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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 13, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaOld d Short Aliw ast Kaii cute Jav _ a real to Fly in i a w it of a v Ort Voa Iii Eton 3 Islai ids i til inv published by enemy b. Cities. With malice toward hone and Charity for ail terms per annul in Advance volume 9. Woltti korthw5ste West. A Hue i traverses Korth j in and Kkt it to Cue crave tall Rcv Sui tin can of Rod by a its Titian a equals t it a tiny Road a i As Ana Penn Rhor i s. A Speed civic a Marble Bock Floyd county Iowa september 13, number i i a i of if Mii Art l Liaw. Nil. I ill of i eth r 1.t.-.ii.i.i.-. I t. To in Yov Liiv f Jota Takk i r for Sinarle or round trip for full n r i j Jim of the North end _ 7 t a 10 passenger . 111. Sail tickets Bush to Ute Gnu. I. Gen. I sep. F l Schenck s adjustable Asp r la land cd and new adjustable stove repairs. By nil and store gym . Aamari Courtl Only by Elk to Back co., Ash Sase 05 of cups is Abbas Rock j. E. Shepard soit we receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do n general s. But and full foreign exc Lingo and sell to audio Oil All principal Points in Europe. In j t Yorpp Pover. Ten 11 Ira Tufi t iat j m my Etc. R. Of Wilke dealer trunks satchels heroic Cut a ii Char rtj.-. Aii i be i o tic of this ii recur or. To Cox s i. Minoe Jimh Tho traction or that pm i i str Ouier i regular stools it to or the inc nor Lii Ana Aro i re cafe 7z007e to malaria. R . A set ii i had con super. J. O ii 1 in Tali Koryat id i f irl Tutt s Artlie first is a Tiv to lick Bavo 1-- t in Nic Tuy. Ii nope Toto la cad 17, i nor 1 i n. New w. Will be at the Bacelar House the 1st of each remaining one wet. Aug the itch remaining four Baa Ever been Tiki in in Marble Kock. J Best Teeth Only per set. A work warranted ten years a in Yasm Riepp. Ludwig d3 s. Dentist. Of fuck in Post Stock Teeth extracted without pain by the sir. It y to b. My. Rollin in m ills Isth. by Drc Salsi. By a a press on receipt Loffl. Or t Murrey strut Kew Toroc. Iu1t3 Carual 3f but full kit lots Fol i 1 i 1rookfokd, Iowa. Office hours from 9 to 12 a. M. And from 1 to 5 m. Yagodic Dupy Mill noun quai5y. To cow it Spand to furnish a Superior Quality of kinds. For rates address t. W. Boon i arts sock Iowa. Oney p. A. Roziene loan real Estat broker Oil Al elks City Iowa. Negotiates loan s on improved Farbes Ai Ilo yest Otibe. To prompt paying men ill Choice pc purity. I offer a Vaota Coas terms i Ara always Able to set for of rifled Imp of Phi iriv is and such a Iii moments can at All tins to relict Upun. R. A. Rozi Jtb. Gbo m. Hubbard fashionable barter hair Dresser pc Cine Atten ii p us to ladies and Jia if Bressin. Opposite the 1 Ost office. Mario Rock. Iowa Gority Mutual carrying Over 000 risks at this Date. Call on or a t. Ackley Marble Rock or j. B. Schermerhrn Scott. N. Mass sewing machines Marbe Rock a. Keeps for Sale the known machines new Davis Seir Horae prices which Deljar Competition. Muchina can Bej seen at Haynew is store. Republican state ticket. For governor Buken r. Fukuman of St Nam county. Eye , 0. U. Mas Xix of Carrol c county. For just the or the she Meme court j. A. Robed of county. A intendant of vuul1c is str motion. W. Akej13, of Lino county. Republican county ticket. For e. V.