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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 27 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 27, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaI u Short l in states fast Mai Lite i .-3 to r Orvyn Washington Terri of hmm published by Henry e. Hies. Witt toward Kone and Charity for ail terms per annul a Advance j i volume 9. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa september number7 own urge it trav Dilts Tevere be Norm j and cent Ai it Auto Clivera to ail Mccoin Itiat can offt red by any ii. Service cd Jos Oliai v Road their in As Matt to and safety will Ebay Gurrion of pore an prepared to pay the Hiu Hesi Ana Noi ats Villi r l i c railroads of wet end in Tel for in Jas. Banners will find r eat and offer to these us j to their interest to give them a cull bad. Comfort apis Saputy Selling 20 Iowa. I n Al i Thiis. of user. Its i if v h q ?10 a f5 j j Foj Lulli Khnh calf ii cml Onita Fri Vivi i i it Presa i ions you Urt l your to Etc to route will take Kong for stale or round trip sue for ju11 for Natton to pi.rt3 of tiie Ortii Rost Kirc. To Leo i ski i. Ticket agents sell liar tit a Truhitt Ftp Vicc it car. Aad Wesr Jim Tyr a. H. Tenn Lett gun. Take. Igr., Bucago. Shenck s adjustable be put to inc land am in new Fin new a Hub Gad new stove repairs i -7 All Ila Waro and store Cimic Blakj. Only do fro s3 Street by water Taub or l. Art Cost ii Iii i u Utt s torpid bowels scr Mcnea liver and malaria dour a fort Hoof Iii idea of these i Iowa of kick a Ltd j of temper. Is Irvn Tio tic or action on the 31cln s Lum re noting Tappe Clear t Worth and Tarn a not qute to l ii Ito Norl drs Mowla wit i i ten different have me any Peml. They Qutb to out nicely. My la Ioui la finl wid i flir jets hair Dye. Hath of wet to a a Flack by sin Tritini of . V do Marble Rock so Listie. J. B. ? i receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do a general g. Lcuy exch nire passage tickets to and Frorup in Nuitai Points in Europe. R. Of Wilke dealer trunks satchels j. F. Shoemaker dentist will be Ai the Beelat House the 1st of each month remaining one week. Also the Isth remaining four Days and will to work cheaper than hag Ever been done in a Marble Rock. Best Teeth Only per set. All work warranted ten years Ludwig a s. Dentist. R by express do or or acc 41 Aloma stent 5ev Totsc. Btt3 Mamm of mini Ikirt Fol Post Tomci Blum Jim Teeth i tracked without pain by the use of Nitro Volkle Gas. Rook Ford Towa. Office 9 to 12 a. M. And from 1 to 6 p. In Marble Rock h 50 t be f o dec o i co 3 72 a s o la pest Vioney f. A. Roziene loan heal estate uhaulk3 Uit Nugo Tiarks Loans on improved at i jails. Notice. To prompt paying men with Choice Security. I offer advantageous to Cross. 1 am a Vays Able to set the for of Vidvud Lite tide to Security is perfect a Icilio in an by univ be relied upon. F. A. Roziene. Vln24vl Geo m. Hubbard fashionable barter hair Dresser special attention the ladies hair opposite the Post oriere Marble hot. Iowa Republican state ticket. Fee Buken r. Sherman of ii Piton county. Eor gov Esob 0. Ii. Massing of Carroll t county. Por Justice of tie court j. A. Need of Ottaw Ottamie county. Roa or Tuulio is j. W. Akkilis of Linn county. Republican county ticket. For representative. Tar 0. 1 Pumeroy. For Treasu -i.-t, Geo. P. Morris. For sheriff ski Sigel. For sup t. H. H. Davidson. For Coroner j. S. Had sky. For Surrey or h. C. 1nman. For supervisors m h. N1ukersox. S. H. Waddell. Since the passage of the Botu Estead Law May 20, 1862, and up to june 30, 1883 the total number of Homestead enteric amounted to last year the enteric numbered the land office at Washington is now pre paring what will be the most interesting statement it hns Ever published. It will show the Tottel amount of Public land disposed of from the first and will afford the Means of calculating for the first time Mth any decree of accuracy How much of the Public Domain remains. Five chinamen confined in the new Jersey pet Ontaiy threaten to sue of the prison officials for damages for cutting big 25 cent horse fair at Marble Rock Iowa october 4th and 5th, 1883. Ida. Is. For k Halo running race. Parse 2 p. M. Rhc it by Bra ice a mile. Pnrwjao.00 Sun Bias Rice Olio 3 in 3. Raws 10a.m. H mile Kanu iof 2p.m. Trotting muting Cru rest tvroiriu.19. Fire . 