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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 14 1893, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 14, 1893, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 19 no. Marble Hock Floyd county. Iowa. September 14. I i . , to Eay few won to Bis friends of the Shell Kock Vallejr about we Are Selling clothing at our store on the Corner in Charles at prices that will As Tonish you and extend this invitation to All to come and see if our words Are not True we do not can not sell at Cost but we can sell As cheap As any Man in Iowa when you to the fair Don t fail to Call on me for a bar gain we Are offering them every Day. De. N. Waterbury Charles City Iowa. Marble Rock weekly. Pal uhf wry n mania h b Kleri son local slews. Oil. Is so Emit von St Ewe 50 00 10 t Narley Arr Fly 111 routed friends at in Toan the turn of the week jewel Haven and wife returned from mrs. Duk uniting with her Forte to in Aureola. John Loatee shipped a cur of cattle to a Leago last taraday c h Lime returned from to intr a Lamoia i or and mra. Giles Are the proud it rents of 11 line baby girl i More nun. Everybody is to the or John p Gailee and wife Are Home for a abort Ebay it clips Luxl Frieu b at turn Spring last week m at of Law e in in the in a Pond the reach of h j dikes wife have tit Lurnard in a their Abii to trip mrs. Mintleqreeaiftw.1 returned Troia Bee Thornton visit last week mrs o a Paley and son Hale re turned to Bouie Al Spencer lava. Miss Minnie Horr Ungui Geneed her nil Charles City. At the we Jeri or stir re i of in Futon rupture a the Del sri in by 27 dim tit court la still m in Eta via i i Rockford hits hem or arson and m Mit murder. J Tho Mother of auditor Ila Ford led Mue Elba Clark waa a Uralene Victor i Lut mayor Hute Bea Down to morning Sun last sunday lion of Greene waa in town yesterday. Or and mrs. Charles Bowman returned from the fair j o Dunning and returned from their Chicago trip. Mra. Russell u biting friends at Columbus 11-Ilalead Lias purchased the Jesmore a Nam d Rah of or f Al revue m Lew n of business last Mou Friend of or Katie ire shipped m ii or to can i in our cd or the h averaged o or 100 on term of school Iho too Moo a e not to t1 fish of tis t the a car Load of fat dinner we Are still carrying a very Large line of Minnesota mixed faints White Lead pure Oil and brushes. We Are Selling lamps window shades and Wall paper at reduced rates it will pay you to Call see us. Goto de to California c Bucago my Burfet. Of with her Mother mrs Paddleford or and mrs find returned to their Home at Index Eudece last tuesday mis Robert Ramey bettor a and sunday renting with friends at Thornton. John feel and wife hate gone Oti a visit to relate at soot Rancis Kansas. Elder Bruch Nas returned Frota 1 in tint to Chicago and Oil to Khoudi Homo in Canada Misa Tweedy returned to Charles lib to re Eunaie work id pubic schools of that City Little Veit table health producers de Avitt a tattle 1 orly Oure i Loub and regulate tie to reach und bowels prevent Lisa Nobe and Dimesa. A. J Asper a to Hou John Gates is men cloned As a for be presenta live on the democratic ticket Hob e c Frau Ding Aad Fri Tolj and mrs Miles Marsh started for the ctr on tue easy eve orc Luft Bob Liadka showed wonderful Poir in a a runner to the Clia Loa Cit democratic caucus Lut saturday eight on amount of no quorum the Council a unable to transact toe of weary business of us town at to in Liat meet ing in. R s Vyrlee mra Emri Aen Neft met v of a r 1 Atlie Anderson Are world s Fiir Ifil tru tins Neeks to the flu nov Filli w l held at Elfr sop Lember 20, 21 and 21 the editor and Famili to tether with Geo h and family and miss Myrtle Kouame Batul sunday and monday at Charles City