-. Wilder. Tor a Utor o. Rosi Ekoy. For treas arc Geo. P. Mor1u3. For sheriff. E. A. Reisiger. For sup t. Of of Fiou h. H. Pav1dsox. For Coroner j. S. Bradley. For Surveyor ii. C Ixia of. For supervisors m ii stokers of. S. H. The seat of War. I there is no longer a Shadow of a doubt that the Pivotal Point in the in this Scott is the seat in the a Tiitus states now occupied ill Quai b. Allison. The importance of i his Fos upon in the ensuing National election was App Reutin the Days of the to person at All familiar with the political situation. And it re Quimod but Little foresight to know that the democrats would Bend every Energy to securing so magnificent a priz j As u democratic senator from Iowa with their Effort been for Tuo years to bring about division and Tion among the republicans to tie end that they might Here and there through out the state elect by a combination of Iti Usui Ini Wuu Wuriu Uto for anybody or anything Esce pc a re publican for that Naco the time has now come when their guns Are openly trained upon that senatorial seat. The knowledge of this fact should solidity the republicans of Iowa As they have never Baen solidified before. Every Miner ought to be sunk and cast aside. Further Overy question ought to be ignored and held in Abey Ance and every Republican Aronld Bend his energies to securing the largest possible the Cigis Atiye ticket in his county. The democrats no Hope not even the most a exiote of elec Ting to Cir stale ticket Mich u is nut considered in t to possibilities of Feho Campaign by any for Ding Politi Cian. Hut to Edo Hope try Bat oug1 v to induce the Tarn Effort to prevent Conisa if i bargain cym Ivel in in l on in Curry Pitun. In mind that the democrats show clearly that they hire no regard what Ever to either Dirac Ion for question Liat they Cit incr c re As n matter o principle to uphold nor re strict but that they would just As prohibit it if they thought Tould Zain votes by it. Bearing in Rii cd that they Declai i loudly against prohibition while the Iwic they were for the election to of who will Vou therein for prohibition every re every Goa Uitti ctr Ca Socrat or Republican Cigar in to this position upon the Temperance Cojac Sciort administer such a rebuke it is decesary that in Eiery republicans should adhere to their own Candi dates voting far Good Mett arid True without reference to opinion Upo i question of prohibition and thereby of Nurmi the election of a Lesii Sutmire will return i Republican to the United permit no s Tor october come to u i of All others. And More Beautiful Jyh n Ever. Inc Prin Ciple a 1-Xn u after Ime of Tho Smia i popu Lar pictures of the list Piri. Rinon and is full 01 it nor and truth. There no two sheets of coloured no Eric. With eight different Aloie Are Worth Tho Pace of Tho number. The Colore i steel fashion Plute is of loveliness Peterson is now tue Otic Magazine that gives these fashion plattes coloured by h and ill Otier magazines give Mere lit Dora the then Cre no a univ fill kiting anti work table patterns of every kind in the literary contents we find the same originality and Merit that lung ago placed at the head of the ladies magazines. Thai Char Novelett and love Story a. Fifth a venue is and a new and thrilling one the mystery of the began. There is also a racy Story beautifully ill Istrate. the mrs. Anns Stevens Frank Lee Uene list Etc stc., make up the other contributors. Without Peterson is As it chains the cheapest and Well As bc3t of the ladies books. Its prices to especially ure Low. Sipusi Ineis Urc sent Ira its to those Irish i Jiff n i Jet up clubs. A dries Clias j. Peters of. 300 Che slut Street Phil vib. Or. Oliver Woaij-11 h Borse Lac Iii Titi his Poi Kel a Tion Rieu Nuiji i i. The in jitters at Ihn Turk Ai o Eirls mostly from Oswego formal school. That Fri Ica Moniou in a on us jive1 njc1, thirteen years longer French Man. Sir pc r. Tax Boon Philo to on Ilnick and Ilo Iti no-.