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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 28 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 28, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa oct. 28, 1s97. Teems a year we think prices invite you to Call and see our syphon Oak our front flue Oak Gar land also our German Heater. We wish to Call your attention to the fact that none of the above stoves Are Back numbers or old fashioned direct draft stoves but All Are closely fitted and carefully mounted neatly finished with the highest priced Nickle of any stove in the Market we Lave done away with the Long handled fire shovel. We ought to be judges of stoves As we handled ill Llie leading Stovis in the Market Are thoroughly acquainted with their merits and As have had the world to select from we think hate Juet what our customers want. Call and see us before Pou buy. W. L. Nelson. A. R. A. M. A f. St Cue Lodge no. 251. Communication on or before Sll Moon. Brothers in cordially i United attend. 8. H. Sec. I. O. O. F. Burble Hook Lodge so. Meets turf Duj Etc Tilsy of Wec pc. Visitors cordially invited. Exp ii 1jaw80s, x o. B. , Bolar Lodge meet tuesday Uve Uini f Eich week. Voltl bldg Brethren invited. W. . A. K. Of r. B. I. L. Of h. Teti Tat 3rd tuesday night in each Mouth in add fellow Bull. A w. Rosin Bass pret. K. J. Acilio Bee. Sec. M. W. Of a. Marble to. 4468. Regular meet second Ani fourth saturday of each month at Hall. Al Susnir Sel Libon in food Lua Wiur an cordially invited to attend. A. 11. V. H. I jux clerk. It Home o Stewart the 1st and if Tau Dij of each month at 2 o clock p. M. K. A. i ree. My. Misti is Ai Fyk Bee Marble Bock Pott no. 30b, meets first set maj each month. A t. com. W. B. Crab tube adj. To c t c Terr thursday. Mrs. To lab president. A. K. Jluz Nuoc. Secretary. T-30 p m. Epworth league meeting at in str meeting hariday w. W. Roninson pastor. Wait tax St Many at 11 i m. Christinn end eater meets at i so p m. Frajer meet Biz wednesday bib my of. J. Will . Pastor. Trie sunday at 11 . P. M. Every 1st sunday in each month at 11 a. M. P. M. Sunday school t. W. Sen ices held in the Union school . N. Piitz. City Moceri. R. E. Gates ii b Rosenkrans j Martin Jeorge Smith Ifa Hal Willard Kinny Mutt Lytten a c a. Ii. Walster h. R Nugget k. J. Ackler. Mayor Hoe order Tea Harar. Street Commisa incr to Nola town help school president e. P. Walster. Secretary. Ii Hies treasurer. John Gates. Directors 1 sick Standt 2 Hirry , t k p Walster i Inman g Madison Blue t John 8 James 1 Archer 9 mile Clikeman. 10 . Unison 11 Andrew hates. To Lott Owji Phlp olt Cert. Scherm Rhom s. Sours Tecl Ellis Blake Towa Crowell Barber trittes a v Witter Miles and Scott Tow Duelp school Jio ird. Pret Dent e. Of. Garber. Treat Ter Charlei d Merrick directors 1 s f. F. Witter. J w 0 dec Spauldi Nir 1 vats Taidt 3 can Mitcham 4 a Rinahart 8 jew Jeffret i John in c. Sherwi i. J. F. Clyde. Of court -4th monday in Tain Are. 1st Mcadam in May 2nd monday in september. 3ud of Duin Naa Charles City Martle Rock ii. 1. Cd Lehmus Rudd i. To troll Silea luf Ilu Recti out it Mon Dir in Titan Are april. Jane us september and 2nd monday in of Steaber. Sheriff of Myrer. Stork of the courts .l.w. Parker a Trevor Monty at Tony owner Tarr Pelrin c. H. Johnson w. f. A. Roxiene in tilt Lings Feldes c. W. Knickerbocker Republican ticket. State gov Eithur us to 31. 13law Lieut. Gov. A c. A Millimon supreme Judie. 31. Waterman h. 11 commissioner c. L Davidson superintendent 11. Barrett dist. W. B. Ferrin county. Representative treasurer sheriff superintendent Coroner Surveyor supervisor w. B. Towne e. F. Walster j. W. Parker j i. Martin or Cook f. B. Roziene r. S Chichester institution Lor feeble minded. New system of water Supply state agricultural College. Fund for deep Well 15.00 equipment of water or Etc., greenhouse forge shops foundry and fix Tures farm Bartu 4.uoo sewerage disposal by Stetu Industrial school Lor boys. One family building for go boys furnishing same electric Light 150 Penitentiary at it. Madison. Placing steel cells and fixtures Extension of Stone Yard Wall rebuilding cell . Penitentiary at Anamosa. Completion of Center building 3 i Washington letter. Washington. Oct. 22, 1807. Secretary gags Bas not yet even started to put his annual report on paper although the has prob ably not been out of his mind Many hours at a time he became Secre tary of the Treasury therefore the enterprising newspaper men who have by making use of an old interview with or. Gags just before he came to Washington and a Little guessing at tempted to give the Public in Advance the financial recommendations that the Secretary make in his annual re port Are a Little premature not to use a harsher term. Especial care will be taken by Secretary Uags to prevent i his financial recommendations Beetou that state debt. The democrats Are ranking a great howl about the j410.000.00 deficit in the state Treasury and charge that the republicans Are responsible for it and by insinuation carry the idea that the republicans have wasted this Large amount or in other words have stolen the entire amount. Were this a fact the Republican parly would Merit de feat at the election next tuesday. The fact is that Iowa has been More economically governed than any stale in foundation Wing of cell soldiers Home. Finishing a portion of attic 200 new boiler 1000 new Dynamo. Residence Lor commandant residence or Sursson new Hospital building. 