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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 30, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. H. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa sept. 80, 1s9t. Teems a year we think prices invite Vou of Call incl our syphon Oak our front flue Oak Gar land also our German Heater. We wish to Call your attention to the fact that none of the above stoves Are Back numbers or old fashioned direct draft stoves but All Are closely fitted and carefully mounted neatly finished with the highest priced Mckee of an j stove in the Market we have done away with the Long handled fire shovel. We tight to be judges of stoves As we hate handled All the leading stoves in the Market and Are thoroughly acquainted with their merits and As we have had the world to select from we think we Hare just what our customers want Call and see us before j of buy w. L. Nelson. People who have any doubt about the return of Prosperity will probably a interested in the figures of tank clearances Winch arc of course the most accurate barometer that departure of president Mckinley at Torney general Mckenna and Secre tary Alger in restful recreation. It a guat be evident to All that it there was a crises at hand or even the a. R. V. M. A k. A. Stone no 251. To Kultur on or before Tel Moon. You Ittu Brothers in Good standing Cordell invited 10 attend. Kobbert Nugget. W. I. I wit i. O. O. F. Marble Rock Lodge o. Meet Stan adj of cordially invited h. Kols makam see be lir Lodge. Meets Lues no evening there a famine in raw hides there has been an increase of Over Jaq can possibly be produced the reports president and two members of his from the great financial centers show Cabinet would not leave Washington. That the clearances for the v. Eel end ing september is Are larger than it any time since the closing months of the Jari icon administration arc fifty per cent year ago Reater the in those of one and seventy five per cent per cent in the Price of t n Trio i that article i 1 f t Tell week. 1 visiting Brethren invited. W ii. C. C. K of r a i. L. Of h. Meets the Erdt Nejdat night in each month in add fellow Hall. W. I res. R. J. Acklis Etc. Sec. M. Al of a Marble Bock Camp 445s Jie Gular must second and Fourtly sat Imlej of each Mouth at Odd Kellowjr Lynll. Vacit inf in Good f Landing cordially muted to attend. V. Ii. Ii. Imuj., clerk. C in. K. C. A Leetia the Home of Stewart the tit and u the Ricky of each month at 2 n clock p. M. K. A. Sit Nat pres. Vii. Chhist Ixa Arzu Bee. O a. K. Marble Post 308, meets fire Isamu so each month. C. T. Ackley com. W. B , adj. W c t u Terr thursday. Min. Tiler president. Obi. A. 51. Mai Tonuu Secretary. Jiithodi8t area climbs sundays at 11 n it 7-30 . Epworth. League meeting at ti.30. Prayer meeting Ottiar Edotj w w. Pastor. Cani Itiat Church preaching sunday at 11 l m ,ind7-30p, m. Chris Tum it Lesver it p. M. Frs jct meet Ink wed esd j. Will . 1 a Tor of Nitro san Days at 11 . 7-80 p. 111. Prayer meeting the Day oven aug c. K , pastor. Every 1 t sunday in each la. M. And so p. M sunday school Ery sunday at 30 a. M. Senics held in the u pastor. City officers major. Recorder treasurer. Street commus Ioner marshal. V. K. Bates ii b Kobe Krans j w Martin Eorge Smith Arfa. Willard Many h c Darlina ii. Walstr 11. Weter k Llu get k. J Ackley. Union Tonu Phlp school Thiu president e. P. Wulster. Secretary h b lies Trca Burer. John Gates Dibe toes Nick Standt Harry Packman e pal Star Inman Egbert l 0 Madison Blue 7 John Gates s time Parcher 9 Miles Clikeman 10 11 Andrew dates. Scott Towo Phlp officers. Chen erhorn. S sonts Coneta Blob George heed Elli Lii pc town Crow Ell Barber it Witter Miles Maislis and Zich Meler. Scott township school Board. President. A. W Garber Sec Cury. George x Baldwin tres fairer. t Mamet Dike tits 1 Toha Bishop 5 if. F. Witter. S e w gather 6 e c 9 is Standt 7 j Cunningham 4 Jean Ahart 8 j Jeffrey 9 John Losee. Judicial. C. Sherwin. J. F. Clyde. Terms of monday in january in Xvi 2nd a today in september. In Ember. And now Cotton Seel has joined the procession of the farm products which Are advancing in Price indeed it is pretty hard work to any article of farm production that has not advanced during the time that Silver has Heen falling and the Law going into operation. Stiie curiosity Lias been expressed to know How it was that sex candidate Bryan failed to materialize at that Ohio Silver Camp meeting. The Man agers of the Camp meeting Are not taking the Public into their Confidence but there is a suspicion that Mclean and Chapman concluded or. Bryan a Price too High for the result they would get. Those drear and depressing state ments showing the enormous number during the four years of the administration Are rapidly Digap Piarino the business allures during the second week of the present september were Only 169, while those of the correspond ing week of 1893 were 846, and they in that Viii Ute chum Tho Cor greater than those of two years ago. While the newspaper stories have been somewhat exaggerated it is an absolute fact that the Westert Farmer ? financial condition i.