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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1882, Page 2

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 21, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Bock weekly. Kabalk Bock Iowa. Ferry persons Art reported killed d Many injured by a Railroad do near him Tetter. Germany. Thi Philadelphia Tima ass that it sofa if the intention is to delay the distribution of the Grant medals in this Itale until things have calmed Down it if understood Iii Illinois that the Medak Are to be recast and a latter More like the Wilde utterly utter Sunflower id full Bloom. Thise is no change in the War situation in Egypt. Of the Belliger eat Are receiving reinforce ments. The fact that the British com Mander is in no haste to attack Arabi in his stronghold would seem u Indi Cate that he much Etro Ogar than has been the correspondents Are determined not to let David Davis rest. They have been marrying the distinguished sen Ator All summer to a charming widow of North and now they re Vive him As a candidate for the presi Dency. The yellow fever continues to be alarmingly prevalent in the lower Kio Grande Region. At Brownsville Texas 900 cute Are reported with an increase of 70 to 100 cases every Day. The governor of Texas appeals to the peo ple of the state for Aid and Relief in behalf of the Brownsville sufferers. Bin a Rigi to for tremor of a Corva bit t beat the he to tvs mrs the Leoce of Kaluh Worth in too on Lor a i is of red Iron More m Kuben str tick Nemr Kelney of Tutov Grubke Suonh of deft Arr tit prolonged co Nieft repute Cui Terri rail Monr cation of Wmma Ltd John b. R17 Bond for to pm grew. Rope Fox carried Republican Pri ii suits in Jaidden. New Jeney. But there ire continued threat of in Indeli nuent ticket. Tajc Rich Odd Vam in claimed by Ili officers to a treat Bearr of by Marjre depositors. Jay Goulo hex to resident entry Cotton seed was considered worthless and wan thrown away. Sow there Are seventy two cot ton seed Oil Mills in the South. They worked up tons of seed last year and produced Gallons of Oil Worth one sixteenth of tee seed was worked. It is estimated that Gallons could have been made Worth it is by uti Liling such things and engaging in that a country becomes Rich. The past Hummer in Kew York has been an exceptionally Dull one from a business standpoint. Merchants there fore Hail with Delight the signs of renewed activity which have been Multi plying on every hand for a week past. The hotels and boarding houses Are being filled up by arrivals from the summer resorts and the influx of coun try merchants. A correspondent says. Be convinced that business has take a fresh Start one has Only to stroll through the streets of the wholesale districts and see the sidewalks blocked with boxes and a very consid Erable share of this increase comes from the South and , which sections now appear to have entered upon a season of genuine Prosperity. The Eastern Middle states and South Ern transportation companies All report that they Are rarely More fully employed than at present so that the aggregate of goods going Forward to distributing Points in the Interior must Brady and Dursey have Bien caught in the attempt to bribe the jury. After the jury in the Star route Case had been excused for the Day on sept. In judge Tylie said that it had come to his ears that the members of the jury hid been approached in the most Dis Graceful Way in attempts to influence their action. He had first heard of it about a week ago when he had received Mort direct and positive i Forra Trion of this character. He hid then adred the jury men to say nothing about it a he did not wish to Stop the Progress of the Case. Within the past Welty four however these if Olrea that surrounded the jury have become fiercer and bolder Aud upon hearing of one attempt More Braten and villainous than the he had Felt such indignation that he had nearly advised the jury to shoot Down such a Man of the spot. He had thought thai but bad not advised it. He now abjured the jury men to spurn such men with the toe of their Boot to turn from them with . He wished to warn these men that the were not to commit such outrages without punish ment. After this trial perhaps an investigation would follow. F the republicans in Seir York state Are All join up Over the nomination for governor. The convention will meet at Saratoga on the 30th. The Prehnal governor Cornell Secretary Folgero the Cabinet and congressman wads Worth Are All candidates. The Ulica Strau published at Conkling s Home the influential Republican news paper in the mate has this to say of Lodge Folger s candidacy or. Folger will come into the state oort entity if it All to repent or. Arthur s demand that the mate Ball now the a Patty so m to cry stood f v Bis nomination Lor president in 1864. While it might be True that toe candidate for governor Miff at forget his to hit chief. Sod dream of promotion himself no one can doubt that the immediate pole of the Arthur machine is to do footer to seize the state patronage in order to manipulate conventions and Legatee for 1884. The plan can Romh Woly u defeat. Or. May not be to or. Arthur Mcnary of Trees wry. That May be a Reaton for chm ii tint department. It woes not rur feign u Are Carat for Secretary Tor Uwar. Tot Eon Niy or. Stands Lor which . Of hew is com Klimt eur win dots