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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1882, Page 3

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 21, 1882, Marble Rock, Iowa1 it Iwiula s Juk inuit the Hon. Lucius Fig thu walked up Aud Down the at hid bands id Bis trousers Pocky to his Money. Well he perhaps hardly Naye. Accustomed to the sound. His Young had Only been married six the table behind the Tea awl Tuhee paraphernalia watching him while she very Swid Sously knitted coarse a Milci a locker blocking. Something Eti Demly produced a twist the Keiu of their hitherto us torpor Al ail should be july cons Tamia i note had said. For some tonys before ther arrived or. Fitzgerald had a Good Cal of time on Lis with which Lia wife did not interfere. She was so with her first hospitable and in adding touches of Fiuty to the somewhat hastily furbished rooms that she Little Leisure o bestow on her Hua Binu. The ice would have been perhaps Point of a mercy at any other Tim hug of a mercy at any other time w your out As hour after passed on Aad the r Stanim decl Pretl herself de time approached nearer for the arrival the unlisted Ami was gelling cold. Is the first request you have re fund me but i Eup Pege you do not think me Good enough for your swell the lady at swallowing h Little sob. Sally Amelia Iho Way you put Ibin is ii too ridiculous. Xot Good enough because i object to lady Jiw Tania Veru Lutai Aud her daughter Beius invited to Abbot Terai Thi e. What can Ibey do with you i simply do not Waul yet they were your most inti Unte friends before your perhaps 1 have quarrelled with nonsense 1 saw you envelope and to you in miss Verula a writ tug Only a week or two pc was merely a Hue of congratulation. The Veru Lams to Ere abroad when we and or. Fitzgerald i deep flush mounting All Over Iii face Sal Down opposite hid wife and began to Busy himself by uncovering the dishes. She persisted let them come and congratulate you in person. It is very ill natured of you not to Havi them Here. You know i want to Iliad h Nici wife for Percy and he s coming for the shooting of the Lois. muttered or. Fitzgerald behind his Mustache. Do As you like i la make no further that he Hud Siri Veu his utmost to do right he now resigned himself Delight fully to wrong doing. Amelia Fin Gerald is the daughter of a Curth country who left her Many thousands of pounds in hard Cash with part of which a Bot Crathie has lately been purchased. It id a handsome Stone House in the Centre of a fair Lowland estate Boonie with Moor and Forest. Riches she is a Lovely Ihsle woman yet Lucius does not love her and for no More valid reason than Tust she is not somebody else then Why have married her the question is Only too pregnant the answer too obvious. When a Mutual Friend a match Mak ing woman had first broached the subject to him he answered at once can you ask me if the Young lady a fool enough to marry me Here i am Ami let s waste no More words about Amelia Huggins was not Long from the school room and full of Sweet school Romish views of love. The younger son of an Earl five feet eleven hair Home Aud apparently charmed with her what More a veld she want now Lucius was no abandoned wretch he was simply a Young Man whose six or eight years of life had dispossessed him of about double the number of thousands which had Ever belonged to a very vulgar Miracle As limes had utterly is for the past year or paddled himself with a desperate Pas Sion for Bertha Yeri Vum smrt which alas she full returned. As neither of these in starred lovers had any Money or even a reasonable expectation of being left some Lucius Felt no sort of scruple in uttering his heart to the willing Amelia. Calmly coat dered by an impartial the trans action might look very much like Seh Morl Grige upon it. To the honorable yet impecunious Fitzgerald however u appeared but in the Light of that time honoured Gourde. The Only thing to do by Mure Anil More dejected till at last even Amelia compelled to notice it and she inquired with some solid i mod by a Mist which looked More earnestly than she Hud Ever this is the first time i have thought in her life before a depth of wis really great friends of my bus j heart for which Ami tile i Lingl Louiie Tea and you Don t know