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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 26, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaOr i Marti. Bock. Fat yrs in Henry b. Nies. In pc Rte Ink Tims 11 in i i Inion one year limn i Volo he our Kihli of Spaise mates a i punish cd b. Hies. With Ibelice a for All ii pud Endo Veir volume 4. Marble Hock fix cd county. Iowa sept. 26, Ttomas per annul in Armce number h. Liar mails. I Hall w Bixik it 3 4 i 1ft. W 1878 1878 t o t h pc summer resorts r a a its tip of try i Judi Uxter 2tl jul till lit Rutt u i i a w two b to re l o. A v Hill or kelp i 0 a g t Lars l 0. G. T. Vit no 1ss 1 o t in o o f t f t Thorn a t h t t to Ontl Iowa route. Ti1k Buri Meton Cedar rapids Northern Minneapolis St. Louis railways. Kunnin. 4 sleeping Cut change Between so j. Davis ill Jim s be found to i fms Ion ally Boot and shoe store to i m Lii iils of work. In j line mid of Short slut let Stock used shop on Mam Street Marble r Elk in e. A. I . Martin prices reduced. Favorite cure services. I l w Ash bin Ujj rtt and Strid fit r i t i t u j brn pm e. B ii Chin strife on Hon in1- to Bow a wow North w. H. Johnson 3tf til f bid Lurf t net inc maj Uinins l incl i the week if Rorr w in tit Anil Beetle Myert it t prom is i ii u i i found trip exo Unida me inn old or Nulfa fail ill u Fol i Wior hut incr of Torta to Vaul m Hiie our Duluth t and Alburl leu Tiel Lati Point on Tiroui Funi 1 18ts until i1 fwd to return until not 1 will also be plaint in half to return until oct Al Thev. Piekett will be will at a Large Nile inn from regular i uti t forget the it there 19 no change of inn id p it on 1 the Toute and for further information in regard to Tieck Etc Etc add Tus ticket agents on the Tjioe of Thi. Road or general ticket office Cedar rapids Iowa 0 3 Imis b v supt att gon i k t Olti Rev Lek 1 j dried fruit crockery Wood and Willow wans i and every thing in fact found in a first class grocery store. I i the Lii just or country i roil cd an 1 Sill at the. Mout in in i r it me i Call Ami 1 Stu f or j if i face up j full line of drug store Tike Republican county ticket kor i f to i t w by r . I fur recorder. I t m a i k i c u o of Scott ii 0 m k it 4mb greatly Hodacs prices u u by b shh of urim allot my pan Chou bad face Uso. Saw str Kacem Ott tint it if Tell f u m 6j aia no f filter 4tri if . C untre we la Thi of Natii ii f win r it it in x mip wat in m out Home Ute it for 1 i j to inti it in in work til this Luu mtr e to 1 to lung 1 i that tier in it k is Thirn re theous in lit i who arabs Lom 1 a .1, t i distr Ilion Liki a 1 i Iii 1 Tui j Liless. I h Ujah to sail in i tin i or Post it Sun i t the editor to put i aug tour i it it there is Ihmle t ind Iii or kick j4th 7 it no Del n t Fin i Kii Itok Nies sir allow a n at v 1 in my i in r me space in or to a in Matt in nil tin. I re few a urls wed Nten i to the u u of it the bbl Heidral am a Vinour lust in the Alum tit Iota with i u Hull per to i Man would i Plu Ibl township Tilin Jilin the i1 i no in Atli i it i r 1 tint Niibu Iurii to in a Jour l inac i Nurk n in 1 i Tlona Luis Linot Thi in in r i Raj e 1 it i twill in he Fca i Eaf Leil Al 10 Lair ill the i will ill to aunt Ejli of the Pill h us Nuiji t Jin i to the. U 1 m a ainu in curium to 11 of tenth on hand consisting of tables new drug fan Nike at the in in v f Murf w n i Atta my