amb dashes. Art Lite of Teji mid to a it a Tumour. It Wool. Wwir.1 of Bouas j. Mocq Hiudt he been Bou by for fihe Lexia Pacific Railroad. The an nine report showed the Aweta to be j2. And the current liabilities comptroller of Milwaukee has Sud if Only discovered that the of Tindal for necks sir Public if Fife wards nut Ltd. And that Street a Maing must in Gap ended for the year Oretho Ceaud reformers if Bare signed a mini tale Leclarick their intention to Toiv for no Ive of the Nao Eueal in which hey Are enlisted. A orate peril is in store for the Balti More Butcher. A delegation of ene Tinc a capital of Baa Ted in Chicago to m a Creme or slaughtering their beef on the ranges id Atorino it into refrigerator Cani for and the Earter markets. A Catl has been issued fora meeting of of the american Public itt Slih negotiation the National Board of Ith a and various plate boards of health o be held in Indianapolis oct. 18 to Eon Tilc a the question of to Minn a Nat Inoel medical and Bani Tarr exhibition in 1s83. Aux infected matter Stu thrown into the Emu Trippi River godfred on Staten Inland Aud the Pali pox 10 a labourer Tao Perl Hunter. He went to Prairie Durocher where he died arid there Are now five Cuba under treatment at that Point. A number of leading georgians be i Eti ironed governor Colquitt to Wint Ben. H. Hill jr., to fill the unexpired term of wifi father in the Senate im1 it .9 probable that the movement will succeed. The corer or and the chief Utice candidates for the full term Thos. J. Cox. Owhy of two of the it Bou Rinju a till at Bloo Muneton Iii., has ailed. Own dec to a Lorn of a so Jitu at info in in the Chi Tgu Market. His Wiki lib ilits Are about which has secured All but which in due to option of new hamper ire nominated Hon. Samuel w. Hate for governor on the fourth Bailor. E. J. Tennent b. W. H it him. Still Tea Hutny Hrej e placed on the ticket for Railroad . The platform endorses the protect ire Tariff Lyra is the re Eft Tab of the american acid Mer chant Marine Ami App Liwer the or tip dirt Tofor Tei inc the Huber Bill. death list of one it contains the name of Rev. Chandler robbing d. D., who succeeded Ralph Waldo i Utton in the pulpit of these Corid unitarian Church who none Cist his tote in the Lex mature Kairat flex ration and wag elected Goter Tor after a Ontl wit i ism h. Of Milwaukee owner of the see Ward Bank who left 1 million-1aud eras Nina b. Owolej., a Lead me Packer , an Hafl Een arrested. Sam Hakl who us Elered his 5-rear old child at Anna 111., wan sentenced to in Tietje nine years to the Penitentiary. Vast. , of the treasurer a office n Montreal can., mid to be a default or in a Large amount. Geo. Nisbitt of murder Hir Hie wife a i Raml a stranger near Law n. H. M. Vail. The deeded to hta wife a residence at mom i or consideration of to Lew than thirty from fort Letten Worth within the Palm two it ported and two a chink parties Hare been knt out. A Kioto raped a White girl near and a Pone followed him ten captured and him. Mamie Lyons of Strw Ute. N. A. Med our Yean for whip try by a Neich Faor drank a not client Quantity to her death. John Pacl City Nan Hal of mount Pernod. Indiana in attempting to enforce liquor Law brutally beaten by who horned his by oked sax a Colome Ranchero in the Riti nity of Lara Ute City to Prinic m Rittle a Cherokee Quaw jealous Aud Saint fat her and then him Neir died Yert Tradar morning and brooch will not toot part Etc. W. H. Scorr president of ten Everaitt of onto is tried by a methodist i banal at for denying Trinity to Carlow Alotti Petit the divinity of Christ Lota i depravity and body latter will to a stiff by cited it of in hip footer. Upert appoint cd to the , pa., my. Bank and at certain Amodt of Rath to by to court a deficiency of 576. Roth in few ii to Only is. S. I Recei the Lake Shore Road Etc tired a the baht Aba Mma i Moxa cd for font when he i Thuch of Hii for Tufui Coil. Now widow mob a Moon Kew per for 135.000 for Cajah tuft Carter to become a Dana Karl ooh which no Between am Ike Dimieri Pucic Rowl to the a waste. The me Anent of of Linin i in am emf Ottoa a my w mrm w Iva Kwh in . Wittco Wybe to of him no of Srimati Clayir a other. Revolt to Whak Al Tumia Barf. A Dirk we we wbk went to Lii Klin i i a Toti it a Btu for of ukr word. In Faapo. Inia no to but Teh my fit Milf up thud a Force of i tune. Of Watov re Erin a Arm Aad anti her lots Biko pm. A Vax Cintz f. C. Who Wai for a lotto time a i Tipett and bum Bow Man of Chicano but who new rays has More or Leal under Ninfi Icila crooked by d week. He two certificate of each on Chr Luik them in to Al raining quite a rum of Money on them. The Oba Barj of the the clock a to Irrell him were and a there n his room a for Erv full outfit. He was a Ken before Meech and held in . It feared that thai Uther or corpor lion hire Beta member of of deputies. Is dead. The kit Ionia com of Dro. The Crew were paid. At Manila Phi Ipie to Flung a one Day lift week the a Tain from cholera Here 174 and one european. Be Oti so nicer heirs tales Ottar iwo Mil Ririe Dublin after express Fik at the revolt. The Aci Rew shot her Iel in the apartments of the due tie mor it. She is in a precarious condition. The Rutti Aii has ill fur the com evince of ind military material to Vigadi Yossock. Claye railway Capri site maker if Louie non Verbys flies ailed. Liabilities the conflict of Juriw fiction