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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Sep 2 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - September 2, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. 4. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa sept. 1s97. Terms a year i with wheat Selling at More than i per Bushel in new York markets j where it North Only go cents a year those tables Khich attempted l to Sizow tint wheat and a Ilyce keep Pace Aslo their relative value Etui rather absurd now. Specially is this the ease when it is Rem Euil ered that at w. L. Nelson s is the place to buy your hardware paints and oils of All kinds. A Fine line of paint brushes and bicycles at prices that will astonish you. 11 will pay you tools i j j in us Moines is nothing if not War like. It reminds one of general Grant s Story of . When Bragg had no one to quarrel with he quarrelled with himself. The most recent Wrangle do mines is Over the Uil Mic of a Boulevard up the drs Moines River this Boulevard was to run along the Silver was Woith 05 cents in j River for a number of Miles but a protest the Parks along the River Bank and the City solicitor has declared that the Park commissioners Are justified and that the City Conot build the Boulevard new York on August 1st of last year and is now Worth 58 cents one year director Prestos of the United states mint estimates that the production of 1s97 will be in i r i investigate before buying. Societies. A. It. T a. .11. . St Cue Lodge no. 2m. Regular communication Rudne Sotny on or before All Moon. Brothers in Goodson i dog cordially invited to attend. Humbert Nugget. W. H. 8. A Duvie Sec. I. O. O. F. Mtr Lile Rock Lodee so. -302, meets thursday sve Utteg of Eara week. Visitors invited. N. Rosie khans sen. , Beelar Loeffe meets tuesday evening f each week. Visiting Brethren limited. W. B. Votes. C. C. A. Roses Kius k. Of h. B. I. I of h. The 3rd tuesday Nii rut ill each Mouth in add Fellows Ball. L. It. Ruex kiss pres. H. J. A Kier dec. Sec. W. W. Of a. Marble Hock Camp 4403. He Gulnor meet ii second and fourth saturday of each month at Odd fellow Hall. Vitting High Lions in Good Stan Piug cordially invited to attend. A. 11. J1k1kr, v. C. Ii. , clerk. To b c. Meets the Home or mrs. Stewart the 1st and id thursday of each month at 2 o clock p. M. 3tu9. K. A Stewa it Vres. Pm. Christina Aspek Sec u. A. K. Hurble Hock Post no. 306, meets first saturday each Mouth c. T. Aikley com. T. B. Adj. To 0 t u every thursday. . I Rusinenk. A. A. Bui i i Archos. At 13 t-30 up Wortlie league meeting at prayer meeting thursday Stening. W. W. pastor. Chat stirs a bunco preaching sunday at 11 m. Christian Kui Beaver meets Tel we m. Prayer Itie Etine wednesday Niue. J. Will pastor. Feb san Days at 11 . M. Prayer meeting tuesday evening c. R. Cal kiss pastor. In each look the every sunday in Erth Alt a. M. M. Sunday Embi t sunday at 10 a. M. Services held in i Man every sunday it 10 Union school House. Baxt pastor. City officers. Mayor. F. E. Gates recorder h b Rosenkrans j w Martin Street commissioner George Smith Willard Kinny c a Arlanti a. H. Walster h. Weber k Ilu get r. J. Ackley. Colon town help school e. P. Waleter. , treasurer. John directors 1 Nick Stoudt t Hutty e p Walster 4 Lew i 11 Andrew Gates. G a Radieon Bine 7 John Gates s James Parcher 9 Liles Clikeman 10 j. T. Masson Jscott township Orti cers. Sclier erhorn s. Soarf George keel elli3 Bilake town Crowell Garner w Witter Liles and Reich Meier Scott township school . Pro Lieut e. W. Garber. Secretary. George n Baldwin to aurer Charles d Merrick directors 1 Johm Bishop 5 f. F. Witter. T e w Barber 6 dec Spaulding 3 Fiat Suidt 1 to Cunningham 4 Jonn Ahart s j w Jeffrey 9 John Losee. Jami Chat. C. Sherwin. J. F. Clyde. Tenni of court-4th monday in Jas Usry lit monday in qty 2nd monday in september. 2nd Board of super tenors. line City a fillip a Blu Marble Rock Timothy moppin Rockford b. 3. Rudd j. C. Merrill Siles a Calm meetings 1st in taint re. Apr. September ind id county officers. W. D , auditor Tunrer. A Kroc the courts. A Only if. Pertin c. Ii. John Oby f. A. Rozine Frank wheat has increased 50 per cent in value in thu Pust year and Silver has fallen 25 cent. The railroads Are employing 100, year. Old the neighbourhood of there reason to believe thit there will be a billion dollars More of Gold in the Park commissioners entered against the cutting Oft of against their protest free Silver and tree Trade having lost their Charm with the people of the world by 1900 than there