or of Barlee City Rode Over on Bis wheel tuesday after noon to bid Good Bie to his chum Frink v before the letters departure for pounds each v m Mpr Nau urn Irr of sat on fur an assortment of water and Musk ceo h Anil Jav were in the cite fur of churl a Short to in Al j b Scherr erhorn Aud an 1 Len cites and of tonn snip Are Laking m the fight i at Trio Vii tit 1 cite. We could Mit improve tee Quetu it j double the Price de u itts v Rich my gun Iem of Scott u sit me the grej.1. Liow at Chicago this i n is Matild Limra mrs Hir in Leeo Are wet set Iii it the City hit return of the or late four were Rece Ted 11 to full i lion .11 m c Kudaj morn e. Of five to i at the Gnu Rob 1 Tat Kunds auditor Lunford Eurt etl for last Suu by my Lite Peru inn of Bis Aio Oier he f up cts in be one two m auditor g a nip Roll n Hui of a a to 11 Nifords place Jurig a or of dec into p null l a t in hit tract la Kinum lure h Hisil court it sent the i Iau r i b u Brown Benj wife of Nashua spent bub Batu with Hie brother w or Stein Nofiu Zulj rare inn Roffis Over the depot have de to Taruer Fob a full and Complete line now on hand at prices that defy Competition. Highest Market prices paid for eggs. Give us a Call and be convinced that we mean business. 3 fihe la tie Sahe tomter can Prodis e. Or that Money can buy a j Asper cd of town help i John Mills jul Viive Licca Rae term of consist Ort of about nine members left seeing up re turd Home the first for the world s pair in2t week of the Meek from the fair. Win vaguer. Mrs Martin 3 b Sheen noon and and their Ard did Stoner y it to William started for the world b Monaliza Ilia Leota on i unit to Hall h Fai at a Biogo last thurs a ago ners family. H s the Siewit co High and a lab Ruth has a Little utter who croup Curc 6 a re t coi la Fuh Lue dotes onh St Long for event Lias transpired the ratio a congratulate a the and Hopes for h Long mud haps lift for the new come1 the increase of pitied to the orld b fair h the so remarkable Ilmet the Stock Holder hate great Hopes it i ill u inn Cial l is the ado Sai Oab a one million. Re Bursa at s p m the pre Zuhdi elder f m i Lemon would like to out All l Ibcal members ton b Neu Moon last sunday and hit Issayi look out for autumnal Eti Zinox and Earth quaked any Limauge uld be Juat Nim it the m. E Church at pow Ersulle have Al Iowa will be it eyed and Sei Temoer 7, it if 30 a a j. It off con o d pastor of the m b Church Amton who opened the Church in Oreole last Janu Ign Croce of the merits of j will s Little Eft j Rise s is a misfortune Thise 1 it e Puls pc ulate the liver cure headache dip Rawia bail Bratli Coli Ati pation Hud of Iowa and Turci or tar world s fair Bept 20 n 2lst for i Roclor All under Abote Cioc Sion the n a Northern railway will sex Curma tickets from All stations on its line in Iowa to Chicago and return at t 011 Sale id and for trains a it p m sept 30, Good return Iii until and including sept Tor tickets Tinis of trains find Otner info nation Call on agents j e. Hams Oan t so a the Public schools will open monday with the following of teachers High prof Wormly miss Maggie Brunner mho Annie Smith. Shiloh s Vitalizer u what Yon need for Obb Mpwo Lesot appetite. Ali Mem Aad allot by Spetla. 