40.000 furniture for hospitals and other new buildings there Are still other extraordinary appropriations but the above suffice to show Why a temporary debt of 000 has been created during the last two years. No claim is made by the democrats that the appropriations were not necessary nor that the Money has been i judiciously or extravagantly expended in a single Case. It will not be necessary for the nest Legisla Ture to make As Many permanent improvements and the Revenue for the next two years will be ample to pay ing Public until his annual report Bas been made. Secretary Sherman put a Stop to a lot of nonsensical stories when he an Usu Uund his intention of going to for the purpose of casting his vote for the Republican state and legislative tickets in the Success of both of which he is deeply interested. Assistant Secretary Llowell of the Treasury department who has direct charge of the custom houses of the country has just returned from a visit of inspection to Detroit and Chicago. Lie says he found business booming and added the total value of the exports of provisions including cattle and bogs from the Northern Border districts during the month of septem Ber were against dollars in september and in addition there was a Large increase in the the outstanding indebtedness a codes of Domesio " manufactures Over tll4t of september last year that s meeting the Ordinary expenses of the government. The Towa supreme court rendered n decision Jast week to the effect thai option dealings in Grain Are gambling and debts contracted in that Way cannot be collected. What Protection is doing Lor the United states. If the charges which have been filed wih the Post office department against postmaster Mowry at Charleston s. C., Are True he has been making pub Lic office a private snap sure enough i. I k p Waltr. Sii Cartes t Kei k Winch cell. Crafts populists or republicans. The deficit created in the last two years has grown out of the necessities of the state and every Dollar expended can be accounted Lor by the state authorities. The last legislature was con fronted with the necessity of provid ing new buildings for state the insane Assy Lutus were overcrowded the penitentiaries needed More room to accommodate the increased number of convicts and other institutions needed improvements that had to be made. All these coming on the state at once made a shortage in the revenues and the democratic Are taking advantage of this and Are trying to make political capital by misrepresenting the facts Fielkow we give some of the up Propri Lions made by the last one of which was voted for by the democratic members of tie legislature plainly shows that the deficiency in the Revenue is due to permanent improvements and not Republican mis management or doodling if the appropriations have been too Large democrats As Well As the republicans arc responsible for them for not a single democratic vote was recorded against the following appropriations Industrial school for girls. Assembly and school room seating tame 600 heating and lighting same College or the Blind. Laundry and slate roof Hospital or insane at it. Pleasant. Water Supply one infirmary building furniture Oll painting new elate roof old building be Pang Walls old building Hospital insane at . New violent and infirmary wards of female electric Light ventilation Etc j extra engines and dynamos finishing and fam Ishing of Vio Lent and infirmary wards to j Der construction 13.500 steam heating and plumbing. Old and new build Iii and new boilers. I Hospital Lor insane at Independence i 1 Industrial building and Macum i cry j at Cherokee. For Purchase of land d of Hospital Ukia mation the stale of Iowa is the Best state in the Northwest and after next tuesday the democrats will join in with their Republican Brethren in Licking any Man who tries to defame her Good name. It is about time that the Mckinley administration ceases to do police duty for Spain. Mckinley is following g Rover Cleveland too closely in this matter to suit the Public. Tho opposition party would make people belief that they Are being Rob bed plundered and pilfered of their Money by the state authorities. Now lets Sec How bad the state of Iowa robs its citizens the state Levy next year will be including the 1 10 Mill for the state University 2 9 Mills. Now suppose you own Worth of asses Able property which under the new is taxable Lor one fourth its Ivilue or you will have to pay a state tax of 90 or 2d cents on actual assessment. Under Larrabee s first term the Cost of maintaining the state Capitol that is the expenditures under the custodian was 24 for the second term soo.84. The expends of the do. Apartment under Boies dust term were for second term under Jackson the expenses dropped Back to 18 under with two sessions of the legislature the expenses were 65 evidently the democrats were not in favor of investigations when Boies