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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 9 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 9, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. 5. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa sept. 1897, terms a year sad Irons at w. L. Nelson s is the place to buy your hardware also paints and oils of All kinds. A Fine line of paint and bicycles at prices that will astonish you. It will pay you to investigate before buying. Societies. A. V. A. Is. A . Stone Lodge tto. 251. Communication wednesday on or before to cordially invite itto attend. Robbert w. It. 8. A Sec. I o. O. F. Marble Rock Lodee lbs Meels thursday 3teniug of Eirini week. Visitors cordially invited. Luebon o. H. Rose Kraws Sec. A of Pielar Tco 210, meets tuesday evening f each week. Visiting Brethren invited. W u void has. C. C. A. K. Of ii. B. I. Or la. The 3rd tuesday night la each Mouth in add Fellows Hull. L. W. To Isk Tass area. R. 3. Aci Cuey . Sec. M. W. Of a. Jts ble Iloco. Camp so. 441.3 regular meet a second and fourth saturday of Racli Mouth at Odd a Elloh Hall. Mulling Eigl Bors in Good standing cordial la in Vitus to attend. A. H. Mei ii c ii. I xxx clerk. Of. K. C. Sleete at the Home of Lars. Stewart the 1st and cd thursday of each Mouth at 2 o Cronk u. Mits. A a. Stevart pres. 31ns. Christi a Sec. G. A. K. Marble Rock poet to. 308, meets first Sittu Idaj of etch month. C. T. com. W. B. adj. W c t u meets Ever thursday. Tit be president. Lbs a. M. Mesh inc Secretary. Churches. Mktnodist--preacnitigsundaj8 at 11 . And 7.30 . Epworth league meeting at prayer chats Iii chit in preach me sunday at 11 i m and 7 -30 p m. I Mitun meets at 6-10 p m. Prayer meeting wednesday Ning. J will Walters. Pastor. Firm. B preach bins sundays at 11 . And p. M. Prayer Barrist preaching every 1st sunday in each month ally a. M. And p m. Sunday school a. M. Services the Union school House. City Olbera. Mavor decor Der treasurer. Street commissioner f e Oats u u Hose Krans 3 k Kinny councilmen a c daily nil a , h. Chas Weber r Anggel k. J. Ackley. Union Towi Phlp school Board president e. P. Valster. Secretary. U b Sles treasurer John Gates bisectors sick Sundt Packman e p Walster i Mao a Start Davis 11 Andrew Gates. Modiste bins John Bates James Prehar Miles Cli email , Scott town help of scors. Schermerhorn s. Reveri Ellis Blase town Crowell As Testor Jake Gerber Witter Miles a Inrush and Eion Rosier. _ Scott township school Board. Sec Ewry George n in trea Iurco stancs v Sleck directors 1 johnb Stop 5 f. F. Witter. S to w Garber s mat Standt 4 John 6 e Spaulding 7 j Cunningham j of Jeffrey 9 John . Judicial. C. Sherwin. J. F. Clyde. Terms of monday in january 1st monday in 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Board of Popery sors. Lucius Lane chairman Cul Phillip shall. Marble Kocic to Moth pippin b. , , Lles a Ernly Hon Flay i a Nenory april june and september and and monday in an flite treasurer. Clerk the courts. Benoer Surveyor. County attorney Cormier Coontz w h , m. Tarr Willard Perrin . Johnson m. H. Ail ii f. A. Ho7irnt Frank c. W. Knickerbocker Lias anybody been heard to express j regret that he voted for sound Money and Protection last ear the cry wherever i candidate ii Ryan tries to renew his Silver arguments. Of course Silver is not to blame for the change in the Price of wheat. It had nothing to do with it never did in fact. That rattling sound you have heard Over the country is not caused by the putting up of shutters As was the Case at this stage of the Ulet Eland administration. Is or. Bryan going to sit quietly by and perhaps allow the statesmen of Mexico through the direction of the London Jold to commit an other after a series of a Yular democratic vows the Pennsylvania democratic convention endorsed the Chicago free Silver platform cheered wildly for Bryan nominated a ticket and then adjourned what tools these mortals be. Hundred and fifty thousand British guineas from Australia have been received in Francisco in pay ment for i donations of american wheat. This is another Case where the Western Farmer is being tramped upon by the Gold Power of great Britain blessed is the country whose sol Diers fight for it and Are willing to give the Best they have the Best that any Man has. Their own lives to preserve it because they love it. Such an army the United s ates has always com Inan ded in All her Mckinley at Buffalo. It seems though everything had turned against the calamity Shri