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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 28, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaPumps of la Kiril for at prices. Also repair old paid is i All work ii so told. Cheapest Money f. A. Roziere. I loan real estate broker i a Charles pm. Iowa. I full shed Fry he if b. Fries. With malice toward Lone and Charity for ail terms sl60 per annul in Advance negotiates Loans on improved farms i i at lowest volume 8. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa. September ii Lii Xot Iru prompt paving my Aith Security. I Terma. I am always 10 set lie Jay consummation of j i owl be Lille to ice Tiri a is ill silk i can .1c All limes be relied Tipoti. F. A. Hopi exp. V4u24vl and ill kinds the most popular o f All ,33 Hiom 60. Levi York Chicago ill. Store Marble Rock Iowa i will sell nil inels of goods such As Tea. Coffee sugar spices extracts tobacco in usually kept in a general dry it a j i it hoots and Elmo of variety will be i Ciui at the store store. Clothing is Cuil stantly u. Lund in Jua utities to Surh Inmom All goods vre As represented or Money refunded. I sell the sew americas sewing machine one of the Best manufactured. Allen Moore this Stew map Prates beyond my Tenso Niblet Law Lott Tow Chicago North Western railway ii by All Divis the West Road you to tale when True Lii in direction Belli eco and a i of the Prittipaul Points in tie West a fifth Row h erf eve Nizine to Iii Rizic principal cities of the West and Minith Siai Reub on read. Its through trains Muke close connections wich the trains of All it Junction Points. County convention. A of the n few tin county will in a Tui mule paid Day the pm Rowe for it Foi Milu lit in Hrict and circuit recorder of l id be voted for at the my 10 other n tour cation. Tic Ifon Wilt for Tow and Ditola there to f6 Exener in entity ivc voted or Frt Tiu fur uni. A fur thu us lit be to tie i to we 2 Lovd. I k Verto it Iles s Srott Stiim s Niou. Crft Toul number of Toic a to i oct the town a p Are Wint ated to rive at least Twu War tic Nuice Otth unit Slid place of holding by order of conic Lleve. J Republican Nat Ciket for Meru Bor of 4th Piatrice Thomas la Degraff of Clarion county. Charles City Iowa. Sept. Gtb.l8s2, to the electors of Floyd county Lotta 1 hereby announce a candidate for Ewi Iliou id inc Offit of Coric rothis county. to the Spiro Tel of the county convention. W. Dennis. To thelic on Floyd coun to a Oitt 1 hereby announce Ute self As a candidate Tor reelection to the office o clerk of the courts of Floyd county Iowa subject to the approx Tel of the Republican county convention. J. F. Dated sept. 7th, 1882. The new of the tuna state c Ollige at gun null which Nill More Thim replace tie old one destroyed by the recent torn to will appropriately contain a Tornado Section containing n multitude of curious relics of the disaster. Ilton but tors eve for All no a Tchlo int of appetite in he of Laclef Energy Etc enrich is Etc by full str ngut ratio thus cts circa new us o to tire Crven acts like a Charm on the i dyspeptic sym Torao a tasting the fwd. a Stetna Jyh Etc. Only Iron that Wilt not the tfx Fli or a fico sold by All to Nisi a a chemical co. The Chicago Iao Tii a Jecter Khamvay ail Iti principal Linsa runs Eracli Way from two to four More fast Sprew tit Witie. Ii u the Only Road wet North or Nort Lowett of Chicago inc Imperial Palace dining ii i Road a Hart of Chicago. It he Over Injonr-eotiiur1, tie lines Ojnc-1 Colondo to Ofilio Ornu line Lions it Central mimic it a it Bomka line St. Paul Kintgen Polivi Kalpa Kokiv font or a lint in Cut Bra Lako Superior Jim a Terry a Horth Sre Orer rid by Coupon ticket a Nett in the to Tittl sit Tutt us ciudn9. to my far tickets rat Lii Goiri be ther other. U Seyfri Nunda it. W. Ighut p c an r a i Tupi de use Lawrence a c7 imitations. Tutts pills symptoms of a torpid liver. the float Eroil Oltis asthma piiet.1 Cokol , of 1hroat, Chest and lunch. Pm a to exc Ottoa c Btl part. A a after cat Iii a Locri cd Lilc Norri atm try to ilm of. Mil to of " r Rock Ann Whiteii h Hie Al Natu Uwi sump in topic. A lilt Illo h or met _ or run up Saul. Tax Leiana. Tin , Rock and Rye co., 41 of tar St., Chicago if. The new York have non i rated or. Club end for nor. We have to doubt the selection is an out Tillert one but name of All the gods it once is i the republicans will in november without carry