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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 8, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaThe coming woman. Ross the Eastern Hills with hastening morn to it Rofenus As the Light and Radiant As the responsibilities like Auriac which stands by the sea takes care of besides i have my Way to make As you have one at any rate and that was re stored to me by and i glanced to the Hilt of my sword. She Shook her head in deprecation. A Ery Well then i will not recall it to you but i can never is Sweet of savor and you gave it Back to me. We will meet again in then at the As she glanced up at me trying to smile i saw her eyes were moist with tears and the wide lands of Bidache were before me and i held myself in somehow. i turned and without another look passed out of the Hall. As i went Down the stairway i save on the termer to my right the figure of d Ayen. He had changed his costume to the slashed and puffed dress which earned for the Gay gentlemen of Henry s court the Nick name from m. De Savoye s caustic Tongue and his wizened face stood out of his snowy Ruff in All the glow of its fresh paint. With one foot resting on the parapet he was engaged in throwing crumbs to the peacocks that basked on the turf beneath him. I would have passed but he called out a. I to a word Only then am in a bad thing he said staring it me from head to foot. These Woods would Letch a Good they and he waved his hand toward the wide stretching Forest. You mistake m. D Ayen. I am not a Timber "0 a Good he went on not heeding my reply a. Be Chevalier i was going to say i will have them Down when i am master Here. They Obs tact the i could have Flung him from Ter race but held myself in and turned on my Heel. Adieu he called out after me and remember what i have i took no notice. The Man was old and his giving Tongue his Only weapon. I Ian Down the Steps to where Jacques was ready for me with the horses. Springing into the Saddle i put spurs to the beast and we dashed Down the chapter v. A coot deed Home to Roost. We dashed through the streets of Bidache arousing the Village dogs asleep in the yellow sunlight to a of disapprobation. About a dozen sought to revenge their disturbed Aud following the horses mapped viciously at their heels but we soon diet aced them and hinging a curse or so after us in dog language they gave up the Pursuit and returned to blink away the afternoon. It was my intention to keep to the right of Ivry and after crossing the Eure head straight for Paris which i would enter either by Way of Versailles or St. Germains it mattered Little what Road and there was plenty of time to decide. For a league or so we galloped along the undulating ground which sloped to Ward the Ford near Ezy but As we be j Gau to approach the the country studded with Apple Orchards and trim with hedgerows of Holly and Hawthorn broke into a wild and rugged Moorland intersected by ravines whose Depths Wei concealed by a tall undergrowth of Christ s Thorn and Hornbeam whilst beyond this in russet in somber greens and Grays that faded into absolute Blue stretched the forests and Woods of Anet and Croth Sorel. As we Slid rather than Rode Down one of these Banks my horse cast a shoe and this put a Stop to any fur ther hard Riding until the mishap could be repaired. There is a Smith at Ezy said Jacques where we can get what we want done and then push on to Louvres where there is Good accommodation at the grand in this manner w e jogged along Mak ing but slow Progress and the Sun was setting when we came into View of the Willow lined Banks of the Eure and entered the Walnut Groves of the outlying Forest in which Ezy Lay. As we approached we saw that the Village was Siree Puna desert ii Anu like ruined Orchards and smokeless chimneys told their own tale. Turning a Bend of the grass grown Road we came upon a few children shaking walnuts from a tree about 200 paces from us. Whilst a Man and a woman stood hard by observing t hem. At the sight of us the woman turned to the Man with an alarmed Ges Ture and he half Drew n saw the White Theu changing his mind ran off into the Forest. The Chil Dren followed suit sliding Down the trunk of the tree and fleeing into the Brushwood looking for All the world like Little Brown rabbits As they dashed into the gaps in the Thorn. As for the woman she turned slowly and began to walk toward the Village. They Are very Bash til Here i said quickening my Pace. Except the lady and then we trotted up alongside her. Reining in i asked if she would direct me to the blacksmiths for there 1 will guide seemed no sign of a forage about. She made no answer but stopped and stared at us through her hair which fell in thick masses Over her forehead and neck. As she did this i saw that she appeared to be of the Superior peasant class but evidently sunk in poverty. She was