2p.m. Beft2iu3. Purse . In 3. Tutu me pee on Koar to eater Rhow to a titties Lii yet whore the of Tia for to Fecit Day. A Ltd Daucci in of Koces. Marbie 25 of child run and teams free. Heroes and heroines of the Border. In american history there arc no More interesting figures than the heroes and z7eroines of the bold jog adventurous and patriotic Loyal to friends to country and to the inter ests of society their work was singularly effective in the advancement of american civilization. With seeming recklessness their efforts were in the in Terest of Law and order the people owe them a debt of gratitude they do not forget. Their in history is us fascinating r.3 it is horrible and there is it secular pleasure in Reading the Narra Tive of their wonderful exploits. The times which produced those he roes stud heroines Mirk it in american history of absorbing intent Alton to in a Young. To is proper off their the ground on which t a tit Aso ild be so thess Hardy Pio they propose to Bare their action is that the Constitution provides that the Ingillo of jul Tullo Tow to their co science shall oot be abridged and that the queue is no element of the chinese religion. Gauntt Al carrying Over 000 risks at this Date. Call on or address c. T. Ackley Marble Rock or j. B. Schermerhorn Scott. N. Mass de-a7.es in is now prepared to i Arnish a Superior a Alitar of bridge.4uiloing, and cd diag ii ones of ail kinds. For nits t. W. Boon Marble Kocick s o sewing machines Marbe Rock la. Keeps for Sale the following known machines new Davis Home and the new improved american Al prices which Competition. Machines can seen at Hancs Bro s store. Flu Berard of Linn county is san of a great Republican Victory this in placing the a majority at forty thou there is Little absenteeism. He us All men who Are going to be republicans next year we thai the fight by the lebouits this year is really for died states senator in place of Allison and a break up in the Republican Coin ing toward a democratic president. We Laven t the kind of republicans in Iowa a to used by the democrats in . Hon. William u. Thomson i to Nam of and lately claimed u a lie granted Republican said at the late Nui county convention that he is i it and As ready As the Best of Thorn toe the scratch. He said True there Are slight diff Rejeb in the party is to the Best Means to a desired end Bat All Rue republicans Are for the As ,1 had been Bat he would vote the democratic ticket desired to Here state that he we opposed to constant tonal prohibition be use it trenched on he Infin Lavive prerogative but whoa we Uiato honest regulators such As have been named to Day we deed have no fear of the Power of the saloons in legis talk about a democratic ticket said he thirty one years ago i cast my first tote against the democratic party and from that time to this t voted straight Tor Republican principles and their 0-pomint.s." the idol of going into the democratic party Lii is of a Jan mgr which coital cd the auditors with Tho application of which was thit he Felt to initiation to marry into the Demoe Ritu family. Is due to Tiv for winding up thu Dull Werli the most if credible Romance of tie year fresh from the pea of Ito lock port Cor in the Story is Miv maty place mrs. Nesmith of Charleston 3. a of i Church chair. One Sunila i electric olt enter cd the Church pfc weeding direct to the cd Iran Nihil one of the singers or. . Stan cd several others in Uja Fuce when Ute recur Pretl was on Abl to explain the of Gold Chain ure fact which Shibi i worn to Charch that morning. A pfc Ricki who Ifcic been eur warning and narrow of Mither upon her i that it it Tot bit bore nor thin the . We pfc to new Triciti lure it into Pera h Iott cd scr for the not Fitti. The As Incura coupled Vertrie with courage he to Unity and love of country Frith Stern dunes of Frontier Hie aim , and the example of their lives not Only interests but strengthen our i Ith nil admiration in human courage arid us a Afisu purpose. In american Pioneer history tie re Are three distinct eras marked us distinctly by three geographical divisions from the Alleghany mountains to thu Mississippi marking the first from the Mississippi to the i Lousy mountains the second Cal forum and the Pacific slope the third. The settlement of these vast regions developed great leaders whose achievements have made them justly and widely famous they have a Iram place in the hearts of the people and a prominent one in their admiration. It if appropriate that their should it recon Jed Tod we note with Pler Fure the forthcoming of a new Book now re it from the press of n. D. Thomson co., new York and St. Loasta mo., called conquering the wilderness or new Pio toral history of the life and Rimes of the Pioneer heroes ind heroines of America. It is written by col. Frank an accomplished writer whose literary qualifications and great experience on the frontiers Are said to eminently of for so Noble a a special feature of the Book is its Apt and profuse illustration 2-0 Superb engravings illustrating incidents and later cab racing nearly 100 life