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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 29 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 29, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 12 Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa oct. V teems a Yeak great special cloak Sale saturday october 31. We have made arrangements for a special cloak opening with one of the largest cloak manufacturers in the East and upon the above Day will be Able to furnish you with All the latest styles at the very lowest prices. Have these goods in All the latest effects in cloth made in the latest styles and for Little Money. Call and examine our Stock and see the very latest styles. Geo. W. Gates. Societies. A. F. A. Ill. A v. Fca. Stone Lodge no. 231. Communication Walii Sedaj Oil or before tall Moon. Brothers in Good Widing cordial Yim item to attend. Kobbert Hugget. I. M. S. Ii Davis Sec. I o. O. F. Marble Hock Lodge so. 31h, meet thursday cute Jiuu of Eark week. Visitors cordially invited. A. 11. Micu x. U. Ii. Roseski Ujj see. , meets tuesday evening f each week. Visiting Brethren invited. K. C. Walt Davis k. Of k. B. 1.1. Or h. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in Ench Mouth in add Fellows Hall. L. , pres. R. J. Ackley dec. Sec. To. K. C. Meets at the Lime of mrs. Stewart the 1tt and 3d thursday of each month at 2 o clock p. In. Aliw k. A. , pres. Lbs. Cut Istina Asrun Sec. A. K. Marble Hock Post to. 308, meets first saturday c. I. Acyl to to Jolly. B. Cab tree adj. To c t u meets every thursday. , a. M. , Secretary. A Campaign lie nailed. From the Omaha acc. The following letter from the prominent Law firm of Clark Aiu Bler Chirk of Canton is Telf explanatory Canton Ohio sept 10, v. A. Agnew esq., South Omaha neb dear sir we have your favor of the 14th inst. Asking us concerning the truth of certain statements that were made by certain parties in your town namely that major William Mckinley owned a Saloon building in this City and that the Money for the rent was drawn by him in person until the time of Bis financial trouble a few years ago and that he has had it in the name of his wife Tince that time. In reply we beg to advise you that the above state ment is absolutely and unqualified Day false. Never in Bis lifetime has either comr chios. Methodist preaching sundays at 11 7-30 p m. Epworth league meeting at prayer meeting Chow tax Cylc non preaching. Sunday at 11 a n m. Christian Endeavor meets p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday j. With pastor. Preaching sundays at 11 . And p. M. Yonne Peoples meeting at prayer meeting Blip two. Preaching every 1st sunday in Ench month All a. M. And p. M. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. M. Services held in the Union school House City officer. Wiloth b Rosenkrans c. F. J recorder treasurer. Street commissioner Willard Stidom councilmen a c Dar Nurt m 1 Letcher. Ii Booen tabs a h Meier cons Weber k a Legett Union now Nihls Sci tool Jjo fird president Geo resell. S octet Nuj. H b 3sies, treasurer. John Gates directok5 1 Nick Stoudt 0 Blue 2 Harry Puckman John Piatra. 3 a Walster 8 James parcs or 4 Lew Nman. 9 com 5 Egbert Davis 10 Sam Shaffer 11 Phil Shultz. Scott town help of ulcers. Marsh g s Baldwin. Costs Lea Volney Beers Leoy Bailer. Turns tech Stenen and or. Beaver. Scott town hip school Board. President John Bishop Secretary George x Baldwin treasurer Chanel i Iler Ricc directors 1 John Bissop Bruce Ward. Be w Garber 6 dec Spaulding 3 cd Asker 7 -1 . 4 John Ahart. S j w Jeffrey 11 John i Osce. Judicial. Ran Jold c. Sherwin. Terms of court -4th monday in january 1st monday in 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in Bonn of supervisors Lencine Lane chairman Charlcy City Phillip Shultz. Marble Jock Timothy pippin b. S. Chichester j. C. Merrill Lioci Ford Linda Mies Reg Las pectin a 1st monday in january. April. sad september and Tonny in november. County officers. Auditor. Tre Wrner. Clerk of the Couf to. Recorder superintendent Surveyor. County attorney Coroner Georges Blanford Cash m. Tarr a. H. Merriman . Nacken Bush w. ? p. A. Roziene Frank c. W. Knickerbocker town help of Chin. 11 test icon of the Peke e p Wulster s h it this Chat let t Rex r e Winchell _ clerk a c a Laad. M. To tee a 3t a w Lowaina and i let Tell building in which a Saloon business was conducted nor has major Mckin Ley rented for any other persons any building in which a Saloon business was conducted. Major Mckinley is the owner of a Small piece of real estate Here situated on the Corner of seventh and Market streets in this there is a three Story Block on the property and the ground floor is occupied by a savings Bank a shoe store and a plumb ing establishment. The second floor is used As offices for a number of attorneys and the whole third floor is de voted to a photograph gallery. Mrs. Mckinley owns a piece of real estate situated just nest to the one owned by major Mckinley that was Gilfea her by her father in his lifetime and is occupied on the first floor by a Large bakery establishment the second floor is devoted to offices and the third is used for Republican Headquarters. The so facts can be substantiated in any manner or form that would be necessary to absolutely prove their truth. It is also untrue that major Mckin Ley deeded any of his real to his wife at the time of his financial trouble. His indebtedness at that time was All liquidated and his real estate which was in the hands of an Assignee re transferred to him individually and in fact All of his property both real and personal was restored to him. Not Only Are the above statements True but we May add that major Mckinley has always been in principle a Teet Taler. Even when a Young Man. And making canvasses through county