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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - October 31, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaImai to feretto rat of Square. Three one six a wails 5. One 1 Only Lara. A web 15. J , year s6.0v 4 Colun. Jot 1 culm., one year published by Hay with Hilka toward fee Chanty for ail of Marble Bock Floyd county Iowa oct. 31 187a terns sl50 or in Advance or tits. In i pm Perl Iii fur first insertion and sets Ftp .nlw.nwi.1 Law Nina. New drug i Stobe. To hot. I i be Inui i pure Tiet Micals oils and Sefc. Tecc. Physicians Prescript Al All hours olden1 for old rec cd Gilwit Prus Tifty Jaii b. J. Davis will always be fwd it Boot and shoe Stow prepared to do All a Titis of work i. Us on Short of tithe Best Stock used. Shop on mail Street. Marble Rock 86 of prices reduced. The few Way favorite l. be. Ors. Artistic photographer. I Hotdog Rapits Cuis and Oil paintings made on Short notice old pictures tul arged to any Silt a photograph India Ink or Oil colors 50 Wrt. Tho o Hie part of carriages j. A x d k k w s proprietor of the of d x Taxa re wag of shop Ujj Atchly occupied by , will manufacture in Jutt Ami i Latty ctn Riatt. To track Sutti of All kinds with neatness and dispatch and is Vietor. The it pairing of farm machinery a speciality. T is .1 it tall. Mackle Rock. Iowa. New Model machine. Amt Yusui a lilt Feitt m 1 greatly reduced prices w Thom of us hmm. 17hp Maui ill 00, Moore. 40 arund Greenwood our Stock consists of Dot goods boots shoes hats Caps incr la Kock i week. Phil Shultz. Satis fac of All kinds. Crockery of a Superior Quality and latest pattern cutlery Yankee notions etc., All of which we offer to Tho Public at w. H. Johnson Lav low., pc Forth Kat will Multi. Term ice Ouchle drug s Pike k u s Tolloff it a Terr . Uhi do Al 1 by e. A. Rosenkrans Deal kit in groceries dried fruit Glass Ware crockery Wood and Willow Ware and every thing in fact found in a first class grocery store. I pay the highest Price Tor country produce and sell my goods it the lowest living profit. Give uie a Call and see for yourself. I also keep i full line of do goods of just Teaby made clothing boots shoes Umble met Hwa. At Mot be and feed and Sale stable Bug. I carriages and buggies to readiness at All hours to convey i passengers to All parts of the country at the lowest rates. Ujj Call on i run Nurs carried Tai adjoining towns with safety and dispatch. T3 86 of land i late of Sycamore Iii., being per mail tilt i Marble Rock Kucs i thar of informing the Pahlick that he is prepared to do All of Joiner work. and Price b i furnished. To satisfaction 3h , u the lowest living profits. Al 1 of i everything pertaining to dry goods. Lamse Musit Chicago North Western Linus. Voter of Wui Wenat Grumt Trail of West North. West us. Witk it. A Miami Bowean Uil con i twin eth right Felt Tad Quick dirt ii fico Mil potato limn on in Iruk for Cut us tit route Bow no Chicano bulb no Itken ill. To nov i. Cutak. Meta. Inf nut chm. Antilla. H to unit Ith brew Rel of co Ute ill Pui Tula Wiko Viani in. A for St. Toliu in Al 1 in Crmim. A Jamb Mhz m. Us if us Fri it rat neck Alica Carrl i omit we Hoo. A Timm Itsuto. Sift try ,11 fit att la Tim cum Rel . I Aureola Mills. K p. Lasts proprietor this Mill if now under the of a first class Miller and trill do Cus Tom work on Short notice. Flour and feed constantly on hand. M Fml Rio Lac. Feb ill. A. Bauta. Us Lite . It iks new Ink. Shore ro.h-. Ami in tit Lai Kirr . . I a clean record. Thirty three Yka its at test the i f honorable company. Abr try. Eth str. Kim Kim. Khin. Two. Put Matr. It. It Lloita. Him. Ima wih mini for ill it wow wiik1bc facile r k feral fkr Point the Una Ivert a at the Best is unc Eruin and a Nan will make provisions Lor those Itiat be called Goa to mourn his death. In Sukk in the it a the w Yorac till to h4 ii Wiit in Ftp i Ruml Klee off w. H. Or thierr Stu inn a t sat St a d so kist and the Bat to Xci Vort Piile Pawli it tace of wet. Pou4 Inie att claims during is77. Is fatty i ate a pfc the and liquors for medicinal i physic in s prescriptions .mttvmf.rajras. Wykum it j ill r 0tam. Family published in the Northwest weekly at this Catnip Bau vat Tow in Mirtl wat Oord 10 the Cut and in Book term by Muc Luei a Wui Mot to by u toe United or Tat ww1 entwine Vuk owl kid Arm in Mai f that wetly b Ottri Atli idiot to w the Isumu Muu Mote. Cumi Al imim., it to Tom. It u now he u Aht Tunt Kim mrs Palm sum Cuba. In Nark Iru. Bur air. In Bimm Ita an Effaw