the stale much difficulty. The Lariar have re lion the publisher a copy of by Clarence r. Sid Ney author of the original five step and beauties of the Avest or. Sidney has struck a popular vein in this his latest Success and All lovers of Terpsi chore will Welcome tie sent Post pud to any address on receipt of Price 40 c by of. s sons Chicago Iii. In motor win Lou of Minc Sota lure made a moderate competence through honorable and legitimate in Vosi minuts Well known to Many of this . In a country develop log ours is i do not think it is necessary for a Man to claim he is a pauper in order to prove his honesty and he who does so pays a very poor compliment to Hii intelligence i had enough financed sagacity to save the government Over pc Ranum during a Short administration of the department and 1 Hepe i have enough to honestly make a competence for my co toil urine Ito d . Plain English a xxx free Jbf Corett t to x to Marble Rock Foj now pm rift to Furni a Quality of mrs. Rachild Martin of Troy n. Y. Writes i been widow eighteen years from overwork and cares Oft Large family 1 have for Many years been ailing from rheumatic and severe indigestion. Oils and Linin Girnt i Only eased my pain i took Many Rem Edies internally hoping to find Ponna t ill my i Jajor mrs. Perry told me to try Brown s Iron bitters and that it had cured her of dyspepsia irregularities Etc 1 d d so and have not suffered an Chc or pain since the first bottle nor 1m. Troubled be. Bring building otworth i Firth g c it tip 3ton far i Iran t. W. Boos. Al tie democratic of Lisp i pcs of to t county have to id the to t the i Kol Lakin. Ln-1, ill mean things they have said of lion but Ler in the past Twenty ? on ii other hand however the Bop Nalii Ai newspapers will not we Hope retract a single one the things Thoy said of him in the same period lit every word of the by upon him alien lie was fighting his parly to sate his country. He made a record then which the vain am Eim can not Best jars of life to tic of Freedom and Jar Csc. And the of Bourbon democracy May be w i coins to the Folio of a old As it the fruits of Murnith. He Misc the Pennsylvania Railroad company ban just tested with Satu factors Mulu a Svea of electric lighting for Passen Ger coaches by Raehm of a t Aure accumulator. On monday evening a paint n Ger car provided with seven James of two burners each we attached to a regular train front Jeney i it to Phil Adelphia and a number of Railroad officials and electricians made the trip. It the Imaa Jaoin opinion that the pipe Rimat was an entire Success the lamps gave a soft Clear and Stead Light. The accumulator which was placed under the Middle of the car transmitted electricity to the carbons by wires on either Side. Or. Dudly electrician of the Pennsylvania com Pany who conducted the Experiment will doubtless make a favorit ble report. 6 up Iun Payne the a Khuma tres passer who was arrested on August 29, submit us to an interview with a re Porter in Dallas Texas while on his Way under guard to fort Smith a Kansas. He said that lie und his Fol Lowers were not disconcerted by his arrest anticipated it and that they were the victims of a maudlin sentiment which the people would soon outgrow. The persons who Are miking such a full 3 about his colonization plans arc the persons who sit in their houses Cut their coupons and read news about the poor Indian. They Don t want farms and a living they have already got them and Hare no sympathy for those who arc poor and want they would rather Sec the poor Man starve than to have their picture of the Noble red Man chasing the wild Over an eternal Meadow with babbling Brooks destroyed on the statute Book of Michigan arc still some Laws which Are As Blue As those which used to be the Pride of con . One of them forbids the keeping of an Alley for Tho playing of nine pins or any other like game whether to played one or Mote balls or with nine or any number of pins for hire or Reward billiards cards and Dice Are is Mirly interdicted. Another statute declares that it Skull not be lawful for the in Var of any Lur the conveyance of passengers for hire to u Tho horses Atu Ched thereto without Ranung s Icli horses fast with i suffic1 Halter rope or Chain or without so suitable person to t Ike the guid Inee of to ctn so As to prevent their and attaches i of f 20. Under that statute the Hack Driver of Michigan alone mite it be made to pay the state