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Marshall Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 5

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Marshall Chronicle (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Marshall, MichiganPe�?nut9 Fol r., Charles m. Schultz Etc. That 5 a 600dipea. Who in it�?T5 Colp Stah in your. 16u00, Ano 0ake chocolate Chip cookie a. For better or for worse r we we Gor Stock with Alt the hassles Connie ? by Lynn Johnston we of eth amp ones Tjho a a Iez a up Fok months give. Birth ��fl0ie& to have.-? month la blues 7�ond noun Quot men Opal by Michael Jantze t cant by be the you a Chan keep Myja cwt por cookware y Wewe i Wadrep a Cash rep not a so Pound Box of Pom in care a this my Lor for tie new a i Pestine id Insi be Artoff like ipl0757 you u30fk in a to amp Pital who of Ewo Metthe ones us who Havisto a Otic Row a a All trill T�Tellv-tf�e., l Dent Ihm Ifie a Enos to handle in Eek amp Meek a by Howie Schneid Tunk mow d Youv Yieu kmeb8e it Al was comin know we were better. Tell Ursee Vou a Eadlen Foft the of me what nou Ftfe a we need Border Doin t sanctuai2y/ it a i of v Iai or a what re vol a do in Here with a. A these people i was Gamin we pay Vidu at gotta state visit it relocate Frank amp Ernest a by Bob thaves the born loser a by Art and Chip Sansum w6ky0�o Mien that you a Jost Echo i a to it. W pm size 6 Stilleke Lorr sub. X have open lha of at 10.30 inf it 10 45. Oops Jim Yoffy l>s/��on0 Book Tholf off a Quot Soi u 2 is z form a n ? tse to of. Ottmo inches of twp. Wm5t,tw0inchei a a Ltd o to a sex i-i0-5� Cathy Al Ccorbin amp to thib z3po a the people w the now Omegu Al amp it. Imerio fris keep amp Fliris in amp at our cur riot rate half the pm pull Ttorp will be Overweg amp it in be100 9at�o&Quot by Cathy pulse wite Reail a we you \ it to 6et hell the does no to. A to the ? letter writing fatties wants his thoughts by Abigail Van Kiiren ,�1998.universf�?Tisy?\ ii ate My a de eff that i write the letters to Oil children and relatives. Although she writes a Delight Iii letter she lacks Confidence ill her Abili to punctuate and spell correctly i Eiyo writing so i Doii to mind performing this task for both of us. For Many years i closed the letter a with love a followed by a mom and dad or both our first names. Last Weisar i decided this was hot Correct. Although my wife occasionally suggests thoughts that i include i am the one who generates most of the thoughts and takes the time to write them. Therefore i started closing my letters a with love irom a the of us a followed by a a dad or my name. This angers my wife. She insists that i sign a mom and dad or the our first names. I insist that she is Welcome to add a postscript to my letter and sign it or write her. Own letters. My wife wants the letter to be from both of us but i feel i should of Iii w i m t n a sign my letters with Why name because they contain my thoughts. Am i being hardheaded the Lone writer Richland Wash. Dear to writer yes. I empathize with you for wanting recognition for the work of Art you have created but its a Little late to Bella asserting your in Dividu Lity. In a sure your children and relatives know who is really putting the words on the paper so for the Sake of Harmony in tiie household continue to sign your letters Ith love from mom and dad. In almost every marriage the ouse with the stronger skills 111 assume responsibility for various chores a the gardening balancing the Check Book wardrobe coordination Etc. That a what makes a partnership Success raid. Bridge across 1 Cost Atuake 7 droned 13 on land 14 Royal fur 15 nastier 16 Lack of 17 sliding auction 18 dog Doc 20 actor Byrnes 21 hair 25 Mosti Ike pie 28 red sea country 32 Broadway offering 33 us Somel 34 a 45 actress Ullmann 48 like a Daw 51 a be 54rlglitaway 2wds. 55siicker 56 contribute 57 deny Down 1 glacial Ridge 2 plaintiff 3 sear 4 term of endearment 5 prior to 6 jitters 7 warms 8 Bittof thepot i 9 Mother of mile. .35 swoon 36 Piniy Tiree state 10 Marcel 37 pair Marceau a 39 wrestle. Routine 41 sine a non ��5, Quot ans Rair to pre Wimis Puste i Hiya Mumm a a a a ass a a a a a a a a Zoei Mon a a a so oms a a a a a a a a a a bad a a Kummu in q 3 Sqq oids a a a adm a a a has a a a a a he a a a a Mem my a a a a qom a Sqq Miod cd sub mum a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Mumm Soma 44mapabbr. Ithoma 12 net working like a Battery 19 superlative suffix i Cali for ans of e touch tone or rotary phones 21 using a Stopwatch 22 schoolbook 23 at Active 24 Sam Nash american r r r in # 1 is 1/ 34 36 17&Quot St a re a it shawl �?T-25 kind of cheese l4 26 alms Box 27 hindu l6 garment 29 work hard 30 Ailo it Saxon 131 court dividers 37 irs a Orier. 