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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1893, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 7, 1893, Marble Rock, IowaF vol. 19 no 4. U adv Tutt j 1 t. . A a invites your attention to his Stock of groceries. My line is new and Complete my prices bed Rock my aim to please the people. 1 want All the butter and eggs you can bring in. My customers want Good Dairy butter in warm As Well As cold weather. I will give s Marble Rock weekly. M. E. Church notes. There will an ice Cream to enl i every thursday Moraine by h. B. Nieb son. I urn sours Lus Liering wifi Otway i j for past now Roui to recovery. J the fourth quarterly conference for this year in in. K. A Lidreh september 14th, thumb by s p. If to 20 cent to torn a to 24 Tings 34 50 to 10 to. Charta Angell has returned from mor Nimitr Sun i Levi Yonne Ond wife Arr Yeti from Trio i Jwj my in the South on i saturday last you Good goods in Exchange for the above i m j. G. Dunning Bas taken to oar of his j j own boat to Chicago Ami will take Wuthe j fair. M. Titis is the met important inv year. Juopo Oil Iii Mboi a present. Fri Moni into the probation i j ers will be Rei vivid into full Coo Section j to i in the m. K. Church. Only four More i j Sable Ting in this Gnu Felice year Lupe j Hon. E. C. Spau Klinoff and or. Phil All will found it Ribeir Post of duly at slut Ltd spent monday at Charles City j service. I in consultation with to i l Rev. Geo. E. Nice delivered cd county Central committee j in Tiia i. E. Church Ami indy arc cordially Davit Ujj to by Tho j j Contrero orchestra fat be Marble j House on Fri Dikiy Eveo Injo 8lh, 1sw. A Jnita Lon of Nufi j5 costs. J dines tickets 75 isms Buvitt your i i the concert Virbert i musk1 in the Hope they All come again. Farm produce. Miss Itallie i i is visiting Frk c Ati and wife Koa Lite til tie Vav no .1. Poker of Greely lews was m on. Charlen jr., of Gre Ono was l that Tho name of the j Cru i str ins i i fur u wry Whilt is i suy or k will ctn twin All of wit i ffu1 to Tii a. A St. Ivha i. Lono Worth pries if Estul for work to note for unit v. Is i Iago a Pumi Slu Reo Alvon Liege Krims and a town tit live returned from the v. Buckle or. Pel j Nidy Oty. J i Malm City lust Wulc. Irb. Gale Crof Iper who has been visit ring relatives Here Hae returned to her Home in Wisconsin. They to do More pinyin i Hie Kurl s Glenvor tin tote comi la Sion of tit cures we Are still carrying a very Large line of Minnesota White Lead pure Oil and brushes. We Are Selling lamps window shades and Wall paper at reduced rates. It will pay you to Call Ami see us. Miae left hag Goca to the for will also a Glt Friende in Wie Consin before her return. Hon. C. F. Greenwood cd nits coup wired by the roundest Eon of k. Z. Bailey in this week. Or. Chambers of Clarksville Suporo i indent of Bridges of Job. C. It. N by we in Trio City saturday. Horatio Merrick Aud wife of Scott township left or the City of Carter Ilar Reud Tor a few Days at the fair. Mrs. Brown Ami miss Audi mugs of Mason City , Are visiting with the a mlle of or. Ond Jin. Jts wore. Shiloh t can fold on a guarantee. It incipient consumption. It is the inst cough cure. Only one sent Dooe. Hoc., 50c., und soil by readers of the new and is ii key sch of front Days but had Given of work until Power mid in Liefl. Under the list lie the fun Lily by Julian Hunt Horne it Tho dinner table on sunday but Jar cd j Minot j. And other protein not Oiye Muic Dontely after and died is j writers. As usual tha Peonia Are eff nored Niove. of Unertl a toured us Sotl and Amonjr them Finis mind ii Tiff we Vicich Ching Hom Liy the by baht hit Ceinwin the Rev. E. Les it Tho c us Dinter of ring