-, wonderfully improved during the past three years he practice such Economy that with a slight improvement of wheat prices last fall and Lair values of cattle to keep and 1 ogs the Thrifty Fanner gradually jul Fenn l f this fall he is indeed paying off the mortgage. The fall in the interest rate is As remarkable As the other Isatu is of the rising cult Urist american Agri nobody has idled attention to any great anxiety on the part of the Public to know the result of the interview of i senators Pettigrew and Matt e with the Mikado of Japan on the True cause of is de monetization of Silver. The fact is everybody except Pettigrew and Mantle understood All Airout it before they left or if they did not they could easily have Learned it by an examination of the official report of the director of our mint which i Hows that the japanese Silver in Sluch in 1ss7 was Worth 75.3 cents had by july 1s97. Dropped to 47 be while die Gold yen Lud not changed a particle the Pricco of and 18u7 being precisely ill deut Cratie orators who last Vear were trying to convince the Public thoe sensational publications Are time to time originated in this country for no Oiler reason than to create a sensation among the leaders of i Omo newspaper belonging to the school of yellow but those which come from Europe Are often inspired by some manipulator of International politics or Speculator in Bonus. The latest Story caused Spanish Bonds to fall in Price in All tiie european Finan centers and it May have been started for that very purpose. There was no Surpri Sein Washington when news of the unanimous ratification of the annexation Truty by the Senate of Hawaii was received expected the ratification by the Hawa iian Senate just As everybody aspects the annexation treaty to be ratified by the United states Senate Early in the coning session of Congress it does not happen often that a Man is willing to resign a scat in Congress with almost a certainty of being re elected in order to become a postmaster but that is what representative Francis h. I was this week appointed postmaster of Brooklyn n. Y., Mil do. Or. Wilson had just begun his second term i the House and bad made an unusually Good record for the time lie had been in Congress acting secret any Roosevelt Lias Cuen lieutenant commander Kim Bali who will direct the movements of the flotilla of torpedo boats which will leave new York october 1, for a trip Down the Atlantic coast his film in Htiu Tiosh this will be the first that the United states has had a Fleet of torpedo boats together and the most will be made of the Opportunity to to St the usefulness of this class of boat. Do you know that it has taken Lime and work to produce shoes your buy ing at prices air Lor you to a think it Over. Think this Over that descriptions Are cheaper than materials. Be sure the shoes you buy Are Aso Wocl As you re made to believe they Are. Leo. W. Gates. Responding week in each Cleveland term. Year of the the Ohio who Are run Ning away from their Silver platform have plenty of company now chairman Jones has recommended to the Nev. York democrats that they drop Silver and senator Gorman is also engaged in the delightful occupation in his state of advising Maryland democrats to perform the same act. The proposition to make something out of nothing was too thoroughly tested make it a Safe one this. Last year to the contrast Between the Gold sur plus since the new administration came in and that during the Cleveland administration is very remarkable. Or. Cleveland was compelled to sell hundreds of millions of dollars Worth of Bonds to keep up the Reserve while the Treasury department has just notified the sub treasurer of new York that it has All the Gold it needs and i that he need not make any Effort whatever to add to the accumulation. Whom they vaguely denominated Money Powei were responsible fur the adoption i of he Gold Mandan by All the intelligent nations of the Earth will now have an Opportunity to n acc an Equi Illy Intel casting and Quilly reasonable assertion by charging up to the Power the failure of the crops it is just As All Over the would Honable to charge the destruction of Argentine crops by Grasshoppers to the Money As it is to assume that the Money Power could influence the legislation of a great nation on that most important question of its policy the currency per cent which he a very Small matter Bourdot super Talcom. Charles City Lane chairman Phillip san Ltd to Why pippin b. S. Chichester 3.c. Merrill mics meetings lit monday m Lannary april. Jane and september and 2nd monday in Marble Bock Hockford Rudd it was very thoughtless on the part of those Georgia democrats to bring about that Lii tie affair in which a coloured Republican shot from am Bush because he was an office bolder without consulting the Ohio democrats. It has placed the latter in a very awk Ward position for their hoped to get the support of a Large element of col ored democrats of that state on local i issues this tire but of course thu Georgia instance absolutely destroyed that Prospect. Or. Bryan is evidently a Little off in Bis Ariter Ratic lie remarked in a in gently published statement that won had advanced s seemed to think upon which to base the political com ment which has been going the rounds of the press of late if or. Bryan will examine the official publication of the Bureau of , compiled under a management he will see that Ohio xxx Wool in september. 