ekers whether of the free Silver or free Trade Type. Their latest misfortune comes in the Way of a recent announcement showing the individual deposits in the National Banks of the country to be the largest on record. From the position of private Soldier to that of president of the United states is a Long step and there is but one Man who has yet made it. He was at the Buffalo Reulon the other Day one we. Mckinley. And he was not a bit ruffled either when his Carriage was refused admittance to the Camp by an old Soldier who knew Only of obey orders. And now there is a Prospect of higher prices for Corn. The europeans taking our Corn in great quantities and Here a statistician b. W. Snow of Chicago one of the Ablest experts m crops in the country with an estimate that the Corn crop of the country will be of More than bushels this year against bushels last year. This Means higher prices for Corn. And yet Silver continues to the ticket. The nominated an is a tron ticket lit convention last week. W. B. . The nominee for representative is a native of Vermont having first seen the Light of Day in Castleton Al dec. 25, 1s31. He Reauie to Floyd county in 1sg4, where be has since resided. Or Towner is a prosperous Farmer of Cedar township where he owns Over 200 acres of land. Or. Towner is Well known in Floyd county having served four terms As supervisor. He is a Man in whom the people have unbounded Confidence As to his honesty and integrity and we predict that he will fill the position to which he was nominated to the satisfaction of the people. E p. Walseth. The nominee Lor treasurer was born in Sauk county Wisconsin. August 10, 1861. He came to Rock Ford Iowa in isso where he remained one year. In 1ss1 he Carce to Marble Kock and soon after engaged in tue hardware business. Or. Walter has been a resident of the town continuously Cince his first settlement and has been identified with its business inter ests during the entire time. He Bow holds the offices of school director and Justice of the peace. We can give the people of this county no better guarantee of his honesty and integrity than the statement that the Hanking House of j. B. Shepardson one of the strongest financial institutions in the county will head or. Walster s Bond should he be elected to the office for which he was nominated. J. W. Parker the nominee for sheriff is a old resident of the for Many years been a resident of pleasant Grove township. Several years ago he rented his farm and moved to Charles City ant engaged in the Coal business. Or. Parker was elected by the Board of supervisors to Ull the vacancy caused by the resignation of sheriff Fairbanks and his nomination is an endorsement of the boards action As Well As or. Parker s ability to fill this responsible position of sheriff or. Parker is fill ing the position to the satisfaction of the people his election will follow his nomination. J. M , for county superintendent is a Young Man who has made his Way from the Bottom of the ladder by his own exertions he has gained a Good education. For the past year he has been assistant principal of the Charles City schools and is today one of the prominent educators of the county. Capt. F. B. Roxiene was nominated by acclamation for county Surveyor. Lie has held the office several years and needs no introduction to Floyd county voters. Or. Rozwenc is painstaking and accurate in Bis work qualities very desirous in a county Surveyor. Or. W. A. Cook the nominee for Coroner is a Young physician who has his spurs to win Bert is a Floyd county boy and we have no doubt will fill the office acceptably to the people. R. S Chich Ester received the nomination for supervisor. He has served the people acceptably Lor one term which is the Best guar Antee for future Good service. The ticket throughout is Good one and will be elected triumphantly at the polls next november. Has it been Learned whether that which a to be paid the sex candidate Bryan for his one Ohio Effort is guaranteed in Gold Coin the factory smoke seems to have affected or. Bryan s voice. During the month of August the nil roads pulled into Chicago cars of Grain this is the largest Grain tragic in their history the next largest was that of the corresponding month of 1s9-, when curs were pulled in. The Stock of the Granger roads has almost doubled with la the last Sis months. Let s see the free coinage advocates last year promised the Farmer a Bushel for wheat if they would dilute the currency of the country with Sil ver hut admitted they did not know How much the Dollar would be Worth. We know How much it is cents vet the Farmers have got their Dollar a Bushel and got it in Good Money too. This chows the Wisdom of rejecting newfangled theories without a careful test As to their probable effect .