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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 3 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 3, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 ecu Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa. Sept. Teems a year i City Dele notice All persons owing me on Book account i Burlington the state b Are requested to Call and Settle Between now and september i have arranged my business to use the Money then and will expect it on the Date above a mentioned. Geo. W. Gates. Bro. Of the Chiles citizen was elected As one of the Gates to the sound Money de no tatic convention it will be of interest to the people of t place at Centennial Celebration will be held. The outdoor events will take place in a newly opened of ninety acres covering a tract of natural Woodland. This tract includes the brow of a High and Steep Bluff overlooking the grand rolling Mississippi and rules upon Miles of the picturesquely welded lowlands of Illi Nois. The events of an Assembly Char Acter will be held in the coliseum a permanent Structure now being built by j the citizens of Burlington on und immediately adjoining the Park. This building will have a seating capacity of nearly people in length it is Iso Foet in Width 150 feet and height go Ket it will con about and governor formal accept Ance of the Republican nomination was made in a letter dated August 27 the Campaign. He Dodges no Issue lie accepts and stands upon every Plank of the St. Louis Pla Lorai he Quoit clearly and convincingly show thai free coinage of Silver would Benefit no one but the who holds the Bullion lie would receive one Dollar for every cents Worth of Silver at the expense of the mint the labor Erand the Farmer could not get it unless they have something to sail in return or it Protection is equally considered with free Silver and upon this question like All others the candidate of the Republican Pirty gives Forth no Uncertain sound. On thib Buu Jeet major Mckin Ley says Issue of supreme importance is that of Protection the peril of free Silvei is a menace to be feared societies. A. F. Is. A k. A. A. Corner St tie Lodge so. 251. on or before fan Moon. Visiting Brothers in Good ii iding to attend. Tubbert Hugget. Is. 8. A Sec. I. O. O. F. Marble Bock Lodge to. 362, meets thursday k of Eark week a visitor Coroi ully invited. K. Tax set c. 0. H. Eose Sabass see. . 219, meets tuesday evening week. Visiting Brethren mv4ted. Davis k. Of r. S. I. L. Of h. 3leete the 3rd tuesday night in each month in fellow Hall. L. Al Ros Ukins 1 res. R. J. Mckuy rec Sec of. K. Iteen at the Home of los Lenart the 1st and m thursday of each month at 2 o clock p. In. Mrs. A a fete want pres. Mas. Caa Siina Affek Bee Marble Stock Foet 306, meets first Satut Daj each month. W. B. Ciu Tivee adj wac t c Metis every thursday. Mil in president. A rfcs. A. 3f. My facial Secretary. Dmrcjb.08. Methodist preach non sundays at 11 . And 7-80 . Epworth league meeting at 6.30. Power meeting thursday w. W. Pastor. Cd Isaiah Careen tres Hans sunday at 11 . And . Christian j Deaver meets h16-m p. M. Prajer meeting wednesday Nve Flag. J. pastor. Preach Nln sundays at 11 . . Yonng Peoples meeting at prayer meeting tuesday evening hem pastor. Baptist preaching every 1st sunday in each Lla. In. Tud p. In. Sunday school Terry Sunda 10 a. Services held in the Union school Bee h. Gust pastor. City off Cen. Mayor. Joseph Willoth h b Itose stoans Tunrer. My Martin Street commissioner c. F. Jesmore Lundhal Wollant Strond c Fletcher ii been Kutui a ii Meier cabs Weber r Huggett Union twi ship school foment Geo w Reifell. Stat tue. H b tet Trainer. John Ostuw Dike toes 1 Nick Staudt 6 Ladison Blue Llano Packman t John e p Walter 8 James Purcher 4 Ibraha. Coo w i Egbert Ditis. 10 sum Shaffer 11 Fri Bultz. Tow Phlp officers. O Baldwin. Cvrk table Volney been. Leoy town of wirhol on. Hinzey w Itter and 31 r Scott town help school Board. Pm client John Bishop. Secretary. Geom k bul Dwyn treasurer d Merrick direct oks 1 Jota mop 5 Brace Ward. 2 w t c up fuming. T caulker 7 j 4 John atari s j w Jeffrey 9 John Leec. Judicial. W. Bit John c. J. E. E Markley of Unity who presided Over the temporary organization of the sound Money demo Wratic convention held at pcs clearly made the Tariff an Issue when in his speech he said in 1890 the Melvinl cites and Bryn nites were United in Congress and the ruinous High Tariff cheap Silver Universal pension sugar Bounty Trust producing panic Breeding Mckinley Sherman Law was the result of their joint efforts to Rob the people the Iron Enron and the Silver Baron the tellers stewarts Mckinley a and Ean Nas then a Orleck Hind in Laud to coot Pel the people to buy their products at unnaturally High prices in 1892 and 1s98 Bryan expressed the same sentiments in much More clo quent terms than did or. Markley and we have seen no statement from him Thia Point. He in an out and out free trader and should he be elected would exert All his official Powers towards lowering the present destructive Law upon this subject thereby adding More misery and distress upon the business and labor of the country. Or. Mark Ley differs Only in this matter Froid or Bryan in that he has the courage before the people and advocate the True doctrine of Cardinal Prin Cipal in their artices of Faith. Partial free Trade has been tried for the past three years and the country barely exists. The result of a genuine Dosell the unadulterated article would prove As much More detrimental As an explosion of Gunpowder would be to Nitro Glycerine. Republicans