe appeal would have to be to his citizenship with emphasis on the fact that he knows the problems of state as no other lowan does and therefore is in a choice position to perform a special public service But whether Mr Hammill would run or not does not alter the obvious fact that Iowas republicans have not as yet done their best by party or commonwealth THE GRAND ARMY rpHIS day marks the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the Grand Army of the Republic The GlobeGazette joins with the patriotic societies of the community in observance of the day The Grand Army came into being at a convention of northern veteran soldiers at Decatur 111 on April 6 1866 a year after the close of the Civil war The purpose of its founders was to strengthen the ties that bound into fellowship the soldters and sailors who fought to preserve the Union They sought also to perpetuate the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the cause and to aid those who had been left in need by the death of their protectors It is interesting to note that the organization reached its maximum membership of 409489 in 1390 some 24 years after it was formed Since then deaths have rapidly thinned the ranks Many local posts over North Iowa and elsewhere have been disbanded and in Mason City only three veterans remain It is needless to dwell on the impress that has been left on the nation in these 70 years by the Grand Army of the Republic We know that the organiza tion during this period has stood as a bulwark against influences from within and without which threatened the destruction of those first principles of free gov ernment which formed they felt the foundation up on which the republic rested AMERICAS DISTINCTION P CHASE of the Atlantic NewsTelegraph in a little booklet analyzing the constitution cites a most interesting point of distinction enjoyed by the American form of government We quote The constitution of the United States is essen tially different from all other forms of governmental authority in existence today in that it is the one constitution which provides that all the authority of government springs from the people The peo ple of the nation confer upon the government the authority which the government exercises over them In this respect it differs from all other constitutions in the world for while liberality has crept into the government of many other nations and representa tive legislative bodies are chosen by the people in many parts of the world ours is the only govern ment where the people actually rule With that principle it stands unique The constitution it might be added as a corollary to what Mr Chase points out is a guarantee against despotism An organic law precludes the possibility of an assumption of dictatorial powers by any man While it is argued by some that the constitution is outmoded and stands in the way of a humanitarian program any departure from the constitution carries a grave implication The same powers assumed by a benevolent despot for the benefit of his people could as easily be used at some future by some despot not so benevolent to trample free citizenship into the dust Mr Chase has performed a genuine public ser vice through his scholarly analysis of the constitution FOREIGN AFFAIRS Bj B1A11H K BYEKS TWO hot spots appear on the current map of the world what with Japan and Russia through their puppets Manchukuo and Mongolia engaging in heavy fighting on the outer Mongolia border and witr France and Germany locking horns in a doggec tussle over the Rhenish crisis which may suddenly prove itself not amenable to aettlement And perhaps one may call Ethiopia another hot spot in view of the marked Italian successes against the Ethiopian northern army and the reported suit for peace terms launched by Haile Selassie Not to mention the European reactions that may spring from the fact that Italy for the first time has invaded the British sphere of influence around Lake Tana In Europe Asia and Africa the dynamite is planted and the spark creeps along the fuse Diplomatic fire departments are on the job but one would have more hope for their success if they were less interested in jockeying each other for position and devoting a little more attention to putting out the fuse LONDON SAYS YES AND PARIS SAYS NO the German elections Herr Hitler as promised dispatched his peace terms to the Locarno powers whom he had flouted by reoccupying the demilitarized Rhineland Britain professes to find the terms conciliatory and leaving the door open to discussion even though they flatly reject the demands made by the Locarno powers at London France says they wont do at all and insists successfully on the consultation of the general staffs of the Belgian British and French armies Hitler is angered by this staff consultation To him it seems to express a doubt of Germanys word when she promises she will not attack France But it is to be held anyhow although the British govern ment assures the public that it is mostly a gesture to satisfy France and that Britain will make no commitment except in case of a German attack on France Hitlers counterproposals are interesting He of fers to go into the whole FrancoGerman enmity and settle every outstanding difference by conciliation He offers a 25 year treaty along the lines of the Lo carno pact based on the present status minus the demilitarization of the Rhineland in ef fect He offers to accept in advance a world courl interpretation of any dispute should any question of the application of the peace pact arise He offers to let an