-11 operation. Those statesmen who went abroad a couple of months ago to find out Why Japan went to the Gold Standard can come Home. Director Preston of the mint Bureau has told it in his table showing the values of foreign coins. The table shows that the japanese Sil ver yen which was Worth in Isis 75.3 cents had in 1897 fallen to 4fc.s cents while the Gold yen has not changed at All. This tells the Story and messes. Mantle and Dubois had As Well come Hook and own up to the facts. Farmers May congratulate themselves that Tho Dingley Law which protects their productions thoroughly has gone into operation. The recent report of the Bureau of statistics shows that the importations of twelve article of Cotton feathers Chicory cattle preserved fruits Beans Rice and sugar june 1s97, were More than 50 per cent greater than in june 1895, a of Jet Usu Olga Subt the corresponding month of last year. Do you know that it has taken time and work to produce shoes Worth your buy ing at prices fair for think it Over. You to pay think this Over that descriptions Are cheaper than materials. Be sure the shoes you buy Are As Good As you re made to believe they Are. Leo. W. Gates. A careful estimate of the shortage of j fiscal year. The Dingley Law is All food Supply in Europe shows that in j right and As soon As the Advance in Rye and potatoes the conditions Are As a rotations Are used up it will produce bad As in wheat. Rye is As important quite As much revenues As or. Dingley an article As wheat in Many european i and thu to Obaury experts estimated in countries and the same is of , True of potatoes. The shortage in wheat Rye and potatoes in Europe is now estimated As follows bushels. in the coming Campaign in the greater new York the canvass will be one of the fiercest and most momentous in the history of american polities. It will determine whether the great Center of american civilization the of the world Over to the forces heat Bye potatoes conservatism wealth and second City is to be Given which last year fought madly for the destruction of the stability of the social system and of Republican institutions or is to be Eon trolled by the elements in the Community which represents its Honor in liar ent nent and Enterprise its Intelli gence and its York Sun dem Silver orator Blind has put his foot in t again. He has grown hot under the Collar because of the wheat and Silver talk of the anti free Coio Agisto and attempts to explain that tic in crease in wheat prices is simply the re sult of shortages abroad. In doing this however he gives away his whole argument about Silver for the state ment wheat is High because of a Short Supply is an admission that Over production would cause Low is the whole Story in a nut Shell . The Low prices of the past few years were the result of an increased Supply and cheaper Means of production and transportation. Town nip of Ine peace k p in later Sii Diris t Bex k e w Winchell Cut Etc a c wanted an a View a mum u. A. For their prow Ober electric bit Tersia Medicine suited for any season j bit perhaps More generally needed when Tbs languid prevails when the liver is torpid sluggish and the need of tonic and is Felt. A prompt we of this has often averted Long perhaps fatal bilious levers. No i Medicine will surely in j counteracting freeing the system from the Prisco. Headache Tondt Section dizziness i Field to electric bikers. 50e. And 111.00 per bottle at a. J. Asper co s j drag store. Stands at the j. Bogdol the leading druggist of Shreve port la., says or. Kinu s new discovery is the Only thing that cures my cough and i n the Best seller 1 j. F merchant of Safford Ariz writes or. Kind s new discovery is All that is claimed for it it never fill stand is a sure cure for consumption coughs and colds. I cannot say enough or is or. King s new discovery for consumption and colds is Ooi an Experiment it has been tried for a quartet of a Century and today hands at the head. It never disappoints trial bottles at a. J. Asper cos drug store. It looks As though there would be a squabble Between the agricultural society and the attorney general. The agricultural society have a Beautiful suite of rooms in the Northeast Corner of the Capitol building on the. Main floor. The attorney general has