in Inbe Ween Italy acid u considered an Neidt it ref the grave character tending the relations Between from Tunis report great sex element in the iia Litin Colony there in Onwin Rifice of tie i by Ibe French Conuch of Nar on an Lla iian con for it Kutink a Frencis Soldier. Greek Tuini Aier of foreign affairs Bis issued a circular Ift reporte not surrender the four deputed Points on the Fri niger Greece will . The is in Bina. At Manila the cupful of Titt philippine Al Anil the ravages of Thiafi terrible Are the natives Are peculiarly subject to its of dts effects. In he it t suburbs like average daily Coria any has been nearly so for a a tit Paet. The t ilk to. Reports while the 3rand cavalry Matice Vres were being con acied by Crown Prince Frederick willium at Berlin two French of a itch rant in civilian were Tirre ated. They had been sketches of the i round. I k. G. Bigelow. Counsel for secant Mason Lias received i letter from Ibe Secretary of to Furui Ili him a copy of the opinion of advocate Creneal Swaim in the Ewe for in reason Bluit Ucb reports Are confidential in their nature. Vottis judge Wylie sent the jury in the mar route Caa Eft Back to grand Iury room on , he said the to Liui it. Fike St Fargo. Oak., destroyed the raft railway tables. Loss insurance at Crochet. Tcac., destroyed build on the East and win b Nide of the Low estimated at y in ired. Thor format Pensacola was at tended with great docs of life and property. Several v Ewe is Capri died. And a num in Tai explosion of an Oil lamp at Etca Tir Indiana fired a Block of wooden on second Street causing a Lorn of , on which the a Only a Tourno chill of Henry b. of new York in said to have died anew port of Asiatic cholera. Or. Rayfl the Case in precisely of similar to a thousand which he saw in Japan and or. Rancin confiris9 the Ravior Sabotc Kiren. we worked in Florida by the Tornado of sunday night. The Cotton crop unsexed Etc merely in places totally destroyed. Build a nip were torn Down Trcek and lev eled and Many persons were killed the Moru. Mosab Williams Ore of the oldest dents of and for years prominent in by Sinev d de at Hie Home in Jamaica Plain 91 years and 8 leaving an estate valued at he was torn in Root rare in 1790. u prevailing in buttion to an arming extent. The epidemic attributed to the unti rally dry Swon m t _ a _ u r rain mrniinnlnf1 is Aidif inf nearly three which Cotini Nutzki drouth the water Supply of the City. Flax swept away the Cre cant m att at i tented being and at Clarion rained at fire broke it bldg three Hundred a can of Autralia Torii run boart in at a few York and a considerable aia Wint we debt owed. X Goto Waich and appear inc in the a toxin woman s mrs. John Ritchie Nee Amelia Young widow whose adventures about a year ago in Baltimore will be remembered has again been brought into prominence from the tout other being about to marry a Weil to do Blacksmith in boat on. The Young woman came to Baltimore a year or two since from Ireland. She became engaged to John Ritchie who then re sided in Baltimore county. The eur 5 age men t waa broken Oti or. Ritchie compromising the aft air with a Conraid Era Ion of j500, which he gave his fian Cee As a Balm to her a traded heart the Young woman returned to Ireland and in a few month journeyed Back to these shores. Again meeting or. Rit Chie the intimacy formerly existing Watts renewed Aud marriage took place. The Bride was the Bride of but two Days As or. Ritchie the Sec Ond Day after his in Arrige blew out his brains. Tue Voog woman once More proceeded to her Distant Home across the Ocean where she remained sever Al months. Returning to America a Short time since she took up her Resi Dence itt Boston and now will marry a Boss Blacksmith of that City. She re paid a visit to More f a run lire capital. South ind., Hilt been placet no on the lint of free delivery Pon of lev. The Folly Wint we recon Ujiro Iowa til Timi s a pow. Ripon Pahota Frank t. De Fot Rrt mind John h. Hiu ii. Polk win. Infa Fetro mater Pmj at fort tu., Iuthirixe-1 to it Imo us threat Fried Ottow of the it o will drive into to of car 4felrkt. On m. C. Hate the Dale of 1-2, u Folwic it aft id Mek a called mat Val Ltd Dulu Avit s. Uen i will a of Ammom a Tom. Aad at Cou Kex numb for who Etnia Okiw i Niter. I Popca now to bake air March to the Xuwu of us depot will prow my of Kubuj in to part of a Tell. During i will inapt Artuch to the eastward a fir an of tuft tire if Ike a lick or wife quiet Lor the orc 1, is in Faira Atud no. 1, ils firer to. 1, Fekn on the Sui of july William Aust a a Hetlihy Aad popular by Nineff Man on Pixie oui Street left his family and affairs in the City for a trip to dead Wood to Settle up a matter of Long standing lie via at the time in apparently Good health with every Prospect of a Long life ahead cd him. Over a week had elapsed Tince bin depart Cei Ved by Hia Frie Udd Here that he had leaped from the stage at a Point weal of Sidney and bad been wandering Audi Scoverni Oil the but awl desolate plaint of we Stern Nebraska for five 31. Bai i to. 2, higher j Days. After some uncertainty and de so. 1, september of Tolar 76 to. 31 Lay reason of Chi a Miber i5 of the report l. For and fur Jaii tuft lire receipts four bus. Beai Btu. Uric. Bus. Watai l a. Bar Ltd Chicago. 