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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 19, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaTbs Henry b. To three ail 11 Teuma j Fob by. J column off year. , year. tuna Kwh of til volume Rilke to Trilone. I Charity a Marble Bock Floyd you Jar Iowa. Sept. 18387 number 7. Milfs. Feta at a.1ma.k. 1878 to summer 1878 the re8ortb mom hit v l i Knitt w. A. Of p. L a s. T. I Towi Stock o i Iowa route. The a Rii Wrom pc St. Unit rail Wojt. Eldorado Encampment Celeni St Lous j. Davis will Able Boot and shoe store prepared to at All work a kit lice adj Alitt notice. A the Best Stock used shop on nub Street. Marue Stock Tiit Tif a i. k cure services. N g. m4 i wow dwt 8wn Hayeks Ali Wittl. 1 Musul Tow do sort Johnson Kai Uttal in and trip exturs Fin on at principal to the Wane Bear like Duluth. I Ortr and Alu Al Ultra Tii Tali 10 the Points no Sale from from june 1. Ifc78. 1 until not 15. Food to return until not. 1 1. Tickets will aim be placed on Sale for dented Aad Colorado Springe food to return. Ii til oct 31. These tickets will be at a Large Mcdue from regular a tort forget that there is no change of ram irim any Point on the route and Minneapolis kor further information in regard to tickets Etc Etc address ticket agents incline of the general ticket lows Ives b p. Mills supt. Asm Gen t k t at a Balkh in groceries dried fruit Glass Wai a crockery Wood and Willow Ware and every thing in fact in a first class a Flint if Amhi my greatly reduced Ficu Albs Moore. Haw. To it Krut do Tell kit in. In or it m by commit who u will pm to i pfc Hamilt u us i Linn. Ii Rioa u the Elm to. And i cat., la Lull i raft Oletzk Newdig store. I in Jaar Ihm i tit work. Us i your ave we in Gnu who n 1 Mullen m . All Fht at the Prewit ii 117 to Kul Surtoc Kocl. V Viiu idl ulu cd ban Lori it tit of us in Bebr Binu Khmel to tic Rutm of tar. Johhqood1cller won Kab Locum i Tail i Penklo of Cion to us u Ottwin Noukki. Charles cit7 Auto Park hotel opposite Public Fark Deirtra cite Robert Lindon proprietor 6 j. S Trigg. My Utt tool. Win Al Tuo m l Sirlet Ciu Zuten i. Pure chemicals oils varnishes. A physicians tons carefully compounded at All Lauura Ort Stark Ulm i Hilt we his l. do Rund Greenwood oui Stock t of lists of dry goods boots shoes hats Caps. And Gbo foe cu4u pro dam awl my Good. M the Lowit bring profit Gire a Call we for Jot Totty. Ufko keep a full line of dry goods hats . Martin to puke v m Tam ill Liq Awn for Nedie Ibal pm Jacuta a prescriptions co Mph ivits ready hade boots and everything pertaining to dry goods. Elms Bokius Mem Tomk. To 1 1 i of All kinds. I crockery of a Superior Quality and latest pattern i cutlery Yankee notions Etc., s. Shoemaker. Artistic photographer. Photographs i Geon dentist will be at Marble Rock ambro types Kenw. And Oil Pam tines All of which we Ober to the Public at monday and tuesday Tach week. Office rooms m Clark Howe. Silis Fae lion guaranteed on All work. Com fill ing done in a manner which cannot be surpassed. Plate work specially. He will be at Nora Spring wednesday a thursday at Urene Friday san rear each week if you want first Blouins. Pumps windmills. Or any thing Ebe in Bis Hue Call on a. N. Arnold. It Bem kill Marble Utah 1. W. Cake ingest i. A s i r k w s proprietor of the Fiat Raj Imon pipe by w ii i minder will Muu facture ii yet Poffi if Arif by Yilit treat so Takyi. If. Re pairing of am. Kinds with Saint is and dispatch and All the repairing of Pani machinery a speciality. Give us a trial. Marble Rock Iowa. I of Mab Lerock pro s. Too we receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do a general highest Market Price paid for All kinds of 1 i feed and Sale stable baggies s. P. Murray for cd Ita Wius it All i Hare at a i placed a Newt Ivai Prater. Meau ate kept Nat wry Ingreet. Confectionery. Aureola h. P. Lavs proprietor this Mill is now under the Miu gement of int Lara