like portraits of Pioneer leaders never before and oui a which make it a sort of Pietura Galle Ryas Well As a Book of thrilling that will Load to the Book a Charm and interest not i be resisted. To s Soh by canvassing agents and presents an of to agents la make Money a pee Sally inviting. We advertise in another column. The democratic papers Ore trying to prohibit Tho preachers of Iowa from repeating the lord s prayer at sunday service on account of the Strong Republican Plank set Forth in the sentence Lead us not into a very Saloon is a temptation and not one of them dare deny it. The if fun who predicted from past Recorba in the improvement of Breeding horses that the time would come when a mile beat would to made in Cine very neat seeing the Rhecy realized at Norrus Gannett on sat Rudny when Jay Eye see undertook of beat his record and came in the remarkable civic of trainers will now be hardly Fiu listed till a horse is found which can cover the same ground m two minutes. Iowa according to the census report Nilsso ranks among Tho other steles As follows thirty fourth in order of per cent of intelligence first in the amount of Lings raised second in com fourth in Coal fifth in Oats seventh in Brno Clent institutions and schools 1 thirteenth in municipal. Iowa hag been governed continuously for 21 by the Republican party compare Iowa with any democratic state in the Union and you will be convinced that the Ras cals ought to to turned out but you la find them in the slates. Yes. Turn the rascals it is really astonishing to Sec the mount of advice the democratic papers of Iowa Are bestowing upon the preach ers and Church members of this state. L h-3 beads by Riff. The policy Stugion in the place where Captain a Obb went Down is not the same place where the elephant swam Tho rapids. The us plump Swift is the so Lawrence rapids about years it the City of Cornwall. A circus been advertised to exhibit us Liere. Tel among other things it announced that Elk Plaut and a you in Ono would swim the River. The River is about Turco Milf wide Tipiere. At Tho stated time the Eie shauts cry into the River but the Voic one out. Tho old one not allowed to come out but was driven in. But 30011 Tho water became too str Ujj. Be was carried out and that we too bad was t even hotly though was lost you son but swam a name up out by Little while to spout mud Thon w edit Down Becu Tuo of him about thirty five men put out in boats Kines to drive him to Shore. Whenever they saw the elephant they would Ritt for him ived he finally came out Safe on the other Sido Sebuu Miles fruit where he stimuli. Koopu can conceive to urdu of this Whirlpool without seeing in i Havo seen a Lou forty feet Long and two and one half Fuet thick forced to stand in it and go Down out of sight. It probably came out Miles below for 1 never saw it you must have been quite Young at thut yes i was Only n Hoy. Nut i re member it As Wall us if it happened yesterday. I remember when to car Oline went Over Tho fulls during Tho Canadian rebellion in 1837. She trading with the a cells and was tied on the american Side on that night. There were six men aboard who bail been drinking and were asleep. So to men her Mooso and set her afire and Sho went Over Tho Falls in a Ester Democrat and chronicle. Cathartic pills in in Tiki Isth. U Pipor Tiomi uniformity of tic a Ai r of of Raiful study and nor viral . To Lii. Of i or Aci mul Lativa t Ivor r t of at r. i of ctr in Iii i any Ami ankh an Coustie Nitim or cd til Noii foul Stoiu Seli Anil is filth irs Ulyir Riita. I , s Law of ill. R l . To a famous Galaxy people who Delight in Beautiful and Good books will be astonished when they see if Tucy have not already seen the of the in Tou illustrated and other editions of Standard Ftp thars issued this season. Tile typography and All mechanical qualities of printing my binding Are simply Superb and the prices a veritable Marvel to Khz Book buyer. The list includes the Worts Complete of Dickens 15 vol Umes reduced in Price from to 89 net Thackeray a from to George Eliot s from ?12 to 85 Washington inf s works from 520 to a Scott s Waverly novels i from to Hawthrone s i ills Are frequency sense of weight to the Back Lions and lower part of the causing the patient to suppose be some ejection of the kidneys or neighbouring organs at times symptoms of indigestion a present As flatulence uneasiness of stomach Etc. A moisture like perspiration producing very itching particularly at night alter sap Ling warm in bed is very Ciamon a t Merlint town rail. Ind Toteh ing 1 Iles yield no once to the application of or. Ass Yoko s pile ecu Najy. Which acts directly upon the parts of i dec cd absorbing Tho tutors allaying lit intense itching