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Marshall Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 4

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Marshall Chronicle (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Marshall, Michigan4 Marshall chronicle saturday january 10, 1998 Michigan voices it is now a commonly accepted medical fact that iof most people moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages no More than a Glass or two a Day decreases the risk of heart disease. But the Federal government still refuses to acknowledge what family doctors have told their patients for years. It s not because the government is without information. In fact Back in 1972, a study conducted under the auspices of the National institutes of health made the connection Between moderate drinking and decreased risk of heart disease. The scientist involved Harvard epidemiologist Carl Seitzer recently revealed How his research was hushed up. Because his study received Nih funding he needed Federal approval to share his findings in a scientific paper. An Nih official wrote at the time a an article which openly invited the encouragement of undertake on ing drinking with the implication of prevention of coronary heart disease would be scientifically misleading and socially undesirable in View of the major problem of alcoholism that already exists in this coun that As reason Magazine Points out is a political judgment not a scientific one. And it persists today in the form of alcohol Labelling regulations issued by the Bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms. Label statements about the positive health effects of moderate alcohol consumption Are expressly forbidden the regulations say a regardless of their this is sadly Joist one example of How the Federal government can suppress or even alter the results of research that runs counter to the agendas of regulators. The a Pena news. Let kids have their fun but be Safe its a fact of life kids have Energy to bum. They crave their own outlets. And if adults stifle them that suppressed Energy will burst out in ways that at times can be unacceptable and even dangerous. But if adults open up avenues for kids to express themselves and be Active in ways that please them the natural friction Between kids and grown cools off and can become a lot More tolerable. \ thatis of course As Long As the adults have a Way of keeping an Eye on their Young people. Just to make sure they re Safe and no one gets Hurt of course. These thoughts came to mind in considering the latest City Experiment with fun and kids a namely a new skateboarding area unde Mealii tie Washington Avenue Bridge also called the Robert b. Miller Bridge. Battle greek police officer Mike st. John came up with a Fine idea when he proposed a Way to accommodate Young skateboarders and in line skaters As Well As the business owners who Weire concerned about such activities on downtown Side Dos. St. John suggested that the area tinder the overpass be spruced up a bit so skaters could go there rather than possibly disturb pedestrians and traffic on downtown streets. Its a Good idea All the Way around especially because it gives the Young people a sheltered spot for ethnic mix their Fin that Isnit quite As restrictive As the environment at full blast where liability concerns demand the use of helmets and wrist and a knee pads. Of course it just snakes sense for skateboarders and skaters to exercise real caution under the Bridge despite the informality and Lack of rules just As they would on any City Street or sidewalk. Triese High Speed activities can be hazardous and those who try them will have to realize that they re indulging in them at their own risk. Fortunately the place just happens to be a place where according to st. John police officers gather to write reports. That will provide some reasonable supervision. City officials have placed some Trust in the Young people who Are Likely to use this site. Its Only fair that the skateboarders and skaters respond properly. Those who use the site should enjoy their fun carefully treat the site with respect and keep it clean in Short they should live up to the Trust placed in Vliem. If that does no to happen they be Sui prised if they lose this privilege. A the in auth sized you re a a / Al my. Stnhlot55 a nol com guest editorial Lyly Nukool listening is a skill. And like any skill it requires persistent practice. If you think you Are a Good listener time yourself during a conversation. See if you can listen without interrupting daydreaming or becoming restless and bored. Most adults find this challenging to