1. And prices arc regular for seller sepi Ziaber x for october of seller november for seller la 2 red for Klief easel for september a for seller of Lobar to. 2 Chicago f prior for for seller sept air Jit fur october for Oiler november in Tor j commissioned by the Kui Hla of by Thieu to proceed to Sidney take up the lost Trail Aud if possible discover the d or his remains. Or. Mccoy returned from Sidney yesterday and from him we learn the graphic details of the horrible a Tir which Are Here Given the pc Babilia Are that on leaving the route travelled by the stage Aust wandered or toward the five or ten Miles. He had Only seller the year to. Attic and Cora firm loll Iii Ber Fogo i for s cub for seller september october so gals for Teller november Ridge and reached the foot of the Hills when found. His boots were somewhat run at the Heel and he Sank in the yielding Sund i j every Steo they must have Benum to Hurt him Aud he pulled them Ute Iod Stu Urr for e r the 53h for Sel in c7. Pruvf a lower a j for seller Cash foe Kihei Oceo or 35s for sellei1 Xor Ember for Ibe "1 for maj rejected and weak at 30. Good demand mail at rates lower. Fair at lower rates ip.70320-t5 Cali 20.t3 for seller sep tember Kller october w.25 fur r govt Muti for seller january i3.6t fur Kller Yeier. And generally higher 11.60 for seller Cash for seller october for seller november 11.40 for seller tic Jear. Bulk sad unt Hangca. And to changed at 1.20. Evident Wen or., forgtttin.? that he had left them. One was found a Loog Way from his remains and the other was not discovered. Hia hat also was Dis carded in the wanderings of Hia lonely trip and then his coat. The former was found five Miles away the latter was not seen at All. Left in this Condit Ion tramping Over the prickly Grov la that covered the Plains his feet became swollen Aad festered by the following Unity Lac i it eur Uta Illuv u upon his uncovered head and added to the can fusion of a mind already tottering. At lost five after he been lost alone on the by took Bis notes and papers from Hia soft ecu and with a. Pencil wrote this Short note july the no 1ss2. I have been carried away one Vuu log from Omaha my Home and they got me to a place i not. Know. Found out in the morning it waa a great territory i have Al hug to eat or drink in five Days i can t when 1 can get any. I say Good by to you All and Hope you will do Well. at or. Mccoy thinks the writer lived two Day after this. At Hist the coyotes attacked him. He evidently had a Ter Rible struggle for the ground about him was torn and beaten in a Circle which looked like the Arena in a circus tent. The remains were in vests pants and the usual underclothing and presented a terrible appearance. The Nesh was entirely Eiten from the Lull Arm and right leg Only the naked Bones being left. The face was equally Dis hatred not a panicle of flesh being left except where the hand had protected t be right Sije. Senator Hill s slaves. The Cook Marian came by my Mother Aud was Nezir her age. She her my Mother raised. Une of the Cook s children irom birth wan assigned to one of my Molher d children. From Imor its. True test of a butter cow is the number of pounds she wiil milks in a and the of the same. The Large result sometimes chronicled for a single week Are often the Eft ecu of excessive feeding which not Only in creases the expense but Aile cts the a filth of the cow and diminishes her product fur the balance of the year. Order to keep their butter Over the period of Low prices and hot weather. California dairymen simply Seal up their products in tin them to the Bottom of cold streams. Butter Good order and Cote India to keep fresh in the cold weath a of Winter. Forty Pound cams Are commonly our childhood we Playl Lin either i put. Me hands into butter worked together and would for n Tio for so Donini and each other against All the world. Stronger than these were never formed. It was an Alliance offensive and defensive. I married in 3845. My slaves Large and Small left her by her father who died when she was All in Fant. We thus began life with eight slave. When my father and Mother died the slaves selected their owner among the children and t had to take two More who would go with no other child and paid for them. My wife had one other brother left an orphan with her. He married several years after we did and determined not to keep his slaves. They were not willing to go ont of the family and i bought them. I now had fourteen slaves. 1 was a professional Man living town and did not need them. I was not willing to hire them out. The result was i bought some land near the town and moved on it with the slaves and told them to support themselves under my the slaves increased and married wives and husbands and rated children and to keep them to Gether i bought them All. I bought several others who had to be bold and who selected Meta their owner. In a few years my Small place was insufficient for them and rather than part with them i bought a larger plan tation in the country and placed them on it and removed with my family Buck to town. I was hns a slaveholder from 1345 to 1866, just Twenty years. My slaves increased from eight to sixty seven and during All that time there were but two deaths among them. I realized no profit from them and All of them will testify that i cared better for them than they have been Able to car for themselves since Freedom the Pennsylvania Railroad company a Gardener on each of the three Between Philadelphia