was when United states the democratic leaders railroads Are employ ing Mure than at this time list the Eam Ramn of 1890 All of which must be highly cd ering for the Especial y in View of the tre fall in the Price of the White Metal. It is hard to keep the run of All the items of Republican Luck. Assistant Secretary Brigham of the agricultural department estimates the profit on the Rise of wheat to american Farmers to be could not or. Bryan be persuaded to Lay aside his Spanish studies for awhile and explain Why wheat continues to Rise wine Silver continues to fell. The grand army which reached a Vijh water Mark in with a total of now decreased Lott is still a great vanishing Host. But wheat and Corn and flour and Cotton and Wool Are up and the Dingley Bill is opening the machine shops and stir ring the soldering Firca of furnaces and a change is seen All along the line. At a reunion of the Smith family in and Tais was Only one third of the number entitled to be present. Cut the meeting can hardly be called a Frost. Railroad men All Over the state express themselves As fully assured of the heaviest business for the coming year that the roads have Erar known. It is thought that cars will be scarce in spite of the constant increase in rolling Stock of the roads. Unless Silver Stop its downward coarse that party of patriots who recently sailed for Japan to obtain argue nests in favor of the White Metal scarcely be Able to present much courage moment to the cause in time the autumnal election of 1597. Will in for it is a Little curious that Mulhall s statistics should show the very spot which was selected by the Silve rites a their Bali of operation last Prairie be the most Prosper Ous spot on earths As reckoned by the production of food per capita. The assertions of the free Silver Ora tors of last year that Prosperity could not come to the people of the United rotates without the free Aud unlimited Inage of Silver does not read very Well in parallel columns inst now Wii i the double leaded announcement of Prosperity which the Frank est and bravest of those journals Are now publishing. The recent exportation of an Eiban tin plate that sold in foreign markets is a More eloquent and forceful answer to the free traders assertions than columns of newspaper or oratorical statements it is Only six years since democrats were insisting that no amount of Protection would enable american n to Success fully produce tin plate yet in that Brief time they have practically sup plied the markets of the United states and Are now reaching out for those of the old world. The suits brought by Jallu Ghan a co., of Chicago against Chancellor Amlin Mcclain the annotator of the new code have been dismissed and the new code will be Cut and distributed by october 1st. The Only part of the code that is behind at present is the Index and that will be pushed with vigor and will to completed with the rest of the code on time. The Index to the code will con who recognize that they will soon be out of a Job unless they end some Neil rallying cry Are now looking for other issues. This is indicated by recent developments which show that the Ilen who have kept themselves in the Public and Public office through the operations of the democratic party in inc past few years Are now quietly discuss the single tax the initiative and referendum and features of this sort in the Hope that they May be Able to present new and attractive schemes with which to catch the unthinking voter in the next National election. The warehouse certificate scheme wherein certificates based upon the Bullion value of Silver May be used is now the Only Hope of sex governor Boies As a basis for currency lie said months ago As did Many of those who last year supported the free coinage of Silver idea that the Day for that proposition had passed. In his latest proposition made Public a few Days ago he suggests Itiat the Only method of making Silver useful As a basis for currency is its Deposit in warehouses and the issuance of certificates upon its to pages. This will certainly make a very respectable Book in size at least. Bullion value. This might be a Good i if Ilver did not have an uncomfortable Way of taking a drop every now and then. With mexican dollars Worth Only 40 cents the Labouring people of that country whose wages Are nominally one half the wages in the United states Are in hard lines. The recent fall in Silver and depreciation of the mexican Dollar has caused great suffering to the Clas of people who were but poorly paid when the Dollar was much More valuable