-, sold Undot its Maiden a Tuie of Iky and mrs. Elt Zabeni Stuart Ali clips is living the of a Recluse it Gloucester working diligently on is new Story. Tho hurry Tho Trade Dollar in Eastern cities is subsuming and Bluit Coin like Iho prodigal is Cui Cinanni 1? twelve National Banks have r. Capicio of with sur plus Aad a Ruiyu of the put ont office declared thai in Mii Joritz taif Kiziu of thy or. g. Be u the earliest in pc Avo Bogie in summer to Bilor four Mon is. Without carrying an Imbroll. Or n. Shower. H makes it up during the Winter by l very to in. Of the of the uni Voity ii Iio Jear be Jii culled to ups in Utler collects of Tho South. A Cloud has Kirk Euci thu mind of i Lumhoo. Better m Slit is in consequence a Travi i i in North saw nest ill i c Mac i 11 18 of tit i Pine stcopii1, us Luule from one tree and t Leie enough lumber left to Tho Church Yard a flirt a if threw Jinil into the of l Man who scrutinized her and there i i that he will never look at anything a Datum tic arrested o. Bouton Tulete Siivo As Liu stepped from a train him for a probably it not a quit Turull take. To find this in a lot Tor to the Albany journal general Cronk Lias told me tie had Oftt-5 fought. In a knew they were in the to is greatly trusted them. An enormous with seen re can Tiv in x. 11. of t a sir Chi hed tween two Petit t be Vul cuorts a up life Vul feet while the web incur ii if or nue. Of l a j is Loi Iowa. Jct a a Nnaji. Order Betti to net in Adlof aftic to to Angela Cordelia re Nevada a incr Clairici Lobo this . In i t f k los i l no tru Rii any Nui pounds. To lift our Ith it Vas noticed in n Case re be title tried n tint one of the in Idt nto t if it Itiat . Not a word of be k in 7.w-? i in b Catis m Mjor j. Irto i in if i r in it like an Ali if. Inc b i for in i rend ers insurance on All a Boron at s in to to per cent of thy want s. Aiso pay some he is sure tie will Uio at the prescribed i up and is big the of Iha Belle to whom in Vii Danio id bronc i was i Jive Lind no p t fat in the Dalian donor ii iut lost no Lime in Tho Stoni to an expel. Pronoun cd in w eau Dihe social career in Omaha of the Coull the american for Tho Blind just at Louisville Isth building arc Eivid in Tho worhol for Tiit sole purpose. It stands n a Yard Turrou ruled Wuh Trees and is of Brick thre i stones h go with an have an no up Over in Persia. A lot of men enter their horses and Deposit the Entrance fees with the Shah. The race is thin run. h Tho Shah Possession of the a Ouer and Sticks to Jill the in Brunc Money. The Foo hotel s at Saratoga Are opposed to Hoss Trou in that City As it brings a of do not want. My a Liefh. In Ekil for Fine put up at inferior . Be Etc daily Audi Flurett to boat races and will not subscribe die grand Union Man to aug More tiie fewer has tuck und rowers they have in town Tho better the visitors who go there for rest and quiet will like it. The thirteen As it is called was organized in new York with Tho great and Good object of defying Tho traditional thirteen of superstition. But the Nie nobers Wpm undertook to carry out their advanced us Tiroui simply by the use of humor have found that the obligations of Tho club arts making life n. Burden. Alien in order to explode a superstition it nut Idary to take thir teen dunks every time Tho club meets to make Thyr teen Jukes and to have thirteen wines the superstition very rapidly Losi a til its last thing the club did was to i end to the fund for a Peter Cooper Mouru Uil let. A Tonc Crinest s a Lark in Listou brought Indian m the other night for which he the proprietor him extra is ii is a rare to Ujj i i Clarr i to Tiki Sincli thu proprietor a Jio is by my of tie boy s Freak nihed out and grabbed Inhat by Tup used tie Indian and it into the shop. It proved to be an i Rumian Well tanked up with Ater. For a Timet Liero Ocie hoop souls of Anu Jingle of broken in v mount after the cye Lono Iliad Nii sned that too Sigurt boy Dot out of Trio door 04 if then men Wero seen to walk Jirm a Anu into a Blind did ail was except the boy woo Neil lick Comfort Able in nine nor body. The most a this country is John Claricy convict of the m Cli Ipin it a Tickson Fai Iid ice morchand thut lie should my could Tiow Tiiu be Lound. Nobody dreamed that he had jut out in search Only in Tbs Yard but ate at puff it tie door Bell and in Malkeil Luli of ii uni a i Mauduit Riff ind for Beins out so ill lie wanted to and hear Llu is supposed