Trtat Auy Otlyn u could d0tllinn til if Ibe i fund Unic 73 i store. Tiv or i i Iki Rilia Good Mil a Phil Wjk i he a kurd Termi Watt of in n to Ira Tibuc will Tow Hawtof 1-1 t m Luj Lons Noil h u the in per f ibid John Good killer Darland Greenwood Stock ready made , roofs and everything pertaining to dry goods. L l itt Elkims Mart Aureola dh7 goods Mills. Boots e p. Lans proprietor this Mill m under the Man alien chairs cribs Vint ire thins fount in a first class Fumi Exir e store a Tail made Ultra i Lccy a nation to our Nan to Jui Tilv Thi Ait it i u. Tin. How i my then h u Mil that not in tin Mink t 1 it Urnis and Otic i for 1 i i Tui in the my As a perfect in the a onion Manti i of if to ii Iii i n 1 retell to know Titi Little m in i i in. In in a Praitha to Emu slut Sirur know Cone train the in ii is Well i or the Board my the permit on them lion i to u motives which guide their unions to or Iii to 1 have not Lun Saj against ii t Llu i in the i i c in i i i w Indian 1 think lie is like other men with the sehno1 h in l from the like Iii or Jou not will quilts no s f 7iln n Isk 1 i in m it thus far Ami k Silver Urti i again you Are Aci Usnija Nickii and upon motion is until i arc to represent tin com u is Hiilton h not j7lh 7v Lulli Irti Nuri in Ili Phanel in n Imri is in the form ten mall Iii slur in ours one nil Linn to lieu jut tuns therefore tin i s t Holdi tons if new principal or Irvind for Kraw Tho and spite i 1 i the at the cwt my Lar . H. A t h if a a a Hacord. Thirty Tell the k or a d of i Ali in c my 1 Hue i i the in. No tin them b the w is i. In Riel in Shonell so in in spirit of Vonronn anti. And i rec no but it Ilies nut lure to had a clip pc Ixon i strict i i i Lel for %1 Milt in the office of Trei Spirer 3011 Ronld to us tit Ite m u i t lunch had another rooster to Crow and i Amend the amen a tub Tustin Utah Ali Pinoin there n Lilli danger of the in i 11 1 of h in i in 1114 i haunted the Lusher i in wiry Oft us confidently pre uni in ionic i Ite of tin Prei Niilyn which nun t i Arnul h Ai Emlu Tii Tii oblige to Crow i into null you boat of free and to edit ill Sal i a. Loir us jul Iii n Ulii on i in free Giitl in Kiihn in 1 Tohn i the strongest terms Poss Ihli n non to Tahr the Moat Distro in. I tints of the yellow Eishi Reith k and the pistil ctr i stirs As Jet i shaded it re i Inu in Eiliot a in the Utin Mui or debit Itsel i pc Irish cd within a in Milt Charles till hotel c Phi Iti i irl Liju Iea cily 1 i 1 in i n Ion proprietor to n pure Oil ill a 1 r no Lar full c Mapou Nln it ill line of re fit urk Tenil list i m hats Caps and on flour and feed con tint on Hind j. S. Trigg. Vul f to t f am t Usiri run a put t Laxen to Tiu r Duff it it Jutt of j m of Balkh k w of Al Ren i to h e Ned tin a d Hinl j i i in in in 1 townships on at the in my will 1 Nia is Uncertain in 1 Ink inn he Iii for those that upon to mourn death in to Cyphor Amli Rempes and Oil painting tensile on Liport notice Oil a ctr a Tarjie 1 t in India or i colors 5ti Chaj i for tji by i i r is j Xvi Jet Al i u i k Mirble Kocl h i Superior and latest pattern cutlery j Yankee notions Etc., i 5u w. B. Crabtree Istat kor Vii of which we offer to the Public at the lowest profits Al 1 of if Sou want Firu e Jii pumps f no Tsing in in line Call on a. N. Arnold. 