Lor Var ious offices he held such As prosecuting attorney member of Congress etc., he never entered a Saloon for the purpose of campaigning and has never been known to go into a Saloon for any purpose and on Public occasions at banquets etc., it is his invariable Cus Tom to turn his wine a lips Down whatever May be our individual opinion regarding the Issue of this 1 Campaign we beg to say that we have no sympathy with lying attacks on the personal character and Worth of major . He is an honest upright conscientious moral Man and any Man familiar with his Home life with his i Public career and with his business who would stoop to make pass current such lies As you say Are current in your Section of the country de Erve Che of every Hono to Man. Lii Ini or Iii Iii i have a Jive i to n i no in keeping thu of Campaign ree Iron Zimro Umed d and . We Are. , am Bleu Plakk. Hon. Thobias f Bayard. United states to great Britain repudiates and announces his in Tention of supporting Palmer and Buckner or. Bayard ays i Eliz n proft a in to be a Democrat Villej upon by or few to yield Liis convictions and Cut to the doctrine Congre a has the Power and can rightfully exercise it by Lesis Litile Gat to create values and regardless of intrinsic or commercial value invest Oce or the other of the Earth s metals with arbitrary Power As Money and override and alter at legis Gutive will or Caprice the ratio Tex change and the ability of such regardless of the impairment of Obliga Tion contracts his answer should be that such a claim of Power is not consistent with the government of limited Powers As defined by our Constitution but contains the quintessence of tyranny dishonesty absolutism is demur live of the morality essential to the peace and stability of a civilized society. In Plain words it is a promo a sit Ion to destroy the institution of property and break Down every Legal defense for ils Protection. This one question and its answer sufficiently justify a prompt and absolute re usal of a constitutional Democrat to support in any degree the nominees of the Chicago convention and the preposterous claims of legislative Power contained in their platform under which the credit of the nation and the peace and order of society would Nevi holy perish. A business Campaign. Editor Pyle of the St. Paul Globe a Boutu Usu tiny in Iunus Sota is absolutely Safe far Mckinley by a majority of not less than and that a poll made by men employed by his paper shows that Silver sentiment Laa never made any headway among the Farmers of that state. Or. In. A. Dunning formerly editor of the National Organ of the populists has bolted Bryan and announced his intention to vote for Mckinley. He has issued an Appeal to the populist which is full of hot such As the following the nomination of or. Urban by the populist convention was secured by absolute fraud and treachery. The National committee has made trea son to or. Watson the test of loyalty to or. Bryan. This by senator Butler has betrayed the Trust Given to it made merchandise of the party creating it and stands today guilty of the crimes of fraud treachery and deception against those it should have honestly served. This committee has trampled or. Watson s rights under its feet and made his candidacy the trading Stock of every fusion Deal in this Campaign. While i am writing this Appeal chairman Butler is suppressing the letter of acceptance sent him by or. Watson. The recent manifesto of this committee was intended to break the Force of or. Watson s letter of acceptance and place in a false position every anti fusion populist in Tho party. It was a deliberately planned insult. Every act of this committee since the convention has been a studied attempt to drive or. Wat on Irsai the ticket. While or. Watson Lias stood loyally by or. Bryan that gentleman has treated him with supreme con the discovery saved his life. G. Ville 111., says to or King s new i Convery i own my life taken with la Grippe and tried All the Jbv simians for Miles about but of in sail and was riven up and told that i could not live. Having or. King s new discovery in my store i sent Lor a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began to get better and after three Bot los was up about again. It is Worth us weight in Gold we won t keep store or House without it. Get. A free trial bottle Al a. J. Aspet go s drug stors the of our a i journal we Dumi i d of urls time and spate to thu political part of this publication As the present year. Never before since our majority has the situation seemed to demand the Best efforts of every citizen As in the Campaign just closing. Great issues Are depending upon the result of nest tuesday. The lability a our govern ment i at tin1 Prosperity of our great in Publ. For an indefinite period depends Nunn the result of the on november Oti in it the t care of tins Reat nation is Itig in the balance and the result of the i election next tuesday May be far i reaching and effect posterity As Well As j the present generation. It is for these reasons that we have nut Forth extra awake the readers of this journal to a realization of their importance. E believe that the Prosperity of the country for the nest four years de pends upon the election of major Mckinley and a Republican House and Senate. We believe and believe most , that with the tues lion settled in favor of the present j Standard and with Prospect of the to enactment of a wholesome protective j Tariff he with reciprocity attachments business will improve at once while the election of Bryan will still further unsettle the business condition of this country. Or. Bryan himself has admitted that his election is liable to cause a business panic for a Short time but thinks the improvement afterwards Worth the Cost of the Experiment to our