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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 12, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaV Kwic a Kwh. At mob Eback flood hex it v h. Mes. Tar Kwh to Ems year it j in Advance. If until of year. Of i in a Limilla i in 1 Muiir j in. Milt li.-. Ai volume 4. With malice toward hone and Charity for ail terms per annul in Advance. W a Majk. Floyd col qty Iowa skit. Ii 1s7s. M Olca kit in 1878 v in Keam a i be sorts a. F. A. H. To Lowa Andlen Nesotas Boot and shoe store dried fruit. Ink 1373 b. e. A. To Senkins Attix ii k v1 1v keeps at his drug store to a Rwy the m live for i to Killiri i. For Secretary of state. Iii i by Ami or visor ,.fait.johx a. T. In . It ii.r.f.. . i. I Ami Ii. It Ltd Kur no Sitf. 4. W. . W. A. Ii. L 0. 0. P. At let bar flirt turf Mil invited to .1. W. . U i 0. G. T. Hint . 1. To. To Ilo All kinds of work in Tow a Totte. His Lii. Short ti1k i. Burlington Cetnar rapids t St taif list stuck up to. I Northern Sollof .11 main Street. Marble Roefs j Anh if i Glass Ware rockery Willo wait l , the 1111.11 Flor convention maj. u. a. Ami Plamer Lili erty in of Ani Law. Of Coumis. Stihi Kiniry. Will is St. Louis railways. Or Liulin enl am mkt. I Lulu nil ii Hall Afri arvo ill tint trip . Lii cd. I and every thing in i prices the j grocery store. New Model machine. Many i. The state far in ill. I . An Pravner i. I for slate t hic. lie in p.-. L i j. t. .1. Is. I la. With i co univ. Familiar in . Result i Stair. I Linc Liliian in hols f. Ii uni it. Re i. H. . Unt Htu Msith of. O.m., m a l i Rof Liu a and sell Illy i the j lowest living Porti. Milivo me a Call Sec for yourself. I also keep a full line j Al 1 in Lac Kat lie. I he Eurih in is Arns their i . i Iril to. Lau a Al Vay oven intent. J attorney . Jux r. Y Nix us j i or of tie Snen Ine Conn. i Willetr Clell ions s. Volion. A of Init . Greatly reduced in i. J to return until oct. 551. Thi be tickets. J consisting of . J harem 00, 4.1 cribs Jii--nce in ii Aultum regular i of i shut there no chalice of cars from any jew int on Koule Minneapolis. Et1 i for further in in d j iick.18, Etc Etc Adil Ress ticket aint Siiro uni. In Fly. I on Jan of of Liberal tie tet p j u v. , a 11 store pm Fin-., to in Scurini f Ilju a j and Heady made 10 fall . Of at a i notion i. Air. Co irl in Civ. Supli in Nam Moi. Was in. Ami was on Lori Light. Oilers .u-m i in the chairman of l r be 1 i a a Linn k i in v i 111-. S. C. Blythe x a Spring o Llu the chair. In tinn ii. Is. , of Ajr inst ii Lor i a Nion was in ipod Arv primary Iva Republican county ticket on motion vote a w for clerk of the courts. Wore appointed a a. H. Johnson w. Of a new drug store. Mil u Kaiui if Flea Mitt Liam by Len johkoood1hller i to Kiwi a Tisil orig unit i. Cd Riik in tic will ivc Darland boots shows always on i r. M. St. Rinc Tor i c. Ii. Oaks., of Scon. Everything pertaining to dry goods j in. P. J s k j 01 in at i e. L Rosem Rais Marble . I of h i 11 i .Vmiii a j a Srock jul. U ajl fore the last i la sat. Lyhl the great North West. Tin following extract from tin i St. I Kellk Louic ii. I Well. S. Chims. I v. Wiitcr.-. K. . O. I k. I Rrean. A or primary elections. Against it it . Novi in Cir roil thai the Coil Llly Central ,.illoe i thai. Are in a i Hool Lis Riei in ill. Donn to. Tin vilify non Inlet was s. Ii. Ill Yllic. Tin eos into Dot goods i Mills. Boots h. P. Lans proprietor a a la a Hick . Week will o tin ii tilt Rapiel i of the North West. Volition. Year the ,.if it. A Ole a the Hants of the great now on i hip Nap m mrs. Hightshoe Milliner a if main m Iowa. I Ilir. Charles City. J. 3. Trigg. Shoes hats this Mill is How the Ufa will .1. On i Ioni in uric on Short Tiik whisk St of a Varni. Us i Liy simians inv trip Lions carefully Ai Aii Mun ing in Ursil he. Ihei Noiin in of i Kkt Maxent i ill Lite Tell like Kalts at he full of an Aye. I i Iliin. A ill i c i flour and fee groceries k i ill. . K. Sign Makir. Sir Anistik cutlery Fink a emotions my i Riehill j . A Lytic. S. In. Illylli.