and Pitte Brj. The Gardener s duties Are to Lay the various Beds which Greet the Eye of the Railroad traveler at thai sri Tim. The furnishing the Money to the necessary plants. He is aug expected to preserve their symmetry by trim Ming them at in rivals of a few weeks to a month. The War Irtz of the Graw and plants is left to Railroad employees hating the time to attend to it. The pret Izeat Flower bed Between Ham Burg and Altoona is said to be at Tuscarora station near port Boval. When Ibe it Caubeti repudiates Grafu nude h by Ike a neral 17 tem a Maratin lot of u4 Otow Banfil Efteni ref. Dri to Psia. Direct e a Thiv it the a h he Tetter i Stock o a in Tif Lulzim Sod ahm Tite. Al Ite her w new of us Maul c Iruh Stirk pm Hal Jim u in Entin Maxim. Ask in str u he. I w to a Miro Abate n to have a few no of the at by the of Ilie Sale roof f apr Noe tame Ned on the Arm at Ordinary griped to land locked the owling of a Long Tau Glove a liars. But if it happens the wide m m if tit air ii Wool pm u w a be to4d his us us option Kent tint come in Wilb a Lan at Tow Noritta it Mew Emu in Tammler in rib genuine Royal both of m so Rule. "1 of Kim tract tie the Chr is Hart to tace a once in Gnu Ejli. Mat Antral heart he we and Al Home bom. Hyatt of of 91 Jean he Kew Jphn i ilium Tarter Imd ont i a Milt h every sense of cleanliness forbids it. Erin if the hand i Are clean still As absorbs any Ami every in Purky wit i which it comes in Contact excessive perspiration of the hands or any humor of the blood might thus be imparted to the butter. A wooden Isle should be used to lift the butter from the churn or to turn it Over while Heintz Are Many Farmers who hive extra Good butter cow Aud do not know it. They have poor Oist res in summer and no shelter and indifferent feed in the Winter. In the House they have no convenience for making but Ter the milk is set where there Are no arrangements for keeping it Cool in summer and id the living room exposed to the doors of the Kitchen in Winter and neither the fun entity nor the Quality Are any Index of what a cow Cau do. Singular chemical change is sometimes effected by the mixing of the Cream of a full Milch cow with Well along Witti calf or if it a not a chemical change what is it the Cream As above indicated has been churned hour after hour for the whole Day with do appearance of producing butter and finally Abir ruined m a hopeless Case but upon the withdrawal of the Cream of the cow in calf the other would make butter with no difficulty. No other business does minium and negligence work so much Mac Lief As in the handling of milk. Wooden pails Are unfit for use in the Dairy cause it is next to impossible to keep them clean while tin pails Are easily cleansed. Sugar of milk when dried into a gum is very difficult to dissolve and car Only face removed by careful washing and scalding. The f Jmes of stagnant Sloos when Cao eyed to the milk with them the seeds of destruction which readily multiply and destroy it. Tit Fisk inf car. The Trout liar Aid cant. Herbert is the Gem of Fishers. He is Saddle Rock liar a Moose among Ante Lopes hyperion to a satyr he is the Long tailed Comet among the quiet twinkle is. All men cannot be Trout liars. The Trout liar must be born with a Pec blur fitness for the and then he met be educated to it and make lies a life work. When David said in his haste All men Are and Ahmada Degand Elonite no Sally just returned from a out thing Down alone the Brook in the Valley of Zeiah and were Lellier what thet been and what they had done and As he to them murdering the unarmed troth nun ill thought there was no Rath left in the hearts of men in the whole wide world. The tool liar f Octer s All other liars the Man who done any amount of front Schirn id to a cer Tain extent a travelled Man. It is his Cost Oil to sit on the veranda add Tell his crushing All Competition awl Ewuing Nee m the of All with it cwt our two Days before crushed him. Then axe reral Kinda of out Lun. The liar of a tight who Nerer Iutok Thui half a Dutieu Trout a Day but they each weigh anywhere from eight to Tea Pou udi. Then there u the liar of who to Many Dot in in hour and iwo qty eight and there in the liar of places who know hidden pools dark Aud still in the secret placed of the that Are Juit boiling Over with Trout and he you under Many oaths of secrecy and by stealthily and circuitous routes to idiom plus. And you Lish Tor eight mortal hours without quibble. But you can never Corner a Trout liar. At least thu has been Sam Fifield a Piper Deuce. Arithmetic facts science probability precedent general principles and eternal of things May coir Bike in overwhelm ing array to prove him the a fullest liar in America it Wen t disturb him. He Liea of camry cout Dently Eutus always locating the Gene of his lies so far away he u pretty certain you will go there. There Are limits to human the Good Jester said rising to his feet. May believe what the candidate Days on the stump you May believe what a Man tells you in a horse Trade you believe the army liar and you May believe a Snake liar but when a Man Ikea his Cigar from uis and with a simple prefix of a place and Date. Starts in on a Trout Story bar and Bolt and lode and double lock the Gates of your belief when lie gets to the race. Don t believe a single eol Iury Trout not though it weight than a Pound. Under the Shadow of the Trout