How i have Jug ire her credit Ceu looking Forward to your in of i of. Rail Wev what him. Of course he wicked up suddenly Aud said Foth How could he own thai heed for or feared the Anival of these peo in Point of fact he was absolute y beginning to dread it. You will a and meet them at the station la emf it will be so uncivil o let them come up Here Al alone. Bui i think i had better stay and receive them in the Hall that is the Way i it cot in your yes. You always hit the right Mark which was More than he did for to bobbed do Vul and kissed her plump of the nose and barely smiled at his mistake. With this he out of the room leaving Amelia a Little bit disconcerted at his ill concealed excitement. A moment later heard the sound of wheels and looked out of the window. Or. Fitzgerald in a White Chapel was Down the drive. Gonio meet the Veru Lams iut Bat cried his wife. I ordered the Carriage 1 but Lucius had gone to Lacel the Aud so had the Jarouche. He would just drive him self to it Siati Ion see them into it he thought lifter All it would Only be courteous. And the Little station at abbots is in Luc of Fitusi a the train from the South is due too arc expected up at the and porters Are running hither and thither each More anxious than the other to show Assiduity and Nile Nikon. 1 should have died of heat and that horrid old Young j us Gnu creature he must have been i upon hav i ing the windows up All the Lime and Birdie would not Sim him. Why would you not Birdie of he was but not my style in fact quite one of the have bees " she was something of a rattle was her Ladyship and not Over particular about being listened to. This the Bir die has Long since ascertained. At that moment she was dreamily contemplating Amelia. How a Man might love that Sweet Little woman if she had Only got the first Chance of was the mental ejaculation. Dinner that ii fam waa t not altogether successful attempt at Beau or festive. Percy had arrived just before Aud decidedly second rate As were his jokes and general behaviour More than one of those present Felt grateful to him for keeping up the conversation his Broth or in Law perhaps the most of All. Next Day two or three men invited by Lucius for put m an no Bearunce Ami the master of abbots pm t Hie in doing the honors to his male friends avoided on Sill possible cd Casious being brought into anything like close with the la Dies. Only he would look at Birdie sometimes with such a longing Wistful look in his Large flaming eyes that it keyed in 00 one knew Medy of life would have lit. She waa the first to carefully ust Birdie should to go slowly to the House. She Larry at the door. ".notuiiig. 1 believe you purposely sent me Ori a wild Goose Chase. Lucius has Xuee Down toward Rii s what a invaluable article a stupid in the proper place two hours later the husband and wife Luiei at dinner Birdie had okie of her usual bad h esd aches. No one coulis stave guessed that Amelia had Learned the truth Only perhaps Lucius noticed that she was even More tender and womanly in her manner than she had Ever been before. For Many Days Birdie Lay ill up stairs in a darkened room. Amelia never intruded herself unbidden into the sick girl s presence but All that could think of and attention carry out she gave to Birdie and with no Depinon Siraliev outbursts. Xor did she a the oks of flies. Mrs Ivro kit titty tax Kun All r Ike tear. Scientific persons Are invent ing new theories to account for All sorts of things. For example there is 1 Rof. a pm Vail Ian says that if tobacco be instantly ejected from the Mouth Achi Throat descending into the Chest and be made to pass through a Cambric handkerchief draw tightly across the open lips a Perma nent deep yellow stain Smith s theory on cats according to Sig and shape to the opening which m cats fondues for the Bick i tween the ii jew will is Eft on the Haud Frucco due to the tit Ilia nature kerchief. May be a very cheap Jen. 0. O. Howard has arrived at on fahd. And has taken command of lir department of the f it Tirol Crew. 1 is a.