will in tar Earth met tit Witk cwt Kink. Awk to boat my no rail i iop Orphit than a Tail thu or Otler rower. Lrtil mow tool or my Tiff it a m Ink Tlok iat hit Tahr rut it it Brwn flu Bra u Cohn of Tab new Iku weekly Luumi sum. in Panf to Len will m Labaere cwt Eta but Libra Frio for Kullot am p with to for at Jet. Is. Fat. Hmm. A full line of Furm take stantly on hand consisting of us it Jiff tit bad Tarim Mma fill pc thu Giuin i4ivinlb Cru Glicr. The following is the eur cited time or. Ranuld a to Neumati i business card of the b. 0. K. I x. K. B. For Call. In pm aptitude and responsibility this is acknowledged to worthy of j Oriso North. Prominent Avino wll Ciment and if a i mail awl Kip att a. To. I Tsien Power will be exercised freight a. Huib Tui peace and As an ofter and freight p. In. Business Man we no tear As to his i Tow Reward gained of vim a j mail and 12 j in. Cookk Vaulk four. Ii flip. M. Have one of the Lari Cost Bitch or Yards t monday. Kew it Stintin the vol Fly and every train brings Days j except saturday. Add Iorii to in air Cluck. In lion to their lumber the Iet the Standard. S. R. Iu.s.skl.i-. Lii Alt pc named Iti Ulii mid Lex u i l . I Witt. The a Lar re handsome volume of " div dual firm Are to., considerably More to in a la Dation it our thin words in its vocabulary hands. Tith the Correct pronunciation pc Iii Tion and county. Iowa Lor a period of is n w regarded us the Standard 24 years. The i or Ity and is so recommended by tryant j fourteen years a True son of Vulcan u Irving Wisit Sirop adj Assisi Henry Everett. Mann Quiney Kellii. Lluc As ranks fillard and the majority of our most i he a St. S. 1. Biswell is the Able distinguished scholars and is besides of several fire Retog Nind As authority by the Nitu Tiv companies Inelus in the t Ontic rental of sew York and the new York life. The Ifon Khuan has been resident in Carlile Hock Lor Smuts of oat . The Complete series of Worcester s dictionaries. Library 3 clt5 is two. Of Sarto dictionary. _ a Hep to 00 i Man a most efficient musician Octavo Universal and optical die but gentleman it polish and Cauca tonary. To. Library sheep. Academic dictionary. Crown so. Hall Roin. illustrated. Lino. Waif Roan. . I Cut year but for four years Lias Immi school Feine Pitary ditto Ouary. I to. J the Active Deputy. Chat i k. Our tost.ma3tkh. Half Roan. Primary dictionary. 16mo. Half Roan. 60 cents. 1 Seket dictionary. Illustrated. 24uui. Cloth 08 cents Koan flexible cents Roan tucks Gilt edges Many special aids to addition to a very full pronouncing and defining vocabulary nuke the above named books. In the opinion of our the honorable officiate gives to the people and educators the must Complete As Well As by far the cheapest dictionaries of our it follows front this with unerring accuracy that Worcester s dictionary being preferred Overall others by scholars and Lien of letters should Ite used by their first locution 1 i. I 1 i t tin locating in de Kalti t county. Illinois. Is years ago Marble clock his hone and As a nun and citizen the town has had every Reifon to be proud of the acquisition. Or. U Ood is nou ably his Ali term Fis clerk. Jam so Ailt was Burn in Dumfries. Scotland. His parents and saintly of Irish emigrated to the i United Siau Aiu cider is but 3 i Tontti Jill Pii a not new York. Kli perk is gives an of tin a Nuu Aud female idiot. Kli Dor a not mention unto of the woman in us Kiwi to. Tin sulm Cristion Price of the a res hmm Isi ppm Pajk i Iii unify ten in a Lioni or. Is Cruft i ugly about in there Are cml isolated bodies of free Bap Sims in this Emry the new ii Huj an a tie tire i. New .1 towards to lice in lies. It is not in Probach. Tillat will he called in a year or to Cleat this object. Slaton Iii Ifon. Hill. Declared in i Ovri it that the deluxe ratio Jurty the party t u tire this is nut at All to the present fein Rel Iii us Ami democrats. A Bird in the hand is of value than whole Hock in the Bush says the old adrift. The uitts rat has been heard from in time to prevent mistakes. I architecture is of the lofty roof variety indicating plenty of cold to the Square Inch during the approaching now Stock up your Wood piles n. The potato growing counties of new Washington and hard kit atoms have been gathered from an Aero. According to the last United slates census the crop of these three counties was four million right Hundred and eighty two thousand live Hundred and four bushels. In in tin. N. V. Ilau icy of South l Rulina was in u Ashington last week complaining