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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1893, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 28, 1893, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 19 no. 7. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa september 28, 1893. Year Studee bid not bust the Bank at Monte but he is High prices hard publish cil or Era thursday morning by h. B. Nies son. I. Raisl Al id of Cru a Union Wito lift m. Oats 00 to i l cents Iklo cents ?5t5 to 5 13 ick Rel a ruin. Homo i i mrs. My returned Home Fri m Cedar fulls lust a tvs i my. Harmon of Mayji Noih was a lira Marble visitor last of Cindy. J Church Ittai sunday looming. John Gorman of Dougherty uie Vitot c. E. Of sow thursday Ami wow burned saturday. J aether of mrs. I fun Uili Sitf her quite a Usu Bitt of our people attend i this week. To the fair it Euarlee Cuy Law week. Alvia hat Ore tet t mrs. To mice has an seriously i weary barn in of the Housum 111 Iho Luck. I to by kit inlay. Turned for mid Ftp. Milan 1 i in i i in in Missouri to i our Etc Flint of we n i a dirt. Fiffy ii Dell mrs. A and i Tinti Mary shot Lar ret Ritthi to ii the my Peele fifty. J Hoit of Illinois who j Hofta visiting Fucilli tier ten de. Iii key Tor in Var Ryus , rvs ring lit ii r Tumie r L�ry us of Jilin a -i.-d. All to Are Ulvi mrs. Kiili ii j Knapp of not were never sold so cheap in Charles City As we i town Kedi Cule in a Are Selling them now. We invite our friends that cute like a sours a tended clip Ancl races . Cloi Ifrey Kiehm Ami wife n the arrival of a 10 Pound House. Sius their Niue is from the Shell Rock Valley to Call at our store i last wok f Are. Moti Fer on the Corner we at Cost but View can sell As cheap As any Man in Iowa. Bar-1 gains every Day. Come to the fair and make our store Headquarters. De. N. Waterbury Charles cite Iowa. Olliev Beers a i her sit Ter we Are still carrying a very Large line of Minnesota White Lead pure Oil and brushes we Are Selling lamps window shades and Wall paper at reduced rates. It will pay you to Call and see us. Charles Ivoree returned Fruno Clil Cago fair Las i be height hop of a auprly is visit off friends in this City is the proud and Happy father of a bound flip boy Bayav. Muck Heck and will Packman started for world s fair last saturday. Mayor Hutch to iof Onui us that Grain is moving More to the elevator. Or. And tire. Humphrey halt Eft suit tug with Treuda at this week. Charles Clark of Cupar Lake visited with relatives a town the to fit of the week. Mrs. C. K Fink of port Liiva Iowa was the of of o. Fink a fully Over the tire last saturday was a Strong argument in Niwor or some Loii of tire Protection. Are. A. Al has placet us under for a Tiee lot of tomatoes water melons. Thanks it is that people from this state attended the Chicago Exposi Tion during Iowa Days last week. The average per month to the Stute Cor beeping convicts at the an Moea Penitentiary ias6.gi per it acl Valizer is what you Aeed for constipation appetite disk Tess All Bym Tomb of dyspepsia. Price 10 115 but i Iriti old Intuit in trash Bairn Iii week. Jet or Aurora is with Frieda and at j. And family have been vis tics Frie Lils at Osiier Iminta the past Iwu or weeks k a of town ship is Iteni Ini the German English Collie at City this fall. Prick Ellsworth of Hun Ibold lows has been with his sister mrs. A. A Todd. The Vii. Tit returned Home lust saturday. There will a Basket social in the school House nest Satu Flay evening. September Ooth All Are invited to attend. Ily mrs. Of i w Duiker envy 1 Luefling of Jsu Pietila at first of he buy Vou ii is tji notice of Llie appoint Flent of Exann ver will it to state of with the of lira do id of told the Uuie Pih Idle he and us Kex Tor a f by thu of i Pirain of a Ioctl county de j Allu said the i a i . Aim us Ukrane Maun Sciort work of dated at Marble it tits j a Case of to tags lust Thui Day. A full i be. 25th, 1psi. I cd ssh of Lien fruit Ivas on j his Truy to the. About j half were ii i she l the other Lial looked is though they had been through a a Yulice. San misled were at a Jisc joint after the wreck was cleared. Banners report Attiat con in this Viln mailing Slang Chrisc is used Tuoro for or Nimit Etc Lof Miinte Aud Flat by nun be that in Ordor to Ity ii fur exceeding their expectation1 fifty to seventy five bushels per acre Are the a killing Frost visited this Section on sunday night if fit. To the Thi have you Davis se1 to Sun if new Hivry Arm o. In ,1 a. H. Walster Aud he r Siuy must Caio of one fourth of to snub. Forum cd on water o Young lady secure Aud Whilo the spell Giva her ii standing in i Karl s Clover Root will purify your blood Clear your Corn flexion relate your Jim of is mid make