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Marshall Chronicle Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1990, Page 5

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Marshall Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 02, 1990, Marshall, MichiganNews and feature californians look at quake damage Upland Calif. Up a ignoring the grumblings of aftershocks Southern californians thursday began assessing the damage inflicted by an earthquake that left the structural integrity of scores of buildings Uncertain. The losses were expected to easily climb to $10 million or More. At least four people were injured in wednesday afternoons quake which measured 5.5 on the Richter scale and was Felt Over thousands of Square Miles. Tie heaviest damage occurred in the Foothills of the san Gabriel mountains on the los Angeles and san Bernardino county line. About 40 fire and building safety officials were deployed thursday morning to begin inspecting Homes and buildings in Pomona and la Verne two cities near the epicentre that were among the hardest hit. Pomona a 20-year-old City Hall where massive window panes were shattered and cracks developed in stairwells was among the buildings closed for repairs fire inspector Ron Gomez said. A number of inspectors with the state office of emergency services were also working to tabulate Dame estimates and offer state assistance to communities. In addition about 30 members of the California conservation corps were deployed to help with Chimney removal and general cleanup efforts. The four cities where most of the damage was concentrated Upland Pomona Claremont and la Verne declared local states of emergency to help release funds to pay for repairs and to keep bystanders out of unsafe areas. Police in Pomona said damage in the City totalled an estimated $7 Mil lion mostly to City Hall and a methodist Church. Wednesdays 3 43 . Temblor tossed boulders onto Mountain roads disrupted phone service toppled Power lines ruptured water and Mains and cracked roofs. However Southern californians major buildings and infrastructure fared Well. Scientists said at least 30 a a significant aftershocks measuring 2.3 or stronger have been recorded since the temblor. Two 2.5 aftershocks struck Early thursday one at 1 02 . And the other at 4 11 . The strongest aftershock hit at 7 24 . Wednesday and measured 4.8 on tie open ended Richter scale. Seismologists said there was a slight Chance of an even larger quake striking the Region in the next few Days. A these aftershocks can continue for weeks months and even years a said Bob finn a spokesman for the Cal tech lab seismology Laboratory in Pasadena. The quake struck near the juncture of two faults the Cucamonga and the Sierra Madre but seismologists remained Uncertain thursday which fault was actually responsible. A number of roads blocked by minor Rock slides were closed for a time but most were at least partially reopened thursday morning. Mount Baldy Road in the san Gabriel mountains above la Verne was opened to residents Only. Fifty Homes and other buildings in la Verne received minor damage primarily crumbling chimneys and broken Glass assistant City manager Jeff Allred said. A Stater Bros supermarket was closed after an overhead beam was damaged. The most severe damage in la Verne occurred at an Auto parts warehouse where a Brick Wall collapsed and the roof caved in. In Claremont 18 buildings sustained damage including one at Pitzer College. In Upland itself an apartment Complex was partially evacuated due to damage. Tie quake striking in Rocky Hilly terrain that is highly fractured by various faults was entered 3 Miles Northwest of Upland about 35 Miles Northeast of downtown los Angeles. Described by seismologists As a a textbook earthquake a it was Felt Over an area of 13,000 Square Miles a Region larger than the state of Vermont. The quake state transportation officials said underscores the need to move ahead with strengthening of Highway overpasses Liat Are vulnerable to seismic damage. Lasting 15 to 20 seconds the quake was Felt As a rolling motion rather than a Jolt. Seismologists said it was a a slip strike quake with horizontal rather than vertical ground motion. It was preceded by a smaller for Shock that struck the same area at 12 37 . And registered 3.6 on the Richter scale. Hall daily of Cal tech said it was believed to be along a frontal fault system along the Northern Edge of the san Gabriel Valley. It was the strongest quake in California since a 7.1 Jolt ravaged the san Francisco Bay area oct. 17, 1989, killing 67 people injuring nearly 3,000 and causing $7 billion damage. A 7.1 quake is 100 times stronger than a 5.1 temblor so wednesdays quake was