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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 6 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - September 6, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaChicago Jii jul Fen Tonj a Aswan dirt am. Los att. A Enma Zyara Irr. Utah Montana Nevada Turri tit. Or fifa cml us Tho sue. Mob biota ssi ii or Tapual Points in the a South Northwest Ana West. With in ot7n Hue North err ill Nom can ral Ltd korrhet1 .1. Ivy Josli Koretic a Muhi can. Villico. . It otitis to trav me be the Best Dis Sassy if tie Tiret Anil liar published by Henry b. Hies. With malice none and Charity for terms s1.50 per annul in Advance volume Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa 0, iss3. No Jubeh 4 Dilts the Isi Una Tbs to c Ana odor to a Psid compost and safty g9icago it mutes Aan connect Vith Mil other railroads t i a rfcs Pai Ace Sugi Pua. Cabs j Irice in their to i to is you our your Youw avd . Sakes Ose d. Jay ski. St Cicitt of neck s adjustable pit lit iao3 can w fire m w if adjustable stove repairs soil All hardware and stove Neslers. Or cruel. Poly Civ fire Back co., h sir re Lile Ftp is. Of Tull in Tieh hour Vith to Jar Ami can put Silling Iowa. the Farmers will Fin-1 it to Rhc a Call Job Shepardson. 18 Marble Rock j. B. Too to receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do a general s. Any ind sell foreign of change and sell to and from All Pri Cipul Points in Europe. Wilke dealer and to i i s. Urdu Uirt soar Fps of us t a of if 1 Scipi h Hui i to or fed or Iii her. Mitt j. Of fuck Iliff in it try cd i trunks satchels Etc. I r j. R. In . To if s i Ivajo Iii Augun to m hum be relied upon. V. A. T-la2l7l Geo m. Hubbard barter hair Dresser special attention to ladies ans children i Alair opposite the 1 Ost . Kock. Iowa. County Mutual carrying Over 000 risks at this Date. Jail Ono r and Tress c. T. Ackley Marble Rock or j. B. Schermerhorn Scott. N. Mass sewing machines Marbe Rock a keeps for Sale the following Well known machines Davis new Home and sew import cd american at prices a Muir defy Competition. Machines can be Sta Bro s store. Forntes address. T. W. Boon. Marble Rock Republican state ticket. For. Governor Durex r. Shkuman7, of Ponton county. Edit lie to Sast nov Kronor. 0. U. Manning of droll Gunty. 1vr just Tab of 1he col it j. A kid of county. For slt3bisteviunt ob1 Public in a Truclio a j. W. Akkilis of Linn county. Unwritten history. A flood of Clit would be thrown of the in written history of by a Well directed and ii Refl re of several Points. For . I lieu of Bonu irs carried a ions nodule it hit it Ilii Man in Juull rout nil a unix jul Roc Otil of found it def a i act Surrey of the Petri ipod forests and of Tho regions in which traced of the ancient Sou Shore of Cunt a sur vey of tree Selis leh Region with Deti a Minnion of the Heights of the allnvij.1 Ternice Between this Point Inisi Micili ii a Ceniu Inatio of Eis tents of the natural caves which Are said to occur in Tho Limestone about mud elsewhere a oud Yiyu of great importance. But although so Many details Arr still Varua unit in Fri urinate. The Road facts of to Tui Ivun Iii urn of a crypt arc Clear tiie fax if of it Rodo Tih and has Boon tilled Ujj in tie Uay he treat etl. But at so Long Tiitu Cut at t in for thai it Date tie permitted his in carry him in relation to it. Period even of into insignificance. Howo Vur we need not Flop fat the time ii Trio tic la wrist i Gulf of tiie so i. Tue Lime none in which it ii exc Ivator and Unich i stud cast a vat Ami Softli for Hundred o Miles arc full of Marine Imi Mau and Ilio to tue eocene the oldest to thu cretaceous formations. The Tito one Guif of the Delta was. In fact Only the remain5 of the Ocean formerly extended from hindu san to Morocco and it the Bot Tom of which the of the Shell and ski Latona of ils denizens giiri1 Rise to the ooze which has Inird ene Fiato Chalk and num Pulitic Lime Stone. And it is Pitte certain that Tho whole of the area now occupied h Egypt North of Sneh and probably nil that North of Assouan was covered by a tolerably deep sea during the Recta Camus pc sch. It is also be Itaipu that o Graat extent of dry land exist Din South it much p Flitcr nor n tur it to Tuo to Recti is unknown but it May Well have covered Tuo urea Monr occupied by the and the basins of the Lii a and Blue nil. Jitia