your heal Cleur As a Bell. A3c. Anil we. G. Tiie lims is threshing in Hancock county lad a Horuitz us that the Quality and Quantity of Small Traia was never better in that furl of Iowa. Mrs. Theta a. Has Brea up pointed executor Oft estate of ill rom Lynsee Tylece Itescu. Totice of said appoint ment appears in this Charles Williams has been visiting i lire to listen not it Idov of if Wiss Dell j to l Alt Bill friends at Kirkville the list week and mrs. Williams unproved the Kiaie by and 75 bottle. Supervisor Powers was in town Mon j visiting with parents at Greece. Day looking after the which has rep linked. A much Noer Lod im-1 Shaffer i his of 11. In his great impersonations of Bill Eye and to the cracked and voice of the child Isle old lady in Soliloquy and fun it the Myrhle Rock opera House Moud in Evenite october dts. Rev n. Town will preach Ilia fare Well Eer Myu next sunday Ftp Eninfa. Of keep Eliahy inv Itea All members and friends or the Church out to both or tees. The orchestra will be out and play in. The even log nil Tii Ose who can cited to come Early and their of books. Tits Story of the Pomeroy Lun Curtiis Lineti mater Ial for a very interesting and valuable is now being compiled and will be re airy for delivery the Book will con tit in nil facts of interest in count Colon with to storm Peren Natl la cide uts the work of Relief and it number j of Foo Effra Valuks alone Are Worth i the Lor the Book. The work j is endorsed and recommended by the Lielie Coni Mitlena and mayor of pome Roy. Amenta will make big Money due j info Attu cd win or months sell Idaj it. Senile sl.10, postal role for outfit and begin at once at1 dress f. Sprague publisher Poi Neroy Iowa. The following is n Short report of Tho in Church let work done Iii Syner lers have Given have received irk Stiller of Battly c. Iut Aois a former townsman Ohn la visit info Tith relatives to this City and of the of tiie Oce it stroked by fire j Trio Dow by rupture will sometime Al St. Louis fair exposition. For Hie St. Grim Tiou tha rut Lia Tou cedi air in pile Northern Tail will Mil Cunion tilliets from nil stat look of ii Linas in to St. It rats of Ore for round i Luis to dollars. I iut Sta on me sept. To oct. 21 with final return limit All kinds of tips for water tank Cohn factions. Constantly on band of full of Oil Well i inns a spot Silty. Joseph we loth do Alk in heavy and shelf hardware harness repair Imp a specially we meet All honorable Competition. J. I. Sha Goto Foft a full and Complete line now on hand at prices that defy Competition. Highest Market prices paid for eggs give us a Call and be convinced that we mean business. Or. William Fletcher is Ina King Suie valuable improvements on his residence the new additions i a Glass window. The Ball game Between the Greene id Marble Kock holds was knocked into Smith reels by the fire last saturday afternoon. A copy of catalogue of hip German English College of City is at j band. The work Wae to Louth by Bra. I Sloane and is a very neat piece of work i prof. Wormley Steps several inches 1 higher and wears r Brot Titer smile on his j face All because a 10 Pound boy made its j appearance at his Bouse the first of the a week. J goods will my. Loren Inman return a Home from Tosh to relatives in Adair county last tuesday morning. Or. Loo Ian will drive it close the country with a horse and buggy and will ame latter in the week. All the talk in the world will not con Vince you 80 quickly m one trial of de which Hazel Salve for scalds Burns Bruise affections and pile. A. J. Paper to. Hews according to or. Par win other it takes a thou Wrai of years to make a Man of but a Tuno can make Monkey of himself id it minute. The advocate him a number of it Pios about they May very Judy amok to the editor but to us feet. Jar. Univ a rur. Lucr in niger pleasant week s with their Parent and other in Usu town a returned to their bogus a Shiloh 3 cure the great cough and croup cure in great demand. T pocket Eil a Octavius to Enty five Dowe Only children love it. Sold by mrs. Of voc turd died at her Zaat Virji Luray. 