far less powerful than the Bay area quake. Mayors complain about loss of civil rights Washington up a the nations mayors thursday lined up behind proposed legislation aimed at reversing a series of supreme court decisions last year that Shiply narrowed the nations civil rights Laws. Indianapolis mayor William Hudnut testifying on behalf of the . Conference of mayors told the Senate committee on labor and human resources that a affirmative action plans Are working Well in the City governments but last years rulings by the supreme court a departed radically from the consensus on civil rights built up Over the past 20 years. A if we done to have polices in both the Public and private sectors which provide opportunities for women and minorities the fact of the matter is that the a Good old boy network will prevail and most of the employment decisions will favor White males a Hudnut said. Congress is considering the proposed civil rights act of 1990, which would overturn supreme court rulings in five cases. The rulings shift the Burden of proof in Bias cases to those claiming they were victims of discrimination and allows Whites to file reverse discrimination suits Long after an affirmative action plan is in place. The Bush administration which first labelled the rulings a a technical and said it saw no need for remedial legislation has More recency would support overturning two of the five cases. But it remains opposed to repealing the wards Cove decision which said employers no longer had to show that hiring practices having a a disparate Impact on women and minorities were caused by legitimate business needs. Wards Cove shifts the Burden of that proof to the victims who must prove the employer has no Legal justification for exclusionary practices. Hudnut told the committee that the . Conference of mayors had unanimously adopted a Resolution calling for the overturning of the wards Cove decision citing a conference Survey in which City officials said the ruling would make it much More difficult to end discriminatory hiring practices. The mayor quoted City off trials from Denton Texas and Salt Lake City Utah As examples. A it is our View that the wards Cove decision represents a regression in Progress toward equal employment Opportunity a the Denton officials wrote. Salt Lake City Utah officials said shifting the Burden of proof a May require proving a intent a which is almost impossible to a second High court ruling addressed by Hudnut Martin is. Wilks allows White employees to Challenge affirmative action plans As reverse discrimination years after they have been . A the effect of Martin is. Wilks has been to increase uncertainty among Many employers particularly Public employers about the legality of of Weir affirmative action programs and to encourage needless time consuming and expensive litigation a Hudnut said. Hudnut who tangled bitterly with the Reagan Justice department in the mid-1980s when it sought to Challenge Indianapolis affirmative action plan said such programs a Are working Well in City but he said since the Wilks decision plans have been challenged As reverse discrimination in a number of cities including Birmingham Ala., Omaha neb., Boston and Memphis Tenn. In addition the lawyers committee for civil rights under Law has identified cases in san Francisco Albany ga., Toledo Ohio Cincinnati Ohio and Gadsen Ala. Abc number one in february sweeps new York up a Abc won the february sweeps Abc had the one True hit of the current season and television viewing in general was Down for the month according to figures released thursday. Abc posted its eighth consecutive sweeps win its 19th out of the last 20 sweeps. Bob Niles Abc vice president research said no cd a 15 percent Lead Over second place Abc was the widest Mai in of sweeps Victory since Abc won it in 1979. There Are four sweeps periods a year in november february May and july during which the ratings companies go into local markets to count viewers. Sweeps numbers affect local advertising rates. All three networks held news conferences to give their versions of the results. Abc won with a 15.2 rating and a 25 share while Abc had a 13.2 rating and a 21 share and lbs was third with a 12.5 rating and a 20 share. The three network hut Levels to Industry language for Homes using television were Down in february for prime time daytime and evening news with the figures not yet available on late night. Television viewing in general also was Down for the period according to David Poltrack senior vice president planning and research few the lbs broadcast group. The ratings for All television networks Independent stations superstitions pcs Cable and pay Cable had a 68.4 rating for february 1990, compared