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Marshall Chronicle Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1990, Page 4

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Marshall Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 02, 1990, Marshall, MichiganFriday. March 2, 1990outdoors and recreation a. Steelhead run should be Strong Steelhead anglers May find this Springs runs slightly better than last years average migration aaa Michigan reports. Consistent blocking Levels during Rocenia years is the main reason for optimism according to state department of natural resources Der fisheries biologists. Additionally a wet Spring will stimulate runs and the National weather service has predicted above Normal precipitation in the next few months. Some biologists did express concern about this years migration citing increased great lakes Steelhead harvests in previous years. Dry Spring weather also could hamper runs. Steelhead the name Given to Rainbow Trout Hving in the great lakes spawn in the Stream where hatched or planted. The popular Gam fish Are magnificent fighters when hooked and provide a tasty meal. Good Steelhead fishing Keady a has been reported on various Michigan Rivers this year due to unseasonably warm weather. But the Best fishing should occur in mid March to mid april in Southwest Michigan Early to mid april in Southeast Michigan mid april to Early May in Central and nor Triem lower Michigan and mid april to mid May in the upper Peninsula. Concentrations of 5-to-12 Pounders Are expected in the 51 overs hosted on aaa Michigan a 1990 Steelhead guide. West Michigan fishing is expected to be Good on the Platte Betsie big and Little Manistee Pere Marquette grand and St. Joseph Rivers. In East Michigan recommended locations include the a Sable a Gres East Branc Cheboygan of Quoc Thunder Bay and Rifle Rivers. Southeast Michigan hot spots Are the Huron Clinton St. Clair Black and Belle Rivers. Prime upper Peninsula action should occur on the chocolaty Anna a train Whitefish Sturn sucker big two hearted and Huron rivets along with Marquette a Harbor. The Best bail Fco Stream fishing is Salmon eggs or the Roe from a Cap 7 51 prime Steelhead streams preparing for Turkey Hunts Ontonagon Ironwood co or Harbor a Lake Superior of a Marquette a of St Ign cd Quot Manistique Menominee Lake a Michigan Frankfort Manistee Ludington Cheboygan a a a Lake a Huron Alpena is it Lake Erie Lake Michigan Lake Superior River upstream Umit River upstream a tilt 1 St Joseph 28-Huron big Eric s Bridge 2-Paw Paw s by Maple Lake dam 29-Chocolay u s 41 Bridge 3-Black bang of dam 30-Little garlic Falls 4 Kalamazoo Allegan dam 31-Rock Railroad Bridge 5-grand 32-au train m94 6-rogue Rockford dam 33-Anna Railroad Bridge 7 Muskegon 34-sucker Seney re 8-White n by Artthur re 35-big two hearted Reed amp Green Bridge 9-Penrwate Lake Huron 10-Pere Marquette m 37 Bridge 36-St, marys Soo Edison Plant 11 Little Manistee Johnson s Bridge 37-Carp mud Lake outlet 12-big Manistee us 131 38-Cheboygan Cheboygan 0am 13-Betsie Kurick re 39-Ocqueoc Barnhart Lake 14-Platte u s 31 Bridge 40-Thunder Bay ninth St. Dam 15-Platte Platte Lake 41-au Sable Foote dam 16-Elk Power dam 42-Tawas Tawas Lake 17-Jordan Graves crossing 43-au Gres e by m 55 Bridge 18-Boyne . Dam 44-Rifle Devoe Lake Junction 19-Bear 45-Willow Creek 20-Black Peter s Bridge 46-Black state game dam 21 a Manistique paper Mill dam 47-Mill 22-Brevort Brevort Lake Lake 2 3-Days 48-St. Clair 24-Sturgeon 16 mile Lake 49-Belle 25-Whiietish u s f s re 2236 50-Clinton Yates Mill dam 26-Biq Cedar veterans Park dam Lake we 2 7-Menominee Scott paper dam 51 Huron Flat Rock dam lured fish tucked into a Nylon sack. Bump the sack along the Bottom near rocks stumps or submerged logs. Artificial spawn colourful Yam spinners flies and plugs also Albion recorder Marshall chronicle springy Home Lawn amp Garden care a special Spring Section for All your Home Yard and Garden needs reaching More than 53,000 area Home owners amp readers. Published monday. March 26th Albion recorder Marshall chronicle and Leader total monday advertising deadline Friday March 16th Don t wait Call to Dayly o v full page.$250 1/2 page.$150 1/4 page.$83 1/8 page.