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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 8, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly. B. B. Sues sox Phum. Marple Bock. Iowa look up. Ity toll worn brother lift your look up and leave a Golden sign is id the the of Hope is shining. Of weary ones i bring you cheer the Day at is dawning the night is Long and dark and drear but Joy is in the moral is Sisters bowed with Ca e ant or ref. Look up forget your sorrow for trouble there will come Relief and Hope is in the Morrow. 0 souls cast Down in bitterness arise and cease complaining there is an end 10 your distress look up for god is reigning. 1 know not any Creed but this that we should love each other that every land my country is and every Man my brother. My heart goes out to you in love to make your burdens lighter to Teil you Hope is dreaming of a future growing brighter. Allye who suffer and Repine my heart in pity holds you and if in mind know by that sign god s greater love enfolds you. Look up our father on the sky has set a. Bow of Promise up the Clouds Are rolling by the eight is passing from us. The wrongs of old their race have Rua men to the new Are turning above the yet Urisen Sun the Clouds of morn Are burning. Look up my Brothers look and Pray though now you wait in sadness the Golden Light of the new Day the tyrant s reign is on the Wane for plunder and oppression the hand of Justice o or the main strikes Down a faithless nation. To make a starving people free our martial hosts Are treading she Happy Light of Liberty to other lands is spreading. Sphere beams above the younger Day a prophecy of better when tyranny shall pass away and crumble every Fetter. Look up and be of better cheer the morn is rising o or us the future s coming Golden year More brightly shines before us. A. A. Edgerton in Atlanta Constitution. Miss Caxton s father by Vaughn 1ih if miss Caxton s father had been called upon to give a detailed account of miss Caxton s life Hii Ifould live described it As a perpetual round of Gayety. By what process of reason ing he arrived at such a conclusion is known Only to himself but from out the Depths of his ignorance this belief had sprung and it bore fruit in an inclination to curtail any pleas ure Ruitu Lucuil uie Usu Mesui in which miss Caxton might have do tired to indulge. It was his custom to observe that if one had a Good Home that Home was decidedly the Best place for one and on occasions when he knew miss Caxton was desirous of spending an even ing out it was Hii wont to introduce statement at the supper table As the moral to sundry fables. Likewise lie manufactured numer Ous fictitious conversations supposed to have taken place bet Ween himself and others in which miss Caxton was Leld up As a shining example of domesticity then he would Light his Cigar and saunter Down town to play at whist until a late hour of the night. That there was anything incongruous in his conduct or any face tween his words and his acts never occurred to him. Once when miss Caxton ventured to Point out this apparent difference in and deed he had explained that the noise the children made wore upon his he was quite sure that no Man loved his Home More than he did and that when Thaddeus Roder ick and Leander the twin grew up and attained a decent age he would greatly enjoy spending an evening now and then with his family. Nothing could Hare induced him to believe that noise wore upon miss Caxton s nerves. He knew very Well that Wom liked that sort of thing immensely. He was not a Man of imaginative or he might have won what he would have done had there been no elder sister to look after the children when miss Caxton s Fol Otred the Der s mate out of this world. If this thought Ever gained a place in his mind he had put it aside Tveith the convincing argument that in supplying the Little boys with an elder sister he Lead placed himself beyond reproach. Kiss Caxton was a living proof of that forethought that marked the serious operations of his life nor was Bliss Caxton overlooked in this Happy adjustment she had Thaddeus and to Derick. Act to mention the even half a twin was better than no twin at All. This satisfactory arrangement had continued for some years when the of the fool upon the scene disturbed the serenity of the Caxton household. Of course the fool was it the name bestowed upon him by Kis sponsors in baptism it was an appellation conferred by miss Caxton s indignant Parent and he Only made we of it in his daughter s hearing. He thought it very mean that anyone should slip in. And supplant him in daughter s he was away playing whist. He also was astonished that his daughter should to care for the to ugly in Seldom saw him be was aware that Zamost of Bis unoccupied time was spent Mist Caxton c society