10 and 75 cents per bottle on toe Aday september 5th, 189s, a Gray Wool sack coat finder will co Urr a fair by leaving at this office or returning same to Obde r. Asper by donw Oren get a failed to nent Ioa that one old Frowd c. Shop kit of Waterloo was a Marble Rock a Tattoo before Lam. My Pond the luge Fuhei Heidi utters for advert Enjetti of de. N. Waterbury of Charles City. Or. I. Well known in Una Vicinity w a lire and in Tarp inf merchant. He Camea a lairs Nock of goods in a Lute and is Selling them at very Low Pricw. Tue country such Ting a Alstad Tagett famine nod the Merchante Bare difficulty m getting enough to sup ply us demand the trouble Jet uie Rte Deriee they i their stocks ceo e Les and family miss Myrtle House who hate been muting Nith the family of be editor left on South it Marble on. Good in e r for Tadloo or to the u v Juu Skoko Tho Hon. Vira b Perrin fur state senator at Charlee c tour us. B the Ite Publica Atorlan convention of the 44th District had completed the Republican of Guiua to Utah for the legislature from this coun the did not fall upon the first Choice of the count rep blk is but mall we they will put their shoulder to the tuesday the uth most for their a deep and Down county to Small a Mogorit them As posse Bio. The domination of or Perrin will be to the Large body it lie publicans of Una county who believe id the mint Auance of the present Laws against the liquor traffic and who Aln believe that for this office Only Good and pure oreo should be it will also become Floyd county to do in Ery beet m rolling up u Large a majority for him As Peuble in order to counteract the vote of Chickasaw county. It is a time when every Lover of Good order the welfare o society moot stand up and be counted a Elodea being in trying to via others to the True Republican Faith to 3 Csc offs u m to Liuio Rick headache and constipation Don t Little Early risers for these Little pills will cure them. A j on Murday Bap tember 6th, got Boies opened his Campaign at broody Centre delivering i Rovelt of a lengthy speech Wirich Nigist Deen quite appointing to Many of his Nenda Jlia mum efforts seemed a Wood a the ii Bogue or. Lea went directly to it Worth and Traa Oceo Minnied by Frank k. Nies who will attend the it Worth Ulve Raity the coming ear while mrs n urfi filth her sons and Miae Koose will spend a couple of Joe in ends m Muo cough i Littow. And St. To before re turning Snail to it Worth although toe county delegation at the late Ben atonal onor motion could not Aee Thair Clear to endorse us candidacy of the Hod r. H for Bairn for there were do Indica that it Wae because of any 111 will toward that gentleman. His abilities an admired and appreciated we think for their full my Hurt Cire it stances been otherwise might Hare Lent their Aid to ambitions but this w do year to take Many Cuba does the of pet thou bring not Only on acc nest of the wide spread of friction that or fair Bairn would make a poor race in this county but that hit nomination might work Ujj Ury the county ticket Here we regret not seeing Eye to Eye in this matter to Ltd our Chickasaw Biltl f i 1 Ink up to twin thirty Imp j t to lists in the it Lulu Loots up t the Merj or the ill j boat looks up to canst they that can re Instate the in Iowa but the of the from the item Hubli can part Buch u Deb ortion would in be then Ilins of Curt on to Cross n the Luth Century. The Bridge is a boat completed and is Certa Luly h Ewt shot our chairman the Ingv dog tb.i3 dog As is a Abe is in in mothers arms for it Long years had be been an Tomato of our Twood s House old and had been in fact a companion nud been use in tin Eul our this fait Lif in creature Tias beguiled y the the of the other not Knirs lie us Hui a of a brute a Noeo of Lead x St. Louis fair at exposition for the St Louis the Bur Hogton Cedar Lapide a Northern Kail nil Uell excursion tickets from til station to on its Linee in Iowa to i at Rale of Farr for Roi Doubs tickets sept. 5 to oct 21 nah final i turn limit thirty 30 Days win Date of tick ets sold after sept 22d will Bear Enol limit of ool 23d, i soft. For the by. Iouli fair our agents in Iowa will sell excursion ticket to by at i ale of site Panf. Tor round in tickets on Sale sept 3u to oct. Eth and Are Luai Ted Good to return unto and including oct Loti