Young and Lier features were so Correct that with circumstances a Little altered she would have been More than ordinarily Good looking. At present however the face was wan with privation and there was a fright ened look in her eyes. I repeated my in As gentle a tone As i could command and she found Tongue. Will guide "0 that is All very began Jacques but i interrupted him won Dering a Little to myself what this meant. Well and she dropped a Courtesy and then asked with a timid eagerness Monsieur does not come from the Mafoi to this is hardly the Way from the Lead on please it Grov s she glanced up again a suspicion in her eyes and then without another word went on before is. We followed her Down the winding grass grown Lane past a few straggling cottages where not a soul was visible and up through the narrow Street where the sight of us drove the Feriv wretched inhabitants into their Tumble Down houses As if we had the plague itself at our Saddle bows. Finally we stopped before a cottage of some pretensions to size but decayed and All else was in this Village which seemed but half alive. Over the Entrance to the cottage Hung a faded signboard Mark ing that it was the local hostelry and to the right was a Small shed apparently used As a workshop and Here the Smith was seated on a rough Bench gazing into space. He Rose at our approach and made As if he would be off but his daughter As the Young woman turned out to be gave him a sign to stay and he halted muttering something t could not catch and As i looked at the gloomy figure of the Man and the Musty inn i said out loud More leu but it is Well we have to input our trouble make Tny bending from the Saddle i offered our guide a Coin. She fairly snatched to it i then colouring up turned and ran j the inn. 1 thir another Coin to the Smith and bade him act about ing the horse. He shuffled this Way and that and an swered dully that he would do the Job Wii Linyip but it would take hours. But it will be night by i expostulated and i have to go not stay As Monsieur answered the clod but you have nothing i am slow Connot help this is a Devil of a i exclaimed resigning myself to Circum stances and dismounting1, handed the reins to Jacques. As 1 did so 1 head voices from the inn one apparently that of a girl and the other that of a Man and it would seem that she was urging something but what it was i could not catch nor was i curious As to the Point of discussion but it struck me that As had to wait Here two hours it would be Well to inquire if i could get some refreshments for our selves and a feed for the beasts. For answer to my question i got a Gruff go and ask my from the Smith who turned As he spoke and began to Fumble with his tools. I Felt my tem per rising hotly but stayed my Arm and bidding Jacques keep an Eye on the horses stepped toward the door of the inn. As 1 put hand on it to press it open some one from within made an Effort to keep it shut but i was in no moot to be trifled with further and pushing Back the door without further ceremony stepped in. In doing so i thrust some one Back a Yard or so and found that it was the girl who was try ing to bar me out. Ashamed of the violence i and shown i by Sunn to apologize whilst she stood before me rubbing her Elbow and her face flushed and red. The room was Bare and drear beyond description. There were a couple of rough tables a chair or so an Iron pot simmering Over a fire of Green Wood. Hose Punge Todor filled the chamber. In a Corner a Man Lay apparently asleep a tattered cloak drawn Over his features so As to entirely conceal them. I Felt in a moment that this was the stranger who had fled our approach and that he was play ing Fox. Guessing there was More be Hind this than appeared but not show ing my suspicions in the least i addressed the girl i am truly sorry and Hope you Are not Hurt had i known it was you i should have been gentler. I have but come to ask if i can get some wine for ourselves and food for the it is she stammered Lam not Hurt. There is but a Little soup Here and for the grass that grows there is wine there at any and i rested my Eye on a Horn cup Down whose Side a red drop was trickling Aud then let it fall on the still figure in the Corner of the room. There is no i continued "3-011 be paid. I do not look like a gentleman of the Road i she shrank Back at my words and it Nonni Virrl As if a lined moved tinder the cloak of the Man. Who Lay feigning sleep in the room and the Quick movement was As if to had clutched the Lia it of a Dagger. To be continued Mao your own filter. There to exc my fur water which 1m full of Genu and impurities. Everybody knows or ought to know that at this time of the year it is the height of Folly to drink water that has not been previously purified in some Way either by boiling or by filtration. Boiling is an effective Way of freeing the water from impurities and