0 lie keeps none the iw4 Marble red l Zakki Ages j p k k m i rope the r 100 lit a espied i ill of . With Leitne i and ind Marble Bock the Kenning of fam a Rhier a Spee Umi f trim Marble Kock Iowa. Seef Ardson bed s. Receive Appl Ovid paper t i buy Ana sell fix change and do a Grain Mirs it .1 Rock solicits the patronage of parties about to build alter or repair their dwelling stores a will talc contrails for the to Fern fit i and pah lie Huil dump or superintend work the Jan Iati faction guaranteed n. F. Soots Kab in Tell it is the i if lift and am win tin us the cd work , Aramli it the front go too pud Ali during this company is of Pleil with the requirements of our state Law and now carries some of the hot Wen in the Stitt s i1 44 Marble Rock. The persecution of men in Southern a laser to , ii Lin Hinl inn non re my Onmi Neil i states for their nah Terence to honest to act Qiu Tui in w u in i n lutnt1 slut la sure to i Nipis conviction 13 it not that the i motion nut Ideal non of the it we in All us tin Board Artil from honest a onic Tiomi s Lions a into Iii mini Ali i line ept thit 1 v w hate the Best of reason to i doubt i toting in the her Manitiu til no Rte 1 in 1 m1 were hut not and some of the the numb to Ai. 71 in Tom on the link Mil died of Llu i Reid dim members of the a Niril Ai limited j bowl the Eli uni in i Ilin s my in there were 1 a Nim much Loui in a Conter Sitison i Flor the a on tin the rat t nine in the in Neh the Cal Ilene run la Ikird j in i a i i 10 i in Moor demeral i and who not mind on the Littek boil in tin up i Lent t i 1 in ire 11 Illi the in it i s in Anthies to Slitni is Viell is min i a Norih the to or Ninin in me Umili within seventy Jean tint did to stint Horn i that now became i an i Wuitch i Ismuel it hts be ii no Lew Jour i 11nure tin recount and out of air tic Oit it Ali in tuna by i in aim huh to a i disturbance a Lucli Fiill i 1 or inning in Midi of her cittern Hemiy i fore tour own doors Tufan i Lii no one to Mam it Innis. Ii Loi Uell Sud Tell in slut t a Jour it no pcs Renner Kish to innit in order in Mii 1 or Ninin Vij k Uei feel plan to the Well in Jour own behalf i u in the w i n it it 1 nub f Enlil a Plum Ami nothing is Sci Isirov Board Public funds lint in Unrur to infer. U to 1 in a t in that the in i imply in sures no John Gates 1 per rent when disturb 1 state of the me to p it l i in instil Southern non Ife Elire Ihen Bro Fen 1 to h in ii Lorel n Lien in i i ii ice Essl u i that Herc Afler Nuth Preeti irions nothing it is probably i dict slut the tins Timi a Mun n i Mil t ill Iii will like Iii Thi my tin Lei Board desired to retain their treasurer into was inter tune in in Kilmr my Ilie n will prevent and allowed a fair or Wai earned Bejon i Imil this intr Lue Liun or Nutwick of Willun Fei the old rate 2 per cent on Dione pud Jun turf ii c injun o in s Rittir out and of fit to t lilt Thi in i d in. Oth r mate the amount m i Cut 1 it that business it Lis in i Iii pro a is our in i a Din a h fir in in Mill Saj i Thorik. Roii Forin 1 Trtat or Liat it e Msj a flip in in to dates Sahaj As tre Iurco 1111 int i j Mariie i a i i to the then addin. The i Lelith Elmr my the school House us in ois net no s went out into the Hill out i Rojt about which there is n Pustin will Ini nuts ret Intel my t inn t ii make m salary for the Ennin Mir k Ispan Kraii in Ali Kilmr my tits jut within a few cents of what tie Clamil tin Una in Titt r the fiet tint Mir in pm Nieru Nril i