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Marshall Expounder (Newspaper) - October 9, 1903, Marshall, Michigan Free cure for consumption Faja oos Michigan doctor announces the Dis covery of a marvelous mysterious secret compound that almost instantly cures consumption coughs and lung troubles it lies Deea tried and tested by state officials great medical men Foo pro Nonace it the grandest discovery of the age a Large trial package seat free by return Mill to All who scud their name end address i Hare made the most Niar melons full ser try in the real a of Medicine i Hite pro fined a mysterious compound no known to chemists or to Mcd col science it Suu proven the most wonderful cure for lost by weather Chicago Bler Chuu hit by of the Bummer Tho unseasonable summer which has a Bovit drawn to a cloak has Cost the shopping District of Chicago an enormous bum a principal Man in Ono of the loading Toroa of state Street says tie loss Aai Cuttita to an Eren the retail musings of the dry goods houses in Chicago Long ago Learned to recount to the desirability of too Normal season and while it often has been Naid of Chicago that it wad Only Taro seasons summer and Tintor Tho Trade of state Street has always looked for and to a great extent anticipated Tho four seasons covered by e no mimics to Bro a nothing in the Economy of business which enables the dealer a dry goods to Pontiel Polto an abnormal season Enid Tho authority already quoted he buys for a Spring Trade and the Spring is too warm or too cold or too vet o too dry All that Tho business Man Lias anticipated for that season is awry and nothing can Avo him from Krae there Are times when through some unforeseen circumstance a bit of Rinor Mal weather will lend itself to Fae Mak ing of Money for a House or even for several houses but in the Long run it is recognized that the nearer the weather keeps to the Normal which the Public has Learned 4o respect the better will be Trade in general in a general tray an abnormally Cool Spring and eur Namer will show quickest in the underwear rec Tlona and in the dress goods departments of a big but at the same time it May be counted upon that every unseasonable Day of any kind leaves us Marks upon the seasons profits in state Street the unto Zeoba Bla Day of whatever character it be Means simply that fewer shoppers downtown by reason of Iton top of Tail condition la the further in fluency Chat tile unseasonable Ness my have on the prospective Needa of Tho Cusco Raery usually Tho un3ensoryablcness Means tint the customer will to less a inclined to an Justice kills three rat users electrocuted in new Yort murder of Uncle an event unusual if not unprecedented in the history of crime in this coun try occurred thursday when the three Brothers Van Wormer were executed at Dannemora n y for Tho murder of their Uncle Peter Willis Van Wormer was the first to be Tasjean to his doom and at the current had passed through his body his brother Frederick Lay lifeless six and a half minutes later and Burton Yah Wormer dead just five minutes thereafter in less than Twenty minutes the Law had exacted the Puni aliment for a cruel assassination upon several occasions during the last few years members of thu panic family Ciaio and female have been lynched the Yak Beo tuers tick Pete a Normal need and in not com ing because of this possible want tie merchant downtown loses Tho sales of a Hundred other things which Are sold because they arc Scon handkerchiefs laces perfumes collars gloves buttons and the Ike if women coming downtown to Moko Detia Ite purchases Only should in All cases make Only these definite purchases it would a hard lines for state it ret but thousands of dollars every Day Ore spent in the Street just because the shopper chances to eco bom Tiung on Dis play which catches her fancy and seizes upon it because of itself or its Price or the advantage to which it is displayed to her View Chicago has Many rafters i cure consumption coughs Throat and lung troubles or Younkerman coughs Throat tid lung Ever discovered i have taken cons rap fives who gasping upon their Darth Beds Given up by their Omro Homo physicians to die in s Day or two and i have cured them completely time and Caiu i have restored health to consumptive to Leo were la the crr jaws of death ily marvelous and mysterious compound of i alone hold these Cret Solil cure any Case of consumption coughs Throat and lung troubles no mat Ter How far advanced where there is life there a Hope for my marvelous compound will curs consumption in every stage i fur Nish proof in thousands of instances the leading men in nearly every civilized Community have carefully investigated my wonderful discovery and nil have been compelled by the stories of those 1 Timve cared of the deadly consumption to acknowledge that my work is Little Short of miraculous end that 1 positively do cute consumption no matter now Many remedies or doctors have failed my famous discovery for the cure of con gumption is emphatically endorsed by the following noted men the hot Edward collies of Detroit