and he also if at be at one door the fool was taking he leave of miss Caxton at another. But the Young Man s departure was so nicely timed with reference to the charms of whist that he had never actually set eyes upon him in miss Caxton s pres ence. Never before having come in Contact with the inevitable miss Caxton s father had a poor opinion of it. He began a vigorous Campaign in which he was uniformly worsted. They had Bunker Hill for breakfast miss Caxton triumphantly crossed the Dela Ware for dinner and Cornwallis sur rendered at supper time and with Drew to play whist leaving miss Caxton Ana fool in Post Esbon 01 the Field. Miss Caxton s ability to keep her temper and preserve that equanimity which was her most marked characteristic gave her undoubted Eminence in this species of the Cloud of Battle Hung forever Over the House. Her calmness exasperated her father More than any words could have done. Under these trying circumstances a Man of less fixed habits would have taken to drink As a Means of miss Caxton s father took to abusing the children. The Little boys and the twin began to Lead a dog s life particularly the Youthful Lennder who seemed to possess a great though h unconscious Power of enraging ids ent far in excess of All endurance. At dinner and supper the Only meals they took with their father they were barely permitted to speak in whispers and then Only to make known their wants in the most direct English at their command. How Long it would have been pos sible for this Happy state of affairs to have continued there is no telling. Miss Caxton Sau fit to bring matters to a crisis. One Day. In company with the fool she left tie paternal roof at the same time she a co Mumuni Caiiou to her Tatlier requesting his immediate presence at Home. When he received the summons it had a mystifying effect upon him but in obedience to tie request he repaired to the scene of his Domestic Joys. He had no sooner crossed the threshold than something within him corresponding to intuition made Manifest to his mind s Eye that All was not right. The Little boy were not visible even Leander s voice was hushed. Most assuredly something was wrong. But what miss Caxton s father inspected the various rooms comprising his establishment. In his own room he found conspicuously tucked in one Corner of his looking Glass a neatly folded note directed to himself in miss Caxton s familiar hand. This evidently was meant to explain the mystery. He Tore it open. He read it. Then he read it Over. That the contents of the note were exercising a powerful and not wholly pacifying influence upon him was easy to be seen. Miss Caxton had eloped with the fool. She asked him to look after tie i Umeru until one should return which would be As soon As she was married. Miss Caxton s father held the note out toward his angry reflection in the Glass Here s gratitude for you. Well she need t come Back Here. I m done with then being Only a maa he swore and while he swore he made up his mind to a course of action that he in tended should very much astonish miss Caxton when that Young lady returned As mrs. Some body else. Does she think i will stand this i see myself forgiving her. If i Lay any hands on the fool he will spend his honeymoon with broken suddenly he Bethought him of the Little boys. They no doubt had availed themselves of the absence of All re straining Force to do As they pleased. As this flashed through his mind he turned n trifle Pale. He rather regretted that he. Had been so severe with Leander for he ran downstairs and into the Yard Only stopping to glance at the Kitchen store with a vague dread lest Leander had crawled into it and been cremated. On re Rhing the Yard he examined the Well and was greatly relieved to find it empty of everything except water. Then he espied the Little boys with the twin Between them perched upon the roof of a convenient Coal shed in the rear of the House whither they had withdrawn that some thing unusual was about to happen. The instant his eyes fell upon him his habitual acrimony for the twin asserted itself on door. C of slut. Do you want to break your Little he gasped. Come ii own i this the Little boys were reluctant to do. They knew their father is an. Exceedingly irate gentleman. There fore when they caught sight of him it begot no special Joy in their hearts. Roderick and Thaddeus started to descend from the roof while the twin lifting up his voice howled Forth his dismay. Hold on to the called miss Caxton s father. Do Tou wish him to what activity the Little boys possessed was dispelled by their father s evident anger. They sat. Upon the Ridge of the roof motionless and speechless. Their Parent inspected the premises. How in the name of did you get a sob from was the Only answer. Thaddeus and Roderick maintained a discreet silence. Miss