who espouse the free Silver cause should look this Sil ver the free Board of Licious Lane chairman Charles City Phillip Shulli. Marble to moist pippin Rockford s. Cal Cheater i Todd i 1. It null files Banta lit monday in april. September Aud Sefl monday mar Ember. Matter squarely in the Fuce will be As hard to get under coinage As it a today. In order to get it you must have something to sell either goods of labor. If the door o the factory remains closed the vault that contains the Silver will remain As securely locked to f of Asia the Gold and Silver Dollar of today unlock the Mill door and the Gold and Silver will flow into your pocket As it did in 1s92. Look at it As you May Protection a inseparably coupled with this is no conjecture. It is not a sed on theory. Thirty years of almost uninterrupted Prosperity crowned by the Jubilee year of witness to the Ruih of i desc statements. Every prophecy made upon the platform by Republican orators in ib92 of the dire a Fec s of free Trade have come True Are you willing to continue the present state of affair or ire you anxious to return i to the a Ood old prote Etian period if you prefer the latter cast your line i with the Republican party and vote for that Pii Oceo Advance of Prosperity win Mckinley the Republican Banner. 11 Ose democrats who will assemble in Indianapolis next week to consider How Best they can help prevent the re pud nation and revolution threatened by the democratic party As now organized would do Well to read some of the Para graphs Oes president Harrison s speech. These gentlemen have pro fessed a great ear of the Triumph of the party and the election of or. Bryan they have sought to impress their patriotism upon the be publican party in a Wiy to allow theol to take the Lead and say what shall be the Paramount Issue of the Campaign. But there a no Paramount Issue except the necessity Lor a return to Republican administration of the government and a return t0 the policies which brought Prosperity to the people tre neral Harrison spoke for the whole Republican party when he said the Republican part fronts the destruction its and trumpets its Defiance to the enemies of sound Money. It will fight however without covering any of the glorious mottoes and inscriptions that arc upon the Banner of the Republican party has Iron the beginning of its career been the motto Protection to Ameri can Aud that motto must re main where it can be seen of All men Protection and sound Money go together and they Are both Cardinal principles of the Republican parly the sound Money de autocrats cannot divorce them. Major Mckinley has said that we want not to open the for the unlimited coinage of the Silver of the world but open the Mills for the full an unrestricted labor of american Worku Mcd Itiat expresses the position of the Republican part. Gen eral Harrison put the same thought in other words when he said i am quite As much opposed to cheapening the american working Nen and working women As i Ani to cheapening oar Dol Lars 1 am quite As strongly in favor of keeping the Jay s work at to Iii As i am Gold dollars the Jipp Bliwn party today stands As it has stood for forty years the ene my of revolutionists and repudiation lists in the Cus thousands of democrats who could not stand with their own party for disunion joined with the re publicans asking no other recognition is Useni Iii Fui musical Esu vols and in we die experiencing the effect of like character Conven-1 of partial Iee Trade. The one must be tons etc., after Llie Celebration in averted the other corrected the be october. The Mississippi River will be publican party is wedded to the doctrine utilized for brilliantly lighted night car of Protection and was More ear rivals. Fire works Etc nest in its support and advocacy than now if argument were needed to strengthen its Devotion to the Ameri can system or increase the hold of that system upon the party and people it is found in the lesson and experience of the past three years men realize in their own daily lives what before was to Many of them Only report history or Trade Ion. They have had a trial of both systems and know what each has done Lor them. The Public exigencies demand prompt protective legislation which will avoid the accumulation of further debt by providing adequate revenues Lor the expenses of the government this is manifestly the requirement of duty. Ii elected president of the United states it will be my to vigorously promote this object and give that ample an Oju argement to the occupations of the Trout com Floour store Heijo Uuele i clot Lingo t fun sort. Wek nowt Mesa Rehar a but Eilot Leb Esh vec s unto Inak Ethe easier. Our j lice Sarer Eason Dou i goo Jav ego ocl. F Childs Campbell. Ill Lyu a Usu Lulli demanded at this is so imperatively juncture of our National affairs of the Wilson Bill or Mckoley says whatever Virtues Tuny be claimed for that act there is confessedly one which it does not possess it lacks the essentia1 virtue of its creation the raising of Revenue sufficient to Supply the needs of the government it has at no tune provided enough the Occue for such needs but it has caused a con slant deficiency in the Treasury and a steady depletion in the earnings of labor and Lind. It has contributed to swell our National debt More than 000, a sum nearly As Preal As the debt of the government from she ton to Lincoln including All our foreign wars from the revolution to the re Bellion. Since its passage work at Home has been diminished prices of agricultural ipod unto live Confidence has been arrested and a general