it is quite possible that River May Hivo existed and May Hare poured their Waters Liuio the Northern Ocean before the Elev Atziry connected with tic out pour of the huge granitic Nassed of Tho arabian Rani and of caused the calcareous mud covering in Bottom to become the dry land of what is now the Southern Moiety of upper Egypt so Metis in toward the curl of the cretaceous epoch. Middle and North Ern Egypt remained under water during the eocene and Northern Egypt during the commencement at any rate of the Miocene epoch so that Tho process of ele vation scums have taken effect front South to North at an soft rate. The northward drainage equatorial catchment Basin thus became Cut from Tho Sua by a constantly increasing Plain sloping to the North and a lit Plain gradually Rose the Stream always allowing the Long Valley of Nubia and and probably formed a succession of which hive Long since been washed away. At last probably in the Middle of the latter part of Tho Miocene epoch tire ele vat Orr movement Carne to an end Aud the Gulf of the Delta began to be slowly and steadily filled up with its Compart modern Alluvium the fourth problem of the origin and Tho Antiquity of the Ejury Pisan much More diff -. Cut than Tho other three. According to Bey s investigations r. Marina Deposit vhf cd is of the same ago As Tho Miocene beaches of Cairo and Memphis forms the floor of the Delta. Above this Como the layers of Sand with Pravel already mentioned As evidencing a former swifter flow of Tho River then follow Beds of mud and Sand and Only above theae at three distinct Levels evidence of human Kiad work the last and latest of which belong to Tho age of Kerne Sis in it a eminently desirable that these statements a boat to verified for the i doubts which have been thrown to some extent justly upon various attempts to judge the nge of the Alluvium of the she do not effect tha proof of the rela Lue ainu Juil i Kuo a Aixuan act of which such facts would afford. And it is useless to speculate on the Antiquity of the egyptian race or the condition of the Delta when men began the people it until they Are accurately investigated As to the ethnological relations of the eur Yunian race j the info All that can be Aid neither Tho physical nor tie philological evidence As it stands is very that the Are not negroes is certain and that Are totally different from am typical semites a also certain. I us not that there Are any whorl Semb Lethemon character of hair and complexion except the dravidian of Central Ladia. And i Hare Long been inclined to think on Perelr physical that the Latte an the Lowak the egyptians err the highest members of the race or Man kind Antiq it. Distinct alike from aryan and uranian on the one Side and from by fro us Negrito on the other. And it Kribs to me but us Philo Jop Iti. With their Himi iwo toward a Troi Dooren tuition o the egyptian l from its Aci Khors both or. The and Eyer phobia. Tor m. The in Nuh . Btu exp slut it Nuj of discovering whether the fatal life Tiou of Rabi s can be few aria i of its Powe by it is Haid that hi1 now four dogs which Are proof the infection. Item or be Nio Thod of in oct of its fabulous amount were told if tit his death but Theio -.00n died out irk Vii and Iii Mono were soon t forgotten to thu Xvi uis of i in hi4 rambles j who Man a Towai it i Vrtis Herr Nii a. Onur tiny in our prison ered it but Afrand to Umi it he took it up and buried ii m i now pm if. Xot of alien it Cokmi-1 . Attlio had to Vii info iut a of till by uni of Lii if. And full ii ils Ini por Ilia div s work with Hsinti if 3 Muj ii in. A i .1 ii Ito Troi Bie. in tin or whether Thev Natur ally refractory to the disease. One of the three dogs which he inoculated a i8s1 survived and though twice Inonu iat cd in he did not become a ibid. The of tiding a remedy for All forms of hydrophobia is magnified by tvs facts Barouir it to Light by the re of m. Bert. Oue of these is that Cven if the saliva of a mid dog Dws not communicate rabies it May prove f ital producing Jenoua local nth it Tho of Pajao Rioin Orth i nun Aud Tiu Stroud pc pvt i nit nut follow by doff bit leu person Dos not de that the is Fiey fruit Olini Inis will add to the Tai Iron of attic disease. But there l. Some Ponsot Trion Iti from in. Lieut to at Mere Rabid i loss do not Uluas the deadly and a Rutlt it irilous contain the mucus from the risk in