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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 27 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 27, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Bock Floyd county fora Geo. H. A a hols. To Ems Kir oar if paid in .1 published by ceo. R Nichols. With malice toward Lone Aad Charity Fer All terms sl50 per annul in limit Piid until the volume 3 Maltbie Rock Floyd county Iowa september number a summer arrangement. F fore to ful1 Burlineton Cedar rapids North Ern in boots Apfl shoes ii m Mitten Trulli so trek 1-Tiikr Whin leather i i Crins Hur Oil whip l 0. 0. F. I. 0. G. T. Vit Pink v. I i i Irr rtt Dull Lafe text amort v i u c t Kaht Way Yily Katl t l artery i i 1 t for i w run f try Llulu to la Hunt it. Iid Tor hides and dealer in n i i new Wagon am Blacksmith shop. C. W. Pierce pro pribor All in Wood or Iron or done prompt it it our Jioji on Bridford Trecet near Jyril Marb Krock 44 Hurcil services. Fred k. In la Launiu a Iii r i t m Tow chair i l Milf part trn Evott Lotf Al i Lek. V ii.1i.m mud Pierce t i i is Junction c i in Uin lire a n a i 1 Mun inc bid Long fret Lulli Tilli it Olli a ii Irner nine . It k i i n 1 l to fill Otil it plvx08. Pianos. Lull .11 it re e a Yates 711 w. H. Johnson ii in Murtil Kufke my i taif find Griir Hill m i ii him i i Virji Kcal link k of Ruiu Vul on Tun ill the is j tint t. In j the tits Merit Mikil till t and Iki i r i uti m j. I. E. Frost. Till a kit 111 1 i l m m f to 1 to u my Al nil i Tor Nuu lat be r f to jut re i i my Ckon hurl i Elf. I great american piano o., lock Boz 43 Wasli int ton a. A Westfe or i inv 1 1.1 ii reit Murli k no. 1 i i i Mil wiil 4 f till i ii ill a s 1 two nil bin Droit will quit in. Not Sotiri null ii null v to 111 i la f Qiliu it to Ivull i 11 Tel in lint Intuit m ii Aci. Till Nuht Irani Tot Cisin Rcv i1dn- Mil n Lyrl will Lolu i i re i ii i Nuhi it i f r 1 i n i Iii him i fun i Ami tin Lii Rinilli Humi. He . N t if Iii k j. S. Trigg. Ii u i in 1 ill i i me 11 kit i l i Tittl i a Ulli i u Mill ill 11 to 015 Haiku Kun in Ruf had of Niilo la i ii. It Lur Lault i. M. Hutches it co., Grain dealers highest Market Price a i n ill i w n All i i f i Nir it null Bucta Titi i v i n 11 i 1, to mail i 1 ii Fol Tail a l fur i n y he v Kij f n i u v r i1 i i enl i i Imin in Lac a or win t f a Lii Niilus r Iii in Iii 1111 i r i 1111 u l ii i it Lull. Hun Nuit l a l Len ii if m 1 r. R r u it ninth 1 if i Mill ii hoi lilt in nil my fur Lluli u i v Liell k cafe Gullli Foai r l at n inv Jui Iuliani Wotli View Mikeo it s pan1 k i Nav fur i t. Null i hit tvs i 11 i nil i w itt m Iraq Ket a f i1 1 w. Hostrander. V. I i kefaib3. Jerul to tit All Ilot Rork from the Trio fanning Mill for ulc by t v Allen a of the Tua title of by dirham Hai dropped itself gracefully upon John tailor new and new at the Milliner store of or is Leo and Vith a Lii for Sale by t v Allen it ctr of aiders Are Enro Ute to the to attend the count fair tins steel the uni rail a lot Al at Fairview county Louii was Burneil Mun or tired on All Vinik of tote i mid i i Atli did Intuni wort Dout will on in and a i Uin do at the 1 1 to but ii Rorri tint Ini i i Kin Luule to of Tilber a ii Muir of Tecc do Kraj hot u willing Tuv Irit a 1 1 by rtt Klimt we inf feud Tutti air tout Wii flt be i Obj nun Hilt i i in to work or oily Muiir Miil Klir i Pitt us Iii Hilt i Iii Al Civ Nuki. If i the a Filiti unit a time Ealim t ii tile i l i ii Hoidn Pilj Tom r it i m h. To Luff rtt Rry the to Tran Mimi at u rur Nuil sunlit j. W. Oakland our Stock of but goods boots shoes hats Caps. Liall has struck Paris senator Mortgu still holds his grip on monday last new York City had ten tires reduction of Little Mac regular any of Thi week to of no Toncy to lust Frank Bowles in the Moat con editor in the country diet town had the misfortune to lose one of his How last