to e vol out acc a n and return Cal Bec ii to it would to get out of Tho but he said Tho show wins so Good that the slight paid for All his trouble. A Niile or two the Village is the me Idow to which we Aro to should be one in which the a roof itself out by a a Thitu be of u the Brooks lie Reab Niia an not if a to in inf. Arrived Here some this Pany prepare Ihu acts Wiiilie the Oti fix Light a lire for it nun begin Jis Lirly As will till Annie Thithi in the Mizue of a picnic is often w till it. The nets Are Ruurd and Flat Ratler Shorter Liati dinner plates Eiton i formed by a Sinif of Iron Rod on Iii he is Strei cited u piece of string my. Bit May be raw Iii eat of any kind is tied to thu con Ter of this net from marginal Rini Are three cunts to hold it level like a scale when i is lifted by the knot which jams Tizioni Neil knot there is Cord ten or twelve Accord of to the Width of the Brook. Tie Only Oiler requisites Are a forked i no ind inn Autmy of Whito proper. One of party car Ries the Nek and an Thyr taking the pole puts the in in. I lie string u pass cd Over the Fork into tie lower part of it in tiie so that the net twines level from the pole then when a suitable place in thy Ikis Euti found for it it Quick in so As 11 u .1 o i u the Luj Tom. Two or of each stung Stroich Ojito to u and to the. End. So thai ail nets May by Readith Fonti l in the dusk. Hog Eicr there inv be or in Ftp of Triem. At Short . Tii ebb take up Nearh half a indie of the Brook and Back to tin lire. After Liki incr up tiie net for examination. I lenten Hes of selecting a winding part of the Stream. The More it winds the Shorter m is the walk Back the from tiie last Al to the first one and walk to a Fri eat m by Over in Conne of Only in re j l r m1. In is to lift the new. Que Yoy and w a f -.k. Holding and it 1-1 enl he would it on san Day. To of funny Oti stir said tie come actor of t e ii Iii unit it train from York Toti i i Jim thai come Henr tragic. Is i for Une of the Nita ten hrs i i a heard of in on this Tram n Wiit. An old Tiu Iti Sofii a sisal w tin smoker Sud Havnier t Havana leaned in Puj eyeful i prov Nicot and Conkein Phiou. Lii my lie Dit Thirlie i by i odor into the Otho Side of car Irish Railto id had taken is it pm was Puinno n bluc1 Dan Den that looked As though it i seen ton years Sori be. It with plug tobacco a ird to keep thelit As h Tho he Sniack i if a 1 of the smoker. I Pastil him Oil me mid w Perrin can t you tint irishman Stop smoking in his horrible old i told him the car was for smok ers and there to whispered u of t Vou baud him this Nijjar pm uhe Tuat will Stop him.1 1 took the i prime cd a hailed it to Tho irishman explaining gentleman opposite presented it to him. Ills i our is a said Tat putting away it his Dhu Feii to keep ii and i la smoke it on sunday a Fiur dinner-1 and then he wont on peaceful pulling at his pipe. Finally the old gentleman moved into Usu rear of Trio car to away from Tho times. The a cupola was loaded Jat it Woi ild not co off uric for water and when h killed his tie published All Over Tho no Patent has been to Fern out by a w Inco Rippl a Boser. Negro hits Patata on a machine and Momaya of game cite he a Pat int on fit i cars. _ of hour after or y n my if he it not till it scr the grape Vine plums. A Caterpillar with a very Long name Pter Phona works in in Leanour upon Tho if rape vines. About the time the third Cluster is forming on a vigorous shoot Trio Tho Citro Unity May be oui fastened together making a Cav Ity to which one or More caterpillars find a Retreat. Tim mature insect 13 a Moth of a Sawfly yellow color with a very rapid flight. Tiie arc split up into Feather like lobes Ivilou Tobii. Account Tho insect is Kiowa. As Tho Crape Vine plume. Tim Livre no Quitsch soon after the grape begin to expand. At first the caterpillars Are Neplir smooth but after change of Yum the hairs become larger and