to 69.8 for the same period last year. Poltrack said the Nielsen people blamed it on the unusually warm weather in parts of the country ordinarily he said february is a the time of year when weather conditions tend to drive people indoors and in front of their to sets. The new hit of the season is abcs a a american a funniest Home videos a a it is Trul the hit of the season a a said Alan Wurtzel abcs senior vice president marketing and research services. He was echoed by Poltrack who called Abc the a Only network to have an actual hit coming out of this the show placed sixth among the regularly scheduled programs the world As they see it photo by Popov Ellis rom left. Mermea Russel Keegan Robbins and Amy Rosko created posters Attiat will be sent to tie United Mett Iodest Church Michigan conference for display in october. The theme for the posters was a the world As i want to see it and posters were made by children in preschool to Grade 6. Congress to examine Cable regulation Washington up a Consumers and lawmakers urged Congress thursday to regulate the Cable television Industry saying subscribers Are the victims of High rates and poor service. At a House hearing largely split along partisan lines republicans and Industry representatives argued that rates have stabilized since Cable deregulation began in 1984 and Only free Competition can solve the problems of the still maturing Industry. Rep. Edward Markey d-mass., chairman of the committee on Energy and Commerce said a series of hearings and studies on Cable since deregulation show a serious issues have been raised about the Cable Industry a practices particularly its rates and noting that 99 percent of communities with Cable Are served by Only one company Markey said a until there a a competitive marketplace some form of regulation is necessary to protect the 1984 deregulation took the Power of Basic Cable rate setting from local governments and turned it Over to the Industry counting on increased comp Eutimi and Market forces to keep rates Low. But Laredo Texas May Saul ran Irez told the con United a the theory of the act has proved to be a Cable once built is a monopoly a Ramirez said. A Cable is the transmission medium All programmers must use to reach the Homes of Cable subscribers. Cable subscribers know they Are being Ramirez said since 1984 Basic Cable rates in Laredo have risen from $6.60 per month to $17 per month. But proponents of the Industry repeatedly cited go emment figures showing that in 1989 Cable rates increased by an average of 3.8 percent less than 4.6 percent Rise in the consumer Price Index. Rep. Mathew Rinaldo r-nj., the panels ranking Republican said Cable is still maturing into a competitive Industry. A a Cable a not always going to be a monopoly a Rinaldo said. A there will be Competition and there will be Cable company versus Cable a i would rather have Cable cleaning up their own messes than having the government jump in with both feet a Rinaldo said. Gerald Hogan president of Turner entertainment networks said the Cable act has enabled the giant Cable company to greatly expand and improve its programming through can int and the Tbs supers tation. For february. Poltrack pointed to another hit a the Simpsons a Fox broadcasting Stop rated series. The off beat cartoon show had a 14,5 raring and a 21 share but Poltrack said on network in a Good time period the show could be up at the top of the charts. There were three miniseries during sweeps with no cd so Blind Faith a the big Winner with a 21.6 rating and a 34 share. Abcs a the Kennedy of Massachusetts came in second with a 16.6 rating and a 25 share and cd so so family of spies was third with a 14.0 rating and a 21 Shiue. Among made for television movies abcs a anything to survive was the Winner with a 16.5 rating and a 26 share followed by a a family for Joe on Abc with a 15.8 rating and a 23 share and a Miracle sanding on lbs with a 15.1 rating and a 23 share. A a family for Joe was the two hour Pilot for a sitcom starring Robert Mitchum and no cd a Niles said the network was encouraged by the show is i h rating.14arshall township Boardm ing february 19.1990 the meeting was caled to order at 7 00 . Wih Lawr Erke Rogers Betty Colins. June Hindenach Doran Denise Hamaker record he Saeta by present. Absent was Myron Avery. A motion was made and supported to approve the january. 