1s9g, was Worth 17 cents a Pound and is now Selling at cents there would seem to be an Advance of about 60 per rent instead of per cent Ai he it. If he will consult the official tables in the same publication he will find also that Silver fell about 20 per cent during the aame period your address to ii. E a Hucklen co Chicago and a Iree Box of or kind s new life pills a trial will convince officers. The True Revedy editor Tiskilwa 111., chief says j you of their merits Eay in action and effective in the cure i and sick these pills Are Are particularly of constipation for malaria and Foote the Porter the Dupont the enc son and the cashing and it lotions will be clearly by of iut s an l i u re j the of out , the opinion of attorney Mckenna As to the proper construction of the Section of the quigly Tariff imposing discriminating rendered at the request of Secretary Gage was made Public this week. It is a ions and carefully prepared document Tak ing the ground that importations from other countries which come through Canadian ports Are not liable to the discriminating duty also that the duty should not be paid on importations from countries other than British possessions shipped in British vessels this construction will be accepted by the Treasury department. Senator Elkins who was instrumental in Chang ing the wording of that Section of the Tariff Bill with the Especial purpose in View of diverting the foreign Iro ight brought into the United states Over the Canadian Pacific railroads to our j Jon Congress own cads says the matter will not be dropped but that he will offer a joint Resolution in the Senate to abolish the bonding privilege and also try to tons brought through Canada Sena Tor Proctor says the opinion coincides with his views and that in will be especially pleasing to the businessmen of new England. Inasmuch a i the reports from Ohio indicate tint the republicans will a w Loxer in that state Secretary Sherman May not Maku any speeches during the Campaign. He is perfectly to go i the manager Price mean nothing until Yuu Ine Good s. Compare the genuine Buck gulfs c. Note Trio Clear Cut outline the that looks Well after 10 y like n door heating Auy other Plain n icicle Mork the jetting the door moot 1- and it Ahvay will see the Small Ash pit door ground under Tho fire pot expat Mon cannot make it leak air utter 15 years of ubic. Always air tight and never making a mus of the ashes. It is the clean est the lest and almost everybody knows it do you. Sold. Winoth this week and organized for business i the object of the conference is to pare and recommend finance livery Feu user clerk c tie Courti Rewter pm Reyor. Coat a attorney a. D Linda min Cash m. Carr Parr in c. H. Johnson of a. Roziene Frank Lini Tenfelder c. Knickerbocker weren t keep House without or. I perfectly free from Ever King s new discovery for consumption j substance and to be purely beget coughs and colds. Experimented with i do not weaken their action Many others but never got the True by Tonc to Momick and by remedy until we used or. King s new greatly invigorate the system. Regular discovery no other remedy can Tave size -25 cent per Jos. Sold by a j liver troubles they have proved Invar i regard in Nee Ai cede l to insure table. They Are guaranteed to be i Republican a chess although its place in our Home As in it we have Ascer co i certain and cure for coughs j i whooping court it is j tactic i of the Pear e p Wawer. S h Davis to Experiment with other remedies j Charlott Mei r e even in they Are urged on Yon As just j or King s new u y ii Mil i Cis Mil some simple j remedy has i record of Tures and Protection ideas Navar Briw you write John we dded 1s it never tils Burn it co. Paint attorneys Washington 1 to Ssu Sij. Trial bottles free at a. J. store. Washington letter. Wash Agtos. Sept. 24, 1897. To better re stat for. Of the tonal Tommy rot cabled from Europe j Republican a chess although it would deleterious i be As considerable personal i Conven table Lence and discomfort but with so Many but prominent speakers on the stump it ii Boren in rely Dikiy that the will be to 20. Major Dick paid a Filini visit to a Whinston this week and he says the republicans of Ohio never went into a Campaign More ear Tain of winning and even the democrats con Cece the election of the Republican state ticket is certain and that they Are devoting efforts to the this week about the United states ing sent an ultimatum to Lepain could have been Sivan the the Mon Carv conference authorized by the convention that met in Indiana Public thin the Polis hot pm try met in Washington Are you thin look about you see for yourself who suffer most from sleeplessness nervousness nervous dyspepsia neuralgia despondency general weak Ness who Are on the Edge of nervous prostration All the time those who Are thin opium chloral bromides headache powders Only make matters worse. Iron and bit ters Are Only stimulants to be cured and cured for Good you need a. Fat making food. You want new blood Rich blood and a Strong nerve tonic. Scott s emulsion of cod liver Oil with hypo hos Whites is All this. It feeds the tissues makes Rich blood and strengthens the nerves. Book about it free for the asking. For Sale by All druggists at soc. And Scott Bowne new York. Stable stand. The rates. Us stallion hip and will Call me. Ii. L. G. Reynolds i office open All the week. Tract cd pain. Ail ranted. V a. Teen a sex

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