More numerous. They feed for about a month upon the tender a rape and then fastening thesis Etves by the Hind to the under Sido of the leaves Etc., thy Changl into Trio inactive or pupa stale. A Iee oud Brood is not known.1 but if there is Oue it can do Bat Little injury. Trio method of treatment is hand picking. The part should usually to removed in Llic summer prion Iii or pinching and therefore the i Luiu j is not very destructive. Tiniest tie third Cluster of grapes is in Silken mud u lusts to be served Caro Uniat to Tykea in removing the unsightly twisted tips of Tho de agriculturist. Women and horses. Sout Bra ladies Excel in horseback Riding and a Saturn ones in driving. Tho former Are Phi Ceil in the Saddle in in Early hence never timidity or show that awkwardness women arc liable to express who have been trained it Muro mature years in Riding schools. Women Bert the Palm As regards stylish habits and Fine but is a class attic Are a Uither for skill Ful Drivers Tho secluded country Broad Roult arc ailmh1- Ubalo places for proc rec and is in ii probable that the opportunities afforded dung the summer for this practice will result in Itiat will be Felt later in Central Park by gun Tun Iii with Tea Nib who Havo been Diitto Aeck heretofore to complain not Lillo of the careless driving of the full sex. All but two judges of the of must Iseppi Gratcl of Freo passes from one end of the state to Tuo other. In flu to run .11 ,1 in Jinp Iii h a i a ski Ottili t ,1 All i i a i Loac or St Kin. s of the live to t Lii if it Liemiul in Stix Holli Lute vat it ii urge. Out the foul forruiit.7f.l it the blood . It Mil a tin Tutu Wintis. I j Start path. To Szorf. .1 to. To in Lull St a Lien Hia Ami x it Liole a . Xuy info re in ease Thich Arisco fro i Tif t or mood Dyne Kij Iii s i a it is Folly to w. to. R Xirui y Sim Tel ave t tue Dithie of such i put a. That it la by Jami Tuum Lelia Lilu blot Al it Iris Rel ill Init won tit t n. Of win Rte i lia., prepared by or. J. C. Ayer co. Time cd Viii to. Lowell Dis. i is drugs Wall Pav Kab Stam oxalic. Prescriptions Cut Lully amp ended a All ii ours i the . For or. Ind examine my Stock paces and of will ind them to in tue b the cheap harness collars Sudal whips Oil ii jul in fit liar Ness All Marble Kafirs piles arc frequently proceed Rdby a sense Lului i in i i of weight in Tho Back Lions and lower part of the a Douie causing the patient to suppose he has some affection Fruct lint i a. R. Ali Minnesota of the kidneys or neighbouring organs. At sat Ptons of indigestion present As of he _ Eto. A moisture like p.r.pi-1 ration producing a very Fec cd absorb in the tutors . _ or the intense itching and .1 Nia nent cure where All Ether remedies a Iii arc red. To of May uni of. 1 a on produces permanent Kiv Price 50 Jour druggist fur it and when you nut Ollain it of him to will fend it Prapat i. On re Eipl of Price. Add Roas the or. Bo-ink., Medicine co., i i in Ohio sold by c o. Thai ii nor i to o out in Arje juju id that Tny treat Arr Psia Over on to i t of it advice to mothers. Arc of it Nih Ati-1 Bro n of j cur rest by a Riik Cluni Fuffor a Gand Conini Tith pain of ii in Accili so at onco and l it a lie of mils. Vol by Cint Iris you us of i of not been or Raar often be in at i tuft on one Fri. It to Thrim or to pick Thorn in by in the Way eau iou u is to ti1 in on t in Iod win Mrike be of thai R.R-? no danger of Losin not of Tough to ninth Atu it is Cecerin to that lie 3iaixe line Majus time to i i i it will d i poor lilo imn a iat Cly. To j n it. There is no in Tasy about it. It poems i Kuchiury diarrhoea j Roi us arcs the to Nach Era wind Colic soften the to the whole u i poo Ticino for i Tutti Ixon is pleasant to the Taite. J is the prescription of one the oust tin to Trinh and t be Sass Cir Ftp of ski y Rudd to 10 o Lye daily per Jeat. 5 i o your Unis to
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