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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 16 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 16, 1897, Marble Rock, Iowa23 no. 6. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa sept. 10, 1897. Terms a year at w. L. Nelson s is the place to buy your hardware also paints and oils of All kinds. A Fine line of paint brushes and bicycles at prices that will astonish you. It will pay you to investigate before buying. A. R. A. M. . A. Stone Lodge no. 451. Wednesday of or before All Moon. Virit lug Brothers in goodst Widing to attend. Kobbert Dogget. W. M. Proceedings of the Board of supervisors september session 1897. Board met in supervisors rooms id court House at Charles City sept. 6, 1897, it 2 o clock p. M. Members present Chi Istuan Lane Merrill Chi Chester pippin Shultz and w d. Linja Mao county auditor. The following reports were presented read permanent school a Tux report. To lie Hon. Stoard of supervisors of Floyd county sept. 1st. 1897. Herewith submit the following report relative to the Perma nent school fund since june the Date of n j last report As follows Cash on hand at ast report amt. Paid in since last report 575 00 Loans Mode 00 00 amt on hand this aate 725.13 amt of mortgage notes on hand 229s0.83 n is indebted to state. 40 respectfully submitted w. D. Lindaman co. Auditor. Auditor s report of fees collected. Sept 1st, 1s97 to Hon. Board of super Moss of Floyd to. Gentlemen herewith submit my report of fees collected since j nne 1st, this Date in the sum of 75 submitted w. D. Linda Jun co auditor report of soldiers Relief commission. Charles City Iowa., sept 6th. 1897. To the Hoard of supervisors of Floyd county Iowa provided by Law the undersigned the soldiers Relief com Mission of Floyd county herewith present their annual report to your honorable body bal. On hand at last report 119 58 amt rec d since last report 99j.37 total 1112.95 creditor amt. Paid out on vouchers 959 55 vouchers issued but us Pic 117. 29 total vouchers b4 balance on ludic 06.ii amt. Received from Assignee of the first City Bank Nora Springs and turned Over to the treasurer subject to future legitimate claims io7 07 total in fund 173 is As the amount irom the first City Buok of Nora Springs is subject to the approved claims Lime the real balance is the fund for its legitimate purposes is Brlej 11. The claims upon the fund is constantly increasing and our present monthly disbursements Are in of the. Amount of this balance. We therefore respectfully represent that in our opinion the Lull Levy permitted by the liw will be necessary for the next years expenditures of this fond and we further respectfully request that your honorable body make seme arrangement by which the present monthly allowances May be paid As we can Sec no in which any of then can be suspended or reduced with oat working distress and injustice to the present beneficiaries. We have most carefully scrutinized All demand the fund and have persistently i Cut All to the lowest possible j limit we farther desire to Call the Atten Iron of the Board to the fact that we have been called upon to pay Bills for Yedica attendance during the past j year for Ibe first time during the Eif Eulce of i be commission. Ii these Bill Are pit the Relief fond in 1 the of tire Ike or cent Lattal unit of i Powers. The Levy will not suffice. We Call your attention to tins fact and ask that you consider the advisability of including Bills for medical attendance on Veter ans Laii lilies or Reid us in t be cont acis for medical attendance and not include them in the legitimate demands upon this fund respectfully submitted s. G. Ely the soldiers 0. H. Lyon Relief j. S. Bradley cumm Shioo. On motion the Fongo info report of soldiers Relief commission was approved. Recorder s report of fees collected. To the lion. Board of supervisors of of Floyd co. Herewith submit my quarterly report of fees collected in my office during the months of june july and August to be respectfully submitted a h. Johnson co. Recorder. Of motion the recorder s report was approved. Sheriff s report. The following report was presented read and on motion approved 1o Ilie Hon. Board of Stipe visors of Floyd co. Iowa have the Honor to report to Yon As to the condition of my office As follows to trip 1 have collected in fees since the Date Oliy last report Chr. End i la the amount of Lees earned in said time of All has been the sum of 254.24 leaving uncollected the sum of 2455 All of which is respectfully submitted. J. , sheriff of Floyd co. Clerk s report of fees collected. Sept. 6th, 1897. Herewith submit my report of fees collected from june 1st, the Date of my last report to sept. 1st, the sum of respectfully submitted Willard Eurix clerk of the District court. On motion clerk s report was approved. Justice of the reports. On motion the following reports of fees earned for the Quarter ending june 30th, 1s97 of Justice of the peace were approved. E. A. Teeming j. S Barnhart 4g to on motion the Board adjourned until 9 o clock to Morrow. Tuesday a. M session. Board met a 9 o clock members All present supervisor Shultz was called to the chair minutes of yesterday read and on motion they were approved. On motion ordered that under the provision of sections 157, los and 159, Iowa election , the Tollow