38 Chokee 40 Pattage Between Trees 41 Campus area 42do a others 43 dramatic conflict 45nim director but Uel 46 Virginia Witrow 47 49 a 1 50 Law 52 is. Farrow 53 layer of cloth dear Abby in a writing in response to the letter that App de in your column just before the goes giving from a grieving Moin in it is a tragedy that this family lost their firstborn in a drunk diving crash. Drunk it Mvi is not an Accident. No one forces in toxicant Drivers to get behind the wheel they make that Choice of their own free win. I personally have lost two people Ivhon were very dose to. Me. The Firat was my Best Friend from childhood. Eight months after that his Mother was struck and killed instantly by anon Ier drunk Driver. Approximately 10 years later i was struck and almost killed by a drunk Driver. Drunk driving is the most frequently committed violent crime in America and the no. 1 killer of those Between the Ives of 6 and 33. I agree with your response that the i holidays were rapidly approaching i and your Hope was to iat her letter would serve As a cautionary reminder about the dangers of Dri dog under the influence. Wit i a person do Reg every 32 Ini nutes and being injured every 30 seconds its Vit that pm Ople know How Senous the drunk driving Phi Blem is. As a three time victim i must say that the Best Medicine for the pain All victims have endured is to get involved with to tigers against drink driving Madd. Your readers can Call Maddus National hotline a 1-800-438-6233 a to Leam More about Madd and to get involved with their local chapter. The thousands of people in the organization support each other and Are a tremendous help in our times of "1166 1 Steve Emerick Chatsworth Calif. Dear Steve i Haven to men tilt mothers against drunk Dii Ying Madd in my column for some time. Thank you for giving me the Opportunity. I can think of no More effective support than Madd for someone who has lost a loved one through an alcohol related tragedy. People with a shared experience can communicate with one another on a More found level Madd also promotes education and awareness and serves As advocate for victims and families throughout the Corr room process. For everything you need to know about wedding planing order a How to have a Lovely Send a Busi Ness sized self addressed envelope plus Check or Mon order for $3j95 $u60 in. Canada to Abby weeding Booklet . Box 447, mount Morris 111. 61064-0447. Posta is included i a wet to Uve Lon amp Piou amp a to see a run was full of size 2z superfly models of it by Peter h. Gott . Dear or. Gott Iti Lff he past columns you mentioned the use of Certo a Piquet available in most grocery stores in treating the pain of arthritis. However you varied the recommended dose which must have confused Many of your readers me included i dear Reader i can understand Why you were confused. Hierer a Why. No scientific study has been perform to show that Ger to a product used to make jams and jellies May he the pain of arthritis when taken Mth grape juice. So let me once again be upfront Certor a effect has not been tested a though it is completely Safe. Rather i mentioned this antidote because so Matiy readers extolled its Virtues. Naturally readers had a wide Range of dosage schedules. Some people with severe arthritis swore by 2 Teaspoons mixed with 3 ounces of about Tnie novel is a it a ass severe pm in re it hmm need 1 a Swers Teaspoon in 3 ounces two times a Day. Moreover readers with diabetes pointed omit that unsweetened grape juice is appropriate others claimed that Certo was equally effective when mixed with White grape juice. Since publishing the original columns i have received literally hundreds of letters about Certo and grape juice. This has enabled me to make the following general recommendations which Are offered with no guarantee of Success for most patients initial dosage of 2 Teaspoons of Certo dissolved in 3 ounces of unsweetened grape juice taken three times a Day appears appropriate. If Success is achieved the dose can be reduced to 1 Teaspoon three times a Day. For maintenance 1 Teaspoon twice a Day should suffice. In a sorry for any confusion i May have caused but i am still learning to iritis a scientific answers. Remember that the traditional treatment for arthritis pain continues to be ibuprofen or prescription anti inflammatory drugs such As re Lafen lodine and others a All of which however can cause gastric irritation and intestinal bleeding. The attraction of Certo and grape juice is that it is Safe natural and easily Avail Alft when it works the results Are astonishing. When it does no to other More customary therapy is in order. Dear or. Gott can drinking Tea affect cholesterol Levels dear