a Small office in the South Wing. The attorney general feels a though he like to jump the claim of the Farmers. Lawyers Harj so a Custo Ted to gobbling up the of the Farmers that attorney looked upon it As a matter of right and per hips thick to use a Legal phrase that custom Makei the Horny handed Farmer however is stubborn. With a shortage of bushels in the food Supply of Europe the Silver orators Are thinking of Revis ing to Cir calamity argument of last year. Washington letter. Sept. 3, Secretary Gage a surprising some of those Nho supposed that he would de vote his entire time to strictly financial matters by giving his personal Atten Tion to All the various branches of the Treasury department and the result is that he is Likely to be More thoroughly posted on All the Workings of his department than any Secretary of the Treasury we have had for a Long time. And he in t overworking himself either. Be is merely bringing his wide business experience to Bear upon the working of the department just Asha did when at the head of the big Chicago Bank. He has a wonderful Knack of speedily disposing of Busi. Ness. Senator Spooner of Wisconsin correctly says Bryan ism and free Silver have gone Over the Brink forever. New industries Are being projected capital is coming out business is , on the Whoie this Ong looked for and much Talfred of Era of Prosperity is not on the Way but is actually col Andrew , of known in grand army circles this week assumed lieu a Utica of Comei oleic of the department of agriculture. Hon John Hussell Young this week announced his selections of the remain Der of his chief assist its in the management of the congressional Library and everybody that to has lived up to his Promise that each of them should be chosen for their special fitness to fill the positions to which they Are appointed. There Are yet about forty clerks attendants la homers Etc. To be appointed to Complete the working Force of the new Library and the number seeking Tho a places is in the neighbourhood of Sci up Trio . O members of the administration Are not disappointed in he amount produced by t in Dingley thrill up to Date. The deficit of Abo u Twenty six millions of dollars for the of july and August no larger than it was sex and if he moves at All he will move i peeled to be Large Advance import very slowly. He has Learned the other Lions lessened the Tariff receipts and Possession is nine Points in Large expenditures necessarily had to and be kicks and Slicks. Be in the first Quarter of the new Advance of its enactment and the Treasury will soon accumulate sufficient surplus to resume the Republican policy of reducing the National debt by the retirement of Bonds. The attempt of the Silver democrats of Pennsylvania to compel w. F. Har Lity to retire from the democratic National committee is regarded to Washington As the beginning of a fight to a death upon the Gold democrats by the Silver democrats the Silver dem sprits vr1 Mart Irv in their hands and they arc apparently fully determined that those members of their Pirty who decline to fall upon and worship at the shrine of the free coinage of Silver shall be kicked out of the party. Nothing could please the republicans More than to Sec this de termination fully carried out and the democratic party municipal county Stato and National committed to free Silver. Considerable gossip has been caused in by the declaration of nov. O Ferrall of Virginia that he would not support the recently nominated state democratic ticket but As the men who nominated that ticket Are in control of the election machinery this defection is not Likely to affect the the result. With an election Law in Virginia that would insure the counting of votes As they Are cast it would be an easy matter to defeat the democratic ticket. Scott s it aulsion of cod liver Oil with Hyp Phoi Whites can be taken As easily in summer As in Winter. Unlike the Plain Oil it is palatable and the hypo phosphates that Are in it Aid in digestion and at the same time tone up the system. For sickly delicate children and for those whose lungs Are affected it is a mistake to leave it off in the summer months. The dose May be reduced if necessary. We recommend the Small size especially for summer use and for children where a smaller dose is required. It should be kept in a Cool place after it is once opened. For wanted an idea write Ymir Mew Tyso can Tahtak or Soroc it Mph thing to Puteett bring Yon co. Patent actor

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