do yet we expect even More from Young children the least experienced listeners. Studies have proven that As racial ethnic distribution of add Lff ag�di8 and older by residential statusi1996i Otal Central City a metro areas of 1 pm Loep Are is of less than 1 Mill outside Central City note excludes population in Cei itral cities that done to meet Dak disclosure population Criqui lenient adults we Are listening attentively meanwhile All those who Are trying to make this. J and actively processing what we idea work deserve thanks. Hear 25% of the time. Yet As a preschool teacher i know that we a Battle Creek enquirer. Often expect More from Young children especially in the class room. Even in More Active devel. J t o /5 Vyp mentally appropriate program. Children Arp a spec. A a a East one Quarter of their time Lis a Quot a tuning to the teacher and their Peers. Obviously listening plays a a fundamental role in learning but expecting children to listen More i is not the answer. Teaching them How to listen better is a much a Wiser solution. There Are Quot several techniques you can utilize to enhance your child a listening skills. Start Early the sense of hearing is present even before birth and a typical Chi gains valuable listening experience Long before he can rally conic tunicate. Even a Newborn baby can listen and react to the sound of your voice to quiet Milisic or a loud noise. Model Good listening habits. When your child is talking g it Down to his level so you can have Eye to Eye Contact. Give full attention to your child when he is trying to Converse with you. Direct questions or comments to what die child just said proving to him that you Are listening Anil that you value what he is trying to Tell you. Adults should hold themselves to the same listening standards they utilize when a will Friend. It does not improve a a met v s a. I r child a skill if you a talk Down to them. List Ning to Bool and stories is one of the Best ways to provide practice in the Art of listening. Follow the Story with a discussion time with your child. Try to determine How he views the Story rather than quizzing him Abonit the you could further enrich this experience by letting a child retell the Story in his words arranging pictures from the Book in sequential order or letting him illustrate with crayons his favorite parts. Provide a Range of activities that involve primarily listening such As music tapes Finger plays Nursery rhymes and family conversations. You could me a tape Nea graphic source current population sur by. Census Burea Over 80 percent of people living outside of Central cities Are non hispanic Whites. Asians make up Only about 3 percent of the population outside of Central cities. Of familiar sounds and see if your child is Able to identify them another activity would be to take a walk outside listening to the Winter nature sounds. Cd Loren on the average spend four hours a Day in front of the television. This Type of activity is mainly watching not listening. Prepare your child both physically and emotionally to be a Good listener. If your child is overtired hungry or agitated he will not be Able to listen Well. Pay attention to the noise in your environment. Try to minimize the distractions when you Are conversing with your child a dog Barking a phone ringing or. The stereo May affect your child a ability to focus. Sometimes we need Toiro As sure of a Lold �oi9t he Willibe heard. This is especially True in a group setting. Occasionally during show and Tell at preschool a child is More concerned about a a his turn than he is about listening. We can diminish that concern and help their listening with a simple com Mient such As a it is amyl a turn now to share. Next we will listen Fine tuning listening skills takes practice. However if you consciously make an Effort to build your child a listening habits you will be making a priceless contribute brillo your child a Well being. Well developed listening will prove beneficial in personal and professional relationships for the reminder of his in history cd 9ou a a in. The or it Pitat i a Ihorst Watt Ioctl fit cd Hanoi a a the associated press today is saturday Jan. 10, the 10th Day of 1998. There Are 355 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on Jan. 10,1776, Thomas Paine published his influential pamphlet a common on this Date in 1861, Florida seceded from the Union. In 1863, London a metropolitan the worlds first underground passenger railway opened to the Public. In 1870, John d. Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil. In 1920, the league of nations was established As the treaty of Versailles went into effect a in 1928, the soviet Union ordered the exile of Leon Trotsky. In 1946, the first general Assembly of the United nations convened in London. In 1947, the musical fantasy a Fin Ian a Rainbow a with music by Burton Lane and lyrics by . Harburg opened on Broadway. In 1957, Harold Macmillan became prime Mii ister of Britain following the resignation of Anthony Eden. In 1967, Edward w. Brooke r-mass., the first Black elected to the . I Enate by popular vote took his seat. In 1978, the soviet Union launched two cosmonauts aboard a soyuz capsule for a rendezvous with the salyut i space Laboratory. In 1984, the United states and the Vatican established full diplomatic relation. For the first time in More than a years ago soviet Media reported on an interview Given to chinese Douma lists by Mikhail s. Gorbachev who praised the state of sino soviet relations and called for a Summit. However the Beijing govt moment turned aside the Summit a All saying soviet backed vietnamese forces first had to withdraw from Cambodia five years ago an unidentified 62-year-old Man at the University of Pittsburgh medical Center underwent the worlds second Baboon liver transplant. The Man died less than a month later without Reg ining full consciousness. One year ago Dallas police ended their investigation into Dallas cowboys stars Erik Williams and Michael Irvin saying a woman a claim that Williams raped her while Irvin held a gun to her head was false. Today a birthdays jazz musician Max Roach is 73. Singer Gisele Mackenzie is 71. Opera Singer Sherrill Milnes is 63. Rock Singer musician Ronnie Hawkins is 63. Baseball Hall of Famer Willie Mccovey is 60. Singer Scott Mckenzie is 59. Movie director Walter Hill �?o48 hours is 56. Singer Frank Sinatra Jurj is 54. Singer Rod Stewart is 53. Rock Singer musician Donald Fagen steely Dan is 50. Boxer George Foreman is 49. Singer Pat Benatar is 45. Singer Shawn Colvin is 40. Rock Singer musician Curt Kirkwood meat puppets is 39. Rock Singer Brad Roberts crash test dummies is 34. Actress Trini Alvarado a a Lite womb a a is 3. Rapper Chris Smith Kri Skross is 19. Thought for today a a history i Iusi speak for itself. A historian is Content if he has been Able to shed More a Williaml. Shirer american author and journalist 1904-1993. Yoree of Aie to Jie Marshall Cormicle cd me Lett to the motor as4 for the Jublle its vip ifs m it wide of topic however we Gusk letter to follow a few guide 7 ,m�8t be signed and an Andrws where the ice contacted ii necessary wis mor Tafton fubusf��t�., letter Bordi be Ita longer thai 300 words if Yoa would lib face to submit a lengthier piece it May be used tinder leading of r we gift Defa Matwiy letters or those Attar no a specific Ferness. All other letters will be used but May be for style grammar and space. Send Lett ii Marshall my 490 i8 Meu Hatt chronicle Marshall s Hometown newspaper since 1879 115 s. Grand st., Marshall my 49068616 781-3943 internet address Teresa Fitzwater editor and publisher John Senger general manager Gid Itidal Edward Freundl. Managing editor Brodle Brockle Mike Fischer Glassi fled Linda Albrecht circulation Robert Freeman Grange Bell layout and design a Iii Birds manager Unda Wilbur Marie Harris a Peggy Ellis Lorene Humphrey the Marshall chronicle Assn 330-990 is published Dally molday through saturday except new year s Day memorial Day july 4, Zubor Day Thanet giving Day and Christmas Day by Calhoun communications inc., ill w. Center st., Atomon my 49224 second Dass postage paid at Marshall. My. 49068. Postmaster Send address changes to Marshall chronicle 115 s. Grand st Marshall my 49068. Home delivery is available in Calhoun county $7.00 per month $80.00 per year payable in Advance. Outside Calhoun county. $14.25 per month. $99.00 per year. Subscriptions Mav be transferred. But not refunded. Circulation customer service hours delivery deadline chronicle monday fonday 5 30 . Saturday 10 . Penny Saver sunday you do not receive your Marshall chronicle by the deadlines listed above please Call our customer service department before 5 30 . Monday Friday and before 10 . Monday for saturday chronicle the Day s newspaper will be delivered to you and your account will be credited for the missed delivery. Service guarantee we Are co remitted to providing you the Best possible delivery service and want to insure that your paper is delivered in a timely conscientious manner we will resolve any delivery error within 24 hours or you will receive one week free. This guarantee does not apply to mail delivery. It a a office circulation 781-3943 a editorial 781-3944

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