two Wiillam your. Add attn the in heavy and shelf hardware harness Rcpt Iwig a specially. We meet Alt honorable Competition Ilvo Miles West by the bide of h Goto i by a resilient of town Iii left for i Chicago and the exposition last Fritz try. W. In. Grey who lives on the life he Civell fora a Rob of , concluded to move Liia Fatu ily to Huron Yakola. He will leave in about two Weeka. One word desc Oliea we refer to Dewitt a Witch Maul Salva i cures or Stinnie skid die ass and is a Well known cure for piles. A. J. Asper or. And Are. De. Haney desire to i is on i the 01 Moa for tend their thanks to the friends j co. Init of be week from nest the Send Torino of the 4-Lth Senate ring District will be held at Charles City monday. Lith. A Lively time in anticipated at this convention. Delegates should make it a Point to lie at Iho 3eat of War. The merits of Dewitt s litle Burly a a Luis Triune. Thise Little pills Raj Junta the liver sure bad Breut i con and Tili Rusness. A j. Leper Var. Brunner brought to Thia office on tuesday a Bunch of the largest and finest Millet it Hub Ucen our priv now of it a full and Complete line prices that defy Competition. High prices paid for eggs. I convinced that we mean business. Tor their kindness to them in their late bereavement in the loss of their daughter Beula. Kerb in and wife of Blue i Lepe of sen fur some time. The incl Lett Earth Minnesota Are in Marble Kock j was nearly rive feet High and tue head j visiting with the fair Iii it. A. Colli Sis or seven inches Long. It was Ruid i son. We Trust they will hive a on his farm East of town and Showa j visit while in our midst. What Floyd county can do in this line-1 or. And John Mills of Union of the sew for township of our Oleet and fist Nucows-1 Tho Minneapolis Tribune gives in a j Ful ummers Are taking a Well earned a j count of the presentation of Bodge to cation Sci Junir the sights at the world s cot f. G. Drew of the Soos of veterans. Ii r. I Lurry in Kilimn gum Mill i Owaru of , id wit i Mir oils Fiir Nily. Or. A till mrs. John Sutler of Oripon who sniff twelve or fifteen years ago a Sidt i in ply Wint Grove Are visiting in Liis i Winitt. The Tiung folks of Thiu Vicinity 1-sd n social party at tie of or. Geo Brouer inst thursday Van latin preached in the Slinger school Rouee last sunday ten Iper or. Edwin Morrill for Indian Rapolla Hist Suu Duy night to Uttend Tho upon his retirement from office id that Tho Tribune says the Ive us a Call and be Jcrim f. M mooning was tarried to a lady Lant week. Or. Is heavy solid save the scale us Bride started Tor South Dakota after the rack strap of hich it Silver fire i their Carnase where Ethwl to in his in dirt the of Irli ions ii murder and Trio Etori Uigh a ii which prevents and a. J. Asper co. Harls City Model Bro s almost a on Graoui listed stil in in t Cuiffi rift to Marme lock exit All Over Friday ruler Tiona a promiscuous i Collet in. Xici crowd it citizens do Licati ii new Lunate however. A a rec fruit Taake it their future Home. Mrs. Charles Arthur who had been j taking treat Mia City was cat let Home by the serious i Iileen of her child. At this time the the Little one is improved. Or. Ritter our Veteran Fisherman re ports that on account of the Dreutz and a Kiclty of end in the the cat Piru. The rank strap nod Pendant and each of 1 tue four sections of the Pend Sot is set i with n pure Diamond. Col. Drew i Miry justly feel proud of Ben pitiful j col. Drew j8 a brother of a j o. Drew who lives in Union to Fife hip about two Miles South of Marble k to. It not t in Erk is Headquarters for Fly stat Omen Tda Onihan Frrtz Saiga a tonne Oik of Kaik Ike 86 Bern win Povi a Fth it Betm pm ring a lever thaw tit m4 mowers pm cent vial