-. .1 of Bwol ii and toes do not exist and Towt it is Only a image we which we Call i and ories is from. Simu this eminent Chicago Scieri Uitti person by lives that Hies exist at All limes of it year in vast quantities in Tho at by the makes it the leading Ottine of the country. Of the business time who receive Ter through this office the largest amount delivered to any one Kirin or individual is to Yonkt Thomas the Well known advertising at a mile and the second instalment of the Auger Seveiri eights from thy of the of or. Freeman the end twi they Are driven to the j historian who recently visited Earth by any of the air thin country in the London fortnight sue Hasis produced by i by Ottrine will attract lit Tention. He Leinon Siraliev outburst a. One "4 Ever Tell Lucius that aha knew aught there was Scy or by the discharge of artillery. Support of this theory 1-Rof. Sim Inous brings Forward several plausible illustrations lie reminds us thai we have not had any thumb try storms in the Northern states unti since begin ing of july Aud that until that time away up to her room Aud Send the excuse of a instead of aug at dinner. Meanwhile Amelia saw nothing except that Farcy s attentions wove received by miss Verhun with and natural enough too. Peo-1 cold disdain and _ that Lucius looked pie May be looking out for friends who May be false for relations whom they May not love but these honest Fellows Are welcoming Silver charms most unlikely to prove false and of whose claims upon the heart not even sep tics Are sceptical. To one however nip risk though they All seem is in so great a state of real Lister Sis the Mas Ter of House Hir self impassive As he looks standing there on the plat form his usually Long Pule face just a Little longer and Pater than Over Bis Large Clark burning just a Little More brightly in their deep setting of heavy lashes. At last the Bell has rung and the train pants with slow dignity into the station. Still Lucius Fitzgerald does not move but leans on As though watching to to recognized a Aust the office door. A second More and the Bright color mounts to his brow then suddenly fades away into a sort o f bin pallor. He walks Forwark to a Carriage but with no haste yet from that Carriage window is gating on him a fair girlish face a face such As an indifferent Pii Serby in a crowded thoroughfare would turn to look at such a face As a Painter might have chosen for a Calypso when looking sea Ward from the snores of Ithaca. It had the Tamn of i blighted love upon it. A Crter opened the Carriage door and lady Constantia fat rub Cund and fifty came tumbling out How do you Lucius with easy familiar Ity. He gave his hand to the girl. Shit did not attempt to speak a she stepped sadly weary and jaded which she entirely ascribed to his having Over walked himself shooting of the moors. Thus week passed and Birdie suggested to lady that it was time they took their leave and went to the House of some other friends but lady Cou Stan Tia was comfor Laule and contented luxurious abbots Nuthie and she would not be hustled. Birdie must endure her torture a Little Lunger. She had gone out alone one Lovely september afternoon taking a volume of Shelley to dream Over not to read. In Birdie s Frame of mind Sill lines were one blurred mass All the words were indistinct. She Gat Down in a lit hand seemed to linger in his just a moment longer than waa acc Curry perhaps it was the whispered my which he uttered in a very Low tone As she Atoori Beeldt him and he would do duty like a j which so surprised her that she forgot Man he would. So More flirting now. To be conventional. Of course if they much it Titi cod Dot Gemus Faith j another Weil they Muso t i meet that s All. Vou Ace Lucia thought himself quite a Good Man. I Don t want to say a word is Caine him Only he is then there Are plenty of Good men about that id All. So much the better that they should be. Of course. His Young wife though hardly of what you would Call Stroug character inherited from the Ute hugging a Lares share of that Pertinacity which he had turned to such Good account and she pours out the Coffee this morning with an air of innocent Triumph in her Blue evea at having carried her pop nth so mrs Fitzgerald insists on lady Veru Laru and her daughter be Ime mused her husband. The Veru Lams of All people in he world for Percy too As if Birdy verum Ashe was called her real name being Bertha would marry Percy a Amelia s brother older than she a by four or five years. Kiel., of course. Huggins senior