and effecting a it manent cure where All Recd ii have failed. Ijo not delay until tue Drain of the by aftem produces permanent disability but try h and be Price 50 cents. Ask your druggist for it and when you can not obtain it of him we will Send it prepaid on receipt of Prico. Address the or. Bosan Kii Medicine co., Piqua Ohio sold by Asper co. It is said on appears to be Trust worthy authority the Oil Ber of from a Matoba this year has exceeded the of immigrants. these have come to this country. Tie reasons for this Are not Ario Eck. The Toronto Globe s a Ori Doc of Ithily when that Greit portion of some of Tho land to Manitoba was tur cd Orr to who Call colonization cud Pauich to boat fide a t cold nest of the is also which hats much Force with works Froni to j. Fetid More cooler s from to balers from ?31.15 to a 50 we. Ulack s Sio to s4 do qui Acey to 5 and 50 cents. The pub Lisher sends them to any one for exam before requiring any payment on reasonable evidence of Good Faith. Ami will Bend a 100-Page catalogue of these Anil other works free upon Applina . John b. Alden 18 Owsey St., York. Advice to mothers. Are you disturbed at night and Bro Ken of your rest by a sick child suffer no and crying Tith pain of cutting Teeth of so Send at once and get abot tie of lbs. Winslow s sooth Ixo a yep Fok Cihla trim ii Tumo. Its value is incalculable. It will relieve the poor Little sufferer immediately. Depend upon it mothers there is no mistake about it. It cures dysentery diarrhoea regulates the Ito Mph and bowels cures wind Colic softens the Gums re jews id gives tone and Energy to the whole in Stem. Mas. s sooth to strip for child by Ylli Siciu is aka san to he aug is the prescription of ene the oldest am Tiest female phys icons and nurses in the United Lutcs and is for Sale by Drog Guta Toro about the Werl j. Price 25 cents a bottle. Sea bathing at Monterey Hsako. Saiia along to bloc Bay of Terey but to Otin accustomed to the Tor rid Shore and the tepid Waters of the new a cry would dream of a dip in the Pacific any scr sob. Trio of and the water a decidedly too Coel for comfortable surf bathing. And the Trade Are rather More Tymn the noon Day Sun can subdue. A Bath House has be on built on the Beach thru four Large tanks Jil Lud with. Sea Crater heated to different the each Meas ure twirly Sis Foci in Width by i iffy foul in length and Tho i Epili ranges from three to fact with the cold water m it is pumped from the Ocean each Lank holds water of a Dif Ferent ranging from tepid to warm. Tic ladies v separate Kink but us Fri Antt interest of the battling House centres around the three tent tanks in Tow Lail. The pools Are surrounded tropical plants and vines creep up the Wall Ami with 3 Ami Nirav trin tows the place brio lit and sunny. Havu 1wu by Vii View Hijii i Vav j v f. V f 1j. 4. Ithe folks Parade by us she col Jairt. Now thu inc links in their Northern Railroad i completed Batu a and dip be. Flow Foroi a Nail j and lain w to the Fertile i j Ilion. Vetn m of a. United lit by o j. c Deamur in drugs Medicine Wall paper. Station Auto it prescriptions carefully it All hours of Tho Day. for a. Browne promptly to. Call and examine my Stock and prices unit you will find them to be the Best and the cheapest. Joseph w1loth Aba i in harness collars and hips in fact thing usually found in a lint elms harness shop. All work warranted. Marble Rock Iowa Burlington Cedar on trial 3 months for 20 cents the Farmers of on to aunt Talon a we Elut is Lara let Tom Boot we vat or circus Tod in the it Parff cur Cometa ifs taxi or Tow o. A cont Pleta me hmm paper anti Turol Ahi Friml of at air wilted met to of the Tea Wool or Row of Pue t Are Roath a a Jwta twi a he of i by club inc the county win 6s sent to nor it for 8o be Abi us in and temporary offer by a purpose or c Annrea and to my Iii in molten who of Tryr i a coast Slont Sony Orfirer ilor this outer if for Zimnes of nil Rebii air of i. Will a cd Jun f Worth. Tact Kikume com it ap10s a Northern railway the dime lint hit Imi or at f South East and West for Aii a i of Iii Kwi. A vat for Lio int in Kmim. A Berjik i. 0-.l.ir.vl.r.ni is in Kiis to for Cuil nil 1 so ukr. Tlucka. A n i Munci Siirid to run Wlllie l sleeping a is Jim Nin Chicago St. Paul. F i Huck italic unil . Ai of he Werli Enlis in Iii is wiil Al Thi. 4tli-nr.cy a Tel to fit. Maine line Nhim i Llor Lilian in. Lew., to lol. Ivi Iun from to Itu Jimh Siuw. Mil Van Feln rapid. A Ivi Kob Fryni i ii lib. Iowa to Irlyn. I Onia to Etc Btij up Orth if to in the maps time in ill. N the to nitty Btij . Ives a k. Milf o k Iotta subscribe. For the globs Democrat Page Only this paper i year of t f 3 of 5 a
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