Cyrta am p of Public. Mckinney s is Mil tie sat to Crose and re cribs. I weft on that occasion it Tiu no of tue ugh in by iia Tuou consent Mode chairman. Choice c lout saturday afternoon the third Lirty prohibitionists hold their county not to Tiit it spilt in the Republican purty will give the state Oiw to the democracy and with it saloons All Over the state Atill a to. Moved More bar re Winge than a lure for Temperance were in favor of secession. All , gentlemen if the one it to Fuff Chaee a Avirell Are Dow prepped to j la convention i buy Large quantities of pain their Cero rattles to Cahoot j it. Half limit for non Olinc ural am i in Tho of i it a thai the arb welter enable ii 10 pay the Urlce. The Artw bars of j. I. Shafer Marble Rock Wagon Carriage shop All Givi in a Call and i will h. Stott i Staple and groceries crockery cigars tobacco notions n Salt ld3r Tia the following item from the Sun Herald applicable to the the Sutcli to tie Wade into the River and ran in their i firm in Murble Kock Beade and neck up to the showers to i feed fun the Story. Us on fruit i s5c Basket. Uldis is Rock Torii. Tick Tipeni in thu a Are like in to w any j in a i Winter i Ashcut arc gaining j wants to try it. Every Loxly docs try it la ii in a you will always find that i pay the highest prices for butter and my motto o o j 9 Good goods at bed Vock Tot Lee to Texe a Roi Jiuu i purty that event Sully nil o or i. this firm at Tewart gentlemen to Deal i u to conform strictly with j a Clefs at Rii Catan we will sell it. Prices. M jew . Iii cur we Liny its in any Iii ii win i ivc Lii he i article. Tel Iowa we Niiya its is any Mihili who for i article. Will make very on with and the will Endeavor to the i Muf. F i that loin. Out of -l.it.-. just a of the people by co Orteau. After tue first Dehut at Bull on r for 3 treatment and fair dealing. Or. I. Foj cause of the j i hut Bee will have Bearse of the buy ice and the new my either directly or j. Hill we would have tailed them 2o Jim ill ate i inns Only Ilic one of Marble Good in Tuta Point. Them a or ii Rise on your Grain when Yaj Bave to the j any to la w. . E Tolpy in of the Prce Fie oils i Mirr. Sept. So. To. J Walraven aged about 35 was shot thro sch energetic Tanner of Switt Benet nod incl autly Killil Wiiilie on his the in fwd Poehm or of a Tuo Aua of Iray Kume Bis residence in Street urn Cal by and by roof Teatom of us i it omit one o clock. The to h what be know an Ibal be was Beld up by a will Cali you Afler Uliys sickness of Al Iii head to. Oanie bal tied tie skill our ret. C. Subtle will his next sunday the Kyo has acs rpt in a Paul a worship in the at Grinwis Iowa. Irving Smith Kov the City Bwl to. Tree Toto. Of Atli Tor ref we Jjo Odny thames where he act a mail not now Vovk j h up Cwi we a 347 _ f. It a 17 itch Mcm cmdr. Law re of to pet Voa which foiled Wev. A bit Dix a a ten Shio a cow Section. Job work and w of repairing a Sec stay. All work warranted. Thor is 3 bit to door and m not Ine Tim Nib me you Cioci. T in hum w we he Greet a Thiam it Nile Ink the prof ii Rev -21 a. New Fine 15u a fail cart Iii Elf i Ricoli 14c a no nil try a sack of meal and flu of the Hiigli Goihl a will if ii Licato any in clot Mig or in any of the so Clie Aji comic Riim nil meet All of Nix Tillion at Lio Mimir . We can your tit or tin 1" Michigan Keiit for n a in family in Wilh i inlay lever wee of a Bah if 0 be the in i Flint air Corn or. F new Lii tit i a . very cd Tanto close nut. A. Moore. The hutches new it acid Ilalio limit 15c a we have Cream season to of St of Smith j Oyster a Lwi Limmi Mcl Boitet. It Ink 1 Vav Ange or. Turn of o Al the Srsa l in Alers in brain seels Flor u
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