truth Dies and the Man that fishes four Days and Only Hooks one Lone Trout so that he looses it in he empty is the biggest liar of them Al somewhat highly spiced. Join said colonel Yerger to hos Teller sic Giruis As they happened to meet. Can t think of it Why Well i be already had As much As is Good for me and besides i swore Oil Hist when time flies withal a correspondent asks what time of year do the Days Beijing to when you have a note in Bank. A note in Hank is the great annihilator of time. The Days Are crowded together in thin and the night Are like it smear from the blacking Brush. Home i met a Lovely pro Man from Rome oa., yesterday Anil she said i be been at summer resorts for a month and All i want now is to be in Ray Back porch at Home in a Loose wrapper and my face buried in a Georgia Watermelon " abused the privilege Here is a new least not very of Tom Marshall said Ibe a Woodford orator to a Man whose wife he disliked Bill your wife is an ugly replied Bill blushing up that s her replied Tom but she abuses the Don t shake before using two countrymen from onion Creek came to an Austin lawyer to consult about bringing a joint suit against it neighbor. The first Granger began to Tell the Law yer the cause of the trouble embellish i is it rather libel ally. Don t Tell him any lies. Interrupted the other it is his business to put in the lies. You will get him confused if you go to mixing your lies with Acott of Many owners five stolen a coat said a Man to a lawyer and i want you to defend me. Think you can prove me of yes we can prove that you were in an adjoining township when the Cost wan stolen and that the prosecution a what sort of a coat was first rate never been worn Well i won t charge you anything. Just give me the very Busy mrs. Colonel Percy yer Ger has two coloured ladies employed. A few Days ago mrs. Yerger called Down from her rcom in the second Atory Matilda bring me a of i in t Gwine Ter do it till i be fru what 1 be Doin right now. Bring hit what Are you so Busy Rosslin then Tell Jemima to bring me a Glass of am Busy what is she Busy "helpin1 me rest missed his train in no City in Texas do the clocks and watches vary As much As they do in Austin. The town time varies from the time at the jewelry stores while Railroad seems to regulate itself. Yesterday afternoon a gentleman with a grip stick in his hand remarked on hearing the town clock strike three merciful Moses it is a Quarter past four and now the four o clock train that 1 was to go off on left three quarters of an hour conversational defect an Austin merchant has the habit of inter Landing his conversation with you a few Days ago Hostetter pfc giants who is always up to some Devi try went into the store and said to the proprietor i want you know a paper you know of pins you after of Bostetter had out the Praetor said to his chief clerk that was a comical cuss you know. He said you know you know Yon know everything he said you and Wagner Rossini was one Day discovered at the piano with a copy of Tanhauser before him. Only the music stood on the rack Side Down. What Are you doing there used his visitor. Don t Yon see i am trying to understand Wagner and i can t manage but you have got the music the wrong Way of 1 tried it the older Way and it was no too smart an insurance agent applied to a woman in Austin to induce her to get her Huband s life insured. Will 1 be sure to it the Money if be certainly rut wiil you give me any Murance that he will die right Soma Dame cannot do that Well then what Good will it be to Ore to ret life insured if be Don t die i knew there was some catch about this insurance a just Unitive a Ike some of pm Are very like Cousin John thrasher s Man who told him he wan Ltd to be door keeper Bat Robein John promised to for another Feller and so to get rid of him he says Why Jim did you Ever keep Days he. Did you Ever study a Book on keeping a door save he. Did Yon Ever tee anybody i never he. Well did you Ever attend in of anywhere on How to keep a door coarse Well Raj dear air you had better go Back borne and prepare yourself for the next in Aton and 111 vote Lor the Wurt Iowa Romance we i slim to it Raj a 4 bbl my emt to Tor a depth a the Star by Ltd. Of Munday the jury in the Star route after being in secret Swon since Friday entered the court room look ing fatigued Aud generally worn out. In answer to the question of the clerk at to whether they had agreed upon a verdict said we report that the jury the Fame As they did when the report was made on saturday As to four of the defendants and not Able to agree As to the Ingersoll requested the court to in j-0 t Jerp tyros next of the Juty reaching a conclusion. This the court refused to do stating that it was a matter about which the jury might differ. He was not willing to charge them yet. He was unwilling to enforce the barbarism of the Law by starving the jury. They could have water to . To eat and a place to re. Foreman jury have just requested me if proper to present briefly my personal views As to an agreement. The cannot receive that. If the jury Are Emiil in darkness As to any question of Law the court Wilt with pleasure iry to them. Foreman we have freely discussed every Point presented by your Honor As to the Law of conspiracy and the facts presented he the Evi Dence. Juror am firm in try conviction and nothing can alter it. The of you Are