inc named persons by virtue of their office or by appointment As the May be constitute the election of the several precincts of the county at the general election o the year if cot Charles City. First Ward. W s. L. Kern Chas Linz. W Dennia. Geo r May. Charles City. Second Ward. Hausberg j c Daly John Heath. Clerks a Guiwits w w Schur Horn. Charles City third Ward. J Ebert we Scott f f a Mcnaughton. Jas a Ferguson. Charles Cuy fourth Ward. H Kelly d 0 Clark 0 1 Burnett. Frudden m s Wilson. To. Charles township. Bluff t d fluent g h Whitehead. T Meggitt Frank Floyd township. F Burns c Gulbes u f Seaton l j i c Usu Jiuu Hock Grove township. Heed to Smith s s Fosholdt. Roberts a 6 Wright. Ludd township. J l Thatcher g w Hyatt p e Morey. Root Willett s 1j Bishop Roc Ltford township. H Waller s b Whitney r Walker. F Durkee cabs Talbot Ulster township w Johnson Carl Veit Meier John Drager Herb Techmeier m a Hirsch. Scott township m Kinney win Eich Meier Willlis Witter. W Nicholson i Union township Rosenkrans John h Merfeld u Bowman. J Thome ii c Darland. Pleasant Grove township. Beck Geo i . J Doore. Clerks to w v a Young. Riverton township. S water Bury g w Sanderson k v r Hall. Clerks a c Beck w l Cook. Niles township. L Schilling aug Tetzloff j c Merrill. Bird Henry a Ponto. Cedar township. S Waid g co Bennett Jas Cagley. E Pollock a cunning Ham. On a notion s g Blythe was appointed to succeed himself As member of the soldiers Keliel commission. It was on motion agreed that the county take Steps Lor the building of a Bridge across the Cedar River at the Ripley Ford. Board adjourned until this p. M. 1 tuesday p. In. Session Board met at one o clock members All present supervisor s hulls in the chair it was on motion ordered that the auditor be instructed to draw county warrant Lor one Dollar per week in Aid of mrs Thompson and family it Bein shown to the Board that they had no Means of support. Tas levies Lor the year 1s97. The following Resolution was Offe cd and on motion adopted there be levied on the taxable valuation of the county the following taxes for general purposes for the year 1087. State tax two and nine tenths i ill county tax four Mills. County school tax one Mill. Bridge tas one and one half Mills. County Road tax one Mill except in corporations. Poor tax one till. Insane tax one Mill soldiers Relief tax three tenths also a county poll tax of filly cents a dog tax of Bufty cents on each male dog and one Dollar on each Ema e dog As listed by the several assessors for the year of 1s97. That there be levied on the taxable value o the several town ship school districts Independent school District and incorporation the following taxes to wit the same having been duly certified to the of supervisors by the proper officers. Charles City Independent District. Teachers fund twelve and one half Mills. Contingent Iund. Five Mills Babool House fund three eight tenths Mills. St. Charles township District. Teachers Iund two and one half wills contingent and one Hall Mills Floyd District fund eight and three tenths Mills. Contingent fund two and eight tenths Mills. Floyd Independent District. Teachers fund Nineteen and one Hull Mills. Contingent fund four and itto tenths Mills. Floyd township. General purpose fund one half null. Ilock Grove township District. Teachers fund Serin and three tenths Mills contingent fund one and nine tenths Nilk n on Springs Independent District. Teachers fund sixteen Mills. Contingent fund four and eight tenths Rudd township District. Teachers fund eight and seven tenths Mills. Con Mirent fungi two and Eigl t Mills. Rude Independent District. Teachers Iund nine and one half Mills. Rockford Independent District. Teachers fund thirteen and one Hall Mills. Contingent fund Sis and eight tenths Mills. School Bouse fund one and one tenth Mill. Rockford township District. Teachers fund eight and eight tenths Mills. Contingent fund two and two tenths Mills. Ulster township District. Teachers fund five and seven tenths Mills. Contingent fund two and one half Mills Scott township District. Teachers fund nine and three tenths Mills. Contingent fund two and four tenths Mills. Iscott township. General purpose fund one and four tenths Mills. Union township District teachers fund Eigil and Sis tenths Mills. Contingent fund two and nine tenths Mills. School House Lund three and Sis tenths Mills. Union township Board of health fund two tenth Mill cemetery fund three tenth Mill. General purpose fund one and one half Mills. Greene Independent District As certified to by the auditor of but Ler county. Pleasant Grove township. General purpose fund one Mill. Pleasant Grove township. Teachers fund nine and three tenths Mills. Contingent fund three and one tenth Mills Riverton Independent no 1 teachers fund six Mills. Contingent fund one and seven tenths Mills. Riverton Independent no 2 Mills. Riverton Independent no teachers Furj eight and eight tenths Mills contingent fund three and three tent i Mills. Riverton Independent no 1 teachers fund seven and four tenths Mills. Contingent fund Lour Riverton Independent no o teachers fund four anal Emit tenths o Mills. Contingent fund three and Hix tenths Mills school House fund four and tenths Mill. Riverton Independent no 6 teachers fund seven and one Hall Mills. Contingent fund one Mill Kiv Erlon Independent no. 7 