-. I in .1. Co. Aix i rails Viv Tilly to inc to. .-.-.hi.-. It. Won Lei Fol Progress of the a Orch West. I it. Towner. C. Ii. Clark. Ii. Irown. At is , a Wise i in is Iloni v. Loins was the la Rahmil. Hil. Man will Niafci-provi.-.n Lor those that i in Congress from Liat area Llowana. Nav by Cailil upon id Ninon pm their Nan. . Or Wisconsin. Iowa nil . Ilu on.-. Arlion trial in in or with hat part tin1 of of omit nifty Ivill i a h North of the River i r. Isl the Easl of he White Kal la in ii last Hind Ami i Tokai kit. J in Leral Renss. The total civil in i the Pipit of Pruni Iliin it Chagrin an x ins in i Pinion Ami Scott Low ships on Vii it cd of the entire Terri torn of Una the in h the Llic j us conquer i Whill Liu lit i t n Lilly Niji. W. B. Crabtree for Sale. It i thu a and in ill i wore at that. Vear a of parly Hal Linth a . Of i ver us Lav a 11-71 in ii my a jni.-. Mall Elk 7 it l icon dentist will be at Murthie lock Jems and nil a i which we differ to Tho Palilio at which i have i his monday tuesday of each wet i. In do Nii a lint notice. Nil ill lowest profits. This company is of c. West of Muhi an. Office rooms if ouse. To any a j Al i of with the a i tie same country has Emilei Ifil Tion Gumenn Teeth on ill work. Viohl fill a on state Law. Ami now Earrie Twenty nine reprc.-.taiives and ins Donkin a manner which i Nanut w ,._________________j Luk k. Enate in has re Ileal h eat ii from ill. I i Lor some of the men in tin state l a manner which cannot surpassed. Fute a he at Spring. C a 11k t a o e s t make to c k i the Rudaj and at Urene and a n 1 i k s. I solicits the i of each week. Of the a i to Hihl. or repair their to i in. Will take for Notie to the Public. J erection of private residences Ami put. I Clophia new la will Shepardson Bro s. Glicr i v saris .1. K. I wild have of to Lic Avon and live million in Wen. Ii t Cha. . A hum clip the s. I 44 ulv More than eleven weekly w Hock has vat in Aid x interview with mrs. I logo a. I i _ m if you want chess Timis . Of a . Kim 1 1" or and else in his Lim. I All on a. N. Arnold. He to jts Noimi hut thou i Ami Rill Roll to i. It co., Grain dealers. Nartu Ink Hollo with i Tulios. Ami i Pati i. Anil the. Is t True Irce Ive deposits Pam for ill. Clinton Lor in such on trial. Nnlileniirt.-it-. If in . until that Tim-.-. So will further Ilia n.-r. A i d it or i Lily i a Wil i to a Jim. Him she Ai l that ah-.? Ali in Llinat he was u Hill. .1 i a. K i Baliell leaving i Stintl. Fhi Shultz. My Ltd Mck paid for All kinds of meat Market s. Mari Jim and dealer in Tea Rikss Dak t.n.1 . Marme i wac. . ,1 i f of. Hall Cedar rapids Carriage works m 5 a a j " Walt l. U. Us a a at fity. 4 ii ax11 in i i.-.ri-. Her. S ii i Aii l k i u that Lelwin two late of ., being per Ami stable. For a Manenty located at vhf Marble Rook Orlov rred at Slyva tax no. 1. Buggies in at the a a c .ii.-i.l. be a .Ri what ill meats a kept Ofil. A at Ami f Lii of the that i _ l la Fol v Al Winkfi. .1. Carpenter and Joiner work. Plans Ami is Taii. A. Fiite.1 Ani specifications in Rny. foil a . A Way lire Lii. Ilii a t a. V Milli is. Will of . To a i. The Ninhia i of h t l -.v.-i. Tirc l him. Tin. I in ,1 m., turn. M oflus 1 r. T
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