monday. The Init no Droppel dead in the Ham cd my fall line of Gruodi and notion in Are now for the inspection of my customers mrs. Feen prof Carpenter paid the pupils and of our town a High compliment and the it it is the deserved it. I iou Idun t i at with m m i u. For full n ii nor bin. Vic a n it Kijiki it Fitl Ftp Al my pull Sierth and 1 f int w f i 1 Muti i i c j n of i be of lir k u i Alleger Bow Ltd go s Star parlor Organ t. Minuta urn id cd nutty it Tuu 1 i i1 Tun Riv Cpl met if r and 1 Lynnl Una nth. T i Elf 4 an i a i route t Hirji Ronn t stir pm and All in in a Beautiful piece of furniture. To t in r 111 of till to i r or i Nunn h i r or a Mil s tin in potatoes in butter better for win county treasurer la of fill rond at the j Morfor Tippo of or Market report. The of acres Aown number of How treas. 104989 role Rock a and May be ret cd on wheat. Err tic we or i of Ikler Vuk tit Harvard. A this Eaton m we to publish the Cora. Pood. 1 Oak. Rood bitter per Pound that parties few debt axe read Wii alter or repair their _ tale t w j j of in crockery Ufa Superior Quality and latest pattern cutlery Yankee notions etc., All of which we offer to the Public at the lowest living profits and sue the sew Mil Lieb tout Kechi to from chit jaw uni be found at los c k hip Tahoe s Mili Ncry and dress making Jacub Lish meet 27 27 differ Cut of Kip air Cotton pins ladies and to read bultfn., Hunt a Skirta and Curlik also a Jittu 1 Lii celebrated Iarud wire Tor we by f Allan s-6tf Willt the celebrated Miller Bot its fro n fifty cents to one Dollar thesper than Ever before i Fry Ptter stir Runard to is rumoured that lawyer Root of Charles has Dur out for parts unknown. It is just probable that Cha s City has a scan mag of its own How is it Bro Dyke 0 yen i will sell my took of boots and shoes at Bottom paves come and examine the and get in prices before you by j. W Darland if Shurm fun tomes Back from the South with a bilious stomach the chances Are that fifty or sixty More Klerkx will step Down and out in the of America s great humorist is an an business till you can rust at the hardware ii i a of c l lick c f his Honea Lut monday Keogh Mubar that L. We Mburu is representing Ai Guod fire m exit Fob train the Granger Hoti no aces to rip at %0 per Pur at -5, and children s at 1 at k f Wilde s. Cill and Nee the new hats Tfirn Iii Tiyi new styles Gallo Ous for Don t in .t-4tt tins notice a Arnold. Act Josemi John Goodmiller Wui ild offer his Orri Yetf u auctioneer livid considerable experience in to in sales and speaking the in gosh and Jerman language be teels confident that he will sat islam Titi Tern reasonable. 3-7 so the Charles City 20th of list a Lii Ket containing tour Luls of Black and two sharia it tinder of which will lie Sita Lily rewarded by Andrei inf h Lynn. Anthont i irme Kock the , a Hicks a sum of Money less Ali in lift Julurs and also an on Ihui which the owner can try pro uni property and ii Vii for Thih h am unit la rile Vovk Orner. Us kind tin t air it it fact was Durov Tutu i Law no Viiu aug building by consumed All of the Model As Well m Tiiu of the Laud office 1 the 11 Meitin tej Vit heavy and a Enugu As Viany relics of National interest and great historic Talve have Shipka ii the Centre of War there Haa been much determined fight ing fur the pass during the rather during the first three Days of the week. The Kus Sim took two Strong to tile but the turks Hare retaken them and Bare taken it. Is Nicholas there were Many res lost and wounded during the turks getting the beat of George b. A Chelun Yauu a text decide whether he Thall a copt the democratic Noin nation for oot toot of new jew or not this is the great est trouble with he Job hunks too much time in making hit bind. It the same Way in 1862, it took i Long to Malto up he mind when were with a rousing Houat last he Cost handed the army of the to Trouc week. A Good