than it is at present. This depreciation causes a Rise in the prices of All commodities that the labourer there must buy but the labourer s wages themselves Are the last things to be so affected. Recent figures issued by the Bureau of statistics in Washington show that two thirds of our foreign Commerce in 1597 was with european total foreign Commerce of he United states in the fiscal year just ended amounted in round numbers to and of this about with Asia and with other North american countries. A 000 was with Europe with South America the latest report from Dun s be View to improving business Are among the most Atis Falory yet re corded by that reliable publication. The review says every City report ing this week notes increase in Trade and nearly All Bright prospects. The Grea change in business is emphasized by the presence of a multitude of buyers from All parts of the country and by the heavy Pic Hayes they make. The Strong Rise in stocks the growth of Bank clearings and Railroad earnings and the heavy speculation in Many products and most of All in wheat have made the week one of surpassing interest Eren to those who Best remember the upward Rush in 1879." Dun s weekly review of Trade for last week gives the following do you know that it has taken time and work to produce shoes Worth your buy ing at prices fair for you think it Over. To pay think this Over that descriptions Are cheaper than materials. Be sure the shoes Vou but Are As Good As you re made to j o believe they Are. Geo. W. Gates. That the customs collections since the new Tariff Law went into effect have been very Light is of course explained by the fact that the importers had crowded Toto the country All the foreign goods which they could get in under the Low Tariff rates of the Wilson prior to the enactment of the protective measure now upon the Statuto farm products continue to Advance despite the steady Lall in Silver. This is True not Only with reference to Wool and wheat but nearly All the articles which the Farmer produces. Brad streets in its latest Issue prints a carefully prepared statement showing the trend of prices non a Large number of a tides and in this statement shows books. Not Only do they scour the an Advance in july in woul. Corn beef world Lor foreign manufactures but i hemp Cotton Cotton seed Oil Beans. They Ransa cd the bonded warehouses taking out Bonds on everything upon which the new us increased the rates of duty. This is shown by the recent official figures Given the Public at Washington which shows that Only in the bonded warehouses of the country at the beginning of the month in which the 1 Ingroy Law went into effect compared with More than in Thouc same warehouses nne year previous. Wheat Oats Hay Rye , Mutton Bacon eggs lard and Rice. Can the Farmer complain of his condition nowadays and can he listen with any to the people who insisted a year ago that nothing but free and a Advance in the ducts Price of his pro "1 have never in the past wavered in the belief nor do i now that in the end we will be possessed of a banking and currency system so Strong As to make impregnable the country s credit. It is possible that before the nation s financial Structure rests upon a foundation firm As the eternal Hills the american people will be called upon to pass through the awful experience and loss which would follow in the Wake of unchecked paper and Silver Gat Sui. But at last no matter How Long prolonged the struggle or great the sufferings with the acquiescence of All the Mone tary principles which Accord with the speculative markets have their turns world s business experience financial or reaction but business has none this season it is gaining with a steadiness most Gratifying. The Starling of works increase in hands employed Advance in wages and in prices of products and the heavy movement of crops Are facts before which All speculative influences analysis Ofil icae figures shows that to week s dispatches fully is of our foreign com Merce is with Gold Standard countries. Half Century of Commerce is Good Deal better rides to the capacity it is greatly to be regretted that j a a country a Short period of two governor Drake will not be Able on account of the condition of his health in Hville Centennial mention fifteen Iron work which Ivr darted again t one closing fifteen Woolen works started and so on in Many other branches while Many or three years the free traders More works have increased forces and Many Are preparing to resume and Somr have increased washes. While Are trotting out figures to