teachers fund seven and nine tenths Mills. Contingent Fung one and four tents Mills. School House fund four tenths Mill Riverton Independent no. 8. Teachers and one tenth nulls contingent fund one and seven tenths Mills Riverton Independent no 9. Teachers Iund four end three tenths Mills contingent and one tenth Mill Riverton Independent no 10. Teachers and Lour tenths Mills contingent fund three and three tenths Mills Riverton Independent no 11. Teachers and six tenths Mills contingent fund two and iwo tenths Mills Niles township District. Teachers and nine tenths Mills contingent fund six tenths Mill Cedar township District. Teachers and i Erht tenths Mills contingent and eight tenths Mills Charles City corporation. Corporation tax eight milk interest on Bonds two Mills Library tax one Mill water tax one Mill special Street improvement one Mill Road tax on farm Lamia five Mills Rockford incorporation. Corporation tax ten interest on Bonds two Mills Marble Rock incorporation corporation tax eight Mills Bond tax three Mills Road tax on farm lands five Mills Nora Springs incorporation. Corporation tax. Ten for the extinguish ment of Public debt two Mills Road us on farm undo five Mills do you know that it has taken time and work to produce shoes Worth your buy ing at prices fair for you to pay think it Over. Think this Over that descriptions Are cheaper than materials. Be sure the shoes you buy Are As stood As you re made to believe they Are. Leo. W. Gates. On motion Ibe Board adjourned until one o clock tomorrow for fac purpose of viewing die site of the proposed new Bridge at Ripley Ford. Wednesday p m. Session. Board met at 1 o clock. Members All present. Supervisor Shultz in the chair. Minutes of previous Day read and approved. Several parties Here present irom different parts of the county in regard to taxes and various other matters they were heard and final Dis position of them was deferred until later in the session in the matter of the proposed new Bridge at Ripley Ford the Board hav ing viewed the site for the same it was on motion agreed to ask for bids on a 200 foot single Span 1000 in. Bridge previous Day read and on motion approved. It was on motion agreed to pay the Deputy collectors of Delm Quot Tases provided for at the Juno session 1s97, an additional to per Cut on All collections of said tax after this Date. The following costs in state cases were allowed and ordered a tuck As Fol lows state of Iowa is. F j Lirou Chas Doyle j Brewer John o a Tiprien John Elbeck Lark to Ivesa pack in Nti Barney vol Latuli h Kabrick t a Kerry be 54 Inch tubes two of lie of Caius to be -2 feet and two to feet in length. Bids to be receiver up to two o clock Friday sept 17th. Ifc97. Same to be accompanied with plans specifications with train Sheet and a certified Check to the amount of As a Gua Antee of Good Faith. This being the time act for action on the Road Case where John u. Hobart it Al Are the pet i Olirs the matter was taken up and after considerable discussion by the several parties concerned it was on motion deep did to postpone the same until tomorrow in order that the Board May visit the locality Uncle More fully be the Public necessity of the proposed Highway. In the matter of the consent petition of a. W. Hermit age and c w. Stock Well who petition for 60 it Highway commencing at the Southeast Corner of Section of twp j4, Range 17, of the Sill p. M and running thence North on Section line seventy rods thence West Nineteen rods thence North to a Point where said proposed Highway intersects with the Public Highway lying on the West Side of the Shell Rock River in the East h it of the South East Quarter of said Section the last course being about 40 rods. It was on motion ordered thai the Craycr of lie petitioners be granted and the Road established. On motion ordered that the auditor redeem from tax Sale of Ibon lot 1, n w. 1 17. It being Syionn that the same was twice assessed on the tax list of if cog. Ordered that the county poll of cent of o. U. Brocket tas of 1890 be Abai cd on account of poverty. On motion lie Board adjourned until tomorrow a 31. Thursday a a. Session. Board met at 0.3d o cock. Member All present except Lane. Supervisor Shultz in the chair. Minutes of the i .1 the grandest 0 of t i Lowic. A. Certifies that he had consumption a Given up to die sought ail medical treatment that Money could procure tried All cough remedies he could hear of Btl got no Relief spent Many nights Sitts up in a chair was induced to try or. Kinu s new discovery and was cured by the use of two bottles for past three years has been attend ing 10 business and says or. King s new discovery is the grandest remedy Ever made As it has done so much for him and Tao for others in his common Ity. Or King s n cd discovery is Siua ranted for coughs colds and consumption. U Don t fail trial free at a. J. Asper co s drug store. Com d. All d it Sis 15 9 35 n to n 35 g j3 0 45 is y 9 35 21 85 21 85 16 60 10 go 7 15 7 15 65 6 83 i 75 6 75 5 on no 15 15 g5 John Boetcher 28 05 28 05 h j Kupyn. 5 85 5 85 James Reed it ill 11 ii t u 3by, j5 Fco 10 so the following claims against the Domestic animal fund for damages done by dogs were in Lowell and ordered paid As follows Elrna allow cd Foj Ililda Braml Sheen killed ?3u 00 00 j u killed

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