business demoralization is seen on every the letter should be read in Lull by every voter of the land. Its lofty Patriot Din is Nihil rating at this time when the boy orator of the filling columns of the daily press with stale utterances and an attempt to set Section Section and class against class in order to draw upon the baser instincts of Man that he might thereby be elevated to the High office of president. Every Man who loves his country and his fellow men must endorse the High and Noble principles than that of their in helping gel Mckiney of a. A. A Toner Ometh e p Wamer. R e j it vat do As Mcca for or. Fred Miller of Irving. Ill writes that he had a severe Kinney trouble _ j for Many years with severe pains in i his Bact and also mat his bladder was Hanford i affected. He tried Many so called kidney cures b it without any Cood re i Kiwi Ortr bitters and found Relief at Cnoc specially adapted to and liver troubles gives Almott inst t Relief will prove oar statement Only 50c Lor bottle. At a. J. Asper i co. Frog store. Save the Union. The Triumph of democracy then meant the destruction of the Union and that was the Para mount Issue if the who assemble at Indianapolis next week be Lieve hat the election of Arrao Means the them throws repudiation and revolution that is the Paramount Oscne but the Republican Klc Etrie 1 cure of nil i and o ten one party has in the last forty years in scribed Runy mottoes and inscriptions up ii its Banner which have become a part of the government itself and so recognized by All parties it will March under his old Banner and will Caver no none of its mottoes for to do so would be to repudiate some of the most principles of the fed Cep Tance major Mckinley s remark to the Farmers Dan t customers the was More than an Epi Gram. It was to e statement of a pro found truth which most come Home to every Man when he thinks that his wealth conies from the work he does in the world and the Market to is Able to find for the fruits of his labor and not from the amount of Money in exist Oce All the Money coined will not do him any Good unless he has something to give for it and unless other men can crts in its Constitution and Ose what he has to Ocean August 29th. Tribune. New York agents wanted to cd Clay. Life of m Kinley and Hobart Republican candidates for president and vice president by Hobt. P Porter the noted journalist present editor of the Cleveland world and inti mate of need of Memley for Twenty years. Absolutely the Only authentic life of Mcki Olcy published. For indie than two years in preparation and the Only Woik that has received the endorse ment of maj. Mickinley and his most intimate friends. No Hook equal to it at a Sellei. Everybody the Book published at Mckinley s Home. Porter s Book Sells at sight. Readers will accept no other. A Gold mine for life Active workers our agents Are a Lenkins from 810 to 820 per Clay cd once for thous ands of others to do As Well. Tins is the Opportunity of a life. The highest com Mission paid. Order outfit Dow. Send 20c Stamps taken As an evidence of Faith which amount will be refunded with agent s first order if it is Only for one Book making outfit free. Books on time charges prepaid leaving pro fits Clear. Act Quick or while you Are waiting others will Cut you out Tun x. G. Hamilton Pec. Co sgt 3021 Arcade 0 Eveland o. Compound liquid is saving thousands of dollars for Iowa Farmers. Thoroughly tested in the worst cholera infected districts of eleven mates and proven beyond doubt to be the discovery of the age and is the Only guaranteed remedy Ever placed on the Market for the mention and cure of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and. Present prices no Farmer can afford 10 be with out compound liquid Sulphur cholera Jure. Nut Only the Best but cheap est remedy on the Market Cost i of less than one Quarter of a cent per Day for each hog. For Sale by a j. Asper read our free Booklet on Mic Robic Dis Ems. U William Mckinley agents wanted to sell the life and speeches of Mckinley with proceedings of St. Louis convection platform of party and other valuable information. 320 pages with 20 full Page illustrations Pace Rio h 31.00 half Morocco 50 sixty per cent discount to Agens 30 cents Foi Prospect us and full particulars and go to work at once Yon can sell 200 copies in your own own address j. S. Gluie publishing company 57 Ross Street. New York 408 wanted an thing to Patent protect Yon ideas they May bring Jou wealth. Write John Wedder by Ekx co., Patent attorneys Washington d. C., Lor their f prize offer. The famous Lake City Stock Fountain can be purchased from l. Hartshorn Charles City Iowa it will water from 50 to 150 pigs daily. Governed by Gnu Uli gut Inu a prided to rust Hoats to stick in mud Rod let oat tank of water. Has the ngut size drinking cup not a Large double drinking cup to hold a lot of hot filthy water before fresh Supply comes Down. In body water. Can be set to water two pens at once. Fountain now arranged for heating attachment which can to supplied during Winter. Fountain put out on trial. It costs nothing to try one. Will pay for itself every week m a Bunch of 20 pigs. You will state your self after trying that the increase in fat above the usual method of Waterloo a apparent with the naked Eye in two weeks. Kevil Price 83.00. Call on or write to l. Hartshorn Chiron City Iowa general agent for Floyd county. Stock poem in City Joseph Wiloth dealer in heavy and shelf hardware. Earner repair eng a specially. We meet Alt honorable Competition

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