Caxton s father was a very Busy Man for the next 15 minutes. He secured a Long pole and poked the Little boys off the roof one at a time begin Ning with the twin then As they rolled from the shed he ran and caught them. A Good Deal of physical Energy was quire in the operation and Rhea a Ferick wat dial died he Tom last miss Caxton s Parent hot exhausted there was also a Baleful gleam in his eyes suggestive of the Wrath to come. He picked up the twin whose Small seemed to distil Fol Lowed by the Hittle boys who skulked at his Side entered the House. During the next hour or two he gained a larger experience in the pure Joys of Domestic life than Are usually crowded into so Brief a period. He gave Roderick and Thaddeus their supper and something else As Well and put them to bed. Then he took Leancie in hand and tried to get faculties into a condition for sleep. The twin refused to be comforted lie wanted miss Caxton and miss Caxton Only. It was the Burden of his woes. His father looked at him. In his glance paternal seemed to be in abeyance. You Hud better make up your mind to Goinik to bed without her for she put you to sleep for the last Whereat Leander howled afresh. You Don t Stop and let me have a moment s quiet i shall punish you. You Leander choked Down a sob and was silent. Said his father approvingly i guess we can get along All right. Now you go to sleep right s sobs broke Forth again a Hai s the matter More sobs and a howl. Thought i told you to keep still. Why Don t then he grew persuasive. Don t you love your the twin looked at him with wide eyes. I am appealing to his better reflected miss Caxton s Parent. The distinct of affection which a child has is a most wonderful Leander dissolved into tears. Hang the brat. What s got into him name their ticket. Proceedings of the Iowa Republican convention in Dubuque. Stator the presiding Omer ticket and Pla Turai state Central committee. Well High brutal. Miss Caxton s Parent arose and paced the floor. Leander s grief continued unchecked. His father regarded him in amazement the twin s capacity for sorrow was very astonishing and his anger merged into something Akin to he must be very wet he thought. He addressed the twin in Concilia tory tones. See Here. Leander. Do you think it Safe to cry like but Leauder wept on a needing him in a highly original manner. His father grew uneasy. Why Don t he Stop. Hush. There. There. To please papa who loves you so much. Confound1 you How Long is this going to last will it be All he asked himself. I wish i wish my daughter were Here. If she would Only come Back now i think i could almost forgive his resentment was weakening. Each sob of the twin lessened the enormity of miss Caxton s crime. Her father was willing to take her Back at any and the fool into the bargain. In desperation he brought the sugar Dubuque. Ia., sept. Republic an state convention yesterday was presided Over by senator b. Told of the appreciation of the Honor conferred upon him in presiding Over the convention paid a High compliment to gov. Shaw and predicted the election of the ticket to be nominated. At the conclusion of his remarks the i following ticket was nominated George l. Dobsor., of Polk county Secre tary of slate. John Herriot of Adair county treasurer of state. Horace e. Deermer of Montgomery county Judee of the supreme court. C. T. Jones of Washington county clerk of supreme court. Benjamin i. Salinger of Carroll county reporter for the supreme court. Prank f. Merriam of Delaware county auditor of state. Milton Remley of Johnson county re nominated for attorney general. Welcome Lowrey of Tama county Long term railway commissioner. J col. J. D. Palmer of washing ton county i railway commissioner to fill vacancy. I tue platform. The platform adopted unanimously s As follows the republicans of Iowa in state Conven Tion declare that we congratulate the country upon i resident Mckinley and we regard the measures and policies thereof As the con Crete expression of Republican statesman ship and especially do we commend his course during the present War with Spain his Wisdom and forbearance in seeking a peaceable solution of the cuban question before resort no to arms while at the same time prudently preparing for War and when circumstances finally made armed intervention necessary his vigor and Energy in the prosecution of the War. That the experience of the past two years has fully approved tie Gold Standard pol icy of the Republican party As declared by the National convention of 1ss6. Ave recognize the necessity of comprehensive and enlightened monetary legislation. The monetary Standard of this country and the commercial world is Gold. The Perma Nence of this Standard must be assured by congressional legislation giving to it the i Validity and vitality of Public Law. All