Matiun 11 Bro a made the offer no argument i Uliuli is Contr to to Irli t ii or in 111 that they Are in the habit of i in Heck disc i Eoin Uniti 1 h. In j for n thing it no n be in tinted to Tell Llu uti n i t i 1 r 1 t for same h and Sud i Iii Nitle i 11 n l known to than Isilie Tinl the been i Pixi d t n my k to an i Iti it in jul it i is lining i Fitti it iffy Ahmoo in t j i. Tae urge h t editor knew n think ibo it in Ilion Coul 1 in Cut n inn 1 b Nigut and f pm . Fri. E 19 Affif it and i Titi Ilia and 1 l Osa Oil m of if 1 n re Nordson Wro i offer until alter it win chit until tin r Nixer Lutr cil Irv to m the hands of the secret Irv tin Lisp c if Iii Kkt tuts it the Mouth of the Riu r promo ii it still Lur Glicr of i i c in ill Ime line of a Liili h i tin Muter in a Unnivin to Ltd of Tow Nurer Frt a the Onwu i i the Ohio to the Oca a Fli inc t i Nylus the ism hi., the it w nil 1 i Corm 11 tin i Rountr at i c i1 Mil to the interest ire me a Kulahli and the nun i n thin sit Arrow plight i an nit in use Noti Inal ,.oiid cannot be Diu f in Tifrit fun rho 1 both Jio Wilt run is but by Beer of purpose and i inn Tini of lit on pan me Bei n ill Hal the in is Sjur Iii eld inn wishes and dealer in Cedar it aids Carriage works proprietors tour i no of the f Uli Holli Nat ital is Fawn r a pol Nivans for i Hows for for orphan fish Werf it 1 in till cd 1 been Mim ivc mtg of 11 and it u prut Elj be turn my the tilled Eil i. A Tel Doug Jou find the Puin to b Phil Shults Mart kick to 1 of h. Murray feed and Sale Bug ties to in Raj for at a Are Kepi Cool neat and u all1 Nerv . Halt., Etc of Sycamore Iii., being or a Nentl located at thu method of info Rinir the Pablit tha he is prepared pc if t Uncil i 11 l matter has been world 1 u a i in k tic t Imi r to i in irn tins of Mirse Jou it n Kim cd b or in i i my tit Ibelle Finis win not of tin Lull we incur 1, Lill intent Iii at the same t tint the nirl it is claimed or inn Lii i Kamw Vietn did f4i or i for Itie trait Atod tin chair thai i nliis.1 t itt f a null cd of Alary f in Marble l my done and that ii t k to Hur that amount Aske 1 i i air lid Lar to Section it i e i when it a Fatt that it least inf a he Clitius that the tji Wali. Ill Fere 1 to to h for deny the ii thu the remit of me in of cd an Irwin mint the it or i nil a i not to All intent and when the stand on the Kibbitt w rth of what the i i k or were put on the hut k Board to fur Kalf an door and in thu Lim i mix not at All w n n it it this Plain i Lew every in House head a score two of prop c Ai Ewt i with Tow t Anil top a Var Taca Leil the eur n t n a a c f j or howling Fly Are Tieh to aet or perform an Dun i no Rinh Lateler met a in Cine n t1 s i fur the to ire an at non Etc Ai chaiman until wit i at a 1 a c nip it the in m non in adj ird Wirrig i ill t i the twin a Noiin i no m in Raki of a Lii red to if the Board sour car Hul lift i Del n would in relm m in the Anlero a of Marble stated it Omli n it til or i have Jib Imanh Anceil to i Kock to the in Nunt of thousands no the chair e it u it no t i Fth 1 urn site credit do illegal was us is t thin we or Gate will the. We Ai if n Tow fit that no i the Chwat work. Specifications retail All work want tit or a , Ujj he Wib Tike Troah to the bib As it i u in tint and a thu l ulv m 1n week rvs inv at Tom nod n i in ten with cot
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