to the president of car Usu purse Cutie is that lie claims Are going j on in ins slate with the approval of tin by sink semen of Rock. Charles City where his family present-1 by resides. Tie gentleman his a line Marble i a w a West of town he also possesses Good real estate and May be considered to do in the 0. A. Brackett Coti Tinard from last week j proprietor of s meat inn rect rest brio s. Aurant nud grocery House has been a when the a live is heard in thir Section a widest of county for fifteen years. The thoughts of the hearer Are almost j he Sta e of mainer and located u Oppi Niti to. Mild Pili Twil Ami he Nai various tint there asking Lii inh re Tim m by . Instantly Frai cd. The reason for this arc owing to Many facts. They Are financially Strong and their is As Good As the wheat. They Are men years in Wisconsin. His Busi Ness is Good and the fact of his contracting for ibo erection of additional building accommodation ought to k among men As possessing polished and i satisfactory evidence thereof. Social manner. They will never allow j you to feel yourself Interior. Many j was born in the state of Indiana. James instances arc related of poor Grain uis i. Winchell Trio lain Lii Iber of the sub. Calling for the wherewithal to build a inject of this sketch was the noise a Bam or a Fence and tic who j for 10 years of the lock House week ctr Joe. Was herein answered tie and was highly Este Emeil by Ull ranks lumber was Given and Honor depended j of society. Gummy Winc Liell has been on. Their Bank u rightly re5 added As engaged As Railroad contractor and one of the i Otto sound institutions and Many of the finest Wells in this Section Sale depositories in Northern Iowa. The have been caused by ins anger Boring capital is ample and the i Doc of Busi machines and employees. He also Ness indicates Good Hays and Sells horses Anil is the Propri i Hon. J. B. Shepardson pm Horn in j j the Sute of new York and a i Marble Rock and Vicinity is Blest with Wilc notified with Western interest for 35 j presence of physicians and years. The honorable has i a member of legislature a Justine j whose record of Success stamp them of tie peace and a county supervisor. I As in the front rank of thei pry he Uii Odt acres on session. I splendid land in this Vicinity. He is i Nirk was born in Canada regarded As pillar to on Euton Mercial a of the celebrated to Structure. Collet Albany. E. Shepardson. Ano in he the faculty j new York and Westward came to Illi his it in i n i Nui. Years ago. Like Genii Ilenin signal Man of Mark. 1 r. Clerk is owns 2 farms embracing 4im acres in a physician of ability it that state. He ins been resident Here j a heart and in Anhar which its i i Lur four and a half and is Ceng j in to the Aid of the patient. Niimd one of oar most shrewd and or. W. A. Clayton a graduate of i Che get twines Lien. As a i the medical and the lit is rated and As a polish gentleman i the Afore Zawid Gerleman. K Hob the Asti Wiliom i All classes of is a practitioner and an a. A . Or. K. U. Iliiyin-.-. Ins a novel prop Nilion has recently befit made to Secretary of War Mccrary by the chief of ordnance of the a army to the of Eccl that legislation be asked of Congress on the subject of de tailing officers and supplying anus to. The colleges us the country la Gest cil that the provision of and i Iii officers As instructors in their would increase tin inn i Tarico of institutions in View of tin influence they would Exen Iso Over the Lui Litin and in alive the military spirit of the nation. Mirich and front Maine will receive n Linn s share of notice in the him a next Winter partly because of the Battle they have passed through i. Partly from the part Wolnec they and by Cugusi of Ihu us Scneck of tit fail . Hidu will ii. Missed for was a Power often Felt in ii him and his a Worth hav ing on any with by his col Liml Iii and they have i in themis Mirvary on Tow Sandwich of naming Xiii the after to j Chirch which nip it. Them. Thus it i nut unusual a in Val Rowle til Witt. Of ii trucking he fourth i re Jitter Ian in it primer reprimanding t for sticking in the Wick St. It a for Trinity and inc first. to a Gilt Over Luicir and punch each other unmercifully while the second stands by and he on. H is tables bedsteads chairs cribs and find t f r.4 link inc Italy Kwan and in ha.-. Abort we w or. Lila is Pinr Kin s in the Man in other Day. A cab in which he Arnold wit vim id the stale of j and let wort also be All Mart
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