international commission police the Rhineland during negotiations and to move no more troops to the border if France will do the same He offers Ger man return to the league if the Versailles treaty is divorced from the covenant He offers German par ticipation in a general economic conference On the whole removed from the background of the last 20 years Hitlers offer might be con sidered sensible and conciliatory That it rouses the deepest suspicions in France is however only na tural in view of that background Why asks Flandiu foreign minister of France shall we now accept Ger manys word when every other treaty she has signec with us has been torn up when Berlin found it con venient Punish Germany first for her latest repudia tion of her word invoke the Locarno we may agree to go into conference with Germany as to the future Between these two points of view are the anxious British trying to cling with one hand to their idea of collective security and with the other to wangle a new European situation in ivhich a powerful Ger many may be played against a worried France with the British holding the balance of power The French are demanding and demanding that Britain stand by as she promised while Captain Eden weasels about with ifs and buts certain that British public opinion will not agree to fight Germany for Frances sake on the present showing It is a very nervous place in which Mr Eden finds himself but hardly to be avoided British realism sees perfectly that all that aas happened despite French panic is that Germany has got out of the shackles of Versailles Not until she moves to go beyond this and challenges British safety will the British budge To one side stands Italy grinning When you are ready to hand over Ethiopia and forget this sanc tions nonsense well back you up she says to France and England So Hitler and Mussolini who do not love each other are pulling chestnuts out of the fire for each other nevertheless What will happen Well France will scarcely ackle Germany alone The Russians might precipitate he issue by pledging France to march into Germany simultaneously But at the moment Russia is busy on the outer Mongolian border There will be much alk but little action probably until after the French elections this month and until the far eastern trouble is smoothed out IONGOLIAN BORDER FIGHTING SEEMS STRANGELY WELLTIMED E recalls the rumors of a JapaneseGerman arrangement last year in observing the timeliness of the Mongolia border fighting just as France and Germany come to grips Germanys great fear is Rus ia A demonstration to keep Moscow worried in the east does no harm certainly to Hitlers plans in the west Of course this border trouble has been long brew ng There have been innumerable clashes along the rentiers of outer Mongolia a member of the soviet system and along the ManchuriaSiberian frontier his latest trouble however seems to be the worst with a 24 nour battle in which air forces tanks and troops were all engaged In fact it has led Fapan to send what might be called an ultimatum to Russia demanding that Mongolian troops be with drawn behind the border on pain of being driven out Thats a challenge Russia can make a war out of if ihe wants to Because the border is in dispute and he Russians assert the Manchukuo troops are really in Mongolian territory Both Japan and Russia are trying to bully China ato coming into the argument on their side while hey battle each other on what China regards as her erritory The Japanese insist that China must help hem crush Japanese military imperialism And China vaits as China has always waited in a sort of philo sophic detachment based on the firm belief that China s too big and too prolific ever to be swallowed by any outsiders PRECARIOUS BALANCE MAY SERVE TO STAVE OFF REAL WAR rjISTORIC events seldom are precipitated by any single cause The border trouble in Mongolia is lascd upon a number of elements One is perhaps the Japanese desire to make a diversion to keep Rus sia off Germanys back Another is the exploitation by the Japanese army of the new position of power ained by the Tokio army coup and the assassination of liberal leaders It is very certain that the Tokio civil government gave no orders for the border raids iirota had hardly drawn breath after his promise iere would be no war while he was premier before he fighting began The military is showing Hirota that he cant control them Finally there is the an cient dispute between Japan and Russia as to whom Delongs the right to exploit China Both have strategic lerritorial positions and Japan is trying to block off Russia and drive her out of Mongolia But in the far east as in Europe a combination of tensions may maintain a precarious balance and avert real fullscale war Russia is engaged in the west deeply involved in the FrancoGerman crisis Japan has on her hands the establishment of an in depedcnt North China and the maintenance of her Manchuria conquest not to mention deep domestic economic difficulties Neither is free to plunge single mindcdly into war So east as well as west the logs of war foaming and straining are still in leash DAILY SCRAP BOOK by Scott ACRES of flMBER MAKE THE PAPER USEP FOR ISSUE oF ANY ONtoF A NUMBER USNEWS PAPER MALE HUIA BIW oF NEW TEALANP HA5 A SHARP BILL CHISELING Wfo DECAVE TREES FEMALE A BILL TWICE AS LoN5 AND FLEXIBLE FOR REA iNfb HE HOLES PECKED BY HER i Jbl rvfesj GRUBS AND PrSCOVEfcED OIL IM AMERICA BEFORE WHITE MEN NEAR CUBA HEW YORK PROPUCED OIL WHICH IMPIAHS MEPlClME THE ASTRONOMER COPERKICU5 HONORED oMlrllS POLAND COPYRIGHT 193S