other Money must be kept at a parity with j Gold. Out Money like our institutions j should be maintained equal to the Best in the world. On this Plank we invite Thoj support All voters Wuo desire honesty and stability in business affairs and an immediate and permanent settlement of the question the Standard of value. That we reaffirm our belief in the Republican doctrines of reciprocity and Protection. Vote congratulate the people on the j fact that a. Republican Congress has enacted a protective Tariff which has brought Prosperity to our country and pledge our selves to favor such changes in the pres ent Republican Revenue Law As experience May from time to time dictate or changed conditions demand. That we favor the up building of the american merchant Marine by the speedy construction of the Nicaragua canal by the securing of naval and Coaling stations peace at Leander s feet. That should Stop he muttered. But it did t. Tveith a guilty Unlusu. He went Down upon his Knees in a vain Effort to seduce the twin into the belief that lie Ivas a horse. He was in this interesting position when miss Caxton opened the door and entered smiling and Serene. The fool was with her but he was by no Means so Serene As he could have wished to be and his smile was not an easy one. Bliss Ca Tott mastered the situation at a glance. Without a word she possessed herself of the twin s Small per son. I am sorry papa that you missed your game of whist but it won t occur she said As she walked from the room. Ashen she returned 20 minutes later after having put Leander to be she found her father peacefully drinking cold restore the tone to Hie nervous As he while he gave the fool a detailed and truthful account of his adventure with the twin. Weighing the baby. The proud father excited the operation but Mamma set him i flit. The Story is of a Young and devoted father. The baby was his first and he wanted to weigh it. It s a he exclaimed. Where Are the the Domestic i toted up an old fashioned pair the proud father assuming Charse of the operation. Ill try it at eight he said sliding the weight along the beam at that figure. It won t do. She weighs Ever so much More than he Slid the weight along several notches further. By he said. She weighs More than ten pounds 11 12 is it he sat the baby and the Scales Down and rested himself a moment. Big Gest baby i Ever he panted resuming the weighing process. Fifteen and a 16 this thing won t weigh her. See 16 is the last notch and she jerks it up like a Feather go and get a pair of Scales at some neighbor s. I la bet a Tenner that she weighs Over 20 pounds ill he shouted Rushing into the next room file s the biggest baby Iii this country weighs Over it what did Yon weigh her inquired the Young Mother. On the old Scales in the the figures on those Are Only she replied quietly. Bring me the baby. Pearson s Tyreek every Quarter of the world with an Ade j quate Navy. I that the Republican party under whose policies and administration Prosperity has been restored and a foreign War Success fully conducted has earned the right to be further entrusted with the task of solv ing the territorial colonial and Commer Cial problems that have resulted from the War. That it is due to the cause of humanity and civilization for which the War with Spain was fought that no people who have in consequence thereof been freed from oppression shall with the consent or through the indifference of the United states be returned to such oppression or permitted to lapse into barbarism. That the soldiers sailors and marines both regulars and volunteers of the army Navy have in the War with Spain exemplified bravery and self sacrifice like unto that displayed by the previous de fenders of the Republic. Not Only have they earned the most profound gratitude of the nation but they have Given the United states a new dignity and rank among tha greatest and most powerful nations of the Earth. That the Iowa Volunteer who this year to promptly responded to the president s Call for enlistments have won the proud appreciation of the state. Though they did not reach the front of Battle they have paid and Are yet paying in hardship self sacrifice sickness and even death the Price of soldierly duty. Their needs should have the prom test consideration and attention Ivsich the state or nation can give. We heartily endorse the Able and business like administration of gov. Shaw As Dis frayed by his prudent and conscientious d Scharge of Public duties and especially do we commend him for his constant and untiring Effort made on behalf of the Iowa Nold ters whether in Camp or in the hospitals. That we tender grateful acknowledgement to All who have helped the party to the Opportunity to do the great Good ii has done and especially do we appreciate the services of the Independent voters