show that our sales of american manufactures Iowa Day september j abroad under the Wilson Law to attend the Lipoi Ithoc on 7th. The Low. Delegation however j do Sci ,0 ook Over the will be present. A great Many prompt of Century before they nent citizens from All Over the stale i very for the cafe k expected to the delegation they do so Lej Wil that in the will Lew pcs Moines Over Bash j Quarter 0 Century of Low Tariff the Railroad on september 4th. I balance of Trade was almost constantly j against the United states while in the what it we t Quarter of a Century of protective Tariff adv Trige that will guarantee or. J the balance of Trade was largely in our kind s new bitters j favor. In the Iwanij Fife years since Bucklen s Arnica Salve or or. King s new Hife pills it Means that we arc authorized by the proprietors to sell ib7 2 there have been but five years in which of r exports did not exceed our imports while in the Twenty five e e p Wazeter. Sit Paris car tabla t vex r Winchell. C. i head remedies on a Petit Joe guarantee. Yetra preceding that there were but that if the purchaser is not satisfied j two years in which the imports were with results we will refund the Purchase j not in excess of the the is vacs. There the Titis Grain Ris ing and going abroad in Large Quanti markets have reason for Abo Indino confide ice and speculative markets for strength. Research and every dictate of common honesty will Here prevail in Complete and on luring from co rapt. Eckels speech before american Bankers association aug. Is 1897. . s new discover fou is the Best Rem Edy in the world for ally Ornis of colds and coughs and for consumption. Kerry bottle is guaranteed it will care and not disappoint. It has no equal for a whooping cough asthma Hay fever pneumonia bronchitis Lagrippe. Cold in the head and for consumption. It is Safe for All pleasant to take and above All a sure Core. To is always Well to take or. Kins ? new life in connect Ion baby s second summer is the time that tries All the care of the Mother and All the skill of maternal management. Baby Comfort comes from fat fat babies have nothing to do but to sleep and grow. If your baby does not seem to Prosper if he does not gain in weight you must get More fat there. A few drops of Boc Amtrak of Home Clapto Price. These medicines have been sold Cess of Export Over imports in the last with or King s new disco cry. As on ibis guarantee for Rainy years and in Artel of was about sj2-1 they Egnute and tone the stomach and could he to Fofe conclusive we Ilene excess of air j evidence of their Grett Merit. Ask about i ports Ofer exports in the proceeding i then and trial. Sold at a. J Quarter of Century of Low Tariff was i a ave str cos. Drog store. About perfect Satis faction or return Money. Free trial bottles at a. J Piper of f drag i More. Regular give 50 Canu and each Day will put on plump Ness fat outside life inside baby and Mother both Happy. Your baby can take and Rel ish Scott s emulsion As much in summer As in any other season. For St an it stirs for the new Orleans Picayune quotes president Mck Nelcy s speech at Buffalo to inc g. A. U and says. These Are Noble words fitting to to spoken by the president of this great Republic know 1d2 do sectional ism and no pc Judice to the detriment of the people of any of the states of the country Over which he is called o preside nothing from him could have been happier Atid higher of than the words quoted from his speech to the veterans of the Northern army and it is worthy to be printed everywhere in these Southern states of this is a High compliment and it was called out by As Loyal and soldierly utterance As Ever came from Ryan. Disco i forts and dangers of child birth can be almost eur i n e o f Cardui relieves expectant Moth ers. It gives Toneto the Gen ital organs and puts Theta in condition to do their work perfectly. That makes preg Nancy less painful shortens labor and hastens recovery after child birth. It Helga woman Bear Strong healthy children. Has also brought happiness to thousands of Homes Barren for years. A few doses often brings Joy to Loving hearts that Long for a Darling baby. To woman should neglect to try it for this trouble. It cures nine cases out of ten. All druggists sell wine of Cardui. Per bottle. For advice in cases req siring special the ladies advisory the co. Chattanooga Acca. Louisa Hale or Jefferson when i first took of Cardnal we had been married to free Bat could not have any children. Month later i hid fins Girt

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