CENTRAL PRESS ASSOCIATION 46 DIET and HEALTH By LOGAN CLENDENING M D ITCH NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS IN THE DAYS of Napoleon and some time before A and for a little time afterwards the itch was a very fashionable disease and very prevalent In fact aside from major tragedies it was the most annoy ing thing with which Napoleons grand army had to deal There is a contemporary car toon of a line of soldiers in the drummer boy is scratching the guardsman the guardsman is scratching the sergeant the ser geant is scratching the captain the captain is scratching the general the general is scratching une femme de combat and the drummer boy is also scratching himself Of course the itch itself affects only the skin but in those days no body knew the cause of it and all sorts of obscure maladies on the in side of the body were called the internal itch Not long after Napoleons day Dr Clendening the cause of the itch was discov ered 1 have told the story in my book Behind the Doctor how a young Corsican medical student re membered seeing the market women of his native vil age picking the little spiderlike insects out of toe burrows in their skin and how he demonstrated this to the great Baron Alibert in Paris Since it had been known that the cause of the itch s this parasite it has ceased to be considered a fash ionable disease and has been associated in popular fancy with uncleanliness This is not entirely fair and we are reminded by an eminent skin authority in Philadelphia that the itch still affects the welltodo In a riotous article in the Journal of the American Medical association he tells of 53 cases of the itch among the better feathered the silverspooned and he intellectual and professional elect Most of them had received the wrong diagnosis although they had gone to excellent physicians some of them specialists in skin diseases To one of them he family physician said I would have called it scabies myself if it hadnt been I thought that was a disease no nice people ever had One case was an offshoot of an epidemic involving an entire Florida town in which the epidemic had een explained as the result of food poisoning from a carload of spoiled milk chocolate One patient was fiven glycerophosphates for her nerves told it was hange of life by her friends and received calaniine otion by telephone order from the Philadelphia doc or himself He explains that he had never seen hsir hat she would not come into the office he could not disregard the request and he will never do it again This latter hysterical appeal explains why physicians are loath to make a diagnosis over the telephone or jy correspondence There is justification for commentary on what has been designated ss at once the easiest and the most difficult diagnosis in dermatology writes the doctor Scabies is a disease of herding promiscuity and travel of family school and vacation life It is hus like the louse infestation a plague of armies enements and slums It may with equal force invade a pedigreed school Camp Wawa Wawa or the bar onial castle on the hill TOMORROW By CI Notable Winchell b 1897 column ist who is proud of the fact that he was virtually ex pelled from school when he was in 6B for being a dunceLeo Stokowski b 18S2 in England or chestra conductor and showmanSherman M Fairchild b 1896 aviation manufacturerJoan Carmen b 1914 cinemactressBennie Leonard b 1S96 retired lightweight boxing champion Marmaduke Pickthall b 1875 who has the most pic turesque name of any writer I know April 7 presidents cabinet with the ex ception of the postmaster general the question of what social recognition should be accoroed the wives of one of them The red haired Margaret Peggy ONeill Eaton one time barmaid and wife of the secretary of war was the person who disrupted the cabinet When the wives of the other cabinet mem bers refused to recognize her as an equal President Andrew Jackson fwhose own wife had been Washington gossip brought pressure upon his official family The vice president John C Calhoun replied that it was a ladies quarrel with which men could not successfully interfere adding that the laws of the ladies were like the laws of the Medes and Persians and admitted neither of argu ment nor of amendment The cabinet resignations followed And the Foggy Eaton whom Washington would not receive became H favorite at the courts of London Paris and Madrid where her husband was sent as ambassador 1 EARLIER DAYS FROM GLOBEGAZETTE FILES Thirty Years The ice harvest at Clear Lake closed today with an estimated 300 tons of ice having been taken from the lake and shipped in the season Mrs Hattie AngelWay spent a short time in the city yesterday while enroute to her home at Carters ville Joe Fritsche left today for a brief visit at Garner The Rev C P Smith new pastor of the Christian church preached his first sermon before the congre gation yesterday shipbuilders have received from the Brazilian government orders for three first class cruisers of 10000 tons Mrs Lynn Denison is visiting this week hi LaPorte City Mr and Mrs J G Melson have returned from Cali fornia where they spent the winter Twenty Years Mrs Frank Rice returned yesterday from a weelcs visit in Green Bay and Milwaukee Wis Miss Adelle Woolford has returned from a months trip to St Louis Mo Germans renewed their attack south of Haucort in the Verdun region last night and gained some ground near Haucort Mason City high schools debating team composed of Andrick Pratt Max Egloff and George Goodman won an unanimous decision from Clinton high last night Miss