should certainly be done where no better method exists but a useful filter can. Be made so easily at Home at an Al most nominal Cost that there is scarcely any excuse for a household not pos Sessing one. The homemade filter consists Sim ply of an Ordinary decanter a lamp Glass such As can be purchased any where for a few cents by Way of a fun Nel and a piece of sponge or Cotton Wool. Some people prefer Cotton Wool because it can be thrown away after a time and renewed at a nominal Cost. If a sponge is chosen it ought to be taken out often cleaned in hot Salt and afterwards rinsed in cold. The sponge or Cotton Wool is placed for the distance of an Inch a the lamp Shade. This is then covered by a layer of inc been very clean and placed in a Fine Lawn bag. This must be packed through the top of the Glass and spread out to fit across by the Aid of a Long Pencil or a skewer. On top of the Sand must be placed a layer of animal charcoal which has been previously thoroughly washed by putting it in an earthen vessel and pouring boiling water upon it. This Uncle Kne or it All. I was stopping at the Arlington at Augusta and i fancied that i had been preaching Long enough to have preacher ways and preacher looks but i was mistaken. An old Darky approached and with an apologetic Al pull at his hat said Boss Kin you Tell me whar i Kin git or set or de Minuit or de meet in ? brer Teetus Lenry he say lie want or set an he a me Ter git pm for i told him get the min utes and he thanked me after which he said Boss when de Bishop Winter we have no i replied. Yasser i know Dat course. I know Dat but i mean de biggest one Eryou All de president when he Winter of he s not a preacher. That s sex gov. is Dat a. Fack Well Sah i voted for Dat Man but i Tell you Sah i Laks d e Way Dat Man talk Sunim de Beer an i Wanter hear him preach. Lie Sho do talk Lak a Spon sible journal. Homemade filter. Layer should be at least an Inch deep and should be Well pressed Down upon the layer of Sand. The filter is now ready for use. Water is poured into the lamp Shade and allowed to percolate slowly through to the decanter beneath. After a time the charcoal will get clogged and a Little must be taken from the top and boiled for a few min utes and then spread out before the fire. It will then be As Good As Ever and can be thus cleansed indefinitely. From time to time also the whole apparatus will want cleansing and the whole of the charcoal As Well As the bag of Sand and the Cotton Wool or sponge will have to be taken out and thoroughly boiled or better still re placed with new material. Provided the filter be thus kept thoroughly clean it will yield As Good results As any of the Patent filters on the Market costing Many times the of this simple y. Herald. For Beauty s Sake. The secret of n Clear attractive complexion of Lully in a feel do Gutlon. Inn made Tiili Grin it. Gen. John w. Norton is a Clever Pun Ster. Some years ago a prominent Young local attorney died of alcoholism lie was a talented Chap a Brilliant or Ator and full of Promise for the future. Gen. Was one of his Best friends and none regretted his sudden end More than did the sex Secretary. At a meet ing of the bar which passed resolutions on his death the general asked what he knew about the end of the Young Man. Lie knew no More than was reported in the newspapers at the time and said so. I wonder if he died hard suggested some one in the crowd after the meeting had adjourned. Into he died in Good remarked Gen. Noble As seriously As if delivering a funeral oration. Then he added in an undertone to a Friend who happened to be passing out with him i d hate to have any of you Fellows ask if i died hard some Day when you Are Eulogi zing Louis Republic. Did t live up to. It. I never made a Promise that i did not live up she asserted proudly. He said inquiringly. She said emphatically. He made no reply. Argument he knew was useless. Facts alone would count. Therefore he hunted up a copy of the Book of common prayer and when he had found it he turned to the marriage service and where it says love Honor and obey he underscored the word what happened after that is a matter that does not concern the Public. It is enough to know that while then no doubt that he had proved his Point he deeply regretted hating done Chicago Post. Remember that no woman can be Lovely with a poor complexion nor will cosmetics however Fine and expensive delude the observer in the searching Light of Day cautious the St. Louis the secret of a Clear Beautiful complexion is perfect digestion and in summer especially f. Diet is sufficient for the indolent ice by of used term. Fruit fresh and Ripe boiled milk Clear Boup whole wheat and Rye bread Are Wie Best friends for Ruddy Cheeks and Bright eyes. Loose cloth ing conies next. Tight Corset shoes belts and bands produce coarse red Ekin and give a harsh strained look to the lips and