Deal of disturbance was occasioned by the not being prop Erly supported too much care lie in the proper bracing and be Munnjr of i a results 11113 Rollou their a 1 or Etueni my third Fiill of Stajl i i luts for the fall Trade Ami More mrs our Bolo Neil i Rea Defit and his i . ulc Hayes was part Send that old Abe Eow jaded to Auko it up for him. Employ Jour Autti outer at this off ice 8-Itf Keji Ort of tie Treu Urr of the District township of Sci to Floyd county i the ear ending sept Sci too hot 81 list f n hand dec ii. 33 13 scr cited from i aunty stat hot of . Wet lure Tom hmm i mum i Chw of jaw. Abb Sawh of apace a at Aga tue Jim 00 special kuzco act la Jewr int Strw per kor for in intr tin Aatif Niue Nib South or tows few items would be of swum it to a tour Bunij i the Fulow k the Blum an ceding As Kiok Hast pudding in these Blae hired out to Martin in Madiax Blue Hai rental Tan Jodd act. Ley fan and will occupy it Mem. 11 u Rowe a enterprising fur and a Good Ituen has rented fam Abbot ten Miles Southeast of Index cd and will Readye there sum Utah fail Hia tits hav intr expired on or. Farm May is Eicem go a. While on the West Side of Brainen. We us one of those Freak of nature which occur Onoe in a while h soar built a new granary but it ii not big enough to hold he Grain the View being beyond he expectation. Serta him right Sam a Good Deserres a Good crop. We Law something Dew to a. E it Idun was feeding a machine with a lady by his naked the privilege of feeding mrinmay kindly and she went at it with the Grace of old hand at the business. Now or. Edit or if that u wonted t rights we them a oar it Imata. New shot or schools schools open this week with an enrolment of oae Hundred and thirty Kren pupils distributed Ait follows Moore 58 Palmer 41 grammar and High ii. Nichols 87 the Shoou were Intner in better working condition and Are indeed a credit to our town or h Boaen director Haa spared no to Niue or pains to put our schools an High Vantage ground and is justly proud of the work bring done to and we would nay your so Boot. Lucia a crowd visited us race Tiack taut saturday to Widwes a Rte of Shulti a three year old Stark wrap scr Greene and pick a Gray gelding owned by Trunkey inched the Onene hone was us Toto note the race with the Filley Tor second of Hogue but Alaa for human tort sight Wib Etell Al tub first Towy and race the filled coming in second Ted the Gwene hone last mayor of Burlington and president of a Baut at that City being president of half a Doxen Othet societies Hiymer Ionly disappeared Hii with the Bank being Bomi one Hundred thousand dollars he also had charge of the no Hool and then is a shortage in that Demov of nearly thirty thousand a Airt acts Are a waked to emotion Muity it teems to i that there k method in his madness Acsah b. This Hwy. With her National reputation flaw Lio speaker and co worker with to. Flun ton in behalf of the wonted of America will Delmer her lecture want bread not the at place during the month of gather. Dite and place will be duly thus we shall be famed in Wing sad hearing another of the vat Lon s umut Ruhui. With out going from Home. State of Iowa is. S p. Mirny was the title of a Bro Newt w information filed by or win Wawi a cruising or Murray with an at met Vitta intent to commit off the Witten being a yet of Pirt the Mimi Yuan of age daughter of 9tr. Wait Hanm it fetal that the failed to tip port the Charte Atka Watce amt Luc print Fer. J state j i r fruit Kcf been buying Large a took few fall Winter will in of flared to Tell goods As Good Aad red Awamy a at aay place on there is no wed of jew Jusi Jcj away frown my Koek to Humr a roads or a new. Wheat re Aochi ninety fire cents at his Market twi Day Marbie Hock wow Rel hinted the my of t ing Ike wow Market m Northern a Boal to n i a the Ewe. Til mar arms i web a
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