Miller and will do Cus Tom work on abort notice. Flour and feed on baud. For St Reury capt. John a. T. Lull. To Petrit Cine if Haj. Pukdi of b. Att Man. Al 1ly 4i a full line of furniture Eon St Aatlo of hand consisting of 13ureatis, tables bedsteads chairs cribs rockers and even thing found in a Tret class furniture Storo Beady nude coffins always hand. I also keep a Good i hts. A Calm m Cwm ii h. Rosenkrans. Rev i if. A clean . Iii key to Iuka Vaks at of t Tiff lit a for Tom met of state. Us urge. Bemis of county. For state lot Tovie like to. 4. K. Power Ovar couty. For judge of to in Pete gout of Cedar county. Kit attorney general John k. A Junkin of Bingum the pre sub Dunnet no a in annul Juick 4u, Tat for u Law vib pfc was re Vurly Berta fed to the Secretary by the Inetor in with Mug of us Tecton of the Katrien Towa Abts Union to Mill High school Row in sub Joel Rich 1 the president of the bowa1 being a met Good Sizer vac ended to the special at icon set in Newi fat Ini ixe Ruh and nth for lax the several we jut Rieta the Board Are by the vote of the electors instinct i. Then to Levy the Sincdy the us Dir it the m. For reporter of the supreme court Johns Al Ennells of Polk county for clerk of the supreme court Udwari j. Holme of Jackim county. Kor member of Congress. 4th District Nathaniel c. Peering. Republican county ticket for clerk of the courts p. , Froc Zurove. For recon it t1. M. Ferguson St. Char act. For supervisors c. H. Oaks of Scott. H. D. Sprague of Ulster Uinam. Lands for Sale. Improved and Naiia proved land and in Union and Scott townships on Good terms k4 fair Pricen John Wallace Marble Rock 50 w. B. We thee an a Marble Rock tin patronage of Partie Rabotte to build alter or repair their dwellings stores a. Will take contract for the erection of private Rea Rebham Hafl pub lie or Wutzl by the Day Suiso Titio. Guaranteed i 1.1 Kkt. Nan will Ante provisions for those that be called upon to mourn his death. Inst re is the Best u is the cheapest. Safest is rest and among the Bent the new York Rife stands at the front paid in death claim during 1877. Thin company u perfectly Safe have complied with the requirements of oar state Law and now carries Mote of the Best in the state. S. V. Bissel not 44 Mai move gloves leather i. A dealer in boots Al Jed shoes mittens trunks belting Whang leather plastering hair harms Oil. Whip lashes. And brushes. Highest Cash Price paid for hides al80 of Anvie Akerib i Ben. Crawf town m of kill w it Tuci i Tull Bui Inkon tar la a r Pecic payments is been in new York lately in Alioa with the banker there and a Hough lu1 Loett not say much it is Kli Eveyl Prui inuit Luon Here that be does not intend waiting for the 1st of january before be begins paying out Gold. Capt r h Pratt u in this City Bow Iki an arrangement which if tar Cea fully n brings an severe penalties As diva Mitling other ones. They Are no Frew Froni liability of than they wild Haxe been they ordered the table tied Theder Oion of the stat k j in regard to the Scipio Neiot to be wide which we on the part of the affrus native but waa pre tin the their co mantly an vend. At this stage scleral More voters came Utu the place of meeting who were in be it emed favor of the in. While those who were i in of the Board of directors can but be in annul their action in Law ill in incr in Are Unn Ullein if More Nhun wan not needed to to new Iodate the of the there an Sab District Epp Owid to the tax nearly All withdrew no 3 and in rom the meeting. At thu time John Brood Miller chairman pro ton. Vacated the chair and refused to act aay longer. In neakrans the president of the Hoard of directors the duties villages of in rail which includes the Rock and Aureola. The total sittings in 3 ill and in no. 4, 9lt. While Nery Oik run verdant with graded school-., will of chairman in accordance with Section he cannot be a Diu in 173ji, code. Besides there were four j in All the rooms. Vuu a