Susan King left today for her home at Car tersville after a visit in the city with relatives Mrs Cora Clough returned to her home at Nora Springs today following a visit in the city with her daughter Mrs H A Morphew Mrs M O Crawford returned yesterday from Chi cago where she attended Easter millinery openings Ten Years N A Webster and Remley J Glass left today for Hawkeye in the matter of clearing up a lawsuit in that city Mrs M D HcMichael and daughter Sarah are spending a few days during the Easter season with her parents at Cedar Rapids Thomas Clark of Milwaukee was in the city yts terday visiting with friends and attending to busi ALL OF US By MARSHALL MASLIN WHY WORRY ABOUT FORGIVING YOURSELF SO YOUVE MADE a horrible some thingyou never dreamed youd ever now you say that you cant forgive yourself It would be all right if only you COULD forgive yourself But you CANT Youre ashamed broken humiliated As long as you live you will NEVER be able to forgive yourself You remind me of a new novel by James Gould Cozzens Its called Men and Brethren and its about a day in a busy clergymans lifeIn that book a woman makes a mistake and is tortured by the thought of what she has done The clergyman tells her that it is not important or even necessary for her to forgive herself In fact she shouldntFor her forgiveness isnt at all Im portantWhen she whines that she cant stand the thought of anyone knowing about her failure he says You know it I know it God knows it On me it doesnt make much impression Lord the things Ive known in ray tune I think Ive forgotten most of them I try to Usually they signify very little about a person Its more important to know what he does every day This business isnt like you at all Very soon well both forget it We are taught that God forgives itYou cant forgive yourself because youre not entitled to forgive yourself The good of God is that if you approach with a pure hear and humble voice forgiveness will be given you So he tells her to forget her foolish pride and vanity to stop worrying about forgiving herself to go back and be her normal daily self She has been a fool but why just because she has been a fool ONCE should she insist on being a fool all the rest of her life I dont know what the woman didShe may have liked being a fool and may have decided to re main oneBut I do think that man gave her wise advice Ill keep a big share for myself and pass whats left to you SCRIPTURAL labour of the foolish wcarieth every one of them because he knowcth not how to go to the OBSERVING LETS NOT USE THE SAME MODEL FOB ALL MMik am just a little disturbed over the indication con tained in a recent picture of a Milwaukee federal homebuilding project that Uncle Sam is falling before the temptation to fit United States into a standardized architec tural pattern Industrial firms once were prey to this evil but in recent vears the trend has been away from it Nearly every City in had its block or two of homes standing side by side built from the same blueprint and some times distinguished only by alter nating coats of paint of varied col ors When bright and new the rows of similar homes are a refreshing oddity But after a few months the man who can name his own home in the block is the oddity Sooner or later the homes become dull Their irrepressible similarity takes away any distinction of pleas ure from the neighborhood Factory homes Row after row block after block Sometimes even the same shingles fall out first It would seem that Uncle Sam in designing his homestead projects could recognize this monotony and its distressing effect upon Ameri can cities Surely a few minor changes in the homes to give them each an air and originality of their own would not cost more than a few dollars It would certainly be worth it A home should be expressive in some degree at least of personality In these days when So relatively few people plan and build their own homes this is hardly true But the architects and engineers who de sign homes should have the fore sight and common sense necessary to realize that people have a taste for home styles even as they have for salad dressing LINDY WAS FLYING THE MAIL TEN YEARS AGO found interest in a recent news item to the effect that April 15 will mark the tenth anniversary of the initial St LouisChicago airmail flight by Charles A Lindbergh The occasion is to be observed by the American airlines Colonel Lindbergh then known as Slim made the first flight in an open cockpit plane from Lambert field to the old Maywood airport in suburban Chicago There was no radio beam to ride in those days and not as much weather informa tion as is available today The pioneer mail pilots simply buckled on their chutes tossed in the mail pouches and took off if there was even a 200foot ceiling It was flight by dead reckoning in those days Every air mail letter was sped to its destination with a prayer and a hope FAILURE TO SIGNAL IS LAW VIOLATION mmi wonder how many of you realize that by failing to VSss give a handsignal before stopping turning or changing di rection we are violating a law I quote section 5032 of the Code of Iowa The operator of a motor vehicle shall before stopping turning or changing the course of such vehicle first see that there is sufficient space to make such movement in safety and shall give a VISIBLE or AUDIBLE SIGNAL to the cross ing officer if there be such or to the drivers of vehicles following of his intention to make such move ment by RAISING AND EX TENDING THE HAND or by a proper signal or device indicating with it the direction in which he