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Marshall Chronicle Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1990, Page 3

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Marshall Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 02, 1990, Marshall, Michigan3-Marshall 2, 199 views Richard l. Millimon la publisher a Terence j. Fitzwater general manager a Kim Foulkes editor August 13, 1879 to has made us non readers i there a a popular cliche that Johnny can to read. Actually Many johnnys can read and they read very Well. In a Given locality All school children Are exposed to the same school texts so wherein lies the difference in youngsters most of it is rooted in the Home. If unbridled television is permitted we shall soon become a nation of to addicts and non readers. Many families today do not even subscribe to a newspaper. Many a Home is devoid of Reading materials or books. Without Benefit of the printed Page Johnny will not master Reading. No musical organization performs Well without countless hours of practice nor does any sports team nor can anyone in any profession succeed without extensive dedication. If Johnny has nothing of interest to read at Home he will not develop practical Reading skills with Only a few minutes daily practice in school. Journalists Are often forced to cover stories and happenings in which they Are not Well versed. They can to be expected to understand everything but a wide knowledge is important. Hail measurements have improved and not All icy stones Are a Golf Ball size anymore. However if an air plane stalls the writer almost invariably states that the engine quit. Actually any air plane even with engine running full blast will a a stall Aryl head earthward if it is mane Vered into an attitude that will not sustain flight. This is readily counteracted if controls Are shifted to their Normal position. Gunfire often goes awry in the telling. Reporters almost invariable relate in shooting stories that the gun was loaded with Buckshot. This is much More graphic in the telling than common Bir shot would be. A female newscaster recently reported a household quarrel and shooting. She said the Bullet from a Shotgun pierced the ceiling. Shotguns done to fire bullets but rifles and hand guns do. In journalism reporters write the Story but editors write Story Heads and headlines. Being an editor is like working in a pressure cooker. It is a profession that demands haste and Good judgement in trying to come up with Eye catching lines that fit available space and Are Germaine to the article. The Best of intentions Oft go astray. In Early motoring Days before service stations Tor Celim Coupe text ism was provided toilets some towns erected a Comfort stations for Public use. The City of Albion was very proud of new one on North Superior Street so the Albion evening recorder came out with this Story head a new Comfort station great asset to after receiving an implanted mechanical Jarvik heart a patient became ill alien began to recover. The Kalamazoo Gazette heralded the news with this Story head a fever leaves Man with Jarvik most men who needed a Jarvik he to had to buy Cne and were not so fortunate As to have a fever leave them one. When the chronicle office was still a station for shipping United parcels i stopped one Day to dispatch one. Just As 1 arrived a Beautiful lady completed her transaction at the counter and left the office. I had caught a ride into town with our son Philip. Upon leaving the chronicle office 1 dashed through rain sleet and a Snow Squall to Jerk open the car door. I did no to know that in my absence Philip had walked away on an errand of his own and was astonished As i Slid into the front passengers seat As was the occupant in the Drivers seat. My glasses were completely fogged when a Sweet lilting female voice greeted me with a do you think you Are in the right car a responding to her question 1 said i guessed not but that her car in the Snow Squall did closely resemble my songs vehicle which was parked in the adjoining space. Trying to be courteous while hoping to cover my embarrassment i asked the lady if i had frightened her. A no a she reassured me a i just saw you in the chronicle office a the implication being that Only Good Guys frequent the local daily news Emporium. Jack Anderson and Dale Van at a Washington merry go round . Officials travel first class All the Way at end of career Cranston stumbles by Joseph Spear after More than three decades on the political stage Alan Cranston ought to know How to execute a Graceful exit. But he a blowing it and its a disgusting spectacle. Throughout his career As a Liberal Leader state controller and . Senator the California Democrat has managed to act two disparate roles at once a the visionary idealist and the cunning operator. He can preach arms control one minute pull strings for a local defense contractor the next and do it with aplomb. But now the 75-year-old pontician has been thrown into a scene that Calls for contrition and a Cool head instead he appears to be playing Gen Seric the Vandal with a Toothache. In april 1987, Cranston and four Senate colleagues a Dennis Deconcini Darla. Donald Riegle a Mich. John Glenn Ohio and John Mccain a Ariz. A met with Federal regulators on behalf of Charles h. Keating jr., owner of Lincoln savings and loan of Irvine calif., then under investigation by the Federal Home loan no Board. The regulators were harassing Lincoln the lawmakers said and they should a charge them or get off their one of those present Fol by chairman Edwin Gray said the senators a came at me like lawyers arguing for a the regulators told the lawmakers that Lincoln was a a sticking time with the senators help Keating kept Lincoln afloat for another two years before the feds closed it Down. During that time Lincoln peddled some $200 million Worth of junk Bonds to 23,000 unsuspecting customers. When the Bank finally folded the Cost of the takeover had reached $2.5 billion. It was later discovered that Keating had donated More than $1.3 million in political contributions to his five friends a nearly $1 million of which went to Cranston and three a non partisan voter registration groups which he supported. For a while after the Keating five Story