Reader not directly. However according to a recent study in Japan the consumption of Black Tea three cups daily for four weeks slowed the oxidation of Low density lipoproteins the a a had rho Ltd Rte Roi it. A it newspaper Enterprise Assn. In i ii i Iii i Iii i Mil a a a Mumm Iii by daily Astro graph a Seth Darr saturday Jan. 10,1998 exciting opportunities for material growth could be available to you in the year ahead. Their Promise is limited but if you believe in yourself you can endure and constr what you must. Cd pal scorn dec. 22-Jan.19 try to be part of the group today by making cooperation your buzzword. If you re Cool and indifferent you could make others feel As uncomfortable As you do. Trying to Patch up a broken Romance the Astro graph matchmaker can help you understand what to do to Snake the relationship work. Mail $2.75 to matchmaker co this newspaper . Box 1758, Murray Hill stat Mph. New York. By 10156. Ali Arius Jan. 20-feb. 19 a change of routine today could help to refurbish your Outlook. Plan something social not Obi tory that would energize instead of exhaust you. Pisces feb. 20-March 20 today som be might attempt to make you feel selfish because you wish to spend time on your own interests. Actually he or she is the culprit. Aries March 21-april 19 if someone attempts to give you Well meaning advice today judge it by your own standards to dete nine its credence and then proceed As you see fit. Taurus april 20-May 20 today when it comes to making Money you be got a touch others May Admire. Be sure to earn your rewards get Rich Quick gambles could misfire. Gemini May 21-june 20 select your companions thoughtfully today and you should have a picture perfect script. Remember it Only takes one bad Brush a Troke to smear a Worl of Art. Cancer june a i july 22 it should be sni Ooth sailing in your dealings today if you quietly orchestrate your intentions from the background. Avoid outside influences. Leo july 23-aug. 22 do not sell your ideas Short today even if a negative associate gives you Many reasons Why they wont work. If your experience tells you they will implement them. Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 today you possess All the essential skills to Man Euver around obstacles that Block you from your objectives. You wont need help from others. Libra sept. 23-oct. 23 it May prove necessary for you to alter your plans a bit to accommodate an unexpected development today. Do not panic everything will work out just Fine. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 a project on which you be spent much time and Effort should not be abandoned today even if it starts to look bad on paper. Check it again from another Angle. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 in Sticky situations Day use your diplomacy and Charm to Lessen the predicament. Responding forcefully could Muddy the Waters More. ©1998bynea, j Bridge ol9%bynea, inc. North 01-1098 a 5 4 j 7 k q 10 9 j 8 6 5 East West East a 62 a k q j 10 9 v 10 8 6 5 3 9 4 2 a a 7 6 3 a 2 a 74 a a 10 9 2 South a 8 7 3 v a k q a j 8 5 4. K q 3 vulnerable North South dealer South South West North East int pass 3 it All pass i / opening Lead v 5 Elevation counts by Phillip aider after baking the Snow off his overcoat and hanging it up the senior life master was ready to Start his monthly class. A half the time we defend yet we spend almost Roo percent of our time discussing bidding with partner. That Isnit right. You and your partner should give More time to leads and signals. A you will find a simple example on the first Sheet i have handed the students studied the North and East hands from today a diagram. A South opens a 15-17 no Trump. How would you defend against a two no Trump and b three no Trump in both cases your partner leads the heart five. Declarer wins with the Queen plays a Diamond to Dummy a Queen and Calls for the Diamond nine. What do you discard a he let them think for a minute or two. Then the Sam first which heart did you play at trick one you know partner has somewhere Between two and four High card Points. So his hearts cannot be that Strong. You want a Spade switch not a heart continuation. Therefore drop the two. No third hand High the Sam asked them to look at the full Deal on the next Sheet. A on the second Diamond your discard depends on the contract. Against three no Trump throw the Spade King. This tells partner about your sequence. But against two no Chimp you need that extra Spade tricks you must discard the discouraging club two. After seeing the heart two and club two partner if in season form should work out that you would like a Spade �1997 Jynnea inc. A a a Jil

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