Mich one of the most noted pulpit oratory la the West Hon e a Tor Larty Secretary of division of health department of Tubac safety Columbus Ohio Hon a t work Duluth Minn county superintendent of schools and one of the Foremost educators in tie u s senator Henry j Gjertsen of Minneapolis inspector Central of tie state of my inc and member of governor Van Sants staff Hon Harry l Al scr of greater new York one of the bust known business men in new York end a famous political Leader Hon 3 Heulu Esse managing editor of the St Paul Minn Globe end prominent Diu bar of the Minnesota if ii j m Bra Luton mayor of Des the Chi vital City of and one of the noted orators in the Wigt Hon w n Hinr Ichieh former Secretary of Illinois end a member of con Fross Hon in p if Cormaci state Liffor com missioner of Indiana and of the most popular men in his state Hon s m Farlss Lincoln neb Mem Ber of tha Nebraska state legislature Hon Richard e Burke Chicago democratic Lender a the Illinois House of Hep risen Atvea and noted lawyer Hon Ralph 8 Gregory of Moncle ind one of the most noted criminal lawyers in the United states pc de w o a Edtrell Ian ans City one of tha beat known jurists and Public men of the state of mls Sonrel sheriff John Powers of of Xii one of the tint known criminal bunter in the West Hon d j or Len Omaha Alto is popularly known As the Dot Monaco of Omaha Rcd Tho West i do not ask any consumptive to take my word this 1 want every person and Miltor Larj from Contu Motlon to write me air ass to Ike Donalty in Dork i ton Kraut flu 3uo hide Kalama Ned i will Dluhy them by re Titu ill a inure Tirui pack acc absolutely All Char Chi Imp old ill i currant be that not to filter Hov or you this trial Tran Gumiit will Ronal no you to you More foil Tolian nil cd area of clan into or other rein dts i can Alt Praise piss Cora Enosh for the a endors it has worked a curios k h so lol 22w Street at Loula Moa pro 13 1pol mayor Harrison says tic City Hall to full of corruption if i could fire All the men i suspect of grafting they would be jumping out of every window in Tho City Hall this Hall is full of graft big and Vou know it and cant prove it Ive got eighteen months left and i will get some of them yet with these and other declarations mayor Harrison of Chicago expressed sometimes merely because of their unpopularity or tie prejudice of their neigh Bors against them but rarely if Ever has this happened in Legal executions the crime which these three Brothers committed was deliberately planned Aud coolly Aud cruelly carried out they had always been wayward and dissipated Nind had Many times been Coti Neetch with Petty Uriu ies they had a grudge against this Rucoi who and done much to help them when in trouble because of some Money matters so they Trot tog Ctibor and planned his murder attacked Iii in his Home nil of them emptying ers into him mid afterwards even boost ing of the murder and their accurate the crime was proved beyond any doubt and it was shown to have been peculiarly atrocious Xot an circumstance was found either in the Trixi or on the Appeal the court at appeals Nih Miod the judgment of the Coit below the de sense appealed to gov Odell for Clem ency but it was denied although he granted two respite killing ants with cannot artillery charged with grape shot has been employed to destroy great for tresses which the termites or Warrior ants have made in Many tropical coun tries in South Africa the termites work enormous havoc they live in a re Pablic of their own and some of them have wings the workmen the sol Diers and the Queens however have none the workmen construct their build Ings the soldiers defend the Colony and keep order and tie females or Queens Are cared for by All the others these become in Point of fact Mere egg laying machines which have to re main tied to one spot their nesting Homes Are often Twenty feet High and pyramidal in shape cattle climb upon them without crush ing them a dozen men can find Shel Ter in some of their Chambers and native Hunters often he in wait inside them when out after wild animals the ants construct galleries which Are As wide As the bore of a Large Cannon and which run three or four feet underground the nests Are said to be five Hundred Umea is High As the ants body Aud it has Boon Esti mated that 1c we built our houses of the Bamo scale they would be four times As High As the pyramids of Egypt information wanted Hiram a sister to Yew Tell me where i Kin find a Fellar or name us Adams cat Are number of peo Pla in town of de name of Adonis which one Are you looking for Hiram Feller in Lookin Fer keeps a express office can stand it commercially we Aro taking Money front you right along asserted the american from Georgia while Ono Man is sitting Idle waiting for Good times another la shaking a ads with pm half Way the world May be a wilderness of woe but the staging of the in it still drowns the howling of tie hyenas dont lose any time envying the Rich it Only keeps you from enjoying the blessings of poverty we labor to climb the Hills of life Only to look Back and wish for