broke Cranston said Little. Then in january with his popularity in California plummeting he lashed out. His target Edwin Gray the Reagan administration regulator who had courageously battled the White House prominent members of Congress the savings and loan lobby and powerful financiers to expose the risky practices that were destroying the Industry. Gray said Cranston was a a political Hack and the savings and Loans crisis a happened on his watch. A Gray was a a Ysel incriminating liar a said Cranston a who is trying to cover up his own failures and help some right Wing Republican replace me in the . on and on Cranston went a the time has come to blow the whistle on Eki Gray and expose the methods and motives behind his Media drumbeat of Vitu ration distortions and outright especially disgraceful said Cranston was the Way in which Gray had allowed Lincoln to sell junk Bonds even after he Alan Cranston had urged the Fol by chairman to bring the Lincoln investigation to a conclusion. A Many widows and elderly people have lost their life savings a said Cranston. In be talked to some of them and i know How tragic the situation is. It is Edwin Gray who bears the responsibility and he cannot escape that truth the truth is that those Bonds were sold after Cranston was warned that Lincoln was a a sticking time the truth is that Edwin Gray was a conservative with a conscience who fought a lonely Battle against the deregulation junkies within the Reagan administration and hoards of greedy a amp a owners who were gambling with depositors Money. The truth is that Alan Cranston launched his broadside As a tactic to keep his Senate seat in 1992. His Campaign manager candidly admitted that the attack on Gray was a clearly a tactical change. You be got to Call Gray a the truth is that Alan Cranston a performance in the Keating five affair is a sorrowful disgrace. It is lamentable that this usually decent politician is closing his career in the role of an abominable Hack. A 1990 newspaper Enterprise Assn doonesbury by Garry Trudeau 660e&l la the Fifick. Not Burnini i0um�,nlp06o/oklt,. by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta Washington when most . Officials travel abroad on government business they stay in hotels that most . Taxpayers afford on a dream vacation. Yet taxpayers foot the Bill so their Public servants can travel in style. In Tokyo for example the hotel of Choice for travelling Pencil pushers is the Okura recently ranked the fourth Best hotel in the world. The Okura with its seven restaurants fitness Center shopping mall and secretaries for hire is not just the place for members of Congress diplomats and White House staffers to Lay their Heads. The . Embassy in Japan routinely books plan loads of Low level bureaucrats into the Okura too. That is Why until auditors caught on the taxpayers were paying $160 a night for lodging for every . Government traveler in Tokyo plus another $64 a Day for meals and $23 a Day for walking around Money. Call it a Japan on $247 a Day. Roughing it . we done to expect our Public servants to double bunk at the Motel 6, but we expect them to follow the Federal Standard an it stay in a adequate suitable and moderately priced hotels. If that is the Standard Why do they get away with lounging in luxury that a exactly what auditors from the state department inspector general a office wanted to know. They surveyed travel records from Aroix and the world and found that daily travel allowances were too often based on the Ritz Iest hotels and restaurants in the City and in some cases in the world. The smart travellers take the per diem based on the High priced hotels. Then they stay in cheaper accommodations and pocket the differ ence. And its All perfectly Legal. The state department requires few receipts for foreign travel so it is none the Wiser about How the Money is spent. The waste is All the More infuriating when the system for setting per diem is exposed. . Embassy officials around the world take informal surveys of the hotel and restaurant prices in their cities and submit those to the state department allowance staff. If they Tell Washington that the Okura hotel is the Standard in Tokyo then the Okura becomes the basis for setting per diem. In London the embassy staff said the elegant Grosvenor House overlooking Hyde Park was the hotel visitors used the most at about $180 a night so that was factored into the per diem. But when the inspector general auditors checked the visitors log at the London embassy they found that less than 3 percent of the guests stayed at the Grosvenor. Instead most were at the Mandeville hotel which costs less than half As much. In Paris the High lodging rates Ere based in part on a claim that most visitors stayed at the intercontinental hotel for at least $135 a night. In reality most were bunking at the Pullman for almost half the Price. That show the . Government squanders millions of dollars on travel every year. The annual Federal budget for overseas travel is More than $300 million not including fight costs. According to the report obtained by our associate Jim Lynch the auditors looked at per diem rates in 48 cities where about 60,000 Federal officials visit each year. The auditors concluded that the per diem rates were inflated by 13.5 for cent and that the government could save $41.6 million a year if it stopped treating Public servants like Royalty. They Cut per diem in 24 cities including Paris London and Tokyo. The audit blames the embassy staffs abroad and the allowance office in Washington but one allowance staffer told us that embassy officials Delit it brately distort the hotel and restaurant prices to boost the per Dies. Their own living allowances Are based in part on those per Dies. And it does no to Hurt the career of a Diplomat to have guests from Washington staying in Comfort. That makes the Diplomat look the inspector general s audit May be one of the most ill received in state department history it hits almost everyone who travels and travelling on the taxpayers dime is one of the most coveted Perks of Public service. Rushdie the sequel Salmon Rushdie May soon have some company in hiding. Rushdie has had to keep his head Down 5ince Iran condemned his Book a the satanic now another