Alory which corns to to fatal portion of the Sava. Wom Aii Ai picnics. Col. T. W. Writes in h owtflt7t s join till i Vic Ary thy time of the year when outdoor Spither to by the order walks Piu Mius. Sails excursions. The Charm of the Woods the Graceful of entity of the Rural lakes the Delight of Rivers the Llory of the Ocean Are jilt reasserting their or Over Tho Cli Ildren of the Martli. Youths and Maidens everywhere in boat or in Aie Jio Najr Fortis by land or wafer to enjoy it constantly dec Donl those to a utile not no Small Points u to Llie of the Pai by vote they shall to Weir ii tour meal upon the or Down by Tho Vater Hathor Thev i turn in Date or wait lilt the Moon thus. How is this vote likens Fly Liat is culled Maul Ood Yvor it is Petty suru to to put to Amonjr the whole party it May Sonn a trivial matter but it not Fco even to the Young people them salvos much less to the anxious and mammas who arc wondering Why Delia not arrive. Least of All to thu philosopher Muld it a Conj trivial for it really involves the foundation of Timin Ini into i i of if inv who in ire in itt eid conducted on it St up nestles. The is an Nul to our at Tiu 1 it is one of the things our Legislatures even attempt to regulate. It makes Iti own Laws subject Only to Tho instincts of common sense and Good Breeding. If therein any tween the it Shou s itself even More Al the picnic than in cd mum for it the who usually Row the boat or stumble through the. Bushes with Tho water pail. At the picnic if anywhere they should draw Theo Selvea and Dettlo by without consulting the women the Fate of the Enterprise. They never do it. The arg Meul no pears to me irresistible. I Appeal from Philip drunk with Power on election Day to Philip sober As cold Tea can make him on a picnic. It is Plain that in this generation at the sense of equal humanity in Tho sexes is so Strong that it asserts itself even when the sexes arc at play together and Are resting that ploy on its natural foun it does not Imoh c any argument or Dufae Ivision that women should vote on a Sajous do it a a mutter of course. They Are hot regarded As weaker the you no Tea Are not viewed a the Noble in the phrase of the old French grammars. All Are simply doing what seems Natur Al nobody thinks of anything else. That the Young men can pull a stronger oar that it is the Young women who have contributed these delicious buns from aunt Nance s favorite these Are justly subordinate matters both contributions Are deeded. Both James and Almira arc within these there Wimch in Hind for them in go ing on Tho picnic and whether they Supply the buns or the oars is a wholly secondary attain the essential contribution for either is he or she should be a fresh and joyous human being ready to take Holt in a Hearty War should be in a word . The celebrated Widhani Pat s Brief sum Piary of a wife s proper Virtues us told in log was this a wife should to of a amiable character. She should Siog-11 surely this is a Good formula for thu Virtues of either at a picnic. And sooner or later no doubt we shall Transfer the habit of singing in Happy Utu son from the Pic Liq the has t70 5 by Agios. For the count re near Franklin county Kansas is in a state of excitement Orr the report that in Gold wms buried there by a Man. It present serving a term of Twenty five years in the South of for murder. The people re ported to be digging a in Crery place where it is thought possible for the Money to be but As yet inst ices fully. The a Savici a in Hopes that the knowl Edge of the burial place of the Money will get him out of prison will not Tell the place wit Boul Soras Churico of the. He has Beau visited at the by re Bodcau of to invt Section but would not say where the Money Wixs buried. When told that the people wars digging for it he lithic interest Mii his visitor described one inhere had a Woff. He then by toy question which fire Ctruk the were i Tjing Abd spoke net owl of a Chimp of Ash a Fth far from the where the con Rich s in the Stone. Zig of the Fol for the Ipac Wonov Wilh i Tuntti Nerc. Tue Rford is tint Goa air about Pecott Booth my one than. A place that 1 Akcer s shop 13 a curious i oils of hair and Binu tip it kiss More r of h he Tod wit m coi us i with full us turnip. To cite Triin co Tiu in with an Anim Ilion in Zuver Feci Pipun Regii irked Tunit Wituk up War 1 when replied who yes Tel i cod interest