left his thous ands equally divided. Rut the son had not acquired any of and Good Breeding which seems to have come to the sister As if by magic. In Lucius Fitzgerald s mental phrase he u an Young cub us Kinig Alung by the Yard and Only fit for bag men and he is his must of made the of and is even now coming on the. Lois of meat lady con Tantia the fastidious and her Delight foil Fine daughter if Only they would Send an excuse but no. Circumstances would never co and risk their cherished of reputation for spite fullness. How they must Amile that if they Ever do so cogitate Lucius and his Little burst of wicked exultation at losing the rapidly gave Way to Ever increasing doubts and fears. He was sum Cie Niiva grand in Sci Ivain in crushed by the Percy trouble. A poorly but the other Ter seemed As he reflected upon it to hourly contain Lem and less of what was Sweet and More and More of what waa decidedly bitter. Granting that there is always something of rapture is meeting our soul s Ideal once again so Long that As he h not on the Arm of successful rival what Good could possibly come out of this unto Ward encounter and for a moment Ary thrill a Joy that was first Cousin to a sorrow was it Worth while to jeopardise Coco such very Gray coloured do Metic Felicej now belonged to him Vee the More he thought of it the liked the porn pct. Visions of strange scenes tragic duet More tragic be can to flit Crow his brain it night and Day. After All he had suffered marvellously Little for the want of mos Vernum s society since Hie marriage. Indeed this bad often been a subject of wot Der to him. He we really comfortable enough with Amelia and a to Romance pm iou the be a hide Worth while it As he getting Shack Loo old or to Iii it Plain fat and for Thwe All this Lime we perfectly Happy and Serew for Lucius Wax Wilb Ber he More than coct Awe Prthu and had not he own Way in the matter of Vernuss and Dereco mirth Renther the of the past but helped him quietly Vilh soothing tenderness to Bear the anxiety and irritability produced by Birdie s illness. Amelia had seen her Way through thai mists and the Road along which she had elected to travel was that of patient sympathy. As months passed on and time i Catri Zed the wound in Lucius heart that destiny had made was not much of its Healing due to the woman who loved him Well enough to Bear silently and a murmuring her share of the Bur Den with which he was so heavily Weill item Birdie ver Liim Hus never married she went abroad with lady Constantia or a while of her return she studious avoided All meetings with Lucius Aud pointedly refused to pay another visit o abbots Crathie but she is always on Friendly almost Loving terms with Amelia who scarcely Ever undertakes my scheme of importance without first consulting May ii tie Arbor that had built at the what right had he to Call her Dari with Amelia fitting it Home wait Nyji for them and in spite of the ruined look in the Birdie s eyes which should the word Back unspoken into his heart it did not bring a glad look into her face As Marl uttered by Lucius Fitzgerald six months Aeo would have done. All the in Shine and Joy had died out of Birdie Verula s life since then. She turned Iway from him and spoke to her maid about the Luggage As though seeking Refuge in a triviality. Why had she come to abbots Crathie even Amelia she been at the citation that Day could not Hare failed to note thai Birdie had been to Lucius in the past what every Law of Honor forbade hat she could Ever be still in the future. Like Lucius Birdie waa accomplishing her destiny like Lucius she had a firm belief in her own strength. How utterly week they both were perhaps they discovered with startling reality us they stood Side by Side on the Abbot Crathie platform lady Constantia was Birdie s step Mother and the girl was dependent on her for food shelter and utterly dependent and her father s chattering Good natured shallow rated widow was calculating though kindly and had moreover but a limited in ome. To marry Lucuis Birdie knew was utterly it from the moment the first love flutter agitated her heart to she resigned him with her own free will to Amelia. She had a morbid longing to witness network and Hada com pained her Mother to deluding herself into the idea that she