wishes to turn Along this same line Im delight ed with a course of study on hand signaling recently issued from the office of the state superintendent of public instruction to every public school in Iowa I quote from a fore word The law of the road and safety measures demand that this commu nication become a part of the duty of every driver These sketches show the hand signals universally used When they are adopted by all drivers we sincerely believe there will be a marked decrease in the number of accidents on the high ways Accidents are the result of common mistakes made by the average driver Help Iowa reduce accidents on the highway by adopting the use of hand signals as a regular part of your code of safe driving Many persons boast about not having an accident in 20 years of driving If you are one of these persons ask yourself this question How many accidents have I caused others by not using hand signals HERES THAT BOOKLET SOMEBODY WAS NEEDING gSv received a request not long ago from some North lowan a teacher I believe it was some maps and other infor mation about Alaska This interest ed person was planning a trip to that region this summer At the time I couldnt meet the request Since that time however a beautiful booklet richly illustrated with maps and pictures has reached me It would contain an answer to about every question the prospec tive visitor there might ask It raeches me from the Alaska rail road and features the Mt McKin ley park route I pass along this item m the hope that it may catch the eye the reader whostood in need of infor mation a week or two ago Answers to Questions By FREDERIC HASKJN Is there a soybean research lab oratory connected with the govern ment M B The department of agriculture with the cooperation of 12 North Central states established a soy bean laboratory for research at the University of Illinois Urbana Was Darwin married to a cousin A R In 1839 the naturalist married his cousin Emma Wedgwood What child was born on the May flower WT Oceanus Hopkins Who established the Ballet Russc of Monte Carlo L F Organized in 1932 by W de Basil Cossack colonel who managed a Russian opera house in Paris The Princess of Monaco assisted him in assembling children of Russian emi gres who were trained in the old Im perial ballet school What trail in northern Arizona was named for a Spanish explorer M B Coronado trail Arizona into Colo rado How did fits you to a T orig inate G C Probably an allusion to a mechan ics Tsquare for accuracy in mak ing angles What restriction has Germany put on gold wedding rings T R Must not exceed a fineness of 333 or 8 carat nor grains in weight Who is superintendent of Shenan doah National bank in Virginia M P James Ralph Lassiter Where will the next Worlds Sun dav School association meeting be held E D Oslo Norway in July 1936 Tell of Marc Klaw theatrical manager M F Born at Paducah Ky 1S5S He was educated in the public and high schools of Louisville Ky studied law and was admitted to the bar After 1S81 he was engaged as a theatrical manager and became a member of the firm of Klaw and Er langer gaining control of many the aters throughout the U S What mound was huilt in the form of a serpent by the an cient mound builders O A Great Serpent Mound in Ohio What does it mean when an army officer is blued W T Relieved of his command possibly demoted or given some other kind of service The expression was coined during the World war when officers were sent to Blois France for reclassification or demotion Who is the goddess of luck O T In classic mythology Fortnna She is blind and is pictured with a wheel Do English srnmblc much E M Estimated the British spend two billion dollars annually in various forms of samblinsr Give height and weight of Dick Lanahan of the Washington sena tors M C Six feet two inches tall weight 185 Do many Negro physicians locate in Northern States E G Data from the bureau of the cen sus indicate that of the 3805 Negro physicians and surgeons nearly 40 per cent were located in seven of the northern States and the District of Columbia When did Fritz Kreisler first play the violin in America E W In 1888 He was then 13 Is there a relation between crime and insanity P T Yes Any persistent criminality shows a refusal of individual to ac cept his position in society and a consequent mental attitude which is warped This mental warping shades off into actual insanity by very gradual degrees All criminals are not insane but the habitul crim inal is not normal mentally How many women are clerks E M Nearly two million in U S Where is the most northern Uni iverity in U S L M University of Alaska at Fairbanks This is a landgrant college and now has an enrollment of 180 How many attended the flower show in New York in March F G More than 200000 OLD COINS In practically every home there is an old box of coins stamps trinkets and souvenirs Many per sons carry around in their pocket or their purse some old lucky piece tbat may have a market value Ev ery little while the papers tell about someone obtaining a substan tial sum for an old trinket that had been considered valueless To make its readers a worth while service in this matter the Washington Infor mation bureau of the GlobeGazette offers a practicaly and authorita tive handbook on rare and valuable coins Inclose 10 cents to cover cost handling and postage Use coupon The Mason City GlobeGazette Information bureau Frederic J Haskin director Washington D C I inclose 10 cents in coin carefully wrapped for Every bodys Coin Book Name Street City Stats Alail to Washington D C ;