than Ordinary shop wart s. The customers that drop in Are Ahvay Suro to live Odd of Char Acter. You Nii Fht almost Fane tin or. Of Hollmer it Miulli shop is near a Nihil pc s old Thea Ter. He took Down Ironi a shelf a full of us cd looked like so a Ian hum in Leium. To what a Complete is made by a a Cru the i i us Tho Sun on thy Kio Grimle i seem Kinin the m Bank of tin of Amidol and other shipping a t d in thy tiling and a nearly enry nation on Tarth. Torque s. Journal. an Arkansas colonic he put Osio Nuiji on his head Aud Hui it a lot Vinsy Guniy Beard j of the Reform so ool in life tarns on his Chin. It him the make it i Pom not to a Jehu sup a co of Kip Van u Nilica after he j pose i Call to a taken his Lonjo sle Oji or of Lear what mint i find out whether then he put on a Black Bijj with Black hair and forked at the buds w Inch give him a Tierce aspect the Beard was Long sweeping almost to his Waist. 1 Puld do for i Eue Hant said the wig Makei or for u villainous jew 1 As he took out one Bijj after another from tue Box. Air jul hour trans formed into a sleek millionaire a shiny Bald head an in Salish Squitt a Man about town it in urged person suggestive of Nick o the a foolish boy and an irishman Voth that pass for pit Hooner. Another Box Tai cd for women. Tonery wore yellow Tonako thu we Sirur look Youthful and on tiie ind Stabio for Tiu and of a Krench is. The to the hair is attached it Madu to resemble Tho color of and conies Well Down on the Forest ii. How n thu can Maln to Eor Ruspond with the color of Ilia asked the Rupurt or. Tie face is made up to correspond with the was the Ruply do actors Wear a wig on Tho stage some of tiie they play with their own hair but usually they have it for each character in their Roper ton a they wish to their appearance each time they Asimo u Are beards work to the same Ruan be uhf a would a car Wetr a Board he told the truth or vol if he Tho acc Balion and if to is move to another neighborhood.1 traveler. Of top of 111. Terri tory summer has Winter nrouni1 us. The cold still air Burns on like Frost. The Snow chills our foot until they arc numb. We Are at tin in Laciura its torrent is Teariki the Snow beneath our feel. How unlike the thing is to All thins else in this Ion he Canyon which ii l Reaton and which it ends it is As Dif Ferent from every Rock or Stone or Eliol i in this whole Region As if it were of an j Oil to to id. I Giatcu from it j my mint Down the ions Delile Lonu Uhic i have Journi Yed. Its ragged locks tattooed with i sic now arc but the Veri Tuuu of ulu ii tin is the living monstrous head . Lills the whole of the chasm and upon i parted Suppf us tie bit fun Rucoly in front of a and it until its personality a thy evil Guilius of this Remote Region tills Ilow great smooth cruel i acts of it ii in Tho to inv liar re n look Iii Iii All this and wlntuue.-i-. Till in ugly d try Brown akiu.-, inst nut tinn from every pore increases thy the chill fog. Apparently Loveless Tiiu fitting Atin of Brous. Him Imp rent the Bright pack i aiming in t in Lar sun1, thu in e i from its i Mill s Shipu in to i i Glicr very Jie sore i Tro sore to front Astle lion croup Puiul Taroli Thor Euvis Aviu s cd Limity Tokal Are adj Imi tint a. I i d from str ions i. Tia Wyland i Thiol Ute. It to Kent hand in very household Lor ten it affords in sudden ail consign Pitun thare u to Oiler Reu Utju so Eliw of. Ulm help enl. Low pours Are Soave of tbeni3tt cups tuned of n foil inc Fec tic which in Thiv contain to curative qiliiiii.-1. Can afford Only Relief Aad Disca Aea of the Throat and and Eit Active treat meat am it fee form it Nen u Lent ing with in Guowu nil Cliea Luei Liumis trom their eau Halum a l May. While so become deeply Vaird or incurable. Riot s coif cuu fact jul. And no. Mutual utly the Tat i x Standard medical preparation of knew curative Potter. Ami is cheap As its careful preparation and inc time the test of Hall Cvitam. La. Proven Ceru Uoti to no ii i monary rat i a Rettah i Aid. Prepared by or. J. C. Ayer co., practical and analytical chert i Musi. Drugs i went to the theater Annas de sin Gle on his face with spirit gum. A Beard made in to Tinner looks vers much like a natural Beard. George Vej Gojii was also vet particular about his Board. Alien he play in Sonaio of his stage characters his Beard was also made Tho Trig maker pointed ton collection of photographs