would henceforth endure the void in her life with bitter pangs if were but allowed to see Lucius Rich Happy and contested. So when lady Constantia told her hat she had received an invitation from Fitzgerald and in her Blind and her i i Urier people s expense suggested that they should accept it Birdie had offered no opposition. She got into the Carriage and seated herself by lady Constantina a Side the maid opposite. Preceded them in his cart. He had chosen wisely in leaving Birdie to her reflections for a while. Furthermore he went up the Back Way into the Mable Yard to avoid it raft present when Birdie and mrs. Should meet. He could easily make an tic use for not being at his Post to the Cere Mony of introduction. Even in the abstract be we right although in ton or r her his , in the matter was due on ibis of Camion to where people Are bound to make Therese Les acquainted int formality of introduction is very Likely better omsted. At All events in this instance the passed of comfortably enough and the impression on Edge of Awood hanging Over in Exten Sive View of Heather Moor and there the dressing Bell rang she Felt she could weep and think in least so she hoped but ii Quarter of an hour had scarcely passed away when he heard a Man s footsteps approaching the Arbor ant she almost sprang a with a Little frightened cry. Not Lucius no not Lucius there alone she could not hear it. It was Percy and she Sank Back into incr seat a Chough relieved from great fear. Not that she wanted Percy s from it and had he been a Man of the world and a gentleman her Mono syllable re plies would speedily have induced him to pursue his Way to the House. But Percy like his sister was not easily Daun Teil be could not understand the word no unless it was written in very Plain letters before him and lie actually had the audacity though he had Remote encouragement d make miss yer Ulani a formal tender of his hand and looking sur prised too when she got up and told him that she regretted to had made so great a mistake such an Alliance being impossible. He repeated impossible i hit you never care for and Percy whose belief himself waa immense looked at her in absolute astonishment. Under happier auspices Birdie would have Liui Cheti a it was she turned from him with a sort of disgust merely paying very quietly please leave me i would rather be a hot flush Rosy into Percy s face As she spoke. This son of the people imagined that Birdie the Daugh Ter of h great House was flouting Nairn and he resolved to be revenged. Poor Birdie of the social chasm that Lay Between them Ahe never thought Only of How utterly incapable a Man like Percy to. S to supplant in her aching heart. Bitterly angry with himself for evoking it and truth Birdie for offering what lie was pleased to Call an insult no left the Arbor without another word walk ing rapidly along the path toward the House. When he was about Hulf Way some sound attracted his attention and he looked Lucius strolling Back gun in hand and alone had reached the Arbor stopped another second and he passed inside and out of View. Ii i i Nikiti my i would rather be of course you would. Bit you will not carry Ori your Little games Habota Crathie if i can prevent in ideas than live minute Amelia forewarned by Percy was creeping along through the Brushwood to the Hack of the Arbor i Oiler to Leain i possible herself unheard something of what was going on Between her Hua band and Birdie yer ulam. Ail aides favourable. this fact by no ten fed to mend matters As far m danger we concerned and miss Vernum was too Wise and too Bonwit 10 deceive herself into a contrary belief. When a woman a.low.4 herself to lore married Man she mar Tell her con science that every fault from the wife palliate her guilt but must be morally wind indeed if she imagines that Al the qualities of the anger Cen tired in the wronged one would Ever have weighed with her in Thi gence of her unlawful panum. I would have if i known hut of 1 thought could have borne it. Did you let her invite my Darling i did iffy utmost Tore you hade me Murry her and you see i did not think you would care so very of Lucius i should have made no sacrifice for you if t had not really cared but i thought i was braver. If Only lady Constantia would to persuaded to take