authorized to make a is ailment now. After discussion comos deliberation. You have announced to the court that you have discussed the whole i have no doubt Yon have been deliberating but you have not readied a conclusion As to the whole Case. It is in the Power of the court to accept such a verdict is you Are prepared to Render now but the importance of Trie Issue the great amount of labor and Money and Lime and Cire expended in the trial of that if possible you should Render a Complete verdict a. To the defendants. I do not wish to give you binding instructions even us to that i will try you once More. Foreman Jjackson obey with respectful Stib Mission to the court. The court stated that a did not wish to be understood by this last re Mark As promising to discharge the jury again at 2 o clock to which hour a recess was taken. At the jury entered and through their Foreman reported that they had been unable to agree. The court stated that it had come to the conclusion to accept a partial ver dict. The Roll of defendants was called and All answered the Jary then rendered a verdict of acquittal As to Turner and 1 Eck and of guilty As to Miner and Kerdell. As to the others they were unable to agree. On objection of Merrick that Peck had not been arraigned and consequently could not be included in the the Foreman reported As to the others but left out the name of Peck. The jury were then discharged and Slenkle and Williams counsel for Miner and kor Dell respectively gave notice of motion in arrestor judgment and for a new trial. The votes. The following is a Correct statement of the various Voles liken in he jury room As far As they Are remembered by Mccarty one of the jurors on he first Vole the result was eight for conviction of All the defendants and four for acquittal Turner of course not being included. On Tho third and fourth ballot the jury voted to convict re Dell Aud Miner. On the fifth ballot inn vote on Brady stood for conviction 10, for Crown coloured the two who stood out to the end Afi inst Brady s conviction. The on Vaile was for conviction 11, for Acque Nilal 1 hoi the vote in j. Dorsey for conviction 10, for acquittal 2 of s1 w. Dorsey. For conviction 0, for acquittal o. Thu succeeding Voles showed no change. F he Fla inc election. Botox supt election in Maine which took place to Day was a very close and exciting one. The tick ets were As follows . Frederick a Lubic , Republican. Harris Al 1 Lai Langor. Of Nairn. Chace. Turner Greenf Cault. William t. , Dis Feltl i Mohibi Ion. Warren lira Independent rep Man. Coscke85iosai-. Kor.ublican--thoma3 k. Or Charley a. Bundle l. Dane Daniel ii. Thing. W. Ii. M r. Sitoa 1c. A Altuch ten 0. Herr e. Ave till. The computation of the Logu Ateia for the associated pow alight Littere from the Ajr titter it is fat s fusion the latter being in Kooi awl Waldo co Unnisa. Republicans 52 fusion and 3 doubtful the Lewiston journal has from towns which gite Kobie 4w Puii Ted 51.8c3 Rubie i plurality i 32. Senator five received from president Arthur i Fec retail b Aine senator Hale upon the Victory. Tut plurality in a Tarim a now belief de to be about i in Tho Wand Rabie the governor elect will re Appolit judge l Abbey to the supreme court. Is certain to be re elected to the incumbent. The state loses one congressman by the apportionment made by the pres ent Congress and the governor not having seen fit to Call an extra session of the legislature no District lines have been . The official return of the state elec Tion of i860 since which year there has been no election the biennial sys tem having been then adopted by pop ular vote is a follows Ria Toj. Fusion. 7.1.713 . 7xm4 Joy prohibition. 124 Sye to scattering. Planned plurality 159 at the presidential election two months later the result was Hancock Weitig. 65.211 Weaver. Dow. 9z scattering. Tiar fild s plurality. Tot i Rity. 4.soi in the Disint incs which follow comparisons Are made with the state Elco lion of 1s80, when got. Planted squeezed in by 169 votes As plurality elects in Maine. Two Hundred and nine towns Vinton 192 flattering Iii again it in 1s50 Davis. Pla feted 44593 Joy 104 Nve. 2-2-2 scattering 64. Robie s plurality is against rain of towns to be heard from in 1880, Davis 26519 flawed. 29177 Joy. 20 Eye scattering. 82. If the gain these towns in the same ratio vote re total vote will be 883 flawed. Scatter str g Greg at 13s 1ss, against in 1sso, 147. Robies plurality will be s.750. Of scattering votes. Olon Chase Greenbacker should have Arat look Vinton about 30u, Republican Congre men Are All four elected by Nesrin the plurality. A gain of Coity Rehanek. Or a net gain of allowing for the nne loot by Shenew apportionment. Confers anal returns Are very meagre a Vilall show that the vote has but Little Cut. They were elected on general ticket Vastean of by de trick. Read and Dib lev will have a few More than Robie. Cumberland Conn the county other have reports from county Bat the Vega Eutre Republican insuring sen. Prye j Eloc Livo. Of the . Tin at Atli Flurr of Portland a careful estimate of the Itra it Tom " the Tel Al Kkt in Battle. The terrible d defeat uttered by Arabi Pasha on the 13th at Tel Al Kebir in thus described the British forces be to Anarch at four o clock a the and so rapid was their rent that they were right to the egyptian entrenchments before being discovered. The highlanders dashed