of 1s9g and 15s7, who placed the Honor of the coun try above party. We invite for the party s present financial and other policies the co of state Central committee. The new state committee is com posed As follows first District a o. Weaver Louisa county second District. C. W. Phillips Jackson county third District. C. T. Han cock Dubuque county fourth District l. Turner Chickasaw county fifth District w. D. Lee Tama county sixth District x. E. , Monroe county seventh District t. M. Leach Dallas county eighth District r. H. Spence Ringgold county ninth District j. S. Duell Guthria county tenth District e. H. A Mccutcheon Ida county. Attendance at Omaha n show. Omaha xeb., sept. Months of the trans Mississippi exposition have elapsed. The total attendance to september Bat tie Stera Parent Ifo Tor he he was a Well meaning Young Toan. He bad a Way however of standing of the Side of a piano and rolling his eyes at the chandelier while uus Weet noises from his Throat. Friends were too kind w suggest to him that his efforts were Otic re than melodious. Such is the patient Charity of this much maligned world. The mail with Iron Gray Side whiskers and an Eagle eve showed signs of Over tested endurance. It was his daughter who was play ing accompaniments and it was his Gas they were burning. of Tuv Wabash i a Iway i Why right j the questioner took out Hii watch Ana i m afraid you Haven t much time j to spare. The train for the West goes in less than three quarters of an hour and you la have to Start Tor the Wabash faraway j right away if you re going to sing there be fore the week is out. Good by i hate to have you Cut your visit Short but i would t have those folks on the tar away disappointed for Washington Star. Tie by Geest bicycle in the world. A German has just completed a bicycle that has one wheel nine feet in diameter. Two people ride one on each Side of the monster wheel. It runs As easily As a smaller bicycle because of its scientific construction. The scientific formula of Hostetter s stomach bitters is the reason of its great Virtues in making the weak Strong and in curing most of the every Day ailments of men and women. If your health la poor try a bottle. Poor girl. Please Don t tease me to sing. I m so hoarse to night that i can hardly make a sound. Yes i know. That s Why i think this p ooh to it Over with. Chicago evening news. G. A. Cincinnati Encampment. The Monon Eoute with its four trains daily is the Best and most comfortable line to Tiu Cannati. The rate will be Only one cent a mile. Tickets on Sale sept. 3d, 4th, 5th and ctr Good to return september 6th to 13th inclusive and by Extension to october 2nd. Send four cents in Stamps for the motion s beautifully illustrated Book on the Cincinnati Encampment. Frank j. Reed g. P. A., Chicago. L. E. Sessions t. P. A., Minneapolis Minn. Free a Home in Texas is the title of a pamphlet giving full description of acres of Fertile farm lands on Sale at Chesterville Colorado county Texas. This with full particulars in regard to cheap rates etc., furnished free upon application to Southern Texas colonization company John i tinderholm. Mgr., no. 110 Rialto bldg., Chicago 111. Attracting considerable attention. A recent Issue of the Missouri and Arkan Sas Farmer and Fruitman. Published in Kan Sas City contains an extensive illustrated article on the mining farming Stock raising and fruit industries of the Ozark Region. A Cample copy will be mailed free if you will write b. A Winchell g. P. A., Frisco line St. Louis Jio. Wheat 4o cents n. In Lliel. How to grow wheat with big profit at 40 cents and samples of Salzer s red Cross 80 bushels per acre Winter wheat Rye Oats clovers etc., with farm seed catalogue for 4 cents postage. John7 a. Sal2ek seed co., la Crosse wis. K g. A. R. Encampment sent. 5-10. Crescent it Louie. Orc Multi out Tanooka and return. W. C. Rinearson Gen l pass r agt., Cinti 0. A bargain in something you Don t want bought with Money you can t afford to spend because you think it is Worth More than it tit bits. Write w. C. Rinearson g. P. A., Queen Crescent route Cincinnati 0., for free books and maps Cincinnati to Chattanooga excursion sept. 8-10. To Cave a Colin in one any take laxative Bromo quinine tablets. All druggists refund Money if it fails to cure. 25c. A fiddle is about the Only thing on Earth that is better second hand than new. Washington la Democrat. We think cure for consumption if the Only Medicine for coughs. Jennie Pinckard Springfield 111., oct. 1, 1894. Some people Are forever putting their feelings under other people s feet and then crying because they Are Hurt. Ram s Horn. Catarrh cure it taken internally. Price 75c. Ireland n Ireland his the most equable of any country armies of the new world. Mexico in the new world has the largest standing army with a War of