had added to the custodian s expenses. The republicans investigated the department after the expenses had been decreased Over for each biennial period years having been originally appointed during the first Cleveland administration and left in office during the Harrison administration because of the failure of the republicans of the City and postmaster or oeral to agree upon his successor. Lie in Cei Ved his third commission during the last Cleveland administration and it has about a year to Tun before it expires but if the investigation now be ing made substantiates the charges in aids him he will probably be sum Marily dismissed. One of those charges is that Ever since he Bas been postmas Ter he has bad in Force a set of rules for the trifling infraction of which fines have been imposed upon the employees of the office and that these fines which have aggregated a Large sum have been pocketed by or Mowry. Lion Eugene Hagan who was chairman of the sound Money demo cratic stale committee of Kansas last year and who is now visiting Washington Points Thi Beautiful word Pic Ture of things in his state o in peo ple Are better off than they have been in fifteen years. The Banks have a plethora of Money and the Farmers Are no longer worrying Over the mortgage question. They have been lifting their to is j. We will have a splendid Stock of chills j. 7 misses and ladies garments in cloth and fur and fur Collar cats. The popular styles All new fresh goods. Prices is. 98 up to in cloth and Plush mostly to in fur up to it will pay you to wait for this Sale Leo. W. Gates. Best and most economical heating stove o on Earth is the round Oak. For Sale by Joe Wiloth. Lion. But if the Mokuley Bill floored English industries in 1800, the Bill brought hum to their feel again its enactment was a Boon and a blocs sing to English labor. The Bill Uii lit have been appropriately stated an net Tor i he revival of British Trade it lit up the fire under Many a boiler in Yorkshire and set in motion thousand looms that had lain lucked in disuse for years i Someth Ixo to May be Worth something to know that the very Best Medicine for restoring the tired out nervous sys Teai to a healthy vigor is electric bitters. This Medicine is purely vegetable acts by giving tone to the nerve centres in the stimulates the liver and kidneys and aids these organs in throwing off impurities in the blood. Electric bitters improves the appetite aids digestion and is pronounced by those who tried it a i he very Best blood purifier and nerve ionic. Try it. Sold for 50c or per. Bottle at a. Jasper co drug store to use a Slang phrase Kansas is on easy Street. People have absolutely nothing to say about Ilie issues Over which they were so wrought up so fiercely in 1 think that the Al Liance Between the populists and Silver democrats will not be of Long duration. Sooner or later it will break into pieces As a result of friction Over the division of the offices. The conservatism of the present stale government shows that the Days of wild eyed radicalism in Kansas politics have passed away or. P Smyth u. S. Consul at Hull England has made an official report that ought to be read by every opponent of a protective Tariff in this country this report says in part the fall of 1897 recalls the fall of 1sqo, when the Mckinley Bill put its first crimp in English Competition. I remember the staggering it received when the Bill had t Chance to retch out with a full swing and what a loud and terrific shout went up from parts of the kingdom for regalia the grandest 0 of 6 Hil Honie. certifies that he had consumption Given up to die sought All Mcdeil be Ament Money could procure tried All remedies he could hear of by got no Relief spent Many nights sitting up in a chair was induced to try or Kinu s new , sol was cured by the use of two bottles for past three years in been attend ing to business and says or. New discovery is Ibe grandest Ever made As it has done so much for him and also for others in his Community. Or King s new discovery is Lor coughs colds and consumption. It Don t Ai bottles free at a. .1 co drug store. H. D. Mussman dealer in live Stock. Marble Rock Towa. Ii Chest Market prices paid. Get my Price on hosts and cattle before you sell. Only one Standard you and we May differ As to Money standards and out of our very differences Good May come. But we won t differ As to the merits of one Standard emulsion of cod liver Oil. Scott s emulsion has won an-3 held its Way for nearly 25 years in the world of Medicine until to Day it is Al most As much the Standard in ail cases of lung trouble and every condition of wasting whether in child or adult As quinine is in malarial fevers. Differ on the Money ques Tion if you will but when it conies to a question of health perhaps of life and death get the Standard. Your druggist Sells Scott s two Sites 50 cts. And j .00 Scott Bowne Rev York. Chester White hogs for Sale. 1 have a lot of Choicey Brea Hestor White hops for Sile at reason Able prices. My Stock Heon care fully selected from the Best strains of i Breed and Are not excelled by any. three Miles s. E. Of Kock Force 1 dec

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