intermediate Ruom. The primary Ami in i o s Are each had been permitted to tote on All Qunt-1 -5 fact Between 00 and 70 tons voting in the negative and even on the vote of 71 and 73 against the tax it was legally Road by a i Jim of two while had they been willing to give an honorable count prior to their withdrawal there would have been t majority of at least 10 for Ibe tax. 2d John Goodmiller. Acting chair j Man did not constitute the corporate rights of the electors of the District township of Union and cd told and did not have any Power beyond or above Jiuu of i uffizi or of adj been crowded into primary it is Why do you go out lorm an Independent District in to 3 if fortunately the Village of Mark Rick is so circumstanced As Preu it it. The Law requires it inhabitants on town plat aside from the number who May reside in other parts of the Terri tory of the intended Independent tit. Marble Rock has Lewi than within her j i made of the but Onk Tward leather. A Fork of the soap Timin Frt Marme Rock. Cedar rapids Carriage works souled Miller j proprietors . Ute ml., it St. The by Kiwi of informing Fabok that w m or Fred to no cwt Matt Wal Josoff _ _ and of his task toys biggles. The Lisak a3t Kratil. Gofer deliberate Budy governed by Puli Anen j families mining within its Liui Iti tary Law. Consequently not of j but will not reach the limit of 3tmi i a tiny the Powen rights or j urge number it is again Aid enlarge of the Electon by refusing to net if the town Plit. The tar Titus surround this were not the a preding soccer the town put is divided a into. Would be enabled to Stop the wheels of no Merton Small of land tinally reach As from the pu-m-Ntriek-1 the will of the Efenyn. Legislation or by sinew in All Shukim the plat be Enlil god. In i x. His will. Me simply the servant a idols would Lone All he land they of the meet in and placed there to do being taken Imo and in Southern cities that nothing else still the chair. And or had be be required to inv Rosen who is going to pay their buildings them for their Worth writing. Talking or think inns not being present the electors loss ing about. The attention of every i would have Ihk the right to hate so i Tiit iwo it in to i is directed to this subject almost leered some one else to have performed j assured that Thi tax must be to i wholly in them Days. Memphis and j their win. Lit Tim fit nored a tact them Tel no sew Orleans Are great i j Peno Nalty i have no in the and the situation has gotten so appalling cd. The Law Gove Raniag the Board of matter beyond securing Good whirls thai it is scarcely a Niue to Emperly directors is Man Merj and not for the children of our township. The Bury the and the proposition has Tio tiry and they bad no option. In higher of the school in in. Been Madelo Bur. Them this shows the Muter of the Certia Atiim of of 3 in to and pupils of own vice and Weva but can f asked and no. 8. And Tai Dement m the the Fml it Ted is school Advt i Owr Laws ser. 177n. Morally Aad socially. J. Kong is. District a pc Wal attack has hem mid to whip of Liberty Allu axes voted reliability of the of the by the a strict township awning not in Rhib Witt tiny. I be the pared to defend their Correct nem u. The Ive pm rent of a inter t Hare no Emht u o j the surf Rippet Imeader s Wil Fokker m. .1. Is. Be. Beside there in ask met 01 of pc Mimi. A i the Alt of in there was Media m be done when the deaths occur in single City Aslo Kerpan undertaker and 30 or 49 and m overworked that in in the Nummi. Wim ried for m the pitiful try to help from the pc scr neatly and dim Theu two film Aruba Ami of Kwh chm he to Wiy w the a Wiea week the the Fiig the the Dawel ther Tibb my Ostia Friday Tut the 1 Tafftt tit Thornf Rowil the stick i tint a. The toe Tanil Edity w that Are Ginnet Jinni coct of the , spirt of face Fai Terv in or o r of fort to tax and Driy in often is bn4 Trent h. C. 1
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