me or poor poor love Birdie waa All the Man could murmur. There waa no Consolation to offer now. You mint not me Lucius Well Only this once 1113 love. To out go i cannot Bear it if you stay cannot indeed. Caides. It is not right to yourself or he took her in his arms for a moment left on her lips on More for Bidden burning kiss and was not toward the House but Down the Hillon to the moors where with nature refining in wild Beauty All a Ronnert him he could Light Utic hidden with Bis tar ii g love. In the Arbor for h Long space the morn mar sounds were win in ont the fms Alexander he a ii a doctor named Koys Tou Hud sued t Eier Bennett for his Bill Long overdue or attending the wife of the latter. Alexander 1-l Stevens on the Ben Nett Hitti and Robert Toombs then sen ?.Tor of the United states was for do. Koys Tou. The doctor proved the num. Or of his visits their value according o the local custom and his own a Hority to do medical practice. Or. Stevens told his client that the i Hysi Cian had made out his Case and As there was nothing wherewith to rebut or the claim the Only thing left o do was to pay it. Said Peter i hired you to speak in my Case and now or. Stephens told him that there was nothing to be Eaid he had looked on i to see that it waa made out and it i Ras. I Peter obstinate und at last or Stephens told him to make a speech himself if to thought one could be made. I said Peter Bennett if Bob by Toombs won t be too hard on senator toot uus promised und Peter began gentleman of the jury you and i is Plain furry Era mid if we Don t stick together these lawyers and Doo t no lawyer nor doctor and i aint no objections to them in their proper place but they joint Farmers gentle men of the jury. Re was scar Fly a try visible. During j entire Mouth of May and Juno when according to Prei Eilenor fur have swarmed Vith lies we enjoyed a i irked and Universal exemption from them. Evon in houses where the most was its that the pendulum which before the War swung dangerously a the direction of state rights is now s flinging in the other direction. He is alarmed at the negro Irish and chinese Elet Nente in population porn and Mam Tams inn night to get rid of strangers if they Are a nuisance whether they Are the chinese in Auger he or the jews in Russia. h Iltha a injurious 10 the i Iier with feel a t a i n i no it Tii i col Tuat May Tijia Ivy Nii u mail , Tiit i tier Viii Uver work j . .11 or. Vim Derbish u to a yacht built in which he Wii go Europe next year. Thwe to but ine.11 write North Watt in Ooi acct Maquon. For Circutai-4. And improved Iive Ever f x i i o l of Wili t Buir i ii Liou-1. In a Bap in yet a Ariay a of dior so Cuttle it prow the i. -R.J-.vth, my to ii Sjuk. Sold by Attar Iron is to the nieces and Candelet Toj. At so 00, 75 and per Yard i a rent Deal More Motiey newly upend at Moukas s. Alerv new too is Lur Zirri Viii every Day at his establish Mem. On i ail in kidney wort is a sure cure.Tor All diseases of and liver it Haa specific Actina on Rait issuer uni the Abuja to u throw Cut Torpi Dity a wort Wui Sulci j relieve Anc quickly Cut. Lathe a very 0119 a bold take a . Oth tie Harmony which pre veiled and was erroneously attributed to this impression produced by the murder of and the unexampled decrease of Buvi-1 Tea Ness in our divorce courts were in prof i u Sii mucus us Ilien Date to the Dot Irth of a quark Aiau Tuou Niaj end in murder. Tho Liao it of severe Cut Hurtic medicines i3 very unit if. Suffens from indigestion Cut it a 1 fat i j i i Uii Uri to Auh Aad Par of he i Yiyi. Ainuu Kuys Tou wus a new doctor and i for him to in Mead doctor my wife s sore leg. And he come and put some Sake truck onto it and ragout ii Ever done it one bit of Good gentlemen of the jury. I Dun inv Sieve he is no doctor no Way. There a doctors a h doctors sure enough but this Man earn his Money and if be Send for him As mrs. Sit Rah Atkinson did for a negro boy As was Worth , be just kills him und wants pay for h. I thundered the doctor. Did you cure Peter with the slow accents of a judge with the Black Cap on. The doctor was silent and Peter proceeded As i was saying gentlemen of the jury we Farmers when we Aell our cot ton has pot to give Val y for the Money a Cave. Aud doctors aint none to Good to be put to the same