the peace of the constr do you Bough does to delay easy to get Pierpont o oct in deed is the experience of or a s Turner a Man now Over seventy one years of age and whose Home is Here for Many years this old gentleman bad suffered with a very unpleasant form of kidney trouble a kind that very often bothers need people to would have to get up four or five times every night Aud this very tiresome Dis ease was fast wearing him oat at last after having almost made up Hla mind that he would never be Able to get Relief he stumbled Over a medi Cine which relieved him almost immediately and has cured him permanently it is so very easy to get and so simple that or Turner thinks every one should know of i every dealer in the country has it end All you have to do is to ask for Dodds kidney pills ill Turner says i can heartily and honestly recommend Dodda kidney Pula for they cured me several others in tha fam ily have used them too and always the Best results i think they have no equal May reduce wages Carnegie steel company has posted notice that a rail action in wages is possible to the men employed in the Homestead i Rivilis of the a Riegie steel company was made known Friday by the posting of n notice by the company that on Tan i 1iq4 Ali Ere would Bea readjustment in the in Jucs of tie but ploys of Icouls of the coi Pauy claim the notice does not necessarily mean any Chongc in the wage rates but Iii View of any possibility of change being it was deemed Best to protect the interests of tie company by posting tie notice Ever since to strike of 1802 an agree ment to this effect has been in Force be of Long As Yon use it to buy titles we dont mind returned the eng Lishman whore Tho difficulty Llos do you think i could Rua for con 6tcbs certainly anyone can run for any thing the trouble a to get it All to cd out the weary1 worn out Al tired feel Ings come to everybody who taxes the kidneys when the kidneys Are overworked t he y fail to perform the duties nature has provided for them to do when the kidneys fall dangerous disease b quickly follow Uri nary disorders Dia betes dropsy rheumatism Brights disease Doans kidney tills cure All kidney and Blad Der ills read the following Case Veteran Joshua Heller of 708 South Walnut Street Urbana 111 says in tie fall 1s99 after getting drano kidney pills at cumin Guam Bros drug store in Champaign and taking a course of treatment i told the readers of the paper that they had relieved a of kidney trouble disposed of a Laine Back with pain across my loins and be Neath the shoulder Blades during the interval which had elapsed i have had occasion to re Sosa to do aus kidney pills when i noticed warning a of at tack on each and every occasion the not that she meant that Temperance lecturer spoke most effectively she commented he waa full his subject what Wais Hla subject he asked rum she replied and even then she understand he laughed St Ltd of Ohio Corr or Toisto 1 it Las co Sty f Chekey makes oath that he la the senior part dec the firm of f j co doing business n the City of Toledo county jul state Aro Tofalus and that said Nam will Tho sum or Oje doilah3 for eke and every Case of Catarrh that cannot to Touroo by Tho use of Catarrh cure Frank j ii exit sworn to before me and subscribed in my pres once this ctr Day of december a d 18s8 Skull a w Gleason i i notary Public hulls Catarrh curo is taken intern us no directly on the Wood and mucous Mirt fecs of the system band for Tost Montal Iree f j Chewey co Toledo 0 bold by Druid Cist Hulln family pills Are the Best simply impossible of dear Algred the Hyde Park girl i feel awfully Blue this morning How absurd rejoined her Friend it la a physical impossibility to becom Cor Alzant colors through the sense o touch from it info trundles the Oiler made elsewhere in this Nape by or Derk p Younkerman 3186 shake Speare build info Kalamazoo Mich to consumptive and sufferers from lung trouble is remarkable especially As show int the undoubted Confidence of Thos who make it in the of Mcacy of tha remedy offered to Tho Public the list of name Given is testimonials to Back up the Offe and the remedy Are not those of of scr individuals but of men of renown Many of them of National Fame who have uset the remedy and been cured it certain Tooka Asie this offer was a genuine one made in Good Faith and based altogether upon the Merita of the remedy carte h Hab Risos himself on the subject of municipal ser vice he of sorted that his hands were tied Liat convincing proof could not be secured to establish guilt mayor Harrison never before allowed the Public to understand Eliut he knew of Tho widespread and systematic corruption in the City departments one purpose of his doing so was to show Why he does not bold department Heads to strict accountability suspicions Are not proof he said and proof is necessary to discharge a maa under the civil service Laws it is an impossibility to get sufficient evidence in Many known cases the police department b full of suspected cases corruption tween the company Ted Encl of the Mill j results obtained were just As