publication a cartoon version of the Koran has offended moslem fundamentalists. The cartoons were intended to make the islamic holy Book easier for children to understand. But the fundamentalists believe that the cartoons Are an affront and that the tunisian publisher Youssef Seddick deserves the same sentence As Rushdie. Iranian president Hashemi a Sfanjani is under pressure from hard liners in Iran to condemn the new Book mini editorial a not every Freedom seeking refugee from East Germany deserves our respect. The Washington Post recently reported that hundreds. Of children have been abandoned in East Germany by parents seeking a better life in the West. Freedom for some apparently Means Freedom from obligations. We Hope that the West proves bitterly inhospitable for these lowlifes. Copyright 1890, Lin led feature Syndicate. Inc they marched from Selma into history by Tom Tiede Selma Ala. Nea a a Quarter of a Century is not normally a Long moment in the course of human relations. But it can be. In terms of civil rights and related social consequences for instance the year 1965 was so distantly removed from today that it might have been in another Century instead of another decade. Black americans were still second class citizens in 1965, the Laws and customs of the land held them Down and apart. It was a time when the Loutfi was still segregated it was a time when the North was still barely tolerant and it was a time when some states tried to keep it that Way by restricting what was called the negro vote. However it was also a time of Black rebellion. And one of the most historic and painful revolts occurred in Selma. A defiant group of men women and children tried to March to the Alabama capital of Montgomery in March 1965, to protest exclusionary voting regulations and initially they were bludgeoned into Retreat by an army of police. The savagery turned Selma into a permanent reminder of All that was wrong Back then. And the bloody history is still recalled locally with raw and distressing clarity. Many Black and White residents alike say that president Lyndon Johnson was right when he called the violence before the Selma to Montgomery March a an american tragedy a one of the residents is Edwin Moss. He is a 72-year-old Community activist who was instrumental in organizing the demonstration 25 years ago. He notes that blocks actually made three attempts to March to the capital 50 Miles East. A but the first one a he says a that was the bad one. In a Way it was nothing but Moss says moreover that the Slaughter was predictable. Black organizers saw it coming for weeks. He said the initial demonstration was openly plotted it was also widely publicized. The state gave warning from the Start that it would not allow a Cross county trek that was a not conducive to Public the organizers went ahead anyway. Moss says the March was conceived by the student nonviolent coordinating committee and Given importance by Martin Luther kind s Call boy a creative Moss was recruited to help galvanize regional Black support and also to try to facilitate Law enforcement cooperation. Moss says the Selma police did cooperate. He does no to think the City itself was the problem. But George Wallace was governor of Alabama in 1965. He had pledged his office to a segregation the governor ordered the state police to make arrangements with the Dallas county sheriff to Block Highway 80 to Montgomery. So the first March was fore 7/ was a real mess. People with broken Teeth. People with broken Heads. The troopers a i think they enjoyed it doomed. Yet 500 demonstrators gathered at the Road on sunday. March 7. 1965, after Church a Many women in High heels and Many men wearing ties they walked out of Selma by Way of the Edmund Pettus Bridge and were met by a Wall of cops some on horseback on the other Side of the Alabama River. The police major in charge told the protesters to Stop. When they refused he yelled a troopers the officers moved in a Spear Point wedge swinging clubs snapping Bull whips and tossing a Gas canisters. One demonstrator cried a please no god we re being killed a and the marchers turned and ran. Still the police pressed on. And Blacks who participated say that White onlookers stood and cheered some of the demonstrators were run Over by the horses others were clubbed where they fell. One woman remembers trying to get up from the pavement to get away when she was kicked Back Down by an officer on a mount Moss says he was on the polic e Side of the Bridge his assignment was to Call for medical help., if needed in Tom Tiede says sheriff Jim Clark would not let ambulances through for 10 minutes a and when he did it was a real mess. People with broken Teeth. People with broken Heads the troopers 1 think they enjoyed it Quot mercifully the Quot enjoyment did not last Long. The Bridge was cleared in a few minutes some of the demonstrators retaliated with Rock throwing when they got Back into Selma. But it was too late in All 17 Blacks were sent to the hospitals for fractures Etc. 70 others were treated for minor cuts and bruises and yet there were encouraging results As Well. In fact the protesters actually won the Day on the Battleground of Public opinion. Moss says the Quot bloody sunday Quot March shocked the nation it prompted positive reaction. Appropriate court protections and forced unreconstructed Alabama to come to terms with the 20th Century president told gov Wallace that he would secure civil right demonstrations with Federal soldiers. And thus the Selma protesters led by or. King walked to the capital later that month shortly thereafter the . Congress passed historic legislation that abolished voter registration restraints. Today people can March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in safety. And Black voting strength in Selma is substantial. Xxi win Moss for example is one of tour Black members of the eight porst City Council. A it s lilt i Cut it Moss save despite recent local tensions involving tie Tutt Cal scat of Board and the Black Rit Quot we have rights and i explains Moss. Quot there Aii still who Don t like us of Hill \ i Simiu i us to Montgom i \ ii \ i Slop us an in a Quot i a. So \. 1i n \ \ a a it

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