1990. Or Danules As read. Motion carried. A notion was made and supported to approve the fire department report As read. Motion carried. A new icon was made and supported to approve the building department report As read. Motion carried. A Moton was made and sported to remove the fuel tanks from the ground behind the Tovi ship Hal motion carried. A Minn was made and supported to authorize John Kendal to Contact Dave Davis and the mayor of marshal regarding pubic act 425. Motion carried. A Moike was made and supported to advertise the Sale of fire truck 113-33 by sealed bid reserving the right to reject any and Al bids. Motion carried. A Monk it a was made and supported to Transfer Money needed from the Chloride and Cente Tery funds to those Sil b need. Motion carried. A motion was made and supported to have the township phor get system changed from rotary to touch4one. Mownn carried. A Mownn was made and supported to authorize Doran Osborne top attend a solid waste management seminar Cost of $60.00 motion carried. It a Monk it a was made and supported to approve the Board of review members for 1990 As follows John Denning Ernest Schroder and Paul kissing. Mot a carried. A to taxi was made and supported to adopt a Reso Ufen for pubic act 77 for elected officials salaries for the fiscal year 1990 beginning apis 1,1990. Monk n carried. A motion was made and supported to approve the outstanding bils for the month As read motion carried. A motion was made and supported to adjourn the meeting at 8 30 . Motion carried. Denise Hamaker record re Secretary Betty Concis clerk to the telecommunications customers of Michigan Bell Telephone company and other interested myrties the following is published by direction of the Michigan Public service commission in Case no. U-9569notice of hearing on february 1, 1990, Michigan Bell Telephone company Michigan Bell filed an application with the Michigan Public service commission commission to offer an optional adjacent Exchange toll calling plan. Michigan Bell proposes a plan that will provide its residential toll customers with one half hour of Flat rate calling to adjacent intr Alata toll exchanges for $2.00 per month with additional usage at the rate of $.05 per minute. Approval of the plan will result in a combined annual Revenue reduction and Cost increase to Michigan Bell of $6.6 million. Of which $3.7 million is attributable to calling under the plan originating in Michigan Bell exchanges and $2.9 million is attributable to calling under the plan originating in Michigan Exchange carriers association Meca exchanges for which Michigan Bell is the primary Exchange Carrier Michigan Bell proposes to increase monthly residential Basic Exchange rates by $3.7 million $.11 per month per residential Access line and to reduce intr Alata Access charges payable by Michigan Bell to Meca by $2.9 million per year $239,000 per month to offset the Revenue reduction and Cost increases under the plan. Michigan Belles filing including its testimony and exhibits is available for inspection at the offices of the commission s executive Secretary 6545 mercantile Way Lansing Michigan and at the offices of Michigan Bell 444 Michigan Avenue Detroit Michigan. Notice of Public hearing a Public hearing in this matter will be held at 1 30 . On March 20,1990, in the offices of the commission 6545 mercantile Way Lansing Michigan. The hearing will be in the nature of a rehearing conference and will be held for the purpose of considering matters which will expedite this proceeding. This Case will be consolidated for hearing purposes with Case no. U-9568. Get North incorporated a application to offer extended calling service. Any interested persons May attend the hearing and participate subject to the provisions of the commissions rules of practice and procedure. Any person seeking to intervene in accordance with Rule 11 of the rules of practice and procedure before the commission shall file with this commission on or before March 15, 1990, an original and 12 copies of a petition to intervene with a proof of service indicating service upon Michigan Belles general attorney or Michael Holmes 444 Michigan Avenue room 1750. Detroit Michigan 48226. Subparagraph 2 of said Rule 11 provides As follows a a 2 a petition to intervene shall set out clearly and concisely the facts supporting the petitioners alleged right or interest the grounds of the proposed intervention and the position to advise the parties and the commission of the specific issues of fact or Taw to be raised or emphasis added the commission will require strict compliance with the above quoted Rule. The increases described in this notice have been requested by Michigan Bell Telephone company the Michigan Public service commission May either Grant or deny the requested increases in whole or in part and May Grant lesser or greater increases than those requested. Michigan Public service commission Dorothy Wideman its executive Secretary february 12, 1990 Lansing Michigan Michigan Bell

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