eyes. Friction Bath Cool plunges and rigorous Massage laugh Ter and exhilarating sport make the blood bound Freety. Round the Muscles and reduce Loose flabby flesh to nor Mal proportions. Do not eat if you Are very tired and warn. Take time to Bath the face and neck freely loosen your clothes and rest half an hour after a shopping tour or vigorous exercise and you will feel like spending the evening socially. If your skin feels parched and Dusty on coming in Bathe the face gently in tepid water then apply a soothing lotion which any drug prepare for you of Glycerine Benzoin alcohol and Rose water and let it dry in the skin without wiping with a Towel. Hot to applique Satin. To applique Satin paste the Satin on paper the color of the net when quite dry Cut out with Sharp Scis it will not then be necessary to turn in Acy edges. Embroidery paste it usually used but thick Viust be stiff answer though it u not quite m satisfactory. A evening Fiche. U the toilet. All Young women and some old too have an evening Fiche. They easily made Coit but Little and can by thrown Over thin dresses without crushing them and at the same they add a More effective finish to costume. To make one of the ficus you of All a Good pattern. Them to Wear with Dainty Dremml Chase three Yards of plaid silk Choos ing your own colors As Long As the silk is plaid. Lay the silk on the pattern and Cut it out so that it has two Long stole ends. Cover the Collar with plaited Chiffon of the color of your plaid Stripe and put three ruffles of the chif Fon around your Fiche. Edge each Sido of the stole ends with the Chiffon and finish the front with two Large Rosette of the same. Young girl s health. My. S. T. Borer Given some Lur her or can diver along and diet. A Young girl should be taught to carry her body erect holding her Abdomen in and putting the Ball of her foot first on the writes mrs. S. T. Borer on the Best diet for bloodless in the ladies Home journal. This is of the utmost importance to keep the organs in Good Posi Tion. The clothing should be Loose Light warm and suspended from the Shoul Ders. Skirts should be made of Light Wool or silk. The stockings fastened to the Waist by Means of supporters the one skirt worn buttoned to the Bottom of the Waist the shoulders should form the Neces sary clothing. The shoes should be made to fit the feet with Broad soles and Low Broad heels. Gloves should sufficiently Loose not to Stop the circulation atthe wrists. A Short walk each Day May be taken but fatigue should never be produced far better to spend most of the Day out of doors in the Hammock or a Steamer chair. Early to bed should be the first motto. In the morning after a sponge Bath with a thorough rub she should drink half a comfortably hot water. When appetite is Felt a soft boiled egg a piece of whole wheat bread thoroughly baked and Well buttered and a Little while after a Glass of Cool water not iced May be taken. The Noonday meal should consist of a Good Clear beef soup a broiled Steak or roasted beef a Little boiled Rice a lettuce salad with Olive Oil dressing and some simple dessert such whipped or bavarian Cream. After dinner rest should be taken in open air either in the Hammock or Steamer chair and without Reading or heavy mental occupation. For supper beef or Mutton broiled and Good whole wheat bread Well buttered. At the close of this meal she should slowly about two teaspoonfuls of Oil and Mast Cate it before Swallow delicious sponge cake. For sponge cake weigh six eggs take their weight in sugar and half their weight in flour separate the egg carefully add the sugar to the Yolks and beat until Light then stir in care fully the Well beaten Whites sift two or t Mes. Adding it a Little at a time folding and cutting it in. Turn into a pan lined with greased paper and bake in a Quick oven for from 20 to 25 s. T. Borer in ladies Home journal. Decorating with m shawl. A pleasing effect was achieve Din the decoration of a music room recently on the occasion of a wedding by the use of an India shawl. It was a Large and Fine one with a Pink Center. This was spread Over the grand piano and on the Pink Center stood a Pink Jardiniere filled with Apple blossoms. At the Side of the piano in a tall chinese Jar of Pale Pink and Green were massed More blooms of Dogwood and Apple blossoms mingled. Sweaters for children. Every wee baby girl or boy. To strictly up to Date should Lave sweater for its per ambulatory spins. In Case of a sudden Cool change the sweater is easily slipped on Over the clothes. Tveite Pale Pink and sky Are the favorite colors. To. 1 mint re willing. The is of Mexico provide that mormon who wishes to take a Bey Ond wife must present a certificate i signed by his first Hel meet to the of i feet that she is will lag and he Mutt i Ais have the express consent of wife and Ber

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