$45 Call your local advertising representative for assistance Albion 517-629-3984 a Marshall 616-781-3943 even if you live through a stroke you might face paralysis loss of speech behaviour things that can make life difficult to say the least. Strokes occur when the blood Supply is Cut to part of the brain. And if Yuu currently have High blood pressure or any form o1 heart disease your risk of stroke is higher than Normal. The american heart association urges you to control your blood pressure. By doing so you la reduce your chances for a stroke. And increase the likelihood of a Long Happy life. By Denny Geurink special to the recorder Turkey Hunting pc Mills should Start hitting the mail boxes any Day now. With the Spang seasons closing in on us its me to Start plan Ning for the big occasion. Each year in preparation Lor the Hunts i try to cover some of the finer Points of wild Turkey this year lets take a look at camouflage. Camouflage one part of the Hunt that cannot be overrated. In addition to possessing an acute sense of hearing turkeys have bionic vision. While their eyes Are specially tuned in to movement they can readily spot a shiny gun barrel an unbroken Silhouette or exposed hands and faces. They Cut in pick apart an improperly camouflaged Hunter at 1 x . Many gobblers Tomt Stern to unexplainable a hang up just out of Shotgun Range Are actually be my spooked by Over exposed Huni jars unlike Deer wild turkeys done to have a curious Bone in their hotly. If they sense that something is out of place they Ixia feet for the next Ridge. Ali at a Why its so critically Infix Irvint to blend in with your surroundings. In addition to sitting Willi your Back against a Broad basal tree or building a Small in thu Sive band to break up your outline you will want to Climou Figac your body from head to Kex. Iti Anks to the current fashion craze in Camo Wear camouflaging your but Fly from head to toe is entirely possible night Down to the under shorts. In addition to Camo under Wei hitters will find everything from toilet paper and handkerchiefs to socks Bools and rain Coats this proliferation of clothing is a big plus for Turkey Hunters. Gobbler chasers done to have any excuse for pulling Oul a White or red handkerchief in the Woods or sex k sing m Flash of White to shirt or blues x . I hese Gobbler imitating colors can in very dangerous. When choosing a camouflage suit keep in mind the Type of terrain in which you expect to do most of your Hunting. If the area features a lot of Conifer or Green undergrowth you will want to go with a Green Woodland pattern. If the area features a lot of Oak Brown litter or Bare Earth you May want to use a Brown pattern. Many Hunters Purchase two sets of Camo one for each situation. Or they Purchase a reversible suit that features both one on each Side. The tree bark patterns also work Well. With their vertical bars of Grey Black and Brown they do a pretty Good Job of making a Hunter disappear in a stand of mature Oak Hickory or other heavily barked Trees. Hunters can even add a three dimensional look to their outfits by attaching plastic or cloth leaves. These Are available at most up citing goods stores. Whatever style you choose just remember to keep the colors muted. To be continued. Done to forget Turkey Hunters workshop at grand Valley state University March 10th. Succeed. Anglers should Check the in re a 1990 Michigan fishing guide for size catch season and consumption details. Clean air agreement reached by George Lobsenz Washington up Senate leaders and the Bush administration Culini Naiad 22 Days of private talks thursday by announcing a Compromise on clean air legislation but environmentalists charged the a Aback room dealing was a backward step. The bipartisan arc yemeni on reducing acid rain toxic emissions and Urban smog was hailed by Senate democratic Leader George Muc Tiell of Maine As a far More stringent la Tolian the current clean air act. A the Compro Iise Bill is Sourini and comprehensive legislation that dramatic ill expands and Streng Fiens the clean air Law and docs ii in tie Misi Cost celtic sent manner possible a Mitcheli Lold reporters a was in any negotiation Compro noises were made a acknowledged Mitchell who has been criticized by environmentalists for bowing to White House pressure to weaken the clean air Bill now in the Senate. But Mitchell maintained that even with the compromises a there will be significant improvement in the Quality of american air. The requirements Are far More comprehensive and stringent than under current asked about the by reporters while on a Uip to los Angeles president Bush called it a a big Forward step and a the Best in a i would encourage the Senate to move Wward promptly and then lets gel it Over to the House and do something to clean up the air in this country a Bush added. Woman fights for environment by Robert Walters Bellevue Wash Nea Lois Barhaugh describes herself As a a Middle class mainstream american a a stay at Home mom Quot who takes care of two children a 5 /2-year-old boy