satisfactory As when the pills were first brought to my notice i just Asem Phat Cally endorse the preparation to Day a i did Over two years ago a free trial of this great kidney Medicine which cured or Heller will be mailed on application to any part of the United states medical a Dolce free strictly confidential address poster Milburn co Buffalo n y Tor Sale by All druggists Price to workers in either Side was dissatisfied with the existing scale agreement it was stipulated that they must give at three months notice of this fact preceding the first of the year when the matter would be taken up and a new agreement entered into during the last four years there has been no disposition on the part of the Carnegie company to change the agreement but on several occasions it Baa advanced the wages of the men voluntarily beyond the rate agreed upon until at present they Are being paid the highest wages in ten Yeara however the recent depression in business has made it necessary for tie company to give the required of a change in Uio wage scale while it is not stated a reduction will be in do it is thought by some that this 5s tie Proba ble intention and the posting of the notices has been the theme of considerable talk among the men and a Relief in advanced Tengei vie Loa will Tho Excel Lenl effect taking first dote Pom by Deavera Grerr Wikete Eum delicate people can re Sist the changes of Cli Matic conditions More easily if stomach and bowels Are in Good order laxative syrup pepsin corrects stomach trouble and cures constipation Pepsi syrup so i a sixt Aix Ond our of 6ign 5p Toffi h Ore Many f be sure of i on tha buttons x a Maisu a Canadian co Torontel cart not in Tbs tact or a Lenori Turand liver pie Misri sits Lingo the i inti is Antof kind ii Tho Piip Hartlon of Radwani saw and in continued us it it if a Pena cont sold Dpi Gist t c0 Kew tax Croftin in Jno tvs Vitino to aves risers it Kalb Fen us tha in Iblis payer the want of occupation is no less the plague of society than of Many shackles May fall All that to be by n when lie Speaks Tho truth m Nikis riv5 colors to crop re silk Oloughlin is one of the beat umpires in Mike Sorgaa Tia old outfielder of the new York giants has a Eon playing out in it Envor kid Carter the inrae Brooklyn fighter it gain gave its Ruhlon n hard Battle it poll Adolphia a Batoki both Lott Jura and Hia old rival Fitzsi minors will undoubtedly arranged before Long Illey Keeler finishes Lunog Etc irn Ding batters in Tho Auer can to is now on of Tho most scr Cin and n prent Teason for the new York club nest season Adrian c Anson Tho knows r a food Bill Plaj ref is veil anyone in Tho country a Nevls Trio Palm to a Joje us beat on Trio old Anse syn that the Star is a she Bottor than Hann o tic it Hob Scorga gang Hove to sight the Yos Cornue a thumb tub of Hun Onva the i err Onri of coffin bar Zartl Naf he Iksic a fits c a licit t Musoh Kin Nuiji Arff tuts at last in to bal every a military in 5loy fee set Irb on a decision which will probably filed in St Paul during the october term of the United states circuit court of appeals depends Tho Freedom of every Mili tary guardhouse prisoner in the United states the decision May break Tho shackles of a thou squid men the Caso is that of Edward m Brode James f Coffee Andrew Hui shoe and John h Morris prisoners at fort Leavenworth a military Penitentiary the ease bats a on what the court will place on the court martial commitment order that each Man shall be confined in such a the reviewing authority direct prisoners claim that Only the mar liar have the Power to direct it place confinement and that such in order judicial and tie Power of any Wev Lowenst authority As the courts non Rolal to direct a place of confinement there such place adj the Man must go free if Liis Contention is upheld every Mill Fly prisoner in to United Hax had his place of directed b to reviewing authority find nil will Ita w l Douglas Yoa Caa Savstrom yearly by w l Douglas or they equal those that have been Cost ing you Iron too to Tho in mensa of it l Dong this shows proves their superiority Over other makes bold by retail shoe dealers everywhere loot for name and Price on Bottom that Hoaglu no Cor proves u Tioyao in Don flu shoes i Corona it he new rival Black powder shells its the thoroughly modern and scientific system of Load ing and the use of Only the Best materials which make Winchester factory loaded new rival shells give bet Ter pattern penetration and More uniform results Gener ally than any other Sheila the special paper and the win Chester Patent corrugated head used in making rival shells give them strength to withstand reloading be sure to get Winchester make of shells fait color Evolt turd Olla Tegt any Shroi by null Oculi w l you fleas Brockton pm water tonic or army that 29000000 people Over 10 writ f Csc in productive it Uluster Uita country than if in enl Artin a fifth in per Vonil nor Vico n Al fish q tra Tzvi Ami transp Odilon Tuo in offs Hou a la Nul in n t i Ami on Tjimis hotel of Pibby cathartic

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