mind it seems an unmistakable fact that with free Trade extended and free Silver no improvement can take place in this country. All that the free Coin age of Silver will do is to set to work Idle minors while under the of no for fion. Topf stir oct v and sound Money from to 000 of Idle men will find remunerative employment and thereby obtain the Means with which to Purchase the pro ducts of our farms. The mine owners Are making this Campaign one of Busi Ness regardless of party Why should the Farmers not follow their example and vote Lor their own our interests Are with the armours of this Section with their Prosperity we arc thoroughly identified when they pros per we Are not in Grant therefore it is to our interest to advocate what we be Lieve to be for our Mutual Benefit. Under the Standard of Protection our i larakers have prospered and been Able to accumulate a competence while an Der the Shadow of free Trade which has prevailed since the Cleveland admin u Tratton began they have barely beco Able to make both ends meet. These Are facts within the knowledge of Verv Reader of this paper and cannot be gain Sauby anyone. The Money of ib92 was the same As in 1s9g ret Prosperity prevailed All Over this land Money was a drug upon the Market and could be secured by anyone of Sood repute. You know that this is not so today nor has it been so for the past three years even before the Money question was made to men Wiki the very critics were Nna Ole to secure Bligh of free Trade hid cast its shadows Over this land and investments became Uncertain of earning a profit and capital gradually withdrew from speculative enterprises to await the Dawn of better conditions we arc upon the eve of creating a condition of affairs that will either invite capital to comp out from 1 its hiding place and Start the wheels of j Commerce or to Send it Back to the vaults and safes of this country. We must decide whether we Are to keep the j millions of foreign capital loaned to our people at Low rates of interest in this country or drive it Back from whence it these Are business questions that concern you directly and you must Settle them to your own satisfaction. Are you More interested n restoring the Prosperity of the mine owner than that of the Farmer use your common sense in this matter As Vou would in purchasing a horse or a self hinder. Don t vote the ticket Sim j ply because it is labelled for beneath i that Label there arc principles that a j bring ruin or Prosperity to ourself j and your neighbors. The time is now at hand for you to make a change in your weaning apparel. A look through our Stock and you will realize that we have the biggest and Best Stock to select from having received the most new of oods. O our All Wool suits of the latest cuts from up very stylish and can t be beat by any one. We Are noted for reliable goods at Low prices. The to Pocrass know they Are licked and Tufit is wily they arc resorting to the circulation of Niobe absurd false hoods such As the statement that if Mckinley is elected the regular army will be increased to men for the express purpose of intimidating the j workingmen and making strings possible. The Republican manager. Have been i if nned of some even More absurd stories that tic Popo Aniis in tend to circulate just before Limey do not fear them in Thisu u of rapid telegraphic communication and numerous newspaper it is Well nigh impossible to Stampede votes by false statements but it is just is Well every Republican to consider himself constituted a committee of one charged with the express duty of watching and night in his own locality an 1 immediately notifying the local Campaign managers of any attempt of the Popo crafts to Cir uhte or otherwise iving stories let every Republican Bear in mind that eternal visa inca the Price of Victory As Well As of Liberty and we can All shout together on the night of the Ord of november. Nature is fighting on Tho Side of the Republican party in this Campaign. The Pir he failure of the wheat crop in several of tiie world s Groat wheat producing countries has caused a Large Rise in the Price of cheat and it is Dow estimated that not less than Joo of foreign Gold will come into the United states to pay for our surplus of this year s crop not to mention the benefits our Farmers will derive from Tho increased Price received for the consumed in this country. This in overthrowing a favorite of the advocates of free the Price of wheat was dependent upon the Price the answer wrong in one la Valient Wrork g in will be used by thousands of Farmers who have been ititus following the Silver Ernie and consequently will add thousands to the popular Majori a that still be Given to Mckinley Ana Hobart. O m o r Sease cared. Mrs. E. Whitney of Hills Bun Bridge x. 11 was told by her Nhy Ticiano that he was in the last stages of Bright s disease. Receiving Luj i Luibil luuu1 cure top. A remedy for All form. Of Len sic to Alec the bitters has pred to be the very Bosi it effects a permanent them not dreaded habitual Rie he i Lac a Fields to its Infix once. We ail Are afflicted to procure a Ami 2ivo this reined a fair tril Eio of habitual constipation electric bitters cure by living Honc a Jed mu1 Folie and few Cai-e.-. Ions resist. The Uso of this it once la raft bottles Only fifth cents at a. A f. Co drug store. O Baib Kennedy s h 1 we. Then Pic l and she gained daily t7-j son after doing her House hold Cork she declares favorite Rem Edy restored her to health and strength. All kidney urinary troubles Rheuna and dyspepsia Are cured by favorite Lea Judy for Sale by 0. A. Weaver druggist Marble Hock Iowa. 00 a to Itie. P 0 r the i u i i i u. I a a i de in Way and shelf hardware earner a lie meet All honorable Competition

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