3ira. W the Niu Ihor of mrs. Iii Nohe who Ihler Buiu i ii will Bear tinal limit of oct. Iii a j Lului of in All this for the St. Jouis Lenir our in Fiji pc Loa ova will sell i ice Maiuu to air x h to Titis fit i ate of Onk Pakk for found i nip. Tii Kelb on Saje Suejit. Ift to oct. Farm for a Cleft one i 7ih elusive and Are limited to and of Mitrue return until and including 0 to. 0th. Llou. All Tyder cushy Ivaon Good in j for for tickets of Traviis other i information Call on or address any Iii it ply at urls Ollice or to the Ned j. E. 1 proprietor of Marble Rock Wagon Carriage shop All give me a anal i will it her Many a. Bast or. Albert and Sun Honry of my ill n Ichun a Liia Lisiy in her dark hour o bees be Fanti ment. Tiie funeral took at Tocu food of Tuduy heft. I uni now pre line of souk Ford via Ian with Branner Ray Olti tronds to ily lust a liars May and Friday. Site tried j Btu Day. To to Geinese. A Meim Merrill restaurant j How Brj went to Chicago last ally in Bert As used Crumb. K. F. Wilke went up to Pine City Minnesota last Friday after his wife a who has been spending the last ten weeks at that place for the Benefit of her lie Seth. Or. And wife returned Home the of the week mrs. Wilke s health having been much Bene Pinnkey i filed by her Bony in Tho of Mione Fota. On saturday next at 0 o clock a. fr9. Phebe a. Losee As i Ilins Caroline Ivy or Stratford. Ont., visiting it Lett via in luts j la of. And mrs. Dow who have bet a j visiting Green s family for the three weeks returned to heir Home in Maine last imoday. Grandma Earth so died at the a Ottist of mrs Mary Giarth last Rigi a Dikiy evening had Una hurried a the Greenb cemetery last sunday. O. T. P. A. Davis Bro s Model grocery. We must hate at 13c a Doxen. Hull turd is Jusli Loc each. Fur the first time several weeks we of supposed to live All Charles City. 500 ibs. Of Ali it Clover j Honey just rectal we. Loc a i ulv i Misc. H. Stott is Staple and Rancy groceries crockery cigars tobacco notions Salt Render they the query who in Thunder in be More explicit or. Advocate. Her Devol will close Mia Here Nen sunday m pm Tor of the a Brislan j tit Art Imao Fly Etta ital or swat pads Feerko Gatoc Tod rant in. Mac Bike oils of All i Oil bail in Faife the celeb toted Eli Barb wire new Eck Stimch Potowa Walkop and Riding fut in Kite Aik Greece finding a prices lower than the Boot of but Harry ten and mowers Filon Centennial Milb Waw Danw Caru and sep pin of All Liada. Christ elder will be pleased to Dee All of bin old fronds m or Victot. Laet week of dowday a couple were the item j nit a very line yellow can Irollo i la 13 to to t Ija its. Our i will stand our Ruc umme no jew or Xv-0 of the i to v uus i i in conv Fotioo of Pitta have been quits Success bad we its cheap is Alliy Man who for a Gowl Watt Amie county in which la incited the Tot the fact that the Only j f i will make very Tuscon its of some City of Council hluff3 Paa Woi the and thus the entire in i o us Pilj Twu Lumon thai the Rpu wino i sex Jujj married at us top of the big Ferris i coven wheel at the Kipola Ivind in Chicago. and fully endorse the plate Furca ado Pukl by the some of tur Marble Bock Fried do it i 1mu2h it Hall to Cal ii1" and pledge to there d into who we a flirt that in w the Whyl atop that Tow in j of the increased re j Remony my get be con 1 a de Oread tin comics and thus ended the entire n of the tanners products on the ground. So we Are the is Aiken of the fair for 1894 tie half Kaliee in order to save be Horae w a we is Monnts Ori some cwjus1 it let arts jut Date Elj 1wk have Vou we will Wil 1-Tejvi it have Wolc Cate by 11 n or 1. Brick Aliy the All i Ami in bricks we 7c n Pound the w Vallil cheap and meet Alj at Home or abroad. Can take Vona while on the highest in the wheel. a tin shop in connection. Job work and repairing a specially. A work warranted Coaney it that 3 i. Us at Minei Thia Winter which of skin and to m Core Piikea a. F. Twin to for set for in this District. If a Der Socrat must repro a week ago Ian while or. Nut and fad tily were Bome Al a the team a Blu lie was can us brow if Ita Loevi in. Zerott we to us fair water by Kanawl a new b in red my Accident or. Zynn my arts no m tto of Dow raft _ a Ilia from his i to Iho list saturday a by the j of Simmom Etol some Plush Lap Row adj Cut up the Amie time of june 4c a Pullum. Curr Baitec is ii Unkall stored in the i the. Finest m Urc Raj Matlob Ira pm we Shiuk probable we hould be a we aide let a the it fat the Well to Lave our Friend fill 1s that position. M hate we May think j our Tri ird party prohibitionists of or. Polit a know Biu tin native still a with few to be had and n j and Tiave Kwoni i eng Euce to Sta b. Perria m us of Funk Jackson fir Piernot. J a iwo or. Tvs i to i s oct to the la a strict will be Ruif my arts Rippee and who that the orid Pliotis of the a pub. Jujj lieu to Raj the the for to Cine Tod that Cwm in a vhf line lots -2 k. A new full Cream i Itic a pain id. I is von we have a i i 0f in fit for ,1 Drew suit and w to fit f r no Siulc. Odd Coats and very cheap to out. A. Moore. It tue de Witt. Bui Rion care Malar Awn Diao drs adj Manach in to Don t toilet Fine line. The two 1 flour w no Jim c nosby a o. Gold fruit can int i on on ? i i. The hutches dealers in Winch lmi4hokv t Hod. Jelly jars. Crocks a. Davis Jibo a. Brain so Els flour i
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