and 2 /2-year old girl while her husband works to launch his own business. A 38-year-old resident of the fast growing Seattle suburb of Bellevue Harbaugh has never been a member of any conservation group or other do Good organization a but last Spring she became concerned about disturbing a Cru Morse about the destruction of the environment by uncaring people. She went to the local Public Library read up on the subject then decided upon a course of action taken by too few others Lois Harbaugh became actively involved in making the planet a better place to live. A i decided that garbage was something i could do something about a she says. Harbaugh decided to specialize in pointing out to others the excesses involved in packaging consumer goods a a logical Choice in an Era Evhen almost everything is Over packaged. Indeed the Cost of food packaging alone approaches $35 billion annually a All of it incorporated the Price people pay. When she informally surveyed friends and neighbors Harbaugh found that a everyone had at least one pet Peeve about then she enlisted several friends to join her in visiting local supermarkets and examining packaging. Late last year after four months she produced a the first annual packaging awards and Booby prizes from an environmental Point of View a hardly the sort of Snappy title a Public relations professional might concoct. What Harbaugh a work lacks in Pizazz however it More than compensates for in substance. Among the 10 products she cites As shamefully Over packaged. A heavy Metal wrenches that require Little Protection but nevertheless Are sold in a Bubble packages of rigid plastic mounted on cardboard. Numerous other tools and household items Are packaged in a similarly wasteful manner a Colgate Crest aim Aqua fresh Ultra rite Check up and close up toothpaste packed in pumps. A when the paste is gone there a the pump a As big As when we started a says Harbaugh. A if we simply must have tooth paste pumps How about refillable ones a a a general Mills product known As squeeze it a juice packaged in brightly coloured plastic squeeze bottles. A this product is Al packaging a but environmentally irresponsible a says Harbaugh. A another general Mills product packed in a plastic Container Bis Quick shake in pour. Buyers Are lured by pancakes that can be made instantly adding water shaking and pouring. Harbaugh notes that the promotional Promise of a no Messy cleanup May be True in the Kitchen but is surely not applicable to the Earth. A Stouffer be menu healthy Choice and Swanson microwavable dinners. Asks Harbaugh. A Why not dispense with the disposable dish How about packaging Frozen entre in a simple plastic bag and letting Consumers use their own microwave dishes at Home a Harbaugh also found a half dozen products to Laud Begaii their packaging was adequate but Basic and recyclable. Among them Are eggs packed in old fashioned cardboard Cartons but not in new plastic containers and general electric Light bulbs packed in lightweight corrugated cardboard. Cougars Are spotted in Wisconsin by United press International numerous sightings of cougars in Wisconsin have department of natural resources wildlife experts believing the Mountain lion is making a comeback in the state. A i firmly believe that there Are at least some cats in the state a said Randle Jurewicz chief of endangered and non game species for the Der in Madison. He based his judgment on multiple sightings by unrelated people in the same area and Over a period of time. Jurewicz said sightings Are fleeting but he estimates there Are at i Cist four of the big cats roaming Wisconsin. Most of the sightings have occurred in the i rec county area of Linchi Oneida and Vilas counties. Researchers have verified sightings of adult cougars with Young in the upper Peninsula of Michigan and in Minnesota said Bill Creed a Der biologist in Rhinelander. A population of cougars in Wisconsin does not necessarily pose a threat to humans or cattle because the cats would lend to prey on the stale a record size Deer Herd Jurewicz said. Auto bankrupt slow credit a urls bad credit Imo credit now All it takes to buy a car is a Job and a reasonable Down payment Otto at 517-787-8800 of Otto come in 3575 Francis Jackson my behind Bob Hardy Toyota vow and drive away Happy american heart association we re fighting for Vojir life please fill in credit application below for speedy approval last Nome present address present employer occupation first Nome City Middle initial state zip social Security no. How Long on Job Home phone six nature business phone

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