Rule Aud i Don t Itei Ieve this Sam Royston a no doctor the physician again put in Bis oar nth look at my diploma if you think 1 am no his exclaimed the new hedged orator with great contempt. His dip my gentlemen that is a big word for printed sheepskin and it did t make no doctor of the sheep As first wore it does it of the Man who now carries it. A Good new Apayer has More in it and i p int out to be tight he Ain t no doctor at the Man of Medicine was now in a fury and screamed out my patients if i am not a i asked my reported Peter and he said As How she thought you was ask my other said doctor Royston. This seemed to be the Straw that broke the Back for Peter re plied with a look and tone of unutterable this is a Bard gentlemen of the jury and one that requires my to die or to have Powers i be heard Tell to be exercised since the Apos univ Ottun u lieu fact that trios suddenly arrived in in nuni Crable Utu Utica the Day after Tho bombard mini of Alexandria. As is Well known the heaviest Guus of the British Navy were Cratl for several consecutive hours during this bom hard ii it soul Verein by the heavy guns of the forts. The Din tremendous and had a heavy Shower fallen immediately after the bombard ment ceased those persons that believe thai a heavy artillery Liru always produces ruin would have exclaimed that their theory waa justified. Prof. Sim Mons secs s to have an equal right to cite the bombardment us an illustration of Hia own particular theory. Flics d certainly appear the first time this Switi j Mer the Day after the bombardment i and the professor is perfectly that they were brought Down from the upper rage ions of the atmosphere by concussion. So Long is theory remains Noth ing but a theory h can do to harm but its tainted inventor ought to be made to understand there inc some things Wlinich an intelligent Public will not tolerate. He is now engaged in an Effort to induct1 congrats to lend him a Battery of heavy and to make an appropriation to a emmy the expense of bombarding the heavens in order to produce a Shower of Hies. No Man however Learned he inny be Aud however estimable May be his Gen eral character can engage in the work of producing and live. We have All the Hies that Are in fact that we can possibly endure and Uio Man who to add their num Ber by fir tit Cannon will be justly blown from the my urn of Onu of his own guns by an my alarmed people. Without venturing to pronounce upon the truth or falsity of prof. Sim Mons the nov of him it Nisi by hmm anal nuni haul headed men May account for Flics in a perfectly satisfactory Way. Look fora moment at the fou. If a Bald headed Man is for Onn hour in a room with five persons possessing a decent amount of hair Nul in a re Ilion a Haro hit s i Boun a. More hcs will Cluster on his mud i Iun on the entire sir fact of uie Nolier Persona. Furthermore if a Bald heat Letl Nuin be placed in a room where no his Are known to exist an average number of eleven thousand Ilies per hour will enter that room and Light on his head. These experiments my others of tin Zainb nature have been Sreptia Teddy ride by prof. Jones of St. Louis and Lawava with the same re moreover it is a Puli in curtained fact that in the countries where by id Ness is flies do not exist. In the Artie Circle where such an object As a Bald Hua Deti Esq Niznan bus never once been . To lick Are also Huey unknown while in boarding houses in the temperate zone frequented by headed boarders from the City Hies Are to numerous As 10 defy computation. Upon these facts we May base the theory that flies Are the result of baldness and the theory will be at least As plausible and As Wotli sustained by facts As id tin theory of prof. Sim tin Estt ii ii kit s Al l of c in Illuv will cirt a off i s half the from tint i Iii flt is and Secretary folder visited the sub where i Evini prominent Bankers and others called upon him. He soon guts to Hia Home at Geneva. X. For rest and recuperation. The complis Guions out of Thi in new York Tom retirement of George d-iw3oi1 from tie filitor Tiht of Hie Jovit until. Cozik Lahiji now optic was the oath Lutar of scr diary polio or. Out of thus fur chosen for Cornell Ami 2s to litter. A write i have that or. A vell Ivr Dock Ami saw Guarilla l per fee Ami com tilt the