in on the left completely surprising the enemy -1-Atter, however soon rallied from their Surprise luckily replied with volleys of Ems Terry inflicting a loss to their assailants. A correspondent says the first Fife of the rebels was very wild. It cime from both infantry and artillery and passed Over our Heads they being Dis concerted by a sudden attack. With Daylight the enemy s fire improved and became like a Hail storm. Many men fell and but for a second did our Advance Stop. Oar covering parties dying Down fired while those in front passed of. Gen. Graham s troops were worked with gallantry. Nothing could surpass their cheer which resembled a wild yell and could be heard above the Din Steep slope of the trenches the egyptians were terror stricken. Many hid in the Corners of the work throwing everything from them. Our work however was not ended the Large inner redoubt on Arabi s left Well manned and armed still remained intact but i he British Trapps were not denied. With another Brilliant Rush they were among the enemy Bayon eting the to Cir Guss and Captur ing their by artillery. Thus we Cap tured the key of the position and m 15 minutes from the first Rush were its masters. The rattle of the enemy s musketry died away while our forsook their bayonets and picked Oft any rebels who still showed fight in their Retreat. On the South the enemy stood a few minutes longer perhaps a Quarter of an hour but the appearance of our cavalry on heir right Funk soon hastened their move smells. In a few minutes one Rushing Stream of Fugi Tives were making for Zig Izig flying out of All their entrenchments. The la Dies brigade. A Little later Gen. Map Nebaon a in Dian brigade burst on the dying Tor. From the South and the rout we Complete. The artillery coming up at a Gallop in timbered and sent their shot and Shell after the rebels adding to their confusion. The cavalry bad right around the enemy s flanks before the fight began. My previous of the number of rebels Cap tured was under rather than Over the Mark. Tile egyptian loss and number of guns captured was also greater than at burst mentioned. It is believed that the bulk if the rebel Force have been captured and that the death blow has been Given to All the work was done by troops on the first line of attack. The principal fortification had been carried by the time the guards and fourth brigade came up. Our a probably 200, including Many officers. The Highland brigade bore the Brunt of the action. T Gre ult nral schools among the most useful institutions of Sweden Are the agricultural schools. There Are Twenty seven of theas land Truks Skolar distributed Over the coun try besides two agricultural colleges. Tuese schools have greatly contributed to the development and improvement of agriculture and they Are looked upon with much favor by the people of the country which p polarity Tuey certainly deserve. The object of these institutions is to elevate the Standard of agriculture and to teach the sons of Farmers How to improve their farming. The students Are required to remain under instruction for two years the course of study comprises the Princi Ples of agriculture Aad horticulture the care of Domestic the improvement of Breeds drawing Survey ing draining Carpenter and Smith Ivury Carriage making forestry mathematics agricultural Cherria try meteorology veterinary surgery botany a Little of a Dooley and geology butter and cheese making the Art of building and of nuking fences and Walla. Connected with some of the principal schools Are Dairy schools Fot women where they go through a year of Butler and knee a mating. The students after passing their Examina Tion May if they like go to an Agri cultural collage for two years More but most of them return to their Parent s farms kith a practical knowl Edge of farming. In the schools the instruction is free but the students give their labor the borne partly by the kirov me and partly by the Sute. The Cost at the College including Board and lodging amounts to about 600 year. There is also a Forest six lower schools Fot training of practical foresters. The meet Northern agricultural school is on the Batog of the Lute nver. Near the Arctic each Ian generally a one and in the South where the population is denser sometime two. Felt Abolt what is eternity did you Tver write a letter to your girl Well eternity is waiting for her to answer some latter Day Philco opher has said "3fnd me ail the dresses a Wom an has worn in the course of her life and i will write her biography from forgot it Why. I told Yon to in it on your Bridget a was on me mind i put it mum an me mind Wint wid is the custom with Tome Farmers in Georgia and been for Yean to rear Only Boytas cattle. It matter. Not what Breed All can be made Horn ices. If angst villed bold Are wed exclusively Why should we not have a Cross of them upon any other Breed which or by duration will Aboba ? when the calf is of Enouf for toe born to Start a try mail protuberance h Felt upon the of the head. Take a knife and cot a Nan Crow this Little Horn the Rise of the tvo and together Aad put a Ann Orer it and there More trouble and you have cattle. The emperor vim win m tar advanced in 86th year m , in of his Rai Hury Wain which he of. He n Umu atly troubled with vertigo or u reported m hot veg Tram Tor m w the Aero my us few
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