for tic Kaia time of trains Ami other m formation Call on or Andraes any agent a. H. All Tiu i of pipe i water tint conc count Cost aptly hand Lull line of Oil will casing repairing i a Pipit a scum Ltd. Josep Wiloth it ilk in heavy and shelf hardware harness a specially. Tit meet Alt j honorable j. I. Shafer proprietor of j e a. T p a i Marble Rock Wagon Carriage step i a Call and i will All Wink a if action. Davis Model Bho s a Nocery. T it red hot. These Hai Lia pm Natanni so Dow Waise he neb Rastert sweat pads Esrina a stun Stant Gate adj ind Raags Maine oils of All it tvs Bank to. Of Hnud Kab barn win ctn Bra tag tent Staci Salt. Bai. Cited Piaf to Rua Low during the permit the a Wick times and the frn to season cum a on Tibi a big demand soon exhausted their stocks dont by a sewing machine until i Yon have sen the new Fligh Arm t Erben Oates be around is Tow Days and show it to Job. Whf All us talk m the warm will not can Vince Yon of quickly As one trial Fronde. Think they made a great repub1 woo been Raishe. Both for their county and for j us Cruis la one of their lading cilia Rojs when tree upon to i notable it speech i the Uii Buu Momiu Tiou to k it to go. One word it Porte Etwik w e refer to Dewitt s Witch Baiel a Falve Mcrea Sorci skin Dise isee and we to sat. Waa mat attn Sci Flea of a kids. . Job work and specify. A to tainted. Comments As j Tariff and no Noth Cut to will at feet in the least decree its settlement peaches but a very in Good Loim a stroj More coming we cans yellow not pie 25 you All give them a tical. Have you lately we Lave and in bricks whole size 7c a Pound whole any and h. Stott Belll is Staple and fancy groceries crockery cigars tobacco Salt you will always find that i pay the prices for butter and eggs. My motto Good goods at bed Rock prices. Or platform to Texe we will sell goods at reasonable priced. Our will Tico car i the Interr Reulon of this is that it in Iii material Thor n Lemo Viator a it Pabl Irhn Ehi j to there s one hot j Hoo. Jama r w i senator a the prowess county Voaid not sickly As one anal of us Hazel Salve for scald Bunc. Fannee skin after towns and piles. A i upe Raco Panoo Braw of Charles City Furg t there Are Miry republicans who tide not always to Tel we h the parity b Lieut feb of no Are cd t a Nicory. Olben tron dented remained Loyal to the party even Nhen tin Tom Dekom of Bath tin Admonte autism adder by Palmi it or tue Fiaai Tylke a sex ii one not Maui be. Ian been a Mort their a Toul Chaitu Tjwie. Tebee to tote the ticket moire lord if Wolf to take to the contrary a Felmly be Beve Traat Nery it Eprui Esa Tou tax for for oops nor let were. To All tamber and Afan att of Anat by in to criticise the governor for ins failure to Uke a on the Silver question Ami Statos there in rot much Between Tae. And be platform and Iweta that the nov enor a m to make the outs Ait outa Tan. Mno crafts rave to Owmer the govern 4c a Pound. The finest i Opatow full we Voll Oft Spanach a Oka in air Ciuco Ami Ute a Emily to pm naj differ Beses Jac Taoa that Leni Tia k mis lit at de i Matt two so want avar sect m to p t l t Gylila Rosm tits w Bidet Trent cheese in town 14c a forgot u need toilet soap Fine line. The two in in we wheat and a co. Gold medal. Fruit Canning is it member us on a Fri was a. Want your leg Rose w e As Clitah Guy Man who to will make discounts on Home that Art going out Date and Are Juit As Sirvio Yahk Lingle duplicate any Bill in clothing or pro wrist skipped in Liy Way of called cheap conker in and All Hook it a Competition at Home or Arvad. Armr Meure i ment for a draws suit and Jota rented a mid fit or no Sale v of of lit a Bro s. Odd Coats and Pante cheap to Cloie oat. A. Mooko. The hutches
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