euro fur curs the tally Correct lie ?.iv? i5sii Iii a year of mos Muir. Uit it until be ujc.11.y just Iofi Pichiu for the children. It Ami by Side with nothing by tween but Tho thin bark covered wooden partition Sal Amelia on the ground the under Brood her head on he Gabriel Down to toot Hia born before i time and cry aloud awake be dead and Tell this court and jury your opinion of Royston a am i to go to the lonely churchyard and rap on the silent Tomb and to do As is it last rest from by Etc and doctor Bills git up Here you and state if died a natural death or was buried up by Orne he save ask his and gentlemen of the jury they Are All Doad where is Man go ask the Worms in the grave Yard where he lies air. Peak s woman Sarah we attended by him and her funeral was App in cd and he bad the Corpse ready. Where a that Likely till As belonged to or Micheli now in t Lory a hid opinion on a Doctorin. Where is that baby Gal of Harry Steppi fans ? she where the doctors Rorri Tro Tiblin and the ire at u gentlemen of the jury he Chicken enough my Honse to p for Salve i furnished the Reg and i Don t he charges for Makin of her in Asp he. Don t to charge for curin1 of her and i am Humble thankful that be gave her for her a hem Hia other patient it for Hislord. Of said tic old the he of the boarding House All Suni . It will diet clip of Itiat vile of pro tender Whu Call j but Tot Iky mostly 111 Jiru Tho suffer in of their Vil tint i Napty Luj his purse 1 Caitlin i Aysk Tim Twenty of land Art in tin Khi re Hoviss at fort. Kuno to fort s in it it. 1 Ayrie it Sisceil the Ami was bound i Bronchi in by Wilson. Keldric 17-year-old by of Milford Ives Gas 285 ii tid can raise pounds on Uio lift the Pii Virance of tic Pyi Tift Oliie to Irierno Ilo Billy. Com of Piti Lur Clisty Duhot Titi by i ital conic i prompt Lut Relief silo him be taken. Is in miss of the Latuga before nov the great Falli Scoffil Tiu or Blip tue if Lur or. 1 in acc s Idun Superior to Coil i Vorvilas in nutritive and it wiil Kinori d Affet sons. U has no is u suit Pitun cml two Stii Innis. In bin d my Ducal Amoco Atio n. Y. In lie Center of Moiny on Ijeh a Man of j. R. In blvd of i a Street ear by the in full View of of a very Superior for use during tit fall Tulp Puppi Lupca x1il a Riopi j. O re Vern to a Ivy Fri in for Iii Light and la the choral a not ii r.ri1 the till t ill rut Virce line Flo. V., p fit thfcl1 it be Hill by it to any Andros Solf i he , is coming to Chicago to deliver three free lectures the latter part of this week. Kalam Tann. Midi., 1-Vii. 2. 13su. I in ii Lliott re Bear inn Imus Fly. All use them Confer a Jim them i have kept units Ali Lii Propri Elvis us Iriti fur them. They were Offert l to o us stir _ Lwy took rank tic fit in it Ami arc in it Yalu in for than a they it hip in and t All i thurs com Biliett. 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A very True t an Lex senator Allen 0 Thurman Oft Ohio and his Daug Hopr. C arc at warm Spring ghz a. Medical College invest i cent she bad heard it nil and was thinking oter it bit by bit. What should she the future which but an hour or ital to Aid s Lote had suddenly become dim were Surro Iii ded by her clasp ii thin made us All die mighty Sodden. Here the apply Ute made the speaker fit Down in great contagion and in spite of a logical rom tement of he a Fate by senator Toombs Ite doctor lost and Peter Bennet York War. been of Mulc Cly cure l or 1-Iakhain. I quintet in club of Boston has from her journey around the world with unbroken ranks. Scale alien v Ziehl Ami a Vurry inn not an i de bust. Of now it is the Clamp time. Private life is writing a Wirich will re Ifil mediately after Hij death de daughter or the head of the Frankfort Branch of the House of the 1 Rinco Rte Wing Jiin place on thars Dav the Bride has abjured the has become the wife of Well by Law retire cd of w turn it it. Fri Cut jir9 in Iitto pm of Huta Wero employed in the Lory pounds of w Uken in do 1ckv2s2 Pruni cans. There or Jed fish goo were attended by boats each a cd by at least two men Tho in Anity of taken in one Day which made Norn bar of cans than what a Nice looking Joung Perez a lady to a Friend m a in the lick in the safety Boi. The re i t Etc he is. F Istir
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