hanging on the Imong them w Ere those of Kate Cla Xinu Clara Monis use Coghlan und mrs. John fowl. They nil have he said although you Ronld not think " does Rose c Ohlau Avn is Wear a sometimes she appears with her own hair. The u which she Iverc on Tho Nair it Bluit Lack s of Heater was opened was the most cd i Ever made for that Char Acter. One of Clira morris1 Wijers 3150." actors frequently require theser rices of the Sonio of them have their hair dress every night. Aim tie Tjia one of the Cost that i have Iver served. She wore false hair and never wanted it dressed twice the same fashion. When Offenbach was hero in had his hair dress 3d every time he Pippr ared in Public list wigs Itro now so substantial lint they do net require As it Cucit dress no nud it tuntion As they did formerly i made the wig for Feusht or to Plav Hamlet in. Which five Rev by Tiu critics. For my . I think that was the col Lor Danes Joni know arc ii. Rooth never pc Mai a a thu character in Onieh he is quite right for tic has a classical head and his own hair is becoming to Tiia York Zvi Mue. The Battlo of Tbs War. A very interesting hit of personal and ? Neinl i Morv. Or the Leuison Ert Tny vol lev the fart that col. David Brandon now a place is the Man who fought thu Host Battle and pave tiie Irist on or to at the close of the War of the rebellion and did it at the Mouth of new Mexico " Preat Rivetiv the Kio Grande. The Bat the was fought of May 12th and 13tb. Isio. Col. Bran St was an tobit from a Coral Camp on Brazos Island a mixed command of abort 300 town from the second Texas cavalry Iii unit a. First Missouri coloured and the thirty fourth tit piano to capture a Herd of for the of Tow while out he was attacked by a Force of about Floo Texas cavalry with an ill cry. Under general Slaughtor and Gnu Era the it ,1 Var ship arnved off the with the of the surrender of Kirby Smith. Of the Confederate forces in the Field Aoi the Cetl of War. ral Barrett Tho commander of the Rison colonel Branson to cease tiring and return which by intr Ira Pfosi ble on account of the of sup of spectacle Lii it on to Niobe closely we went on tin shelves. Avalanche at Tiiu end of tiie Inonia to it in head in tiie avoiding the Rock it raised at us Aad its Side we now Lakeit Iune that the Pic evils from a later in Spur on the Mountain that us color is due to the Yhu Mih Lii Chi Tiu if i i melted at this of thu and that wet Brown surface is not a smooth ski ii but riia Nied and wrinkled and torn Ihetu Ami there tie Olid ice in countless Fra Tunis and sures. Climbing Malonff its Sli Purv aide.-, by their various Toj Luliona to Tii u we Root is split into Simil to cracks and even Chr rus from Onieh us Lioto Tako a Long while to entries j. Owl Vry in 3 1 re ring ill hour it us Promp Otto Ikird i e Tiv 5tui k Iii no t Fin i i Hrth tie Chu p be1- Joseph wiuiti1 Devi i. I a harness. Blini j soil i Fimon 1 All i Tel Lions s. Us in fuel Hirnes Marble Rock Iowa Ngip Northern railway in tract line ing i Minnesota and Dakota Ami West i i m my is. Old i Iii Iii in Ouri for . J i Kun i. It i piles s Are or Ecsodi Oby of weight in the Buck Lions and lower part Abdomen cat sin tie i tint to sup us he has Winic eff Ecmon of tie kidneys or neighbouring organs present As flatulence uneasiness lie stomach Etc. A moisture like a Crispi ration Pra icing it very in itching in. Particularly at night alter not Tini warm in bed is a very common a t Lenl Lant. Internal Jelt Ernal and itch 1 Ile Jirld at once to the application of Sianko s pile remedy which acts directly upon the of absorbing the tutors allaying the intense itching and effecting .1 i cure where All other remedy . Do not until the j Iurii on the system s Impf try n no Price 5u c ends. _ ask druggist it t. And when Yau Sot do Juii it of Hue 111 11 Lii Ket f r r f. To . It Lent i m. t him we will Send it prepaid on receipt of Price. And ire the or Medicine co Pinna Olio sold Asper if co. Mind Polis is. A Tab m i i Iii j i i hot a inn. Icett i a i i time advice to mothers arc Xou at Ani Fri Ken ret a Ait chilis Tiff m Ait l pain of Tutti nor Tattu ii so Send at Ort co pm zet Abl per Linin Iff ferr Ini ii Lin Lily. Do Parr 1 us Fri it mothers Thor is it. It cures Dpi entry Diar Lioci. The to teach and in nods. Ciirt1.--1 polic j and subscribe for the Globe Democrat
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