while Brazil is Sec Ond with and gendarmes. While the standing army of the United states is but in times of peace it is estimated the president could Call out men if Neces sary. The Argentine Republic has a peace Force of Canada is garrisoned with 3.000 British troops with an additional Canadian Anft it of Ball bearings Are about to to applied to the Row locks of a. W. Bulletin. G. A. R. S5.00 rate sept. 8, 9 and 10. Cincinnati to Chicana sea. Q. C. Route. No to Matt is exempt. Begnes Ratyis a matter of importance in every woman s life. Much pain a however endured in the belief that it a necessary and not alarming when in truth it is All wrong and indicates derangement that May cause serious trouble excessive monthly pain itself will unsettle the nerves and make women old before their time. The foundation of woman s health is a perfectly Normal and regular performance of nature s function. The statement we print from Hiss Geb at teds shots of Eldred pa., is echoed in every City town and Hamlet in this country. Bead what she says deah Mas. Feel like a new person since following your advice and think it is my duty to let tha Public know the Good your remedies have done me. My troubles were pain Ful menstruation and Lucor Rhea. I nervous and of being confused. Before using your remedies i never had any Faith in Patent medi Cines. I now wish to say that i never had anything do me so much Good for painful menstruation As Lydiab. Pink Ham s vegetable compound also would that your Santive Wash has cured sic of seacor Rhea. I Hope these few words May help suffering the present mrs. Pinkham s experience in treating female ills is unparalleled for years she worked Side by Side with mrs. Lydia e. Pinkham and for sometime past has had sole charge of the correspondence department of her great business treating by letter As Many As a Hundred thousand ailing women during a single year. All suffering women Are invited to write freely to mrs. Pinkham at a in my Tot advice about their health feed your nerves upon nth pure nourishing blood by Tak ing Hood s Sarsaparilla and Jou will of free from those spells of despair Thom flights and anxious Days Tom gloomy death like feelings at Mere nothings those and blinding Sarsaparilla has done toil foe Many will cure you. Hood s Sarsaparilla is America s greatest Medicine Al six or it Hood to Pili cure sick headache. Of. The excelence of syrup of figs is due not Only to the originality and simplicity of the combination Bat also to the care and skill with which it is. Manufactured by scientific processes known to the California fro syrup co. Only and we wish to impress upon All the importance of purchasing the True and original remedy. As the genuine syrup of figs is manufactured by the Tig by Bop co. Only a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other ties. The High standing of the Cali Fowsia. Fit so Kip co. With the medi Cal profession and the satisfaction which the genuine syrup of figs has. Given to millions of families makes the name of the company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is. Far in Advance of All other As it acts on the kidneys liver Ani bowels without irritating or weaken ing them and it does not Gripe nor nauseated. In order to get its beneficial effects please remember the name of the California Fig syrup co. Sax fua3cisco, cat set Touk. i prints i id i a for Fly to St ask your dealer to let Tou see them. 5? i your valuable bets and and them perfect. Could t do. Without them. I have used them for some timer Iori digestion and bilious Ness and am now completely cured. Recommend them to Cert one. Onoe tried you will never be without them in be Edw. A. Subi Albouy n. T. Potent. Taste Good. Dec Good Serer sicken. Werten. Or we Sac cure constipation. Sterling a Reg cd Leigh jul Huml. is in to by he sure cure in the world for chronic Kane Olcen screw Felon Vilcen Strw Crit Ogrenc Pertl Sorn. It never fails. oat All Poison. Saves a sense and in Florine. Cares permanent. Best Salve for Boi-i., and All Freak by mail Small. Sic Larre. 6sc. Co., j hit feats wind. Steam or Power. We offer the s actual Boree Power Gas engine for less 10 p. C. Discount for built on interchangeable plan built or Best material. In lots of 1w therefore we can Price. For in intent. . For or tax line. Also Horl Enri Nesi. I to 3d Borst Power. 1 for special Cata Lavt Ira. Ink Cauca of n we fwd in so of Carter s Fumo Bicu 5 . Each. T household made. A flue i a mm1vc. I premiums. T. E Trul Dorwani tiie lieu with. Von of me Luu if. Tfir Tofit until Yon sell it. J prize peer in our Premium lit. Premiums Ore Ragy gym to yet. 3 col Taii at. Tin of the human Belr. I it ruin of Muhm min and Toa t w a. Quick Relief faint Corn Tyes. Send Lor Boon of Testim Oaias and

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