debt. Fishing for rats. A novel Mode of catching rats is the described in the american the writer says that person havin the patience of most fishermen ran have much sport in hooking the vermin. The warehouse adjoining his place of business is invested by and our i Rind May be Mucu in the Early Spring and late fall on an onal evening just after dusk scaled at the Back window of his counting room overlooking the of thu warehouse with an Ordin iry Rod in hand Strong Linen line and a Spring Hook commonly ill cd a Baitel with a Lump of fresh beef patiently waiting for a bite. It docs not Tarry Long nor due it consume Ilioof in bub with a hungry snap the bait is Sei Iod and the Hooks of the soc do Ager in pales the rat when Tho excitement commences. A Lusty rat is no mean antagonist at tic end of a pliant pole and ten tact of inc. And plunges twisting and straight away dashes Are More perplex ing to the Angler the leaps sur e.-, and sulking of the game Trout or Jasi. The rat is generally Lan cd after i Onn ble i Wrt and killed by a blow trom a bludgeon. In tins we May Sutic Thot thousands of Small Hoota bought b refine for ratting the hook.4 arc baited willism ill pieces of beef on each and then Dmitri about the building. I be rats prof c. F. Oath editor. The first condition of such ass in Cou ducting Peciu Tiu is a thorough Mastery of the lesson to be recited. The teacher s knowledge must not Only be thorough but fresh and this Mcane a daily preparation wider than the text Book used by the cd us for that the clips , without the teacher he must Point them to what is beyond and show them How to obtain it. Therefore those the close the school House doors at Dis Mission and shut up at the Sime time the entire Field of their work pending evenings and mornings in what in do Way makes them better teachers they merely govern and hear recitations. beef and the Dot fatted. Thu litter ii not first death re Nta Tho Ely u infallible so for com amp Tiff. There is no cure for consumption whether of the Bowkor kidneys yet the patient May be spared to Long ears of life and the fatal termination kept from approaching if Brown s Iron bitters Are used. This Medicine strengthens the weakened parts re stores to healthy action the impaired functions Aud stops Al Anu wast ing Iway of the organs affected. It is us beat life giving Medicine Ever invented and to ends of living witnesses stand ready to the truth of this in cation. A trial tattle will convince narrow teachers it is often complained that teachers become fussy arbitrary and narrow in their views and Good for nothing this should not be especially the last clause for one who can de nothing but teach is certainly unfit to do that. Such doubtless the ten Dency in this profession but it can be resisted and overcome. The Only method is by a persistent Aud Liberal culture of the mind. There Are in out own county Many teachers whose society is As Rich add genial As any i found but it has come of constant mental activity and discipline. Teachers by this Means and this Only can you resist the narrowing influences of your work. You must learn to exercise a free and intelligent judg ment in various spheres. A to Richei should be in constant communication with the great masters of thought. Such Intercourse will broaden and deepen the current of common thought inspire to High and worthy accomplishments and will show itself in even the Little things of every work. School attendance. It is said Daniel Webster which hag reared the majesty .1--1 this alone can prevent them from crumbling into it was the re cognition of truth that Cut used the of our cominus schools. Any school regulation which does not infringe upon the rights of fur cab and which is powerful in Blu Urig the object Lor which the schools were established must be a proper and reasonable one. T requires but Little experience in the instruction of children to con Vince anyone that the Only Way by which their minds can be opened to receive instruction is by securing their attention and interesting them in the subject under consideration this can not be done if the pupils Are in school one Day and out the next. Instruction properly presented is arranged in a natural and logical order and before a lesson can be comprehended All that proceeds must be mastered. If a Pupil is absent or fails to prepare the lesson there is a missing link and the lesson which the teacher presents will not be understood a Rule requiring regular attendance is therefore reasonable and proper. Irregular attend Ance of a Pupil not Only retards his own Progress but that of his fellow pupils. The whole class is annoyed and Hin dered by the imperfect recitation of one who has failed to prepare his lesson on account of absence. The whole class must slurs the reproof and promptings of an irregular Pupil. Language. I. Let Cali of us who has reached thu years of discretion look Back Over his childish experience and Sec which Rod motor to to of his mince. Some there arc some hours which sind out above All Otchis emphasized it by either by Joy or sorrow. With the last of us the memory of our school life is not a Drca a of in mixed to ivc Ruck Tati uns to which we always looked for Ward with we tic Nurk ind left a Torii of Triumph in Tiu Consul Umesi of our Tahk Well done then Tuo there the excitement of . A we my d our Powers and attain ments those of our school Fol there were other excretes in which we nit her Pride nor first among these was the re caution in grammar. Without doubt the exper of thousands will Bear me o9t in the statement that the St i in of Gram mar was the trial of their school life Xot Only lift Bat the judgment of their Riper years them thu he practical it turn is from bin with the expended Auer of Slady they Are St la m. Number 0 Able to use their Mother readily or correctly. Is their not a remedy for this the knt lakh language if the in tru ment of thought which we Mai Wield from the Cradle to the grave. If there be one thing above another in which we ought to strive after perfection it is in the us of words. In All author Coustant practice begets perfection. The Art of speaking is no exception to this Rule. We All admit that is a matter of practice Rothert ban of theory. If it is we hive excuse for our deficiency or those of pupils in the use of our Mother Tongue. Parents will you not unite your efforts with ours in this matter then each Day whether spent at Home or at school till be marked by positive in words. Your opportunities of encouraging the of Good uncaged ate greater than ours. 1 do not suy that you have not the time or the Edu cation for the work. Vote have them and it is your duty to use them. You have some time to Speed in conversation with your children. It May be Only the half hour at meal time but alone will a Jiff you a Opportunity of correcting mistakes and of a scour ing an exact use of words. No Mitter How deficient your own education you will notice Many things in your child Ren which it will be in your Power to remedy. This May at first Suciu a tisk but you will soon be doubly repaid by your own improvement and by thit of the children. Allow no mistake to pass unnoticed and you Grill soon find tie Little ones acting As their own Best critics. Tho great sympathetic and musical system on which full and healthful development depends kept to ii grow ing flabby and inactive by using Brown s Iron bitters. Piles. Piles Are freq cutly preceded by a sense of weight in the Back loins and lower part of the Abdomen causing the patient to suppose he has some of fiction of the kidneys or neighbouring organs. At Tiu Iea symptoms of indigestion Are arc sent m Flattie incr. of thu Stop leu Etc. A moisture like perspiration prod Jung a very disagreeable itching particularly at night alter act Ting warm m bed is a very common at-1 in Nast. Internal internal and licit ing piles yield a once to the application of or. Pilo remedy which acts directly upon the parts affected absorbing the tutors Allai nig the intense itching and effecting a per manent cure where All Ether remedies have failed do not delay until the dram on the system produces permanent disability but try it and be cured Price 50 cents. Ask your druggist for it and when you can not obtain it of him we will Send it prepaid on receipt of pried address the or. Bosanko Medicine co., Pisa Ohio sold b Asper i. Co. New drug store. Clark Kendall. Pure chemicals oils and uni incs. A i by Ciciani prescriptions carefully compounded at All cd Irv urn in y if re to . Hubbard. barter 1 hair Ensor special mention Fud Ladia hair hewing. Pm ii